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The Lions of Lucerne
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In this incredibly fast-paced thriller, a conspiracy hatched close to the Oval Office results in the kidnapping of the president and the slaughter of a company of Secret Service agents commanded by ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath. The story careers from the ski slopes of Utah to the top of Switzerland's Mount Pilatus and sets Scot on an impossible mission: recover the president, evade renegade Swiss spy Gerhard Miner and his cadre of trained agents, and elude the American conspirators who are hot on his trail. Framed for murder, his reputation in tatters, his former colleagues turned against him, Harvath finds an unlikely ally in a beautiful Swiss prosecutor who's been checkmated by Miner once too often. Together they play a high-stakes game of mixed "doubles" to save the president and uncover the conspiracy. Brad Thor's debut novel is a tightly wound spy tale that makes up in excitement what it lacks in subtlety and character development. Ludlum fans will love it. --Jane Adams

In a daring and chilling debut, Brad Thor draws us into a sinister labyrinth of political intrigue and international terrorism, serving up an explosive cocktail of unrelenting action -- and a shattering climax -- as one man is pushed to the edge. On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the unthinkable has just become a nightmarish reality: thirty Secret Service agents have been viciously executed and the vacationing president of the United States is kidnapped by one of the most lethal terrorist organizations in the Middle East -- the dreaded Fatah. But one man, surviving agent and ex--Navy SEAL Scot Harvath, doesn't believe the Fatah is responsible for the attack. Driven by his professional code of duty and honor -- and a solemn vow to avenge his fallen comrades -- Scot creates his own rules to get some answers. But his search for the truth raises the blood pressure of his superiors...and casts his own life in mortal jeopardy. The deadly machinations have been set in motion by a shadowy coalition, comprising some of the highest-ranking officials in government and business -- men who operate above the law, men who realize the threat Scot poses to their hidden who will do anything to stop him. Now framed for murder and on the run, Scot goes for broke and takes his own brand of justice to the unlikeliest place of all -- the towering mountains of Switzerland. It is there that he finds an improbable ally in the beautiful Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office. Together they must brave the subzero temperatures and sheer heights of treacherous Mount Pilatus -- and enter the den of the most notorious team of professional killers the world has ever known.

Customer Reviews:

  • made me read another
    this was a good book, it made me purchase a second book and read more. ...more info
  • Can't Wait For Next Book
    "The Lions of Lucerne" is a good, old-fashioned thriller that keeps you turning the pages to find out what's next. Lots of good twists and turns. Looking forward to Mr. Thor's next novel....more info
  • Lions of Lucerne
    Great story if you're a fan of Mighty Mouse. Nothing of value that I could find, and I'll stick to Vince Flynn....more info
  • Another Hero to follow...
    I actually read the second and third Scot Harvath books first and enjoyed them both. When casting about for my next read (a year or so later), I saw The Lions of Lucerne, and knew I needed to find out where Scot came from.

    I enjoyed this from start to finish and found it hard to put down. While you wonder if any one person could excape death so many times in one book, remember, it's just a book (as in, entertainment)! If Scot was a mere mortal, it wouldn't be as much fun. And, in the end, you are pleased and just a little hopeful that the real life good guys are allowed to do what really needs to be done, like Scot is.

    Non-stop suspence, action, intrigue, and exotic locations, it's all there. The book is not overburdened with romance, either. Not that good ole Scot couldn't hold his own, but there just isn't a need for it in Lions, beyond what is there. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thriller with a larger than life hero who is just trying to do his job....more info
  • A bit predictable, but still good.
    My wife picked this book up for me at the local supermarket when I was jsut about done with the latest Vicne Flynn book. She knows I like books about special forces and terrorists, so away we go.

    First off, I enjoyed the book. I kept going, fairly fast paced. I enjoyed the mentioning of airsoft (I own an airsoft MP5A5).

    It's obvious that Mr. Thor has traveled to the places he described, especially the towns in Switzerland. When I found out that Thor is a travel writer and produces a travel show for PBS it was even more clear. It often seemed like he was giving more descriptions of locations as filler (something Anne Rice does too much with New Orleans).

    The one real trouble I had was a lot of the book was too predictable. I told my wife of the start of a plot point, and she was able to predict, easily, what was going to happen in the next thirty pages.

    Despite this, I'd go get the book and read it. It's a page turner....more info

  • Hooked from the beginning
    I have read other books by Mr Thor and found them intriguing so I decided to get the one that started it all. What a fun read, adventure novel, political thriller, and travel book all rolled into one. His ability to capture the essence of a place is remarkable, I could almost smell the Schnitzel and the chocolate as he took me down the streets of Lucerne. The cold winds on the mountains were biting my cheek as I read the skiing sequences, Though I have to admit it has been a while since I have done a lot of skiing and some of the slang has changed and I had spend a minute or two figuring some of it out. The tactics were plausible and fun to follow. Since this is a novel I could deal with the amount of damage that poor Scot Harvath had to endure, SEALs are some of the toughest people on earth but even they have their limits.
    Now all I have to do is fill in the gaps between this and The First Commandment: A Thriller [1ST COMMANDMENT] [Mass Market Paperback]...more info
  • Can't Put This Book Down
    This is a great book and I couldn't put this book down. You should read this book if you love any book that involves the FBI or the Secret Service....more info
  • Fantastic offering from a new writer!
    Fantastic first book by Brad Thor. This is a thriller in the genre of Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn.

    For a first offering the author sets a great storyline that could have others build off of it. A former NAVY seal who is now on the secret service detail for the president. He not only manages to help save the president's daughter but he also manages to keep from being killed, when many people who you think are working with him pursue him. This story has a lot of wonderful plot twists and turns that keep you guessing as what will happen next.

    I am looking forward to reading his next story (or listening to it as I did this one) in January....more info

  • Mostly entertaining
    Scot Harvath is a member of the secret service's advance team protecting the US President and his daughter on a ski vacation. However, this vacation goes horribly wrong when a group of men ambush the President's protective detail, kidnap the President, and leave hardly any clues behind. Scot, however, with extensive SEAL training, begins to follow the few strands of evidence that are left behind. But when the power players start to plant evidence that points in Scot's direction he realizes that he must act quickly and stay at least two steps ahead of those that are trying to frame him if he wants to clear his name, find the President, but most importantly - stay alive!

    The Lions of Lucerne is the debut novel for Brad Thor. It is well written for the most part and fairly fast-paced. Like many thriller novels there are portions that require you to check reality at the door, but that is part of what makes this genere fun. It is not the best in the business, and could be considered a watered down version of a Vince Flynn novel, but is enjoyable nonetheless. It is relatively predictable and the heros escape a ridiculous amount of well aimed bullets, but you will enjoy it for its mostly page turning fun....more info
  • Great Yarn!
    I just finished this book and found it to be excellent. I read a couple of the other reviews and found them to miss the point. The book is told from the narrow viewpoint of the protagonist over a very brief period of time. I loved the focus of the book and its fast pace. Thumbs up Brad!...more info
  • Increasingly Unbelievable
    The book started off really well, decently detailed, very possible dialogue and a good plot. This goes on till about half the book, even the parts about Scot Harvath trampling on the crime scenes, having 'superhuman' strength so as to overcome his numerous injuries is acceptable. But when he escapes each and every assassination attempt, walks into pre-meditated gunfights poorly armed, lack of detailing as to his preparation which I would have expected to be a must as it's in the genre of factual based thrillers, all this just made it mediocre. If you want to read about a one-man-army but with a more plausible storyline, better detailed plot along the same concept of danger to the US president, read Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn....more info
  • Good read for author's first book
    This book was pretty good. It reminded me a lot of the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn, but not quite as good. Since this is a first novel, I'm sure the others will be better. I will definitely read the next books in the series. ...more info
  • Embarrassed for myself, Brad Thor, and Nelson DeMille.
    Sophomoric writing in general, banal dialogue that seems to go on forever, plot contrivances bordering on the ridiculous and plot holes you could drive a Hum-Vee through, and a lead character, and by association an author, so bigoted and misogynistic that he should only be found at a Trent Lott for President rally, not as the hero of a novel. The authors comments about women and Middle Easterners, disguised as dialogue, are repulsive in the extreme. It is my hope that Mr. Thor will not write another book, but if this tripe has already gone into a paperback printing, he's probably sitting at his word processor right now. Hope it crashes....more info
  • An Exciting Book!
    This book turned out to be very entertaining.In the snow mountains of Utah the President of the United States has been kidnapped and his secret service detail has been slaughtered.Agent Scot Harvath and the President's daughter are the only two survivors.Agent Harvath is framed for murder by the conspirators who have planned this kidnap mission.There are numerous government officials involved in this plot.Agent Harvath follows the trail to the mountains of Sweden where he finds an ally in the person of Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office.The two of them tackle this huge conspiracy. This is a very exciting book that you will enjoy reading....more info
  • Great, great start by Thor, but needs to watch plausibility.
    The twists and surprises in the story are masterful, displaying the tremendous skill of this writer to tell a really interesting story.
    Brad Thor creates a hero that comes through despite impossible odds. Nothing wrong with that. All heroes come through despite impossible odds. Batman always comes through. Mitch Rapp always comes through -- of course. We want our heroes to be bigger than life, that's why we love these books.
    I rate this book four stars because this is a wonderful start to a writing career. I don't rate it five stars because the "how" the hero comes through, many times, lacks credibility. For example, for the plot to work and Scot Harvath becomes framed for murder, it is important he leaves without his gun. Not realisitic at all. This secret agent would never leave without his gun. Never. Remember when Claudia was going to cut the strap of his assault weapon because he was being choked by it as he was hanging over a precipice and despite being near death he shakes his head no because a soldier can't be without his gun? Another no-no committed by Brad Thor: Scot leaves a hair strand in his door to ascertain if anyone has entered. So Brad Thor, in order for Scot to be banged over the head unconscious, makes Scot's tiredness the excuse for going entirely against his training. Scot sees the hair is missing so he second guesses himself and convinces himself that he forgot to put the hair in the door. So he enters and gets whacked on the head. Totally unrealistic. To a professional there are no coincidences. They don't second guess themselves. A real professional would treat the missing hair as always indicating an intruder. And if he forgot to put the hair in the door, so what? Better safe than sorry. Scot Harvath, even tired, seeing the hair missing, would become instantly alert, draw his gun and go from there. And oh brother, when Claudia is surpised by one of the Lions who is aiming his assault rifle at her, not only does she quickly flick the ice pick at the guy, and the pick actually hits the target pick first, but goes through scads of material. What are the odds? Million to one? And the contact killers and the Lions, for that matter, can't even shoot the side of a barn. They are forever missing Scot. He sees the wall chipping or the ice chipping and knows automatically he is being shot at with silenced weapons by expert marksman. They forever miss him. This happens all the way through the book. All this and more are annoying, but the story is so interesting that it is almost forgiven Brad. What is refreshing is that Scot Harvath is a decent guy with values. There are no complimentary steamy scenes in this book that many authors have to insert to save an iffy plot. Vince Flynn is still my favorite hero author, and Mitch Rapp still might be my favorite hero character, that is, if Vince lets him do exploits instead of making him older and stuck with a controlling wife. Robert Parker's Spencer is forever being lectured by his psychologist mother/girlfriend. Half the book is this lecture. What in the world are they doing to our heroes? Ruining them is what. Brad Thor has a promising beginning. Scot Harvath should go through many adventures before he gets sandbagged by psychologist mother/girlfriends or controlling wife....more info
  • A splendid first effort by this new writer...
    "The Lions of Licerne" by new writer Brad Thor is a high-stakes game of consperacy...A finely tuned spy tale that offers the reader page after page of intrigue and suspense.

    The characters are believeable, the action swift, and the plot pulls the reader into the mix of things right from the start and holds them captive throughout the entire read!

    A splendid job by this new writer!

    John Savoy
    C.E.O. & Financial Advisor
    Savoy International
    Motion Pictures Inc....more info

  • Page Turner
    Brad Thor has scored a knockout with his debut - The Lions of Lucerne. I could not put it down. It is, I believe, the strongest debut novel in its genre. If you like Ludlum, Clancy, DeMille, Vince Flynn, et al - you'll speed through Lions and wait anxiously for Thor's second installment....more info
  • I couldn't put it down
    I really enjoyed this book. I think Brad Thor is the new kid on the block to look for in the future. Hopefully we will see more of our new hero Scot Harvath. It was a quick read and if you give it a try I don't think you will be dissapointed....more info
  • Good, but the series gets extremely better!
    The Lions of Lucerne was Brad Thor's first book and it introduced the world to special agent/ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath.

    This is not a bad book, but I really wanted to like it more than I did. The dialogue is a bit week and the story is a bit convoluted; however, it is a great entry point into this amazing series. I am currently halfway through the sequel - Path of the Assassin - and I cannot emphasize enough how much better the sequel is!

    I do not want this review to be too disparaging, but compared to his more recent work - this book falls a bit short of the high bar that Brad Thor has set for himself since. However, being the completist that I am, I would recommend that you find out where and when special agent Scot Harvath got his start by reading this book.
    ...more info
  • Worthy Successor to Ludlum and Clancy
    Thor's debut novel "Lions of Lucerne" is an incredible first effort, and a "must read" for lovers of the thriller genre. The fast pace and strong character development support and compliment an interesting and believable plotline, culminating in one of the best novels I have ever read in this genre. Kudos to Mr. Thor, lets hope he becomes as prolific as his predecessors....more info
  • Save Your Money On This One
    If there was a zero to give for a rating on this book, that's what I would give it. Trite, stupid, ridiculous, uninteresting. Characters are impossible to like. The author should go back to his television show, maybe he does better at that. An author, he isn't. In my opinion....more info
  • Page turner.
    This auther has a great style and puts out a book good to the last period....more info