Panasonic Wireless Network Camera and Pet Cam (BL-C20A)
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Box Contents: Wireless/Wired Network Camera, bracket, power supply, mounting hardware, CD-ROM, software and instructions.

There's a wise saying, "Be safe rather than sorry." The Panasonic BL-C20A Wireless/Wired Network Camera is designed to help you keep watch of anything inside your home using your PC. Use it to view your children or the new baby while you sit in another room. This color surveillance camera allows remote video monitoring of a home or business; Remote home and business surveillance just got a lot more affordable. Wireless installation is playing an ever increasing role in flexible communication, and this Panasonic is compatible with a wireless system based on IEEE 802.11b/g (wired use via Ethernet cable is also available) for viewing on your computer monitor. Receive an e-mail image when the home security camera detects motion -- you'll always know what's going on at home or at your business. The 10X digital zoom and color night viewing makes sure you don't miss a detail. It's easy to install, easy to operate and requires no additional software for viewing on your PC. Indoor use only.

Server Features: Image Buffer--About 250 frames (320 x 240, standard image quality). Image transfer via e-mail (SMTP) or FTP. View snapshots and control them from a compatible cellular phone. Supports up to 12 cameras. IPv4. Multi-Language Interface--English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese.

Camera Features: 1/4 320,000 pixel CMOS image sensor. 10 digital zoom. Viewing Angle--53 horizontal, 41 vertical. Auto exposure Aperture - F2.8. Illumination - 10 - 10,000 lux (normal), 4-10,000 lux (night view). Motion Sensor with Email Alert. Auto & manual White Balance. Network Connection - RJ45 Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-X). System Requirements - Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP; Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Camera Dimensions(WxHxD) - 3-3/8

  • Place anywhere you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required at the location
  • View and control from a standard web browser, video display, or compatible cell phone or PDA
  • Connect wirelessly with standard 802.11b/g devices, SSID filtering and 40/64/128-bit WEP encryption
  • Simple plug-n-play operation
  • Built-in heat sensor allows record and/or notify by email when someone enters the room

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Doggie Cam
    Works as advertised. Easy to set up. Wish it had audio and/or tilt/zoom, but for the price you can't beat it....more info
  • Excellent unit until it fails
    I have 3 of these cameras, bought over the last two years. I also have a similar Axis model. I use the BL-C20A's ftp-on-motion feature and access them from a Mac wirelessly. At first I thought the Axis was superior, as it has better image quality and MPEG support. But it fails intermittently (needs rebooting) and I've never gotten its motion-detect to work with the right sensitivity. So I settled on the Panasonic and got 3. Unfortunately after about a year, each camera has failed completely -- now all 3! They just die with a flickering orange light or no light at all. Hard reset does nothing. I'm sending them back for repair, but given that all of them died I'm not sure they're worth repairing. Still, I know of no better option, so the BL-C20A may still be the best option at this price level....more info
  • not very reliable in connection
    I am actually very disapointed in this item. As somebody already mentioned in their review, it is working well as long as it is connected, but unfortunately the connection is really not very reliable. I can not view it most of time when I am away. I am not recommending this item. i think b131A is better....more info
  • Finally Set Up (Maybe) After Three Days and Many Calls to Tech Support
    It took forever to set this up. The instructions were not detailed. Any time that we were stuck setting it up, we had to call panasonic, linksys (router), and our ISP. We had to bridge our modem, change ports countless times, and do many other things I had never heard of. Also, trying to view the camera on our smartphones (Blackberry Curve and Pearl)was a challenge which involved calls to Blackberry, our cell phone service, panasonic, and ISP. It does finally work and the picture quality is good for the price. If you have time to spare and knowledge of computers, this is a good purchase.

    P.S. to view the camera from your phone, type "/mobile" or "/mobilex" at the end of ""...more info
  • Performs as Promised
    This wireless camera has allowed me watch my backyard and dog over the web, exactly as promised. I had to call Panasonic twice to get the device working properly. I should note, however, that my technical issues were network related and would be the same for any camera of this type. What may not be the same for other cameras is Panasonic's excellent customer service reps. My only complaint is that their customer service keeps normal east coast business hours (pulse limited hours on Saturday), which made them hard to reach from California. ...more info
  • Wonderful once you get past the setup
    I bought this camera so I could monitor my cat's eating. The setup was not easy for me--I am fairly tech savvy but the documentation is very poor. After two hours of trial and error I was able to get the wireless to function and the camera to send me e-mails. However I had to call Panasonic tech support to set up the remote viewing. Apparently my router (a Westell customized for Verizon) did not support the necessary protocol so I had to update some settings. Tech support was great--and you get to talk to someone in the U.S. They had me set up in about 15 minutes.

    The camera functions as promised. Whenever my cats set off the motion detector I get an e-mail sent to me. I can also go to a web browser periodically and see what they are up to. I would buy this again....more info
  • Does not last. The unit died a little bit more then one year of usage
    bought in 2007 Sept, died 2009 Jan.
    It started to turn itself off a couple month back, and went completely dead today. I saw a few similar review. So, buyers beware....more info
  • Good WebCam for the Price
    I have 3 of these webcams in my home. 2 for monitoring my pets and 1 to monitor my basement as I have water problems. I have a wireless network connection via my Laptop. I use the LinkSys Wireless Router.

    These work very well. I can check in during the day while I'm at work. I can also check in via my CellPhone (Palm Centro) if I am out of town. I was suprised as to how well you can view the image via a cell phone.

    The only problem I have had, was that the cameras would often be "offline". I learned that if I put them all on a timer so they all get a break, then they work just fine. Since you cannot see anything after dark, I just turn mine off with a timer during the night.

    I plan to get 1 more of these in the near future to monitor my pellet stove....more info
  • very poor
    This camera has extremely poor wireless functionality. There are not enough choices in the wireless security configuration to work with good, secure wireless routers. Wired works fine but I think most people buy it for the wireless. Wireless freezes often and is unreliable. ...more info
  • A cool little device...
    This is a neat little device. I have a bunch of them. They are small enough that you can tuck them inside stuff, cheap enough that you can use a bunch of them, and the picture quality is adequate if you put them in the right places. Don't use them for your wedding snaps, though...

    They can send periodic pictures by email, take bracketing pictures (say 5 pictures before the trigger, and 5 after, a second apart,) and they can store the snaps internally, email them, or ftp them to a server somewhere. They can send to 3 different email addresses, and they have 5 triggering conditions including time of day and motion detection, each of which can do different stuff with the pictures. The JPEGs are about 27k at 640x480, so they won't kill your email. This one uses 4 watts, so they will run forever off a cheap UPS if someone turns off the power to your house. The wired cams use 2 watts. Each camera has a webserver built in, which can show a single page with 3 other cameras' pictures on it. Configuration is a breeze. Really.

    Only downside I have found is that they do WEP not WPA. I use an old access point just for the cameras. Balanced against the positives, this is a minor point.

    This is an amazing amount of technology for under $180....more info
  • webcam more than I expected
    I bought the web cam just to try it and see how it worked. It does more than I thought it would. I just wanted a way to keep an eye on my cabin while I'm not there. To look in and make sure everything is ok, etc. The camera works great, and the free web site I can go to to see the cam from anywhere is cool. I didn't realize it had several modes though, but along with live video, you can also set 4 different timers, to either take a still at pre-set times, or to use a motion detector. If you use the timer, and set it for like once a day, you can then go into buffered images and push the "play" button, and it's like time laspse photography, which is very cool. I bought this as a gift for my wife, and she truely loves it, which is a bonus in itself....more info
  • Great technical support
    I was finally able to get this camera working and like the results so far. You must be fairly technical, the documentation is awful and technical support is a clear joke! The camera will not give full streaming video, the fastest it will update is 3ms or motion control. Understand what you are getting and if you figure out how to get it working, you will be pleased....more info
  • Excellent value.
    very good picture quality and motion detection. very flexible configuration. i have it set up in the living room, and it sends me email, cell text and cell picture snapshot when motion is detected while i am gone. can be turned on/off and configured using configuration parameters within a URL via a browser ( will be ordering at least a couple more of these cameras.
    ...more info
  • doesnt work wirelessly, tech support always busy
    Amazon wont let me change the stars! I finally got through to tech support. It does work wirelessly, just not on Google Chrome. The video is pretty decent. Happy with it overall now...more info
  • Rock Solid Reliability
    I have many of these cameras setup at a summer home to keep an eye on things between visits. This camera has an adequate picture quality, and excellent connectivity stability (which is rare among all brands)....more info
  • No Mac OS software
    Another reviewer says that the software works "flawlessly" in either Windows or Mac, but my box came with just Windows software. So disappointed. Why can't Panasonic make a version that works with a Mac?...more info
  • Easy setup, but with some issues
    The Panasonice BL-C20A is a smart product. Loved the easy setup and the quality of picture. But i could not use the RECORDING software with my VISTA machine - i would have thought by now most companies would have their drivers compeleted for VISTA. Also, the camera works wirelessly only on WEP security and i use WPA. So as advanced as this camera may seem, it still has some catching up to do to get full optimal functionality....more info
  • needed a new router and some tech support
    We purchased this camera last week so we could watch our new infant puppy when we're not at home. The camera has been running for 3 days consistently and we are very happy with our purchase. However, we encountered a few troubles.

    We are not IT people, but consider ourselves computer savvy. After realizing that the camera did not come with an ethernet cord, which is required for initial setup, we attempted to hardwire the camera to our desktop using the cable that was connecting our wireless router to the desktop. Then, we connected the desktop to the router wirelessly. This seemed great in concept, and it probably would have worked. Unfortunately, we were having a great deal of difficulty. So, we obtained additional cables and tried to set it up again the next day. Everything seemed functional, and then the next morning, everything quit. It seemed that after purchasing the camera and having to upgrade our wireless router firmware, and after the camera trying to access and change our DHCP settings, our wireless router finally died. It was four years old, which is apparently considered old.

    So, we bought a new NetGear router. This time the install was seamless. Everything worked exactly as the install instruction said it would. We had one problem in that we couldn't access the camera from the internet. I called tech support and the problem was solved within 20 minutes. They were very helpful and knew exactly what to do. The software for NetGear autoconnects to the UPNP settings of the camera. When you set up port forwarding, the port is already in use. So, you have to turn off auto UPNP on the camera so that the router does not see it there. Then, the port is available for the incoming web traffic. Once we did this and changed the port number, everything worked flawlessly.

    I recommend this camera to people who are computer savvy. You do not need to be an IT person to use this, but it definitely helps to know your way around your router settings. Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase and would buy another one....more info
  • Ok while it works, lacks wireless encryption options
    I bought this camera a little over a year ago and it has worked fine until recently it became unresponsive. The only beef I had with it was that it only supported WEP for wireless encryption which is older and less secure than WPA/WPA2. I would recommend looking for a different network camera as this one wont last long....more info
  • Better than I expected
    I read all the reviews before I purchased this, and decided to get it. I was impressed. I read in the reviews that it was hard to connect wirelessly. I did have a problem doing it myself but I called the customer serice number, 800-211-PANA, and the tech had me configured in less than 5 minutes. It works great, the picture is super clear and bright. I am VERY happy with it!! I deducted one start just for the lack of wireless instructions. They should be more clear....more info