Dream a Little Dream
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A desperate young mother.

Rachel Stone's bad luck has taken a turn for the worse. With an empty wallet, a car's that's spilling smoke, and a five-year-old son to support, she's come home to a town that hates her. But this determined young widow with a scandalous past has learned how to be a fighter. And she'll do anything to keep her child safe -- even take on ...

A man with no heart.

Gabe Bonner wants to be left alone, especially by the beautiful outcast who's invaded his property. She has a ton of attitude, a talent for trouble, and a child who brings back bad memories. Yet Rachel's feisty spirit might just be heaven-sent to save a tough, stubborn man.

Dare to dream.

Welcome to Salvation, North Carolina -- where a man who's forgotten what tenderness means meets a woman with nothing to lose. here two endearing lovers will set off on a funny, touching journey of the heart ... to a place where dreams just might come true.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful!
    All four books in the "Chicago" series were great. They are in order "It Had To Be You", "Heaven Texas", "Nobody's Baby But Mine" and "Dream A Little Dream"....more info
  • Silly comedy with a golf background instead of football
    I've read everyone of SEP's books, and each one, has gotten sillier. She used to write serious, sexy, well-plotted books. Now she writes so-called romantic comedies. Lady Emma and Kenny, are two very superficial people. Add to that,a lack of plot, a lack of sexual tension, and there's nothing for me to enjoy about this book. I can read about Texas in textbooks, or even in SEP's previous books. It may be Avon's fault, but I've bought my last book by this author....more info
  • Dream A Little Dream
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips packs a heavy punch through her words. This book was so emotional, it drains your senses while enchanting the whole way through. Rachel is a woman to be admired for her gutsy, driven personality. I like how SEP gives her charachters a gritty, down-to-earth, in-the-mud kind of life. There is never too much glitter in her stories, even when they start out in the high life, SEP knocks them all off their pedastals and forces them (and her readers) to face the dirty side of life. "Dream A Little Dream" takes on the after effects of a televangelist's downfall. He's dead, but he left behind a bitter town, and a wife soiled by his fall. Five years later, Rachel returns to Salvation with her young son in tow, to retrieve the five million dollars, her husband embezzled from the town and his followers. Rachel meets Gabe, the black sheep son of the town's fabled family. Gabe has demons of his own, and he wants nothing to do with Rachel and especially her child.

    I was fighting for Rachel every time I flipped a page. It was sad when it ended...I wanted to continue being a voyeur into Rachel and Gabe's story....more info

  • Sweet Romance
    Dream a Little Dream was probably sweeter romance than what I'm use to reading from Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It's also very funny with Ethan's story, and you get Cal Bonner in the mix of things again with his pigheadness always "trying to do what's best" for the family and is wrong of course. Bottom line is it has a great story line... it's funny and full of sweet sexy romance....more info
  • I have found a new favorite author
    This was my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips. What a find! Dream a Little Dream is the best romance novel, maybe the best book, I've read in quite a while. I could not put it down. No Victorian drawing rooms here, this one gets down and dirty, just like the totally-down-on-her-luck but brave heroine Rachel and her plucky, undernourished 5-year old son Edward. Some of the judgmental and unforgiving townspeople of Salvation, North Carolina, who stomp on her when she's down and out, are all too true to life. In the process of redeeming herself, Rachel saves Gabe Bonner, who thought he was past the point of salvation. AND there's a nice little treasure hunt mystery thrown in. Just a great book. ...more info
  • A Wonderful Book to Read ~ I'm Not Good WIth Titles
    I think this is a wonderful book!. This is almost like the conclusion to "Nobody's Baby But Mine", because "Dream A Little Dream" involves the second Bonner brother, Gabe Bonner.

    Rachel Stone was the widower of a very evil and greedy man that made Rachel take the blame of his greediness. After her husband died, everyong hated her because they believed that she was the reason, her husband became so corrupt. But Rachel don't care what the others think because she got a son to take care of, Edward who perfers to be called Chip. (Go Figure)

    Rachel was stuck in Salvation, North Carolina because her car broke down, right in front of the property that belongs to Gabe Bonner.

    Gabe Bonner was a man who was cold and empty of all emotions because of the devastating loss of his wife and son, due to a car accident. Gabe hired Rachel to help with his drive-in and they work together, side by side. When Gabe starts to living as as an almost human being again, the animosity the town causes a few problems for both of them. The problems might force Rachel out of the town but Gabe isn't going to let Rachel and her son go without a fight. And Rachel is no puhover either.

    I love this book! Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a genius with words. I can never think to write such outrageous things, if I was to write a book but Philliips pull it off and with a big sucess. "Dream A Little Dream" is like a must read and whoever doesn't is in a great loss. I'm glad I read this book, but it was kinda hard with all the late nights I spent with this book.

    = o )...more info

  • "Feel Good" book of all time
    Open DREAM A LITTLE DREAM and visit Salvation, NC where the famous Bonner family resides. Get in a little deeper and get to know Heartbreak Mountain, which is the heart of the Bonner Family. Read more and get hooked on Dream A Little Dream, the story of Gabe Bonner and Rachel Stone.

    The Bonner brothers have always been close, looking out for each other. When Rachel Stone's car breaks down and is stuck in Salvation, they think she's not good news and try to get her to leave. But they're not the only ones who do, the people of Salvation have decided to blame all their problems on her. Because she was married to a televangelist who played them all for fools.

    Most importantly, Gabe wants Rachel and her 5 year old son gone too. He's grieving over the death of his wife and son and doesn't want to feel anything again.

    However, Rachel is broke and her luck had just run out. And she was not going to give up the only hope she has of securing her son's future. As for the people and the Bonner brothers, she's never given up on a fight before.

    Dream A Little Dream is about many things, the love of a mother for her son, the healing of a grieving heart, the struggle of a strong woman to make it, and how they teach each other to love again.

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips is known for her funny and heartwarming dialogue, and Dream A Little Dream is no exception. However, it also has a deeper sense of feeling. She'll make ya laugh and cry, and at the end, make ya feel good all over!...more info

  • This book is a true winner!!
    I just finished this book and I still feel happy to the bottom of my toes!! I loved the character of Rachel...smart, sassy and strong. And Gabe...wow!! I found myself laughing and crying throughout the story...did get strange looks from people while reading at the orthodontist's office today--found myself laughing out loud!! I liked the way the author wove all the different characters together--no character or subplot was left dangling when everything was said and done. I am already searching for more books by this author!!...more info
  • Satisfying read
    I suppose I grew to like Gabe, but I most definitely didn't like him at the start. But at least he wasn't prejudiced against Rachel like everybody else. Rachel is finally given the chance to come out of herself and show everybody who she really is, seeing as everybody saw a certain image of her before. But I didn't really like Kristy's relationship with Gabe's brother. It just didn't ring true. Well, I suppose you do have to suspend belief for the whole book, but even still......more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!!
    I couldn't put it down. It is all the good things. Sad, poignant,sweet, funny. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a master. I have read and loved most of her books. This is the very best. I cried and I laughed and everything in between....more info
  • An emotional rollercoaster
    Rachel Stone, has suffered through a rough past that she is now trying to overcome. She has no money and a young son to look after. So when her car breaks down in a town that despises her, she is resigned to believe that her luck just went from bad to worst.

    These unfortunate occurrences do not deter her because she knows she has to be strong for her five year old. So she swallows her pride and is prepared to do whatever it takes to get back on her feet.

    Gabe Bonner is a tough egg to crack. Haunted by painful memories, he builds up a wall and is emotionally unattached. So the last thing he needs is spirited and determined Rachel coming around him. It annoys him that she is the first woman since his wife who has brought some light back into his dreary world and he is not trying to have her interfere with the new life he is trying to build for himself.

    Before long the pair act on the emotions that are brewing between them despite the protests of Gabe's brother Edward and the unforgiving town of Salvation, NC.
    This isn't their only challenge. Rachel can't see a future with Gabe as he detests her son Edward who comes first and foremost in her life.

    DREAM A LITTLE DREAM is a matchless story with wonderfully developed characters, raw emotion and lots of amusement. I really enjoyed it.
    ...more info
  • Best book ever!
    I loved this book! It was wonderful and made me smile.

    Reader from Ohio. You posted to the wrong book dummy....more info

  • A Really Beautiful Story
    I really loved this book. A heroine whose life has turned upside down and whose only mission to to survive and protect her son meets a man who has lost his wife and son and is merely a hollow shell of the man he once was. It had me on an emotional roller coaster laughing, crying, smiling, you name it. You won't regret buying this book, but do try to start with the first book in the series and read them in order it will be easier to follow. ...more info
    This was such a great book! I absolutely loved Rachel and Gabe. Their relationship was a roller coaster of a ride. Gabe's tragedy was heart breaking and Rachel's struggle to overcome the prejudice caused by her dead husband's betrayal of a town was valiant and admirable. Her son Edward's need for a stable home and a father was heart wrenching. It was wonderful to see them accept the unevitable love that had developed and finally become a family. It was also wonderful having the other characters in the book grow and heal. Kristy's wish finally comes true when Ethan, her employer, a minister and Gabe's brother, finally realizes his love for her. Their scenes were hilarious and touching. Cal, Gabe's older brother, his wife Jane, and their baby daughter Rosie, were also fun to get to know. This book is definitely worth your time and money. You'll love it. Trust me!...more info
  • So great on many levels
    This was my second SEP book and I will be rushing back to the library to get more. I loved it. I could not put it down. It was so emotional. The heros and heroines were great together. But, the character that made the book for me was Edward. Edward and Gabe's relationship was what made this book beyond great. The scene where Edward asks Gabe to pretend to like him so he and his mother could stay was heartbreaking. And Gabe's hearwrending response was a measure of just how great this book is. There was no easy answers or quick turnarounds. Gabe's moving from a dead inside, numb, grieving widow to a man who wants to live again takes the whole book and it is a well devoloped story. Kristy and Ethan were wonderful and a great counterpoint to the very emotionally sad story of Gabe and Rachel.

    I only hope SEP's other books are this good. ...more info
  • terrific chemistry, not too much else
    There's wonderful, breath-taking chemistry between the destitute widow and the reluctant businessman hardened by grief. Her former husband, a crooked televangelist, left her with a frightened son and the hatred of the entire community. Her only aspiration as the story opens is the safety and security of her son, and this is the primary failing of the story, for she has much more to offer, and much more to gain, than simple survival. The romance is well-developed, and the objections of his family and community well thought through and quite believable.The subplots involve another long-simmering romance, faith healing, revenge, and conflicting family loyalties, making the book an enjoyable read, just unpredictable enough to be fun....more info
  • Touches not only the heart, but the soul......
    This was her first book I've ever read and then I picked up each one of her's that I could get my hands on! Every scene is magical and mostly in its reality. It tells us as to how every turn our life ultimately takes us as to where we were meant to be all along. You fall in love with each character, each emotion and each memory. It is the most precious book in my collection, which taught me a lesson: "When you are flat on your back, there is nowhere to look, but up." Thanx to Susan Elizabeth Phillips, who kept me up all night, crying and laughing, and taught me true perseverance. A must read for all those who'd love to fall in love. These characters were made for us!...more info
  • breathtaking
    I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night, and I hold SEP fully responsible. I was about halfway through Dream a Little Dream when I went to bed, and do you think she'd let up a little so I could go to sleep? No. She even... (and I really hate to admit this) made me cry. I haven't met the woman, but I didn't think she'd be the type to begrudge someone a few hours of sleep. Guess I was wrong.

    (yes, I'm silly this morning--I only got about 5 hours of sleep! Weren't you paying attention?)

    Anyway. The book. I was tearing up in the first 50 pages. What kind of sadist writes a little kid saying "Now, mommy? Are we going to die now?" God. And of course she had to go and make the characters compelling and interesting people that I really cared about.

    Rachel is the widow of a charlatan televangelist. She and her 5-year-old son are homeless, living in their car. She's made her way back to their hometown in search of the money her husband had left hidden, and finds that people there have long memories and are not inclined to forgive what's left of a man who betrayed them all.

    The only job she can find is helping angry recluse Gabe rebuild a drive-in movie theater. Gabe had lost his wife and son to a drunk driver two years before, and he wants nothing to do with a woman and child who remind him of what he's lost. Yet he can't bring himself to turn her away, particularly not when even his brother, the town's pastor, refuses to show her any compassion.

    It's an intense story of a man who's given up, and a woman who refuses to.

    There's just so much right with this story, I don't know where to begin. I normally don't like children in romances--they're almost never realistic with regard to their ages, and they tend to conveniently disappear for chapters at a time. That doesn't happen here. Rachel's son is a five-year-old boy for whom the only permanent thing in his life is his mother.

    Likewise, Rachel's desperation and determination, and Gabe's despair and buried anger are very real.

    And it doesn't stop there. The townspeople, most of them bitter and angry, yet professing themselves to be good Christians. Again, very real. And, surprisingly, they're not written as a criticism of religion--they're just human. Fallible, understandable.

    There's even a secondary romance, between Pastor Ethan and his long-time friend and secretary Kristy, and they both have to grow and change for it to work.

    I'm used to SEP's books being a little lighter--laughter over pain. Dream a Little Dream isn't like that. But it just proves what I've thought for a long time. Good writing is good writing, and almost always, if I like how an author writes one kind of book, I'll like how she writes another....more info
  • It Had To Be You
    I have read every book Ms Phillips has on the market and now since she can't write fast enough I have just finished reading It Had To Be You for the second time. Each book is unique and has a wonderful, funny, sad, romantic insight into real people. I am a prolific reader and she is my favorite author. This afternoon I will begin a second read of This Heart of Mine and continue with other books she has written while I wait for Glitter Baby due out in December. I strongly recommend Ms Phillips books....more info
  • Sad but with a warm ending.
    This is the sixth book I've read by Susan Phillips and the first one that is not a comedy. I gave 5 stars to the first five books. I am giving 4 stars to this one because there is a lot of sadness including grieving for dead loved ones and being treated badly by others. I generally prefer uplifting and funny stories, but this one had me in tears too much. Gabe had a hard time being alive after his wife and son were killed by a drunk driver. Rachel was married to a shyster of a tv evangelist who got good people to give him money that he only used to enrich himself. He died in a plane crash and the public hated Rachel, thinking she was his partner, but she too had been taken advantage of. She lives in desperate poverty, with her 5 yr old son.

    People shun Rachel and vandalism occurs due to hatred of her. Gabe helps her out and a warm relationship grows between them, but he doesn't like her son. Even though not 5 stars, I still recommend this book. Good things end up happening and there is a feel good quality at the end. I loved Rachel's smartness, witty comments and actions in the face of poverty and ill treatment by others. In most romance novels, after falling for each other, the couple has a conflict which causes a separation. Too many times I have been disappointed with how the author causes the separation. But in this book, I strongly agreed with Rachel leaving Gabe. She was doing the right thing for her son. I was impressed with the author. I was also impressed with the author's reasons why Rachel initially had come back to the town.

    Sexual content: mild. Genre: contemporary romance.

    For a list of my reviews of other Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, see my 5 star review of "Glitter Baby" posted 1/15/09....more info
  • Dream a Little Dream ended my months long non-reading slump!
    Thank you SEP! You just ended a months long non-reading slump with Dream A Little Dream. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book, but especially found endearing the spunkiness of Rachel as she battled to provide the best care possible for her son. I'll certainly recommend this book to all my friends....more info
  • Wonderful
    This was my first SEP novel and it won't be my last. I laughed, I cryed it was just wonderful. The hero is such a lost sad soul you can't help but love him and the heroine is understanding, fiesty and just a great mother who would do anything for her son. The h/h interacted so well with each other you could just feel how much they needed each other. I thought the hero was a little hard on the son but I could also understand the pain he was going through. I was a wonderful book that I read in one day because the characters just pulled me into the story so much I could'nt put it down. Kudos to SEP for making a real winner....more info
  • I wished there were more books like this one.
    "Dream a little dream" was funny, truly enchanting, sexy fast-paced story. Gabe and Rachel were so real you could almost touch them.
    They didn't need a near disaster to realized they love each other.
    They didn't play games with each other and Rach didn't play hard to get.
    They weren't painfully stupid and insecure.
    They weren't perfect - they were human.
    Rach was tough, stubborn and funny. She was a fighter who has a ton of attitude, and Gabe needed someone with that kind of spirit to pull him out of his misery.
    Gabe was sensual, hard, yet so heartwarming, you couldn't help but fall for him.
    Don't miss this one....more info
  • Mediocre compared with other SEP books.
    This book was fairly engaging and funny. However, the inequity between hero and heroine was a disturbing throw back to the past. I found it hard to believe that a strong, resourceful, intelligent woman would be reduced to living in a car, dependent on the surly generosity of the hero. The plot is contrived, trite and predictable but is saved by amusing dialogue, interesting subplot, and quirky secondary characters. Still, this book is not as good as other SEP books, and I don't recommend anyone to go out of their way to read it....more info
  • Dream a Little Dream
    Thoughly enjoyed this book, after reading "First Lady", I decided to read more of Susan Elizabeth Phillips book's, and "Dream a Little Dream" was the next book I read. Rachael was a gutsy, hard working, determined mother who had a disastous past not of her doing and Gabe, a man also troubled by his past. I enjoyed how Ms. Phillips entwined their past and present into a warm, compelling love story....more info