Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
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Relationship counselor John Gray focuses on the differences between men and women--men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, after all--and offers a simple solution: couples must acknowledge and accept these differences before they can develop happier relationships. In this unabridged version, Gray gives a spirited delivery of his message, especially when role-playing typical male/female interactions. Although it takes some time to adjust to his slightly nasal tone, the information is sound and gives both men and women helpful hints on improving themselves and their union. (Running time: 9.5 hours, 6 cassettes) --Sharon Griggins

Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences. Then they came to Earth and amnesia set in: they forgot they were from different planets.

Based on years of successful counseling of couples and individuals, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus has helped millions of couples transform their relationships. Now viewed as a modern classic, this phenomenal book has helped men and women realize how different they really are and how to communicate their needs in such a way that conflict doesn't arise and intimacy is given every chance to grow.

Customer Reviews:

  • He Doesn't Understand Me
    I find this book to be quite amazing. I usually don't bother reading these types of books, but I found it very helpful. I couldn't put the book down after I started.

    I never understood why my partner can't relate to me. After reading "Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus", I have a very clear understanding. I felt resentful and neglected many of times but being able to understand the opposite sex makes a huge difference. I really recommend reading this book because it improves and help you understand your relationship. Also, help to improve yourself. It taught me how to control my anger and give more love to partner....more info
  • Never follow a man into his cave...
    "The number one way a man can succeed in fulfilling a woman's primary love needs is through communication." ~ pg. 143

    "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is a book I had heard so much about, I actually thought I had already read it (John Gray gives a lot of blurbs). For the first half of the book I felt completely frustrated with the idea that men could just run to their cave if a woman even tried to talk to them. From the start, the idea of the "cave" only makes sense if a man is completely selfish and doesn't want to deal with the type of woman John Gray describes. Personally I don't complain all day to my husband and so he doesn't retreat to the cave as often. I also find that I have my own cave to retreat to which is where I write all my reviews.

    If I had to deal with the type of women John Gray describes I'd put a big lock on my cave door and never come back out. That is not to say that as a woman I don't have needs. But the women he describes are completely needy in the worst of ways. Who would want to come home to someone who tells you all their problems "all" the time? What about being excited to see your husband and saying something positive?

    After the first 136 pages this book starts to make more sense. "Just as a woman needs to feel a man's devotion, a man has a primary need to feel a woman's admiration." ~ pg. 136 It is also no surprise that "love letters" are recommended. This is also found in Barbara DeAngelis' books (they were married for a few years). John Gray also answers some interesting questions:

    What are the emotional needs of men and women?
    How can you have a more satisfying relationship?
    What will reduce tension and conflict?
    How can you create more passion?
    Why does love die?

    Can this book help your relationship? I think the "101 Ways to Score Points with a Woman" is well worth the price of the book. Especially if you can get your partner to read the book too.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • A Classic!

    Almost everything you wanted to know about the opposite sex!
    Just great! A must have!...more info
  • He Lacks Real Experience With Relationships!
    Insane. That anyone would ascribe to these ideas...let alone actually trying to apply them. I've listened to the tapes, read the books, became more incensed as I went along. Yes, there are differences between the sexes, but this guy doesn't come close to getting it right, and if you're a man following his advice, then you can write off having a long-term with an intelligent woman. This fool creates "escapes" and excuses for sheer bad behaviour of some men, claiming that it's innate to the male gender, and would suggest that their women forgive them for it!
    Sure, forgive them....but expect them to grow up at some point!
    I support equal respect for men from women, and vice versa. If I catch you flirting with other women, and expecting carnal favors rather than gently soliciting them, then supporting your bad behaviour with this garbage book, I'll shove MISTER, (not Doctor)Gray's book where the sun don't shine.
    For those looking for a better appraisal than mine, please google The Rebuttal From Uranus, they really capture the truth....more info
  • Good for the young, Good for the old
    If you are young, under 30, this is a good guide to help you figure out your path through the minefields of trying to understand the other sex. If you are older, this is a good refresher course on things you may have already learned (or things that you missed) in the school of everyday life. For both younger and older readers this is a very good tool to help you understand yourself and others. ...more info
  • The Owners Manual for Relationships
    For anyone in a relationship or thinking about getting into a relationship or if you've been in one short term or forever. This is a must read. Not only is it informative but is done so in such a way like no other book on the subject ever has. When ever a couple decides to become a couple, each should give the other a copy of this book. Funny, entertaining but most of all solid information from both sides of the fence. This book was written for men and women alike. If every married couple read this book, the divorce rate would drop!!!

    One of the best books ever written, period....more info
  • Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
    I hope to got the time to read it ,but thanks for a fast shipping....more info
  • Not Groundbreaking, But Still Persuasive
    Gray's short book, first published in 1992, is now considered a modern classic. It is thought of as the first in a long series of books focused on the theory that men and women respond differently to things. This, in and of itself, is nothing new, but the way in which Gray presents it is very persuasive and compelling. Since the 70's, with "I'm OK...You're OK" the self-help movement has had its ebbs and flows. Now, with the baby boomer's offspring starting to have their own offspring, self-help books, DVD's and other media are ubiquitous. Gray's book started this second wave in the assault of self-help literature.

    When this book first came into print, the last throes of the counterculture movement where coming to an end with the Anita Hill hearings. What those hearings revealed was the fact that in a professional setting, men and women's natural differences must be respected in the new age of sexual harassment laws. Gray's book provided a good antidote to this new world where the sexes struggled to keep up with their now consistently fluid gender roles, in not only the workplace, but also the domestic front.

    Although not groundbreaking, much in this book is very persuasive. Gray writes that women have an understandably genetic tendency to mother their spouses. This in turn makes a man feel emasculated. Gray writes "although a man may appreciate caring and assistance sometimes, too much of it will lessen his confidence or turn him off." Gray's simple advice is to stop mothering. In the same way, men have a genetic tendency to go into their `cave' to work out a difficult problem, leaving their spouse turned off, and feeling unappreciated. Again, Gray's simple advice is to just let the men work out their own problems and in time, they will be back. One of the highlights in Gray's analysis is pointing out the fact that men are constantly trying to fix things. Not fix things around the house, but instead to offer a best practical solution to a matter that a woman is talking about. Gray contends that when women talk about a problem, they are not asking for solutions. Instead they are asking for just someone to empathize with what they are saying. When a man resists this impulse to put on his "Mr. Fix-It Hat," Gray contends, and I agree, that a much more polite conversation then ensues. Overall, while his theories on gender differences are not groundbreaking, they do need to be mentioned to men and women who may not have necessarily have grown up with a good relationship.
    ...more info
  • Perfect Tips To Understand Differences Between You and Your Mate
    This is the first book I ever read on relationships. At the time I was having an extremely difficult time communicating with my boyfriend. This book was popular and claimed to explain essential difference between men and women, so I bought it. I wasn't disappointed.

    I immediately saw exactly why me and my mate were not getting along. We were speaking different languages! The words were in English but the meanings behind the words were so different for a man from a woman that I was almost shocked.

    I mean it's obvious that men and women are different but to be speaking `different languages' while all the while expecting their partner to understand what they were saying was mind blowing. The worst part is that often the fights between the sexes are a misunderstanding because we communicate through different perceptual models of reality.

    This book does not have all the info you need to have a wonderful relationship. It does have very useful pointers on how a man and a woman think and behave. When you understand how exactly your mate behaves and thinks THEN you begin to learn how to communicate effectively and frustration in your relationship will go down while love and understanding goes up. It's that simple....more info
  • Talk about engaging....You must learn about your partner in this manner
    This book is brilliant at best! Gray's philosophies keep you engaged while teaching you the simpler way of understanding your partner AND yourself.

    I have learned much about myself as well as the Martian in my life. I didn't feel so alone since many people obviously go through the same experiences.

    A compliment to any relationship in life!

    Merna Throne

    Pocket of Pearls: A 30-day pocket workbook to start hearing a softer voice inside of you!
    ...more info
  • Wonderful portrayal of gender thinking differences
    I read this book, when I am feeling that I am not understanding my spouse. What a relief. when ever I try to help my wife, she used to get angry , that used to upset. Author nicely explains with simple examples how to diffuse this type of situations with 'Men - No fixing only validation, women - No critcism with a hope to helping '. Like this there are hundreads of techniques. There are hundreads of tips like that in this book. When I tried to explain people, some people are not open to change, even resistant to listen. Except this book it is highly informative. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    Well I had heard great things about this book so I finally decided to read it.

    I threw it away after about 3 chapters. It's stupid. It just keeps saying the same thing "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" 30 different ways. We all know men don't speak the same language as we do so I thought overall it was just stating what I already knew and did nothing to help....more info
  • excellent read!
    I think that this book is absolutely excellent. We need to accept that there are differences between men and women and these aren't necessarily bad. Women need emotional support when they're feeling down, men want space when they're troubled (not a sympathetic ear), women want to be understood, to be cherished, men want respect and to feel needed. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in a relationship or has ever been in one, I know my relationship will benefit from having read it and I intend for my partner to read the book too! I also liked: Become a Total Man Magnet: Make Every Man Fall in Love with You Instantly - Make Him Chase You Down Desperately and Beg for Attention...more info
  • real world advice to help men & women understand each other
    This book has become so popular that terminology from this book has entered our popular culture (calling a woman a Venusian, for example). But my opinion is that this is well earned and hopefully a plus for helping men and women understand one another.

    Some criticism leveled at this book is that it is too general, and to say "men are like this and women are like that" is a disservice to both, poppycock I say! It's refreshing to read a book that may help you understand the "general" psychological and linguistic make up of an "average" man or woman. I find this type of reading far more useful than all the cultural relativism that has bogged down our understanding of each other, where we seem afraid to look at groups as, just that, groups. Men are a group and thus have certain statistically average traits. This is supported in Gray's book by very revealing comments from his seminars.

    The basic premise of this book is to help "decode" the opposite sex's langauge. E.g. when a man says "it's ok," it means "I want to figure this out on my own and I'd rather you didn't offer unsoliticed advice; that makes me feel you don't trust me." When a woman says "it's ok," it usually means "I am really upset and I need you to pull this conversation out of me. I am going to withdraw now because I feel you are not trying to understand me and I need to see you take action before I can begin to trust you and feel more loving again."

    I have found some of Gray's suggestions to be very helpful. When asking my BF "will you" instead of "can you," I find I am very satisfied with how things go when I ask "will," which gives him choice to say "yes or no," rather than "can" which many men interpret as being demanding and without choice. These subtle distinctions can be quite mind blowing when you first read about them, but start putting them into practice or observing how men and women typically communicate and the words they use, and you will find Gray's observations to be very helpful.

    I am very happy I read this book. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I have gone on to recommend it to other friends. It really does serve as a sort of "pocket reference guide" to the opposite sex, and it is empowering and liberating to realize that we are linguistically completely different. When we better know how the other communicates, it is then that we can transcend our differences and begin to communicate truly as equals. I recommend this book without reservation. ...more info
  • simple concept but long bks
    simple concept but book over 300 page !

    page of less than 100 page is more than enough...more info
  • Why is this book so popular?
    The reasons why this book gets two stars from me:


    - Gray did make a few good, common sense points: Do nice things for your partner, don't try to fix your partner, be direct in making requests.

    - Some real-life examples are true to life (such as the wife who keeps trying to coax an answer to "Is anything wrong?" out of her mate.)


    - Gray is extremely self-righteous, which is very annoying.

    - The book is VERY repetitive, which makes it hard to read.

    - The Mars/Venus analogy gets annoying after a while.

    - His gender assumptions are extremely rigid, without much room for individuality.

    - Some of his examples are hair-raising: he tells the story of how his wife tore giving birth, and ran out of pain killers a week after delivery. When he came home from work, she told him that she was in pain all day and felt abandoned. His reaction? He exploded, shouted at her, and stormed off. What normal man would do such a thing??

    - His dislike for the word "could" is hard to explain. He claims that "could" must be replaced with "would", or the husband will not respond to any requests.

    - He claims that it is natural and important for women to fall into deep depression regularly where childhood issues resurface and she has nohing left to give this world. If her man does not support her, she will fall into a panic. WHAT?!?

    - His phrase dictionary is plain ridiculous. Here is an example: If a woman says "I am so tired, I can't do anything" a man will hear "...Picking you was a big mistake" unless he has read Gray's true interpretation. Uh-huh!

    - The most offensive part of the book, though, is this assertion in the introduction: "About 10 percent of women will relate more to being from Mars. This is often simply a result of being born with higher testosterone levels than most other women." WHAT?!? If my readers don't agree with me, then they have a hormonal problem? This statement is unsubstantiated, false, nonsensical, and brazen. Interestingly, he does not address the fact that some men may not find themselves in these pages, either.

    Overall, the book deserves two stars, considering that it had a little bit of merit to it. ...more info
  • John Gray: Phony Ph d.
    John Gray's babble about the differences between men and women stinks up a storm, and it's best relegated to the field of pop psychology, not actual men-women relationships.

    John's Ph.d is a fraud. If you don't believe me, then do an internet search on "John Gray phony Ph.d". You will get tons or articles pointing to the fact that he received his doctorate from the defunct university called Columbia Pacific University, which gave out degrees like they were going out of style for doing nothing.

    It's not surprising that John Gray was as popular as he was in the 1990s decade. The yuppies seemed to flock to him like flies on fresh cow manure. But then again, yuppies have never been known as progressively-minded people. They flock to whatever trend is promoted by the media, like buying things you can't afford.

    Hope this helps!

    ...more info
    This is a very good book. It gets down to the keys to good relationships.
    It hits the points and if you study it, and really chew the information and knowledge, it will do you good. It is very accurate at the understanding and will lead to healing. It is highly recommended, and worth a million dollars. Just stick to it and do what it says, and go back to it again and again, then you will see great changes in your life.

    There are many reviewers who have given bad reviews because their own lives are failures and they have too much pride to be able to receive the great wisdom contained in this book. Therefore they are immature and put down books like this because they want others to share in their misery. Don't listen to them, this book could save not only your marriage, but your life.
    ...more info
  • Need to Have
    A book for every Christiana and non-Christian. Lays great foundation for behavior on both men and women and covers it so well, I found out stuff about myself I didn't even know!...more info
  • Strategies for dealing with the opposite sex
    This book not only explains the differences between men and women but also gives strategies to each sex for dealing with those differences. For example men and women have different values. Men tend to value competence and accomplishments while women tend to value relationships. Women tend to express their caring by offering unsolicited advice that is often causes men to feel incompetent. Women need to express how they feel about their problems, while men interpret this as blaming them for their problems. Men often need time alone to solve their problems while women interpret this as not caring. If everyone practiced the methods in this book the sexes would get along much better. The book, however, is at times dry reading....more info
  • Women are from vaginas and men are too
    F this self-help industry crap. Quasi-astrological poppycock at its worst. I can tell this book clamps on to the mind and squeezes it to death merely by reading the cliched title. Humans are far more complex than the hack Man-Warrior/Female-Maiden title what's-his-name gives them. And remember, this "doctor," is quietly making mucho mucho bucks off your poor purchase. Your goddamned ancestors never needed a book to run their lives, so why do you? Let's push all the life coaches off cliffs and put the self-help industry to the torch. That's a great start to a sane life....more info
  • Greatest book ever written for understanding and improving a relationship
    This book is really worth reading. It is a must reading for those preparing to meet and build a good relationship without worry and with lightheartedness.
    Embarassement, relief, excitement, courage, these were the order of emotion I felt while reading it.
    Embrassemnet; got to know my mistakes
    Relief; it's not only me, most people are more or less similar.
    Excitement, I now understand Marsian and Venusian.
    Courage, I can apply into mylife.

    I am delighted to have met this book. Many thanks to the author.
    Feel totally reborn and ready for a relationship (smile)....more info
  • Men are muscle, women are hormones
    Well, my title basicly summarizes this book; men and women are very different by nature. The way this book describes these differences is hilarious and very much fun to read. Any (married) man can relate to it!

    Apart from being a fun read its contents stick in your mind like glue and this book will pass before your eyes almost ten times again before the day is over. Just speak to someone of the other gender and you can at least refer her to several chapters in the book. Good to know we were born like this and so shouldn't blame each other...

    Usually reading about management or sales or any business book I found this one refreshing and entertaining. It even made me appreciate myself more as it also clarifies why you should translate your wife's complaints in your head to a more constructive sentence.

    It's plain simple; you want to speak with an Italian, learn to speak Italian. Want to speak to French people, learn to speak French. If you want to speak to someone from the other gender, learn to speak - or at least translate - their language....more info
  • Awesome book
    Its not only great for learning about your partner, but about yourself too. This is a great book. ...more info
  • Interesting Observations.
    This is a fair book, but not great. Nontheless, some reviewers have bashed this book for the generalized stereotyping of how the sexes interact with each other. In defense of the author, the fact appears to be that there is "some truth to them." How often have we heard the same mantra-like complaints from both sexes about their partners behavior, communication, or lack thereof? Ex: Men often prefer time alone to work out a problem, and find talking about it frustrating. Men want to think it over and then take action. Women appear to reduce their anxiety about a problem by sharing it verbally with others, before they try and solve the issue. Neither is wrong. We are simply different in more ways that go far beyond acculturation and biology. The principle of the book was intuiging for a time. But, he did not site any scholarship to back his thesis, he left no room for individual nuances, & after chapter 3 it become repetitive. I give it 3 stars for effort and outcome. I would recommend Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence, & Norah Vincent's Selfmade Man" for further insights into why the sexes behave so differently. ...more info
  • The K.I.S.S. Method for Communicating in Relationships
    While I can understand that some people would find John Gray's analogies childish, I can tell you from many years in Human Resources that it's best to K.I.S.S. if you want to make something memorable for people in this age of Attention Deficit Disorder and media overload. K.I.S.S. of course being Keep It Simple Stupid or as a former colleague used to say "Keep it on a fourth grade level."

    My now husband and I read Men are from Mars...when we were still dating. We were having some communication challenges with regard to finances as we were heading into the possibility of a lifetime commitment. We read it out loud to each other before bed. We laughed as we saw ourselves, our parents, our grandparents and some of our friends in the various scenarios. We had always said, "You be you and I'll be me and together we will see", but I think the book made us realize that because we were deeply in love, we had more potential to hurt each other if we didn't take our differences into consideration. Needless to say, it left a lasting impression on us both. Now when we veer off course, we remind ourselves that we're being Venutian, or Martian. We try to use our grown up words rather than words like "always" and "never" in disagreements.

    Recently I gifted the CDs to a couple who have been together for over 40 years. Their marriage was in serious jeopardy and I felt it was primarily to a lack of meaningful and considerate communication. They seemed to be more pleasant to anyone on the planet than they were to each other. They called soon after to thank me. They laughed as we had over how far from reality what we say to each other or what we hear from each other can be sometimes. K.I.S.S. - it works, and kissing is pretty good therapy too. =o)
    ...more info
  • Take with a grain of salt
    "dr" gray's PhD is actually in creative writing... which makes this book entertaining and easy to read but a bit simplistic in its concepts. As a woman, I found the men were given way too many buy outs for bad behaviour. Okay they are elastic bands, but doesn't recognizing a problem give you the responsibility of dealing with it yourself rather than saying "I yam what I yam" and expecting your partner to adjust themselves to you?...more info
  • Tips from "Dr" Gray
    I don't understand how Mr. Gray keeps on putting the initials PhD on his book covers. As most everyone knows by now, his PhD came from Columbia Pacific University which was a diploma mill. Hence, his book is about as void of substance as the degree he puts out on the cover. His views on understanding human nature is overly simplistic and trite. Between him and Dr. Phil, I'll have to go with the latter. At least Dr. Phil is a licensed clinical psychologist who got his PhD degree from a legitimate university (University of North Texas)....more info
  • Great information, though TOO LONG !
    I like this book a lot and I think every couple in the world should read it. It can potentially prevent a lot of arguments and screwed-up relationships, and it has all sorts of information that you never knew about the other gender, but then it all makes sense when you find out. I realized that I had done a lot of these things that really irritate the other gender, all the while thinking that I was "right" and being helpful.
    One of the best aspects of this book is its explanation of men's emotional needs. We are socialized to believe that men don't have intense feelings and needs, that women are the emotional ones. But in fact men are just as emotional, perhaps moreso. They are raw *all the time* and actually quite fragile when it comes to comments that their partners make. You can NEVER criticize a man - not for anything. Even an offhand remark contributes to destroying him inside and killing his desire to please you. (They have an intense, instinctive need and drive to make you happy.) If you need to change a man's behavior, you can only do so using positive reinforcement. You must simply ignore "bad" behavior, politely encourage "good" behavior, and reinforce it with praise-type rewards. Men automatically adjust their behaviors to duplicate whatever yields a positive response from you. So they are actually very easy to train, but women constantly criticize and discourage them (for some reason, it is their first instinct to acknowledge *only* bad behavior), causing men frustration until they completely give up trying.
    Women also have a strong maternal instinct, which they act on by (inadvertently) questioning/doubting men about trifles. This ties in to each gender's needs; What men need most is not "love" or "caring" as it means to women, but faith and trust. You have to build them up and show that you have confidence in their ability to do things. This is what "love" means to a man.

    The only complaint I have is that his writing style is redundant. He could abridge it to include the main points and make a handbook that would be practical for everyday situations. Still highly recommended....more info
  • great relationship saver
    I have not read through the entire book yet but so far I am very pleased with the contents, it has definitely opened my eyes and given me many things to think about that I took for granted before or just plain never even considered. If you are having doubts or concerns about how to handle your relationship woes then this book is right for you.

    ...more info
  • Please find a better book...
    It grieves me that this book is among the bestsellers. I would strongly recommend you to find other, high quality replacement - for example You Just Don't Understand by Deborah Tannen, or if you wish to dig deeper, I suggest R. Wright - The Moral Animal. I must admit I am very demanding as to the quality of books I read, but they shape our thoughts and deeds and I do not let wrong/twisted ideas have influence on me. I am not alone in this opinion on Mr. Gray's books...just as an example please try to search for 'The Rebuttal From Uranus' text on Internet... Kind regards, Mario....more info
  • Very Empowering
    I found this book to be not only full of truths but empowering. Once you understand certain behaviors it makes it so much easier to deal with them. Now women don't have to take these things personally.

    HOWEVER--The one issue I did have with this book is that it may give a little too many excuses to men. Not all their behaviors can be explained by their being different. Some of the examples of 'acceptable' male behavior I thought were clearly caused by laziness or lack of caring. They were a little too extreme on each end. If you take what you read here for what its worth you will find lots of really helpful information mixed in with a few things that go over the top.

    Other books I found to be very insightful in matters of women and men are Nancy Madore's "Enchanted" and "Our Bodies Ourselves"...more info
  • Considered a classic, but it's very repetitive...
    It's a good book, it obviously has an important theme about men and women getting along. The book however, pounds the same concepts into your head over-and-over again. The book can be summerized in one sentence: "When women need to talk, let them vent, and when guys want to be alone, give them their "batcave" time in their den or study..."...more info
  • This Book Will Work For You because....
    I read this book as a proactive measure to gear up for a permanent full time commitment. I can say that most of the sample phrases inspected in this book have been hurled at me, or hurled by me at one time or another, in relationships I've had long before Mars/Venus was published. If I had known then the info provided in this book, I'd probably be married with the kids going off to college by now.

    But let's look at why I think this book will work for you. It's been over fifteen years since this title came out. (I remembered people lampooning and dismissing it when it first hit the market and became a sensation) This book could be seen as part of the movement in the nineties where men became the kinder/gentler men we see all around us today. I'm aware that not everyone wants to be seen as or wants a kindler gentler man. But in the course of men becoming softer in the nineties, women made an accompanying move towards a hardened masculinity in the whole "grrrls rule, boys drool" attitude. As a result, the gender lines between respective behavior have been blurred considerably. Anyone could pick up this book today and see a little of themselves described on both planets.

    There are helpful ideograms presented here (men=rubberbands, women=waves, men go into and returning from caves, women descending into and arising from their wells). It's all about cycles and rhythm, and believe it or not, men have their own too. The importance of communication and how and when to say what are tools everyone should have in steering clear of an argument, a major relationship killer. The anatomy of an argument is also analyzed in detail. The book ends with how to ask for support and a useful psychological revelation: when you feel safest and loved, painful memories from the past will surface. It shows you that you may mistakenly attribute those painful feelings to your partner when you shouldn't.

    There is also an effective chapter on the subtle linguistics of asking.

    There's bound to be many knee-jerk reactions from readers all around. People have continued to oppose this book based on the stereotypes it makes, not on its effectiveness. I for one, am very resistant to self-help books. I have returned advice books for refunds and even hurled some at the wall in disgust.

    What's important for me is that books, like movies, music, news, and peer-pressure work collectively to shape who we are and how we behave. Since the publication of this book, its advice and examples have worked itself into the consciousness of how partners (in a certain socio-economic group) behave, express themselves, and interact with each other. I can't count how many times I've heard some of the phrases in this book uttered between friends who are in relationships. Even though many have not read the book, they are utilizing variations of its examples in their every day speech.

    With divorce rates ever on the increase, I'm quite certain if you were to walk away with 10% of the information presented in this book, regardless of which gender group you culled the advice from, you would have already disproportionately increase the probability of your relationship succeeding.

    ...more info
  • Without a doubt will help you understand the opposite sex
    When I read this, I thought, wow this explains almost every disagreement or conflict I've had with partners in the past. I love the chapters, "men are rubber bands" "women are waves" and about the six aspects of love that men vs. women want. Incredibly useful reading...more info
  • This is GREAT for newly married couples.
    This is a great for newly married couples. I bought 2 of these for my daughter and my new son in-law and YES they are both reading them LOL. I highly suggest this selection....more info
  • Must read for all young couples
    If I had known this before, my relationships would have been a lot easier! Men and women really are different in so many ways!
    Don't expect change, but at least after reading this book you will understand more. ...more info
  • Good book on fundamentals but it could go further
    This is a timeless classic that is a good book to give the fundamentals of men and women. It would be helpful to have more information on what you can do or change in yourself to work with the opposite sex. A good read and worth having in your library.
    Michael Coogan
    Know Your Pig - Playful Relationship Advice for Understanding Your Man(Pig) info
  • good with comments
    This book has really good advice and insight that makes sense. The only downside is that the references to "martians" and "venusians" gets annoying after awhile....more info
  • Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relatio
    The book did not by any means meet my expectation. My boyfriend mentioned an extract from the book during one of our conversation and I thought it would be something spectacular in terms of learning new things.........but i was thoroughly disappointed. Very bland!!!!...more info