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Term Limits
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What if America's leaders were held accountable for their broken promises -- and made to pay for their corruption? Vince Flynn brings to life a chilling scenario of Washington under siege -- in the provocative, edge-of-your-seat political thriller that stormed onto national bestseller lists.

Customer Reviews:

  • Thankfully this Plot is Totally Unrealistic
    If guys like Steve Coleman, Michael O'Rouke (or his grandfather) were truly in charge, this world would be in real trouble. The problem with Vince Flynn and other Gordon Liddy-types is that there is no gray area for them. You are either a military-bred patriot who looks at killing a pleasurable requirement for democracy, or else you are a liberal Frenchy who will doom the world to communal abyss. The simpleton writing Flynn employs here will certainly appeal to the talk radio set. But the plot reminds me of something a overzealous junior ROTC kid would put togetehr. If the Founding Fathers were truly stupid enough to leave our government vulnerable to right wing nut jobs like the O'Rouke's, we'd have found it out a long time ago.

    Good book club material for the lower reading group. Garbage beyond....more info
  • Kind of Creepy
    This was a bad book and kind of creepy. It features a group of ex-commando assassins who decide it's okay to knock off members of Congress because they believe them to be 'corrupt.' And the author clearly sympathizes with this notion, with every supposedly sympathetic character in the novel, including the heroic freshman congressman, concluding that the three elected representatives deserved to die. Nobody ever questions the morality of a small group of assassins trumping choices of the electorate, let alone of outright murder. The characters are cartoonish and shallow. Congress cannot balance the budget because its members are loathsome and corrupt, not because spending issues are complex. Also, Flynn's research is faulty. The agency he holds up as an example of an unecessary government program, the Rural Electrification Administration, had been dismantled three years before the novel was published because, lo and behold, Congress had determined that it was an unecessary government program. ...more info
  • Political Scandal
    When reading this book, you need to throw reality out the door to some extent, but it is still a highly entertaining read. Three high ranking politicians are assassinated for various reasons, and congressman Michael O'Rourke finds himself in the middle of the mess. It all goes back to an operation that was blown years back thanks to a politician who couldn't keep his mouth shut.

    Most Vince Flynn fans are very familiar with Mitch Rapp, who does not appear in this book. However, there are a lot of characters here who make appearances in his other novels. Not required reading if you want to read about Mitch, but still worth the time just the same....more info
  • Wow, My first Flynn novel and certainly not my last....
    Now I know what all the fuss is about, friends have told me to read Vince Flynn and Now I have. I just bought the next 2 in the series.......more info
  • A page turner
    Friends recommended Vinc Flynn to me. This is the first book I have read by him and it was very well done. I love suspense and this book has it. I didn't find it "predictable". I also found that his story is timely in many ways for our society....more info
  • Handbook for change
    If there were ever a work of fiction that deserved to be used as a handbook for political change, this is it. Vince Flynn has devised an emminently doable scenario for overthrowing the current occupation force in Washington and returning this country to its roots without all-out war. This book should be in the training portfolio of every Special Forces candidate....more info
  • Another outstanding Flynn book!
    I believe this is the first of the Flynn books and you can tell that right from the get go he charged right to the top of many people's favorite author list! He certainly did make it to mine. I'm reading all his books in order now, having bought half of them, my son the other half so we can share....more info
  • Don't want it to end.
    If you want a real page turner, that you can't put down this is it. My only regret is that it ended. Can't wait for the next Vince Flynn book. He really knows how to keep it moving....more info
  • Close your eyes and enjoy the ride!
    I think some of the previous reviwers with negative opinions are taking this book waaay too seriously. As political thrillers go, this is one of the best of the genre. It's packed with insider information, from power-mad politicians and the amoral king-makers who advise them, to nerves-of-steel assassins avoiding the meticulous pursuit of the FBI. Granted the premise is implausible: a group of former SEALS assassinate a group of congressmen and senators who the SEALS believe have sold the country down the river (or, in the Southern vernacular, because "they needed killin'"). While one can argue whether the SEALS have the high moral ground in this setting, it doesn't detract from the page-turning non-stop action. Like a thrill ride at Disneyland, this book should not be examined too critically. Just get in, hold on, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride!...more info
  • Blood-Soaked Fantasies
    I'll start with the positive: The main character is a classic hero in every sense of the word - tall, good-looking, smart, humble, etc. The story was engaging and made for a quick read because it was easy to follow, carried the reader along and crafted as to have no wasted words. In short, it was a competent work of fiction.

    That's where my praise ends, because this is the type of work that contributes to our national problems by feeding false stereotypes and radical agendas. Sure, it's a work of fiction, no one is going to take it seriously, yada yada yada. But that's not true, is it? So many people in this country believe that this the plot of this book is plausible and even to be encouraged - - just look at the reviews to find the believers.

    Alright, here are my problems with it:

    First, politicians are corrupt and will sell-out anyone to maintain power, but that's not true if you're a conservative farm-boy elected despite your honesty from a midwestern state. In Term Limits, Vince Flynn just beats you over the head with the "power corrupts" mantra - he doesn't show it in the actions so much as just repeats it like the chorus of a bad rap song, yet from the lips of the Marine Combat Veteran Congressman who is our protagonist. You know what, though? There are people in politics on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE who really want to do what's right, who really are trying to make a difference for the positive, for this nation and the citizens. In this book, however, the public is a tool to be used and treated as if they aren't smart enough to make good decisions.

    Second, murder is a viable answer. This repeats another mantra that conservatives repeat often - that they do the hard fighting and living to protect this nation and its freedoms so that the liberals can live in their fantasy-land. Come on, get real. This book touts a Special Forces Unit as being so committed to the Constitution that they are willing to murder high-level politicians and threaten the president with assassination if he doesn't balance the budget. And, they get away with it because it's really the right side to be on. Murdering our leaders is the answer according to Vince Flynn. Murder solves the obvious weakness that we have as a nation, that being elections. Elections apparently just get in the way.

    Third, the balanced budget. For years and years - until the time this book was written - conservatives cried about the budget. The book makes it the central theme. Balance the budget and make us fiscally responsible. It's important enough for a military coup supported by the protagonist of this novel. A Coup!!! Yet, when the conservatives did take power, despite Vince Flynn's prescient forecasting ability, they ran the deficit into uncharted territory and didn't flinch. Even when confronted by this atrocity of fiscal irresponsibility, they claim that NOW!!!!! the deficit isn't a big deal, that it's really just a function of the percentage of GDP and we ought to all forget about it. This book starkly reveals the disconnect between conservative priorities of the 90's and the realized result nearly two presidential terms later. It's like looking back in time to a parade of nit-wits.

    Fourth, the good guys don't do bad things. The Special Ops team kills only who they want and never any innocents - just the politicians. The bad guys leave a wake of messy slaughter and civilians whenever they use murder as a tool. Flynn spends way too much time making this point and beating the reader over the head with it . . . killing is good when only your target dies . . . but whatever happened to that oh so famous, though shalt not?

    - CV Rick...more info
  • MUST READ!!!
    Vince Flynn's first book is goes absolutely to the heart of most conservative Americans! It is a MUST READ, one of the best books I've ever read and enjoyed. I have read it three times already.
    It continues to amaze me how Vince Flynn had the vision and his finger on the pulse of radical Islam BEFORE 9/11. Just amazing....more info
  • A great read, hard to put down
    I bought this book while on vacation. I don't normally get to read books because I have enormous amounts of professional journals and magazines to keep up with. But I was interested in the "teasers" and wasn't disappointed when I began to read. The plot and characters may be somewhat out there to many. But I've known people on the fringes of these communities and the characters in them and Flynn does a great job of describing their worldview. Hopefully we won't get to where we accept assassination as a way to deal with political gridlock, but Flynn knows the buttons to push to get us thinking about the questions arising in our declining republic. I think this book is a great read for fun and for thinking about our country. ...more info
  • The worst book I've ever read
    Term Limits is so bad, it should become a pop culture icon ala Rocky Horror Picture Show; fans should be made to wear strange clothing and recite the worst passages to music at midnight. It's so bad that by the end, the act of reading has become blatant rubber-necking - ooh, wow, did you see that? Ugh!

    The writing is amateurish at best. The author's favorite action verb is 'grab' and he uses it repeatedly in scenes ranging from the mundane (the grabbing of keys and doorknobs) to the romantic (the grabbing of hands and other body parts). Similes and metaphors are conspicuously absent, but there are plenty of adverbs and adverbial phrases to fill the gap.

    The author switches back and forth between referring to his characters by their first and their last names; sometimes he uses one and then - in the very next sentence! - the other. "Michael grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. O'Rourke saw the tears in her eyes and tried to put his arms around her..."

    He makes many grammatical errors, the most irritating of which is the substitution of 'that' for 'who' consistently ["Congressman O'Rourke received this tape earlier today along with a letter from the assassins that were responsible for killing..."]

    The dialogue is stilted and clunky - at the lowest point, he has his assassin ask another character to tell him what has 'transpired' since last they talked. Rather than simply 'saying' things, the characters yell, shout and scream them, resulting in the unfortunate image of the president of the United States waxing shrill and screechy at his chief of staff.

    The plot is neither plausible nor compelling. The protaganists include a bunch of renegade CIA operatives who murder 'bad' politicians, and a Congressman who approves of these actions and even helps to kidnap and murder a 'bad' retired CIA black ops director. The antagonists include the aforementioned black ops director, the head of the national security agency, and the bumbling and ridiculous White House chief of staff. The demand made by the 'good' assassins, following their murder of four prominent politicians, is that the president present a BALANCED BUDGET with NO NEW TAXES to the Congress! Our intrepid hero-Congressman finds this a worthy cause, and when some 'good' politicans (i.e. the sort who push for the balanced budget idea) are murdered, he is inspired to wreak some violence of his own.

    No one, whether they be protagonist or antagonist, seems to possess a moral compass. 'Bad' guys can be murdered indiscriminately and no consequences will be applied; the murder of a 'good' guy may be avenged, again, without consequence. The climax and its aftermath are laughably bad; of course, I can't reveal the ending, but let me just point out that the climax begins with a bunch of CIA operatives sneaking into a house by jumping out of a helicopter hovering overhead. Apparently, this is some kind of silent helicopter, because the people inside the house were unaware of its presence.

    That this book was published at all, much less that it received initial printings large enough to place it on the bestseller list, is emblematic of everything that has gone wrong with publishing. It stands as a slap in the face to every talented writer in the country. ...more info
  • A real thriller
    My first Vince Flynn... and I wasted no time following it up by reading his "Memorial Day" and "Transfer of Power." I like his style. He maintains momentum. Yes, he's not the most eloquent writer, but that's not the focus of his work. I believe he's more concerned with plot movement, and I find his books simply fun. He keeps everything clipping right along. Are all the plot twists plausible? Who would ever know, except CIA, FBI and Secret Service insiders -- and I certainly am not one. I suspect that not all the events are plausible -- particularly the scene toward the end of "Term Limits" wherein the former Navy SEAL fellow commits murder right under their noses. But it's still a fun, page-turnin' read....more info
  • grabs your interest!
    Although this book was written in 1997, it seems current. Makes you think of the present administration! Well written, keeps you reading and comparing the characters with the present cabinet. The story is believable and leaves us with not wanting to put the book down. Other reviewers give you the picture so I won't go into that. Mr. Flynn is fast becoming one of my favorites! I wish I had discovered him years ago....more info
  • Term Limits
    This was a "nail biter" for me!! Great reading and a fast read, despite the 500 pages. I just found another favorite author to read....more info
  • Top Notch
    Great Book, Vince Flynn is the king of the political thriller, then in his other books once Mitch Rapp is introduced, all great

    Great Great reads, I highly recommend them, I have read all nine of his books...more info
    This book was given to my by a friend,along with several other books by this author. And i have to say that i was blown away! This has to be one of the most intense books i have ever read. And if someone doesn't pick up the movie rights to this book, I may have to take up a collection and do it myself....more info
  • 5 star thriller...
    As Flynn's debut novel, this is an absolutely solid piece of modern day fiction. The story is able to capture the reader from the first page. its almost impossible to put this book down once you start reading it. It gives a good insight into the dirty inner workings of politics and corruption. Easy to read and has great character development. This is only my first Flynn novel however i am sure that i will be back for more... great work Vince Flynn....more info
  • Like all other Vince Flynn's: a great read
    As a fan of Vince Flynn this was the last of his current titles that I hadn't read yet. Nobody that likes his other titles should be dissapointed in this one. The concept of the book makes, especially in todays economy, easilly grabs your attention....more info
  • A story with a sickening political message
    Term Limits has a sickening political message. The novel is based on the assassinations of members of Congress and other political figures. The characters are silly; the protagonists are kept weak throughout the novel (if not comical) and the antagonists develop split-personalities - some becoming heroes and others villains. Bizarre justifications are given for assassinating the politicians and the attempt to capture the killers is half-hearted. The book will appeal to rightwing extremists - with "extremists" being the key word. For the rest of us looking for a good book, I would strongly suggest bypassing this one....more info
  • I've enjoyed Flynn before, but couldn't finish this book
    I've read two of Vince Flynn's thrillers (Transfer of Power and Third Option) and found them both mildly enjoyable. I started Term Limits and soon realized this was the first book he'd written. I was excited to find out about the origination of some of the reoccurring characters such as Congressman Michael O'Roarke and CIA operative Irene Kennedy.

    This book still has the cluncky point of view problems that existed in the Third Option and Flynn's writing style in general is bland, but I the plot started off with a bang. Three well-known politicians were murdered by expertly trained assassins. Their demands are simple. The congress must not pass the president's bloated budged and must instead do what the American people want and enact needed spending cuts. Now, this sounds like an agenda I could agree with, but I certainly don't believe in killing congressmen to get it done.

    Imagine my surprise when, early in the book, freshman Congressman Michael O'Roarke (a character in future books) agrees with the killings and believes they are justified. Imagine my surprise as I continue to read and find out O'Roarke may know who was behind the killings but refuses to go to the FBI with the information.

    I wanted a hero to get behind and its hard to get behind a hero who advocates killing Senators. Flynn wanted this to be a plausible military thriller, but it fails at every corner. The omniscient point of view definitely detracts from the enjoyment. I also kept waiting for O'Roarke to save other Senators from assassination, but page after page O'Roarke stands behind the killings because he believes the killings are just what Congress needs to stop wasting our money.

    Now, I'm a right winger who believes 100% Flynn's message that spending is out of control and must be stopped and that politicians of both parties are more interested in power than helping the country. I found it ludicrous for Flynn to expect me to buy into a hero that, as a congressman, advocates the killing of his co-workers to advance a political agenda.

    After 350 pages, I have had enough. I kept reading, thinking O'Roarke would change. But it is obvious he won't and thanks to other Amazon reviews, I know I've made the right decision. I may read other Flynn novels featuring Mitch Rapp, because the first two I read were good, but his first novel is horrible.
    ...more info