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Separation of Power
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CIA director Thomas Stansfield is dead -- a fact many individuals in and around the nation's capital are pleased to hear. Stansfield's successor is his protege, Dr. Irene Kennedy. Her plan of action is to pursue the goals Stansfield established -- something Stansfield's fiercest enemies don't want to hear. And something they refuse to accept.

Customer Reviews:

  • New to Flynn and now a big fan
    This was my first Vince Flynn book and I loved it. It is a very fast paced and timely political thriller. The characters are very well developed and and pacing of the book is fast. The political and international plot twists could have been taken out of the newspaper yesterday.

    I have not read the first books by Flynn yet, and let me emphasize "yet", but this book was good enough for me to purchase his first 2, to read more into the main character (Mitch Rapp)and be ready for the next when it comes out in 2003.
    A Must Read!...more info

  • Errors jar the reader
    This is an exciting book and the personal relationship issues ring true for anyone with both a demanding job and a demanding lover.

    However, Flynn needs to do a lot more research to avoid the kind of errors that jar the reader out of the plot.

    In addition to those mentioned in other reviews, Flynn suggests that North Korea and/or Iraq could build hydrogen bombs. This is clearly far beyond their capabilities.

    I also doubt that any spymaster would send three of his own agents to kill a fourth without building quite a case as to why the killers won't be next some day. There is no real-world history of a non-communist national espionage organization killing a non-traitor on their own team. Think of the effect when the word leaks out within the organization (and it would). I know that G. Gordon Liddy is reported to have volunteered to be shot to conceal Watergate, but no one seriously considered doing it.

    The serious issue with Flynn's books is the idea that a field operative can decide on his own when to ignore the both the law and direct Presidential orders. At least Oliver North kept the White House in the loop.

    We elect the President and give him very broad authority to protect us. For example, President Lincoln arrested Maryland legislators to prevent them from voting on secession from the Union. No one elected Rapp....more info
  • Flynn is the absolute master of the political thriller
    This if the fourth of Vince Flynn's "Mitch Rapp" political thrillers that I've read. I've read them in no particular order which makes no difference since each Mitch Rapp novel is stands alone, although Flynn provides plenty of refefences to Rapp's earlier adventures.

    Flynn's political thrillers are meticulously researched. He seamlessly weaves fact and fiction creating a solidly plotted story that is entirely believable.

    Flynn is unabashedly patriotic; his stories involve good versus evil. Mitch Rapp is part of the Orion Team an off-the-books operation created by the CIA with the approval of a very few senior members of Congress and the President. The object is to eliminate terrorist threats to the United States without the interference of appeasers who place their own selfish or misguided interests first. Rapp is basically an assassin who isn't overly troubled by laws and rules.

    Flynn provides an assortment of bad guys. Some are terrorists who think nothing of murdering innocent people and in fact want to kill many more. Others are politicians who are either oblivious to the nature of terrorism or believe they can sing "Kumbaya" and make the world a better place. One of my favorite Flynn devices is that he sets up a centrist Democrat, Robert Hayes, as President and surrounds him with a cabal of incompetent, selfish, greedy Democrats who put themselves first and couldn't care less about their nation.

    In "Separation of Power," Rapp is on a mission to take out a troublesome German. One of his CIA provided assistants tries to kill Rapp at the scene. Bad move. Rapp, having dispatched the husband and wife team that tried to murder him, attempts to backtrack the trail of the murderers. A former CIA operative turned college professor who might provide information is murdered moments before Rapp enter's the professor's office. Rapp recognizes the woman leaving the professor's office: it is a former Mossad operative and a one-time lover. This will complicate Rapp's life in short order.

    If it's not one thing, it's another. And is this the "another" is the news delivered to President Hayes that Saddam is just about to take delivery of three nuclear weapons. Needless to say Rapp becomes a necessary part of a daring plan to neutralize this threat. (The novel was published in 2001.)

    Rapp takes his beloved to Italy where he plans to propose to her --- right after he meets with the former Mossad agent and lover to pry from her the information about who wants him dead. Oh my! Turns out the ex-lover, Donatella, is also marked for death. Good thing Rapp is there.

    Rescuing Donatella and bringing her back to the hotel suite he is sharing with his fiancee, Anna, however, turns out not to be the wisest decision Rapp has ever made. A spat ensues and perhaps the end of love.

    Rapp has to contemplate this while he is saving the world from Saddam's nuclear threat . . .

    Flynn is a marvel. As noted, his plots are tighter and more involved than the Gordian Knot. His characters live and breathe. "Separation of Power" has two particularly venal and crass politicians, one a Representative and the other a Senator who care only about themselves and present major problems.

    If you love political thrillers, you will love Vince Flynn and his creation, Mitch Rapp. As I said, this is my fourth and the others will soon follow --- and then I will be begging Mr. Flynn for more.

    Jerry...more info
  • A Page Turner at its Best
    Flynn with this novel puts himself in the class of great mystery/espionage/thriller writers. This story takes up where the last one ended. Irene is getting what she may or may not want with the death of her mentor she is now going to be at the helm. But, just was you suspect from the last 2 books the Senator and Representative are not going to let that happen if they can. But, the Senator has a lot more in store, including how to play the Representative.

    Also, Mitch is back and just as deadly.

    A great page turner that you don't want to miss. Especially if you have read the first two books....more info

  • Not A Bad "Rapp"
    Super-agent Mitch Rapp is back in "Separation of Power" and once again trying to save the world from those nasty evil doers. I read an earlier Rapp novel ("Transfer of Power") but did not do my research and realized shortly after I had started that "The Third Option" fell between these two "Power" books. So while I was at a bit of a loss at times, "Separation" gives you enough information to fill in some of gaps since Rapp re-claimed the White House from a gang of terrorists at the end of "Transfer."

    In "Separation," Vince Flynn creates another work that is strikingly close to today's "real world" events. Rapp's latest mission, among other things, to uncover and destroy Saddam Hussein's (with help from the North Koreans no less!) secret cache of nuclear weapons. Throw in the setting of Washington DC where backstabbing, blackmail, and murder all seem part of a normal day and you have a highly readable, entertaining, and, at times, very relevant piece of fiction.

    My one quibble is Rapp's love life as his relationship with Anna Reilly continues to be a weak point for me in this series. With Rapp being more James Bond than a Clancy Jack Ryan-type, it is hard to fathom him all googly-eyed in love and considering marriage. While the pair's "damsel in distress" meeting in "Transfer" held some appeal, there is simply not much to even like about Anna this time around, much of it caused by her own stubbornness and inability to understand/accept Rapp's "job." Reilly was an unnecessary third wheel in this novel, with two other female characters -- CIA director-elect Irene Kennedy and fellow spy (and Rapp's ex-lover to boot) Donatella Rahn - being far more engaging.

    I will definitely be reading more Flynn is the future - hopefully he will just shelf the romance and stick with the action....more info

  • Very entertaining
    The continuation of the previous attempt on Rapp's life was very well done. As with Flynns' other works it is a fast read. Overall enjoyable....more info
  • Read Third Option FIrst, then get your happy ending here
    After reading the filler and the back-story in The Third Option, it was time for Flynn to deliver, and he did just that. The pace picks up in this book. This book adds more character development to Rapp and it does it in full, fast-paced form. Rahn's character is dynamic enough to bring home the point that these assassins have what they do for a living, and that is about it. I am glad Flynn decided not to expound greatly on the interactions between her and Rapp, there was just enough to bring her into the story. The book starts off fast with Mitch on an operation in Germany...when things go wrong, Mitch goes looking for the reasons. Assassins are all over the place in this one, and multiple government agencies are involved in an intricate plot. Pull in Saddham Hussein, and you have one heck of a story. The behind the scenes politician babble that Flynn provides is top notch. It makes you start to look at your Senators and Representatives in different ways. Try figuring out who might be like the characters in this novel. I really liked this one, but reading the Third Option first is a must....more info
  • If Vince Told Us Once, He Told Us A Thousand Times
    Vince Flynn's massive popularity is completely justified. He's crafted some explosive and unapologetically red-white-and-blue coated patriotic nail-biting adventure stories. Recurring main character Mitch Rapp is one compelling dude - equal parts skilled tactician and modern warrior. "Separation of Power" has those elements, but takes time to build up steam. A LOT of time.

    The basic storyline is as follows (don't worry, no spoilers):
    1) Rapp continues the hunt to find those responsible for an attempt on his life;
    2) An Iraqi nuclear program plot is fed to the CIA by Israeli intelligence and must be dealt with;
    3) Rapp's in love and feeling much angst about his relationship problems.

    To coin a phrase from Sesame Street: Which one is not like the others? Is the fact that a skilled assassin has diffictulty seeing eye-to-eye with a female TV reporter necessarily a problem? It didn't have to be, but Flynn examined Rapp's relationship with Anna Rielly by running through the same dysfunctional issues (they come from different worlds, they have different views, Mitch can't tell Anna absolutely everything about what he does, blah-blah-blah) on every plane ride, limo ride, walk through the park, and hot bubble bath in the book. And then Flynn looks at it from Anna's point of view. Flynn washes, rinses, and repeats. And repeats... Though relationship issues for government hired guns may be completely realistic, one ponderous self-examination would have been enough to drive the characters. And in all honesty, the intraspection sessions aren't very enlightening or interesting. There are other authors who do it much better, and that's probably not why you read Flynn's novels in the first place.

    One reads Flynn's novels for the politics and the action. Whereas "Transfer of Power" skillfully balanced the behind-the-scenes politicing and decision making with the butt-kicking, this novel's bulk is devoted to back-door dealing in Washington DC. Again, the details seem to be repeated ad nauseum and could have been contracted neatly without almost chapterly recaps that retell the story from the various viewpoints of everyone involved.

    After the 18th review of the Mitch/Anna relationship saga and the 27th version of the plot against Irene Kennedy, I found myself skipping pages looking for more "meat" and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss much. The exciting payoff doesn't begin until the last 20-30% of the book. It's a wonder so many stuck around for so long.

    In short, Vince Flynn's done better work on both sides of this series. Here's my recommendation: Take a gander at my brief plot outline then skip to about page 300. You'll save time and still have all the fun "Separation of Power" has to offer....more info
  • shallow characters and dialogue
    I expected a little more depth of character and story development, but Flynn just rushes this book along, forcing an unrealistic plot down our throats. This is a world where the president looks at the window of the oval office in indecision and despondency at distressing world events; and does cliched things like end a meeting, then say something that sounds morbid or fatalistic just before his aides leave the room. A world in which the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff launches into a tirade about a doomsday scenario that would bring the earth to a standstill, and when career politicians whine and are easily manipulated by their politico-peers. And we're supposed to believe that the main character, who takes every last precaution deadly seriously, brings the woman he wants to marry with him on a potentially deadly mission, and assumes wrongly he's going to be able to confront a known assassin who double-crossed him in the past and she'll tell him just because he asked nicely. And that's only halfway through the book!...more info
  • Enjoyed it so much I bought the rest of the series
    I love finding an author who has written numerous books before I discover them. The reason is if you like the author you dont have to wait a year for the next book!!!! I enjoyed Seperation of Power so much that I bought the rest of the series.

    This book does a good job of setting the table for Rapps relationship with Anna as well as Kenndy taking over the CIA. I felt there was just enough time spent on character development to help in understanding why decisons were made the way they were. I liked the book because although it moved and just the right pace and had several plot lines. In honesty there are no changes I would like to have seen made. Without telling you the plot this is a well written book and fans of espinoage will most definitly enjoy. I hope Mr. Flynn keeps cranking out the series for the years to come. ...more info
  • Good political thriller
    Vince Flynn's latest novel revisits old characters and wraps up loose plot lines from previous books. In particular, his previous novel, The Third Option, concluded with major issues unresolved; now, in this book, Senator Hank Clark, a methodical behind-the-scenes sort of villain is up to additional mechanations to satisfy his desire for the Presidency.

    On the side of the good guys are Irene Kennedy, the President's nominee for the directorship of the CIA and assassin/super-soldier Mitch Rapp. They are out to find out who were the conspirators from the Third Option and at the same time counteract a nuclear threat from Iraq. Add to this complications in Rapp's love life and there is a lot going on.

    Flynn writes a generally good suspenseful novel, but there are imperfections, especially with pacing. It takes a while for any real action to occur, and then the concluding acts just zip on by; the book needs a faster start and a slower finish. Nonetheless, this should satisfy Flynn's fans and spy novel fans in general....more info

  • A political thriller with an ending unlike any other!
    This book is a must read, especially for fans of Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum. Couple it with "The Third Option" and you won't be able to put it down. I read both books in four days, they were so gripping. If you have read "The Third Option" and were a bit disappointed by the ending, then you MUST READ this book....more info
  • Another Winner For Vince Flynn!
    This is another good book from Vince Flynn.The CIA Director
    Thomas Stanfield has died.Dr. Irene Kennedy has been nominated to be his replacement by President Hayes.Senator Hank Clark and other forces set out to sink her nomination.In the meantime Israel tell the United States that Saddam Hussein is close to
    building an atomic weapon.Mitch Rapp is called upon to destroy
    Iraq's plan.Once again you have a book full of nonstop action.
    There are many unusual twists and turns in this exciting book.
    The end of the book is a show stopper.Buy this book and read it.
    You will not be dissapointed....more info
  • This book kicks some hella-ass.
    This was my first Flynn book and I was completely blown away. Mitch Rapp is the is the Ray Lewis of terrorist asskickers. He reminds me of Jack in "24". Flynn doesn't leave the reader pissed off at the end. The bad dudes get what's coming to them everytime and in the most satisfying of fashion. Awesome from start to finish.

    If you like political thrillers or spy novels READ THIS BOOK!!!

    If you don't like good books such as political thrillers and spy novels then go take your smelly, hairy, hippy ass and go sit on a stump and read The Five People You Meet in Heaven and take a grilled cheese with ya (and maybe some yogurt with granola). I hear PETA is hiring, maybe you can get a dang job!

    Mitch Rapp eats hippies for breakfast and poops them out at lunch.

    Peace out.
    ...more info
  • Great ideas for changing the government
    This book holds you until the last paragraph of the last page. You have Mitch Rapp at his best. It does get a little romantic in spots with concern about his girlfriend but not enough to concern Babara Cartland readers. This is my third Flynn book and they were all good. ...more info
  • Is this the end for Mitch?
    I had been waiting for this sequel and didn't realize that it had been out for a while. I purchased it during my busiest month (May) and couldn't start it until Memorial Day weekend. Mr. Flynn did it again. The story begins only two weeks after his last story, The Third Option, ended. I really had to think back on all the events of that book, which I absolutely loved. This book COULD stand on its own...however, you'll enjoy it much more if you read Mr. Flynn's other books first. Mitch Rapp is back and better than ever. I love Dr. Kennedy. The President and Anna Reilly came out looking a bit weaker than the prequels. In fact, I didn't even like Anna in this story. She didn't resemble the cool reporter Mitch saved at the WH. But I loved Donatella, and I hope she'll be back. It was good to see Scott, the Navy SEAL, back in the story. The problem with the ending is that some of the loose ends have been tied up and I'm not sure where Mr. Flynn will go from here. I hope Mitch and Donatella can work together. I hope Scott is involved. How long can President Hays stay in office? Oh, I can't wait for the next one!!...more info
  • superb.
    This was, by far, the best of his books. I enjoyed the others, but this one was excellent.

    The characters were perfectly defined. It was easy to like the good guys and to pick out the bad guys. They were well developed both in thought and in action.

    It was interesting to read the subplots that were in this book as well. The romance was just the right touch, not too much to make this book a romance, but enough to keep a little bit of human touch to the story.

    Although this book can stand alone, it works well if you read the others that come prior to this novel.

    Enjoy....more info

  • A culmination of all that is Mitch Rapp.
    The book was fantastic. It provided a deep plot line that was concluded in a very tasteful way. The "who done it" aspect of the book combined with the non-stop action provided a novel that was impossible to put down. It also broke down the character of Mitch Rapp more so then the previous novels. It really gave you incite into who Mitch Rapp really is and how complex he is.

    The only downside to the book, which in my opinion is a plus, is that it must be indulged following the completion of the previous book, The Third Option. Separation of Power picks up were the Third Option leaves off, creating high intensity series that takes you for politically charged, action packed roller coaster ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. If you do not read the Third Option prior to Separation of Power, you lose a lot of the back story, along with, in my opinion, the entire experience. It would be like ready the Return of the King, by J.R. Tolkein and not reading the two proceeding books. It just does not make sense.
    ...more info
    This is definitely a must read. Flynn leaves you wanting more and hoping that there are a few real life Mitch Rapps out there protecting our country....more info
  • food for thought
    vince flynn knows to much about political corruption and the good old boys. sure makes a person think about the happenings in our nations capitol. it's so close to the truth that it's scary!...more info
  • one great book in a series of great books
    the book was part of a series that kept me up reading most evenings past a prudent bed time. It was that good. I only hope the author keeps it up....more info
  • New and Improved Flynn
    I was less than entusiastic to begin this book after my only other Flynn experience, Term Limits. I found so many unrealistic and contrived plot gaps and rationalizations in that, plus considerable superflous dialogue, I expected this book to be more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised to find how Flynn has grown as a writer, proving the old adage that experience is the best teacher and to become a good writer, one must write, write, write!
    This story showed inspired touches of imagination and decent research. The plot concept was also interesting and had some unexpected twists to retain reader interest. Flynn certainly is an aficianado of Washington politics and the ins and outs of that peculiar macrocosm of world society, however having been friends and making many acquaintances with senators, congressmen as well as White House Cabinet members, I can't quite accept that there are so many of our elected officials who practice such nefarious perfidy, but one must accept a certain lassiez faire when dealing with the creative process involved in writing fiction for entertainment.
    My only serious criticism, other than some of Flynn's characters being rather two-dimensional, is his tendency to over-describe mundane settings which most readers care little about. The novel is not a travelogue nor a topographical or architectural publication, but rather an action-adventure novel with the emphasis on ACTION. The early stages of the book were, in my opinion, short on that aspect, long on trivial dialogue and description. If the book had been edited down to it's essence, I feel it would have been more enjoyable, but otherwise it was a good read for fans of this genre.
    Older established authors such as Deighton, Greene, MacInnes, MacClean, Hamilton, etc, had the knack to write literate yet exciting adventure novels, but surprisingly, there are few newer authors today who can write in this particular genre very well. Some write one or two good books then seem to stumble and thrash around. Flynn seems to be becoming more sure-footed with each novel and is catching up quickly with some of my favorites, Tom Clancy(early work)John Grisham, Vince Patrick, Robin Cook, Mark Bowden, Phillip Carpenter, Dale Brown, etc. Flynn can truthfully claim to have, with this book, joined those ranks.
    -Barker Reviews...more info
  • Just better and better
    I read Vince Flynn's "Term Limits" a good while ago, and thought it was okay. I was reticent to try another of his books for fear that I might get the same formula. I was right, but wrong at the same time.

    While Flynn's books are a bit formulaic, he seems to find ways to make the formula more potent with each passing novel. "Separation of Power" is much like it's predecessors in the Mitch Rapp series, only that you get more of it!

    Mitch Rapp, a CIA counterterrorism expert, wants to get out and live a more normal life with the woman he has come to love. However, in order to do that, he feels he needs to settle an old score, and find out who tried to kill him in the previous book "The Third Option."

    What follows is deception, corruption and (of course) Mitch Rapp doing what he does best, espionage. I find Flynn's character writing to be outstanding. His description of the events going on are colorful. The flow of his novels are climactic. All in all, a wonderful read!

    ...more info
  • Subtle abuses
    I just finished this book "seperation of power". I was unhappy with the previous endeavor because I was troubled by the character of Senator Hank Clark. I was glad that he received his comeuppance in this newest work.
    I have read many books and I am troubled by the notion that Politicians can be so very sinister and conniving. I consider myself to be a logical thinker,and a strategist. It is difficult to recognize that such devious Humans in our 3rd Millenium western culture can rise to such positions.
    I happen to like Chess and strategy games. This stuff of evil politicians spooks me (no pun intended).The notion that people can act so selfish and with such callousness is frightening.
    Some of my favorite books include "Shogun" and "The Eight" Also about strategists,corruption, and abuses of power. If you enjoyed Seperation of power, you will I am certain like these books as well....more info
  • What a book
    Vince Flynn has become a master of the spy thriller. His books have definately improved over the years. Flynn came through big time on this one. I could not put the book down from the time that I opened it. This one had me on the edge of my seat. Dr. Irene Kennedy has recently taken over as CIA Director. She has become the target of corrupt politicians who plan on ruining her by uncovering her secret intelligence group, the Orion Team. Top counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp has been called on once again to resolve a rising in the middle east. He has less than 2 weeks to take out the threat and save the world from World War 3. He also has a few personal matters of his own that he needs to solve. All these factors come together to create a story that any espionage thriller reader will love....more info
  • Entertaining and exciting read
    I enjoyed this book very much. Like other Flynn books, it combines a healthy dose of Mitch Rapp's espionage exploits together with some polical games by the guys on the Hill. I certainly enjoyed this book a lot more than Memorial Day, which was simply over the top. The story is interesting and exciting, and takes us to some interesting places, although I felt that the descriptions of some of these places were either thin or shallow. Milan in particular. Given the Bush/Blair government's very successful propoganda campaign, Flynn can be forgiven for putting Saddam Hussein and his non-existant weapons of mass destruction at the centre of the story. And I particulary liked the handling of the US-Israel relations. It is probably right on the mark! I respectfully disagree with one other reviewer here who states that Flynn's books are well-researched. There are multiple errors in this book that simply should not be there. There is no BIA airport in the United States, BIA is Bastia Poretta airport in France. One assumes that Flynn means BWI? Similarly, American Airlines doesn't fly Boeing 747 aircraft. It hasn't done so for 20 years. And, even when it did, it never flew to Milan-Malpensa. After reading this string of errors, I really have to doubt how well Flynn does indeed research his books. That fact notwithstanding, I enjoyed the story a great deal, and can heartily recommend it to anybody who enjoys action-packed espionage....more info
  • Timely, but some disturbing errors of fact ... sloppy
    Yes, it's a nice action-thriller, but the darn errors will disturb readers with knowledge of military ops, arms, and technology.

    Some examples: Anyone who has ever read "Dr. No" (or seen the "A View to a Kill" movie) knows that the Walther PPK is 7.65 mm. Mr. Flynn has the weapon chambering a .22 AND firing through a silencer. Plop poof, Mr. Flynn.

    Aw, come on.. The US CENTRAL Command (Tampa) is responsible for operations in Iraq. Yes, the US Southern Command is also in Florida (Miami), but it worries about South and Central America, not Iraq as Mr. Flynn portrays.

    F-111s dropping bombs today, Mr. Flynn? No sir. No bomb-dropping F-111s available!

    This book would have benefited from a quick read by someone who
    had some military experience....more info