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Detective Lindsay Boxer and Assistant District Attorney Jill Bernhardt are enjoying a quiet afternoon in San Francisco when a townhouse across the street explodes in flames. A sinister note signed 'August Spies' is found at the scene of the disaster, and the body of an infant who was asleep in the house at the time of the explosion cannot be found. Soon a wave of violent incidents, all with links to political terrorism and involving 'August Spies,' sweeps through the city.An upcoming economic summit of the world's most powerful nations will surely be a target. And it's up to the Women's Murder Club to get to the bottom of the violence before it's too late. Delivering the breakneck pace and never-saw-it-coming plot twists that have made James Patterson the most addictive writer at work today, 3rd DEGREE is another searing and unforgettable thriller from the nation's #1 bestselling suspense writer.

Customer Reviews:

  • 3rd Degree is a fast, enjoyable read
    James Patterson, along with Andrew Gross, has brought the Women's Murder Club back with the third book, 3rd Degree. San Francisco police homicide LT Lindsay Boxer goes jogging with friend Jill, assistant D.A., and witnesses the explosion of a townehouse. Lindsay rushes into the burning home and rescues a child, but before this nightmarish event occurs, she notices bruises on Jill and begins to wonder what is happening in Jill's life at home. The story doesn't slow down as more viscious killings occur, each one acknowledged by an unknown person or group called August Spies. Lindsay, Jill, medical examiner Claire, and reporter Cindy all work together along with newcomer to the scene, Joe Molinari, deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security, to solve a series of horrible murders. This book brings the four women friends closer than ever, and they experience love, laughter, sadness, terror and finally tragedy as the mystery of the identity of August Spies unfolds. I read this very fast, and as always, enjoyed Patterson's short chapters and the camaraderie among this group of women who band together along with the SFPD to solve unthinkable crimes. ...more info
  • The Women's Murder Club is Patterson's Finest!
    In 3rd Degree, Detective Lindsay Boxer and Assistant District Attorney Jill Bernhardt are enjoying a quiet afternoon in San Francisco when a townhouse across the street explodes in flames. A sinister note signed "August Spies" is found at the scene of the disaster, and the body of an infant who was asleep in the house at the time of the explosion cannot be found. Soon a wave of violent incidents, all with links to political terrorism and involving "August Spies," sweeps through the city. An upcoming economic summit of the world's most powerful nations will surely be a target. And it's up to the Women's Murder Club to get to the bottom of the violence before it's too late.

    I am a huge James Patterson fan. His writing is completely spellbinding and so easy to read! I read 3rd Degree in 4 hours. The Women's Murder Club Series is his absolute best work. I adore the Alex Cross novels, but the women's series is where Patterson shines. I couldn't put this novel down! I highly recommend James Patterson and all of his novels to any mystery lover out there, especially this series!...more info
  • ok!!
    ok i am not a huge fan of this murder club series..............
    i love the ALEX CROSS books more............
    but none the less.........
    3rd degree is a consistent book in the series..........
    maybe not as good as the previous books but still good......

    ...more info
  • Women's Club gets even better
    The third book of the women's club and, so far, the most emotional. The killers' messages ring true. Check it out, but read the other 2 first if you haven't....more info
  • Great read
    This book is a great follow up to 2nd Chance. You really get to know these characters and find yourself starting to wonder whats going to happen to them next. Can't wait for 4th of July!!...more info
    The main plot of terrorists within the USA going after people they believe are harming the world is ok, but nothing really inventive. The story loses a great deal of crediblity when one of homicide detective Lindsay Boxer's friends is murdered and she is not pulled from the case. Heck, one of her other friends performs the autopsy as she watches.

    I wasn't a big fan of one of the main character themes in this book. Basically, it is written from the point of view that all men are either abusive and evil, or nice but stupid. Talk about sucking up to the women readership. Meh....more info
  • Love the women...not so much the story
    By now, we're well established with The Women's Murder Club and each of the beautifully drawn members. I'm not sure anything will top the first book in the series, "First to Die", because not only was it our introduction to this unique group as they cautiously formed, but it was a whopping good story. This one is good but not great. The storyline is interesting, but doggone it, there are WAY too many coincidences. That makes it feel a little lazy (I'm on a tirade lately - I'm growing weary of getting settled into what feels like a good book only to find that the story is driven by coincidences and convenient character location - it really does feel lazy). Having said that, these are women with whom I want to keep company and time spent with them is still worthwhile. But are have the really good plot ideas already been taken?...more info
  • this was a good book
    Like all the other books of that series,I loved it.I wanted to rate it a 5 star book, But It had a sad part in it,I shed some tears when that happened.But like all the other books of that series(Great Book)...The Book owl......more info
  • 3rd Degree (Women's Murder Club)
    This is a great summer read, you don't want to put it down. Fast paced and easy reading. I can't wait to read the next book, I like these women......more info
  • Good Escape Reading
    Not exactly books that will titilate the mind, but they are great to just get away and escape into someone else's live. I love these books when I need to just kick back and relax and not think. The characters are well written and the books can be alternately humorous, giddy, saddening, and sickening. This book especially made me want to throttle the author. You just never know where he's going to take these characters....more info
  • Exciting...A Real Page Turner
    3rd Degree grabs you from the first page of the book, until you reach the last page. It takes you on an almost "real life" rollercoaster ride with the Women's Murder Club. I found myself so into this book from the first page, that I could barely put it down!

    Returning are Lindsay, Jill, Claire and Cindy. We got introduced to Joe Mollineri who I hope will be a new addition to this series and love interest for Lindsay.

    A series of bombings and killings has the girls puzzled, who is behind this? Why are they doing this? Why did they have to hit us at home with this one? The "killer" is the last person you'd think of! I don't want to reveal too much about the storyline, cause then you'd know how its going to end. So all I can say is, PICK THIS BOOK UP AND READ IT. You will not regret it!...more info
  • quick rubbish
    Along came a spider was an excellent novel,it introduced me to J patterson.3Degree was simply simple .Boring,and void of any real suspence or twists.In fact I'm tired of his stupid wee short chapters,his books are getting shorter but the price is not!
    This is a waste of paper.I guess the folks with simple minds like these type of chapters since they've probably never read a real lenth book,such as T Clancy or even J Grisham regularly writes.Anyway thank god I got it from the used bookstore.I used to like James Patterson,but there are a lot better books being written out there,for less $ than JP charges.I dont even mind paying if the book is 500 plus pages,but I wont pay top price for a quarter of a real novel....more info
  • Boring & Predictable Thriller
    I have to agree with the other review that rates this book as lackluster and poorly written. I haven't read the others in the series, but since I wasn't real impressed with this one, I'm not rushing to buy another. Instead, I am re-reading the Jane Whitefield books by Thomas Perry; which offer a much superior series of thrillers. ...more info
  • A Super addition to the Club Series
    I always look forward to James Patterson's Womens Murder Club books, even though sometimes I read them out of order...like 3rd Degree. Anyway this is an exciting third entry into the The Women's Murder Club. I thought it was a rather fast, light read that I still enjoyed. I wouldn't consider it one of MR. Patterson's best but it was always nice to connect with Lt. Lindsay Boxer, Claire Washburn, Jill Bernhardt and Cindy Thomas. Secondary storylines add to the overall main story and new characters are introduced, (for me they were old..daa) and of course characters from the previous titles in this series are included. In my opinion this is a great series and I would recommend this book to all my friends (I always do anyway.)

    ...more info
  • No One is Safe from Patterson!
    James Patterson is a master in grabbing the reader from page one and not letting go until the very end. The Women's Murder Club books not only grasp you from the beginning, they never release you, leaving you anxiously awaiting the next installment that is months away from publication. 3RD DEGREE is no different.

    Lindsay Boxer is jogging with her buddy, assistant DA Jill Barnhardt. Little does she know that her entire life will be tossed upside down in a matter of minutes. She notices bruises on Jill's shoulder but before she can question her, a nearby townhouse blows up. Lindsay rushes inside to save a child (ah, our heroine!), and the chase begins...

    Seems August Spies, a group of terrorists, is targeting greedy corporate executives and this attack is only the beginning. Lindsay along with the other members of the Women's Murder Club is on a journey to stop them before the body count increases. This time they have help from a hunky deputy directory of the Office of Homeland Security. Yep, you guessed it, Joe Molinari and Lindsay are smitten.

    3RD DEGREE continues with excellent character growth and story development. A difficult transaction takes place in this tale, as Patterson kills off one of the main characters. I found it tough to understand his motive and am hoping in the next book we find out. I'm wondering if the missing member will be replaced, or will the others be left to continually morn her passing. Either way, it makes one wonder at Patterson's purpose.

    Could the changing of the make up of the Women's Murder Club be Patterson's downfall? He could have at least waited a few more books like Cornwall did in her Scarpetta series. Hey, maybe with enough complaints, Patterson will have the deceased rising from the dead just like Cornwell did! We'll have to wait for a few more installments in this series before we have the answer to that question.

    Overall 3RD DEGREE is a very good book and a must read if you've been following along in this series.

    ...more info
  • Another Enjoyable Thriller
    Lindsay is just finishing up her jog when a neighboring building blows up. One minute, it is there, the next it is gone. Racing inside, she manages to save a 10-year-old child from the flames. A group named August Spies claims responsibility in the name of the poor nations in the world. Then they claim another victim, announcing they will continue to claim victims every three days through the G-8 summit scheduled for San Francisco next week. Can Lindsay and her friends piece things together in time? And what will happen when things take a very personal turn?

    This book starts with a bang (literally) and doesn't let up until the final page. While it doesn't have quite the big twists in it the last one did, I was caught in the web that is the plot the entire time. All four leads contribute something this go around, although it is definitely still Lindsay's show.

    Because the focus of the book is the plot, the characters suffer. This is really brought home when something tragic happens. I normally cry fairly easily at fiction, but it didn't happen here.

    There is a sub-plot involving spousal abuse. I was actually surprised at how believable I found it considering the characters involved. However, the resolution to that storyline was abrupt and not at all satisfying.

    So yes, the book has two strikes against it. But it was an enjoyable, fast read. Fans of thrillers won't want to miss it....more info
  • Exciting - Page Turner
    I love James Patterson. All of his books are so interesting and not typical of any suspense novels I have read. His books are page turners and this one is no different. I love the club and how he has his readers feel like they are part of this club trying to figure out all the clues. This book is hard to put down and there is no way of ever guessing how the ending is going to be. Highly recommend this series of book starting with the first one.......First to Die....more info
  • Another hit for the Women Murder Club
    As the other two books of this series, this book as good as it gets. When you are tired of books which seem to take ages to read, then read one of James Patterson's books of the Women Murder Club. It is like a roller-coaster. They bring you to the edge, keep you forgetting the surrounding world and his style of writing in very short chapters keeps you reading more and more until you are done. And his twists are fantastic. It is so hard to put one of his books down. I like Patricia Cornwall's Kay Scarpette series as well, but James Patterson's books have a higher pace.

    I recommend reading this book after you have read the first two books of this series. I would recommend starting with "1st To Die", then go to "2nd Chance" and then read "3rd Degree". But you can also read them in any order as I did but this gives some personal development of the main characters away. But whatever you do, just read them. You will like this series.

    PS: The movie of "1st To Die" is available of DVD and is also very good and close to the book. The other two stories are being filmed right now so make sure you have read the book first....more info
  • Deja Vu Anybody?
    This series is still good and I am still enjoying it for the second time, but I did get a little deja vu where Lindsay Boxer is concerned. Seems she has a fondness for greeting her male co workers at the door in only a towel. Anybody else make that connection? Nevertheless, the novel, the third in the Women's Murder Club series is still entertaining and this time there is a shocking twist. Somebody dies. What I love about this series is that not everything is bright and dandy for these very realistic women and bad things happen to good people like in real life. This particular twist in the series follows terroism. An extreme environmentalist group or some such is terrorizing the citizens of San Francisco and Lindsay, Jill, Claire, and Cindy have to get to the bottom of it before one of them dies. While all the terrorism is going on, Lindsay has a romance and Jill has some issues in her personal life that a lot of women readers out there will relate to. This one has a little less Lindsay, more Jill, but is as usual, told from Lindsay's point of view....more info
  • I Didn't Like It-What Happened to Mr. Patterson here?
    This book started out interestingly enough, but after about 100 pages-it really bored me a lot. The pieces just didn't seem to fit together and the story took off in other strange directions that was difficult to relate to the first part of it. Frankly, it had me confused.

    The other books in this series were great, but James lost his touch on this one. For another thing, the characters were underdeveloped!...more info
  • Surprise! You won't see it coming!
    3RD DEGREE is the third book in Patterson's popular Women's Murder Club series. For those who are new to Patterson, let me assure you that this all-female club ain't no Sex in the City. Instead of talking Manolo Blahniks, these women get right down and dirty. Murder, mayhem and intrigue are the things that brought these women together.

    In this book, Lt Lindsay Boxer is once again embroiled in chaos that starts off with the bombing of an Internet mogul's home. The only clue they have is a mysterious message from a group that calls themselves "August Spies". With the murder of another business tycoon following days after the bombing, and another cryptic message, Lindsay knows that it is time for the WMC to come together and pool their resources. But as they unravel facts about the so-called "August Spies", the women realize that they are no longer dealing with murder but outright terrorism. And with terrorism comes the involvement of the Federal Government, in which we meet Joe Mollinari, the Deputy Director of Homeland Security. Allow me to deviate for a moment to say that Joe is to die for. Yes, Lindsay gets a new boyfriend for which I am really happy after the death of Chris Raleigh, which saddened me. But do not be discouraged by this, as the romance doesn't get in the way of the suspense. Moving along, with the appearance of these leftist terrorists comes a threat that becomes very personal. And a beloved character becomes an unforeseen target. Boy, I never saw it coming. Lives would be lost, hearts would be shattered, and you would be left wanting to read more about these amazing women.

    James Patterson and Andrew Gross' collaboration has once again resulted in a fast-paced and tough-edged thriller that begs for attention. The thing with the WMC series is it is hard to stop once you start. All the books beg to be finished. Although others are stronger and more compelling, you just cannot help but unravel the mystery, find out who the antagonists are and how the story ends....more info
  • Another Great Womens Murder Club
    I love the Womens Murder Club books I've read them all in the past month now, I can't wait for the 6th to come out...more info
  • Fast and furious...
    I have read a number of James Patterson novels, but 3rd Degree is the first book I've read in his Women's Murder Club series.

    Lindsay Boxer is a homicide detective who works for the San Francisco Police Department. Boxer's world is blown to bits when she witnesses the explosion of a residence as she is jogging in San Francisco. A backpack left at the scene claims responsibility in the name of a domestic terrorist group. She calls on the skills of her three buddies (news writer Cindy, DA Jill, and medical examiner Claire) to help her solve the crime. Deputy Director of Homeland Security, Joe Molinari, also becomes embroiled in this case. But it quickly becomes more than one instance-as more people are murdered and the broad scope of the crimes increase

    There are few clues at the beginning, but Boxer, her Women's Murder Club friends, Molinari, a few errors by the terrorists and a terrorist turncoat allow them to start piecing together this complicated puzzle. The situation is made even more complicated by the budding romance between Boxer and Molinari, along with the possibility that Boxer and her friends are not impervious to becoming victims themselves.

    3rd Degree is extremely fast moving with lots of plot and decent characters. It also doesn't get bogged down with too much description (unlike some mystery writers today). It kept me turning pages faster and faster, and reading late into the night. But while it was a fast read, it was also a satisfying book. I guess I'll have to go back and read books one and two in this series.
    ...more info
  • Ditch the Ghostwriter!
    This book reads nothing like the earlier two in the "Woman's Murder Club" series. Calling it trite fluff is kind. I realize Mr. Patterson is a multi-millionaire, but allowing such dribble to be put out with his name on it is a quick way to lose his audience and his income. I pay for a novel by a particular, proven author and I expect it to be of the caliber of the past works of that author. Shame on you Mr. Patterson. ...more info
  • Good enough
    This is an easy book to read. I haven't yet read 2nd Chance but 1st to Die is much better than this one. This doesn't mean that this is not a good book but the way Lindsay knew where the bad guys dwell was just pathetic. That aside the book will keep you reading, smiling and weeping sometimes at least while reading Jill's story and at least Lindsay found the love of her life. In a long flight you will read it at once....more info
  • Fast and easy
    Received my cd without any problems.
    It was a fast and easy transaction....more info
  • A Real Goodie ...
    Clear your schedule, sit back, relax, and enjoy this little Patterson gem. Can be read in one sitting with a couple of stretch breaks. That's probably how you'll want to read it. It moves fast. And it is a good read.

    Am becoming a Patterson fan....more info
  • bad co-author
    failed to deliver a realistic enough female detective feeling. she read like a he from the very beginning. and the writing was so tasteless and was just panned out with bad dialogs. i never thought patterson ever reached the status to franchise his name for these bad co-authors. almost unreadable from page 1. i never got hooked up with this bad novel, although had tried at least 3 times....more info
  • I liked it...but the first one is still my favorite (1st to Die)
    So this is the third one of the series...and for the most part the series is pretty good. This particular book was interesting and it did throw in a surprise. The ending was weak, but leading up to the end was cool. As usual, it was a fast read, with big fonts! Read it, but you'll have to read the first two to really get to know the characters....more info
  • review
    Used books are the best way to save money and still get my reading fix. This product will serve my purpose and allow me to relax and enjoy my free time. I will most likely order from you again should you have a book I am looking for in the future....more info