Green Street Hooligans
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 08/29/2006 Run time: 108 minutes Rating: R

After the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Elijah Wood could've opted for further big budget epics, but took a sharp left turn with this better-than-average B-movie. Released just after Everything is Illuminated, another offbeat entry, Wood plays journalism student Matt Buckner. In the prologue, he's expelled from Harvard when his over-privileged roommate sets him up to take the fall for his own misdeeds. With nowhere to go, Matt decides to visit his sister, Shannon (Claire Forlani), in London. He's already got a chip on his shoulder when he falls under the sway of Shannon's brother-in-law, Pete (Charlie Hunnam), head of West Ham's football "firm," the Green Street Elite. Matt soon gets caught up in their thuggish antics—to tragic effect. In her feature debut, German-born Lexi Alexander makes a mostly convincing case for the attractions of violence to the emotionally vulnerable, as opposed to the emotionally numb pugilists of the more satirical Fight Club. Unlike David Fincher (by way of Chuck Palahniuk), she plays it straight, except for the stylized fight sequences. Consequently, humor is in short supply, but the young Brit cast, especially Leo Gregory as the surly Bovver, is charismatic and Wood makes his character as believable as possible, i.e. he may seem miscast, but that's the point. Although there's no (direct) correlation between the two, Green Street makes a fine taster for Bill Buford's Among the Thugs, the ultimate dissection of the hooligan mentality. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Another typically false Hollywood Message
    Some have already gone to great lengths to (rightfully) tear apart the weakness of the script and the poor attention to detail, so I'll go for the true heart of this beast of a film, the kind of idea that appeals to emasculated suburban men who have hands that are equal in size to the majority of 14 year old girls who live outside of America and have engaged in manual labor that did not include typing or lubrication. This film promotes a dangerous lie that is saturated in American culture, one that puts many people at danger and has probably resulted in more death and invalidism than has been documented. The myth being" "If you just stand up for yourself everything will be okay." The reality couldn't be farther from the truth. Take for example Matt Buckner's (Elijah Wood) first fight. Apart from the suspension of disbelief it takes to believe that a small, effeminate man throwing punches like a teenage girl would manage to knock out a seasoned hooligan, the dangerous chronically American fantasy theme follows, upon being hit and falling to the ground, he has his religious epiphany , hey, I'm bleeding but I'm alive, wow! This is typical of Hollywood, most people receive the types of beatings on films that would kill normal men but they never sustain anything more than a bloody nose, a bruise and a limp that conveniently disappears for the next action segment.

    As a result of this mythologizing there are countless men walking around with the fantasy in their head that if they just stand up for themselves they'll gain self-respect and the consequences will be slight. Wrong. I'm a 28 year old man whose dealt with pain and stiffness in one shoulder for 15 years,Tinnitus in one ear for 11 years, and a reduction in the range of motion in other joints all as a result of fighting. A friend recently died in a street fight after one punch whereby he fell and hit his head on the curb. Just imagine how someone who fought on a regular basis would feel by the time he's 40. Hollywood has completely sterilized violence, the permanent consequences of being shot, stabbed or hit. If you fight a bully in a lower class neighborhood and win or even manage to hurt him, this person will not respect you and become your buddy, chances are he will never stop coming after you and perhaps maim or kill you for damaging his reputation. This whole idea of passing a heart check only works with other men who are posturing, if you stand up to a man and he backs down then he is another you. There are many people who would cause excessive bodily harm to you for that very fact, it's prison rules, domination will always be established, if a weaker man tries to be prideful he will get doubly punished for not knowing his role.

    So I give this film 1 star for perpetuating the same, tired, completely American crisis of masculinity idea that upper-middle class white kids could transform themselves into savage street thugs in a matter of months after having suffered nothing worse than slightly darker lighting for dramatic effect and a few stylishly sexual scars above the lip or across the eyebrow. We are a culture where certain parts of the population suffer from laxity in their lives and the weakness that results from a separation from suffering. Feeling this weakness, we either fight our battles via proxy (video games) or we engage in wish fulfillment whereby even the weakest among us could ape the overused hollywood redemption through transformation theme. For those who take the bait, the consequences can be terrible....more info
  • Awesome Movie I've seen in a few years
    I was a little hesitant about buying this movie because I have no knowledge of the culture behind hooliganism in places like England and other parts of europe where this part of fanaticism takes place, but I must say that this film surprised very much. I loved every minute of it and wished it lasted longer, however the only gripe I have with this movie is that one of the characters doesn't actually tell the viewer why he is backstabbing his firm. Other than that, this film I highly recommend if you can handle the pervasive language and violence. This is certainly going into my top 10. ...more info
  • The Green Street LEET
    "Green Street Hooligans" is one of those questionable indie "masterpieces" that falls somewhere between unintentional comedy and heavy-handed drama. It opens with hooligans singing--giving the wrong impression that kick boxer Lexi Alexander intended a musical comedy. The hooligans sing and dance A LOT-even atop tables,hobbit-like--and one wonders if this is the musical version of "The Warriors."

    "Green Street Hooligans" then congeals with the main plot. Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) is being wrongly expelled from Harvard. There are some brief,beautiful views of Boston/Cambridge--as well as Elijah's obligatory voice-over. He goes to Great Britain,to be with his sister (Claire Forlani),who doesn't resemble him one bit. Adoption, extramarital affair, or alien impregnation? You decide. Soon,he's introduced to Pete (Charlie Hunnam,FX's Sons of Anarchy) Pete introduces Matt to the exciting world of hooliganism. Pete and Matt get accused of being a gay couple-to Matt's utter blank-faced shock-but they don't end up being a real one (fanfiction writers would've scripted otherwise,believe me)There are some pointless fights,lousy editing,poorly contrived plot twists,not to mention ANOTHER voice-over from Elijah at the hour mark. An extended one. But with one benefit that makes the wait worth it--Matt loses his shirt to get the West Ham tattoo on his chest. Thus,three stars instead of two for the sheer,brief excitement of that.

    "Green Street Hooligans" is incredibly contrived. There's inter-gang warfare,the "stand your ground" motto (Gandalf says the same thing in "Return of the King",really),Hunnam left having to overact as a Cockney hoolifan because Elijah is sleepwalking,blank,the whole time. That includes the fights. The music is standard rockin' fare. "Green Street Hooligans" is a combination of sloppy editing,mediocre to bad acting,and melodramatic plot. With its musical numbers,it's comparable to Mariah Carey's "Glitter",except Carey made a more coherent story. She based it on herself. On the other hand, Lexi Alexander,who got her work visa thanks to Chuck Norris, has gone on to direct the gruesome comic book epic "Punisher: War Zone." "Green Street Hooligans" is so bad--it's almost good. It's a cinematic smackdown....more info
  • Yobbos on Parade
    There's a good section in Bill Buford's book on hooliganism, Among the Thugs, were Bill is questioned by a high ranking police officer, who is curious about American football.

    Police: "Is it true that a typical American football game lasts 3 hours or more, even though the actual time of the game by the clock is only 60 minutes?"
    Buford: "True".
    Police: "And is it also true that each fan in the stadium has his or her own seat?"
    Buford: "Also true"
    Police: "And is it true that there are rarely incidents of fan violence during the games?"
    Buford: "Yes, it hardly ever happens, and if it does, the disturbances are quickly stopped."
    The police officer simply shook his head in amazement.

    In thinking about this, isn't it a bit ironic that in our violent U.S. gun culture, where thousands upon thousands of Americans are murdered with handguns each year, we have virtually no violence or deaths during any sporting events. And in England, where guns are almost impossible to obtain, fan violence and even deaths during football matches are a given.

    Anyway, that's a matter for the social workers and psychologists.

    This movie examines English football violence in a pretty accurate way. It's far from a great movie--it has too many cliches and it's tough for me to buy the elfin Elijah Wood has even a pretend Yank hooligan--but if you are fascinated by English football it's violent subculture, check this one out. You'll spot quite a few of England's "tough guy" actors in it, you know, a lot of the hard men who played colorful parts in the Guy Ritchie movies that were good, done so long ago. ...more info
  • GSE
    Best. Movie. Ever. Got it in perfect condition, definitely would do business with the dealer again....more info
  • Great movie!
    Great movie! Full of drinking and fighting, good to see ole' Frodo in a new role :)...more info
  • Gripping tale about the English soccer hooligans
    Green Street Hooligans reveals the intensity of English Football fans and the firms that support the teams off the field by forming gangs of men to fight and harrass other teams' fans.

    Elijah Wood plays an American who is introduced to English football and its rivalries. He finds himself in the middle of West Ham United's firm of hooligans who wreak havoc on other teams' firms. Old animosities explode into gang fights and lead to tragedy as the American learns to fight for himself and his friends.

    This is an intense look at hooliganism. It is moving to say the least as the English actors bring great force to their roles. The only problem I had is with the casting of "Frodo" as the lead just didn't fit with the transformation of college dropout to super hooligan, but if you can overlook that it's no problem. The movie is violent and emotional for sure....more info
  • Big two thumbs down for Green Street Hooligans ...
    Using Frogo Baggins to play a soft Ivy League American who magically discovers his manhood as one ot the top men of West Ham's Inter-City Firm (ICF) was a casting error that gets the entire DVD off on the wrong foot. My husband and I weren't buying it.

    Unlike THE FOOTBALL FACTORY, which is inspired by Martin King's books about his life as a hooligan, this seems more inspired by Bill Buford's "Among the Thugs," which was 90 percent about a gullible American Anglophile who learned very little about the thugs in his years of tagging along with them.

    The movie was more fantasy about belonging and being accepted by true Brit hooligans.

    As for the Elijah Wood character, he's never been in a fight before and then on his first trip to Merry Olde, he wails on a member of Birmingham's Zulu army? Yeah, yeah... it strained our suspension of disbelief.

    We kept trying to figure out why we should care about this Harvard brat.

    The movie seems to borrow heavily from Football Factory (about Chelsea's firm), with the ICF boys waiting in anticipation then yelling in joy when West Ham draws Millwall at home. It also followed one of the thugs as he coached a loveable children's team, a lot less interesting than THE FOOTBALL FACTORY'S children's match between clubs coached by a Chelsea fan and a Millwall fan.

    Since there are relatively few hooligan movies out in the States and none about the ICF, there was no need to borrow scenes or cover the same ground.

    We think they'd have done better just making Cass Pennent's "Congratulations" or Colin Ward's "Steaming In" into a movie, or if you absolutely HAD to have an American main character just make Buford's AMONG THE THUGS into a movie, at least you could laugh at Buford as thugs pull his chain by telling him more and more outrageous stories and laugh behind his back.

    So far its the worst of the bunch I think, there's lots of tears as characters wrestle with their inner feelings, more hollywood than Saturday afternoon football.

    If you must have light entertainment rent it, otherwise run out and get THE FOOTBALL FACTORY instead. Be ready to wash out your ears based on the language though!...more info
  • Soundtrack?
    Does anyone know of a soundtrack for this movie? The music selection is very good.
    ...more info
  • Wanker! it's not soccer, it's football!
    It took me a while to get to this one. Elijah Woods is in the same mold as Tobey Maguire, a cold biscuit and no butter. Worse still, a cracker and a glass of water-- not too exciting.

    I got it with a free movie voucher. My lady saw the box and wasn't too excited, but it was Sunday night and we both had to be up in the morning for work. It really didn't matter.

    I slid the disc in. Right off we're in a tiled subway between bickering gangs. Words erupt into violence. Snapshots of wet, pummeled faces piss blood at the screen. Then the action cuts to a Harvard dorm.

    Matt Buckner (Wood), a journalism student, is packing, expelled, framed for cocaine possession by his well-connected roommate. He flies to England to live with his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani) and her husband Steve (Marc Warren). Pete (Charlie Hunnam), Shannon's brother-in-law, heads a hooligan "firm" called GSE (The Green Street Elite). Enroute to a "football" (soccer) game, Matt and Pete run into rival hooligans. Outnumbered, Matt's first impulse is to run. But Pete lives by the Hooligan code called "stand your ground" and Matt is caught in the middle of a hot free-for-all. His instincts take over in the confusion and he fights. His face and knuckles are red and torn in the aftermath, however he learns something college could never teach him. From this point Matt embraces mob violence and Pete becomes his hero.

    GREEN STREET is like FIGHT CLUB, and unlike it. They're well shot. The fights aren't pretty but effectively real and scary. Both films are visceral with enough personal and social issues to make the action meaningful. Creative cinematography. CGI in HOOLIGANS is used mainly in the fight scenes. FIGHT CLUB used these effects to create a dreamlike phantasm and fuse reality with the main character's (Norton's) imagination. And this is what makes GREEN STREET different: everything's in the real world. Norton, in FIGHT CLUB, constructed an imaginary persona to live through; Wood's hero Pete (Charlie Hunnam) is real. Yin and yang run through both films and the characters playing them are all authentic. For instance, Pete of GREEN STREET expresses a broader range of humanity than Pitt's character in FIGHT CLUB. This is because other people and circumstances aside from hooliganism affect him. Pitt in FIGHT CLUB doesn't have other people to bounce off of. With Wood and Norton the differences are obvious. In FIGHT CLUB, Norton's aggressive alter-ego was always there simmering until Pitt (Tyler Durden) materialized. With Wood there was never a sense of anything building-- Pete happens out of nowhere.

    I would recommend this film very highly and rank it up there with REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Yes this film's that good. And pay close attention to Charlie Hunnam (Pete). I compare his performance to DeNiro's first film MEAN STREETS; he's very, very good. And Wood is surprisingly effective in his performance as a foil to Hunnam's gritty persona. Buy it, rent it, steal it.
    ...more info
  • Post Pub-escent
    Kid gets kicked out of Harvard, goes to London to visit his sister, gets mixed up in the world of football firms and hooliganism. Paints a vivid, detailed view of this world, with crackling dialogue and some pretty nasty fights. Plot feels at times like an adult version of an after-school special, but still entertaining with a few surprises. Elijah Wood, hmmm. While it's cool that they cast someone weak to show him becoming stronger, more dominant, more self-assured, I didn't quite buy him - he looks petulant in most scenes, and it seems unlikely he'd be able to drop more experienced brawlers in some of the fights. ...more info
  • Avoid
    This film is well intentioned but awful in it's execution. If you want to see a film that is closer to the truth of football-related violence in England, find ``The Firm'' with Gary Oldman from the 1980s.
    Green Street Hooligans suffers from being made and acted by people who have no personal connection to the subject matter. Attempts to portray the reality of such gangs come accross as staged and false. The attempts of some of the actors to do authentic accents makes it laughable to anyone who has been within a 1000 miles of England. That's unfortunate as the film looks OK and seems to be reasonably well shot.
    ...more info
  • Wow
    This movie totally surprised me!!
    Albeit some parts seemed unrealistic it is a fictional piece that still talks to the human sprit--"standing your ground" and not giving in even if you are only maybe 5'7" and weigh what? maybe 120 pounds soaking wet like fab Elijah.
    I love Elijah, and it was interesting to see him meld into this sort of role. And of course Charlie Hunnam is a HOTTIE!
    Loved it.
    ...more info
  • Worth Watching
    This isn't the type of movie you'll want to see a thousand times, but it's definitely worth watching. Elijah Wood plays an American journalism student who gets expelled from Harvard for something he didn't do. He ends up going to London to stay with his sister (Claire Forlani), who he hasn't seen in years. He meets her new husband and baby. When her husband introduces Wood's character to his own brother, Wood ends up learning about football (or soccer, as he calls it) and getting caught up in being a hooligan with the West Ham supporters in East London.

    This turns out to be a pretty entertaining movie, but it's also very gruesome. There are several fight seens and lots of blood. The plot isn't entirely believable just because there's no way a real firm, which is similar to a street gang, would accept an outsider to easily, but it's obvious they had to cut some corner to fit the entire story into a two hour film.

    The actors do a good job, especially Charlie Hunnam who is the leader of the gang and becomes Wood's friend. Casting Wood seems a bit strange because he's small and doesn't look like much of a fighter, but he makes the role believable.

    This film will most likely upset a lot of people. Despite the fact that it eventually shows the downside of violence, it also spends a lot of time romanticizing the idea of being a hooligan and being an accepted part of any type of larger organization.

    ...more info
  • Excellent !
    Excellent movie. For football fans around the world, it's a great opportunity to really understand the fanatism and passion with which the english live every football game. Yes, it's violent, but it is great to know that this is only for the game, in real life their loyal to friends, have stable jobs, etc. Elijah Wood is great on this role!...more info
  • The darker side of football
    GSH is a well made film that trys to show the darker side of football in the UK. It deals with a group of men who spend most of their days drinking at the pub and trying to find new ways to get into fights with revial football fans. Inserted into this group is a young American fresh from being thown out of college. Inside this "gang" he finds friends and a kind of family that he never had. A story of sticking together when the chips are down, GSH is a mix of Fight Club and The Boondock Saints, and anyone who enjoyed those films will enjoy this. The only things I didnt like was that the movie never really shows or talks about these men in the "real world" of thier daily lifes. We are shown little bits, but I would like to know more about why they choose to fight over football and street cred, instead of living a normal life. Also the "NYPD Blue camera work" really bugs me. Oh and I could never be scared of Frodo, no matter what he learned from these guys....more info
  • Green Street
    This is a great video for Irish Soccer fans. Not only does it show soccer but it shows honor....more info
  • Great Idea but fell Short
    I thought this was a great idea for a movie. I love English football and am familiar with the hooligan issue which made me excited to see it. There are segments in the film that were just great, but, overall, it was too melodramatic for my tastes. Further, the film was a bit clich¨¦d. Elijah Wood plays the classic fatherless son who seeks guidance and affirmation from a gang (which, of course, is precisely what often occurs). The subplot of the privileged politician's son setting him up was again over familiar as was another substrain wherein his sister's husband got married and--yet again!--managed to morph a bad man straight. That was a dubious proposition indeed. As far as the acting goes I thought Charles Hunnam was sensational, but could not buy Wood as (even) a semi-tough firm member. Frodo came off as weak and fragile here. It's hard to suspend belief that he would be anything but dead in a real fight. I was pleased to see though that Tony Adams was given a cameo role. ...more info
  • Good Will Hunting in Reverse. (dvd features below)
    In Good Will Hunting (Miramax Collector's Series), Matt Damon's character, Will, goes from a street tough Boston kid working as a custodian at Harvard to realizing his genius. In Green Street Hooligans Elijah Wood's character Matt Buckner goes from promising undergrad at Harvard with two months left to street tough kid in London. I know what your thinking, Elijah Wood, as a tough guy, give me a break, and although he doesn't exactly pull it off greatly it doesn't distract from the movie. Picture the part in Good Will Hunting towards the beginning when Will and his friends get into a brawl in the park and Gerry Rafferty's song Baker Street is playing, Green Street Hooligans is basically that on and off for the whole movie.
    Matt takes the fall for something his roommate did, figuring his family being rich and powerful there wouldn't be a point in putting up a fight and gets expelled. He travels to London to visit his sister and her family which he hasn't met yet. Soon Matt gets involved with his sisters husbands brother Pete Dunham played by Charlie Hunnam. Hummam brings a charismatic swagger to his character which makes him a convincing and believable leader in the film. Pete Dunham is a history teacher by profession, but his main priority is leading his soccer firm the GSE (Green Street Elite). Soccer firms are groups of friends kind of like gangs that support their teams, watch their friends backs, drink beer, and build their reputations usually from fighting and humiliating other firms. Think an unconscious version of Fight Club (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) with soccer hoods that have various professional day jobs. The GSE's main rival is Millwall, Matt asks like the Yankees and the Red Sox? Pete replies more like the Israelis and Palestinians. Mainly the movie is trying to say stand your ground but ultimately know when to fight and when to walk away.
    The movie is pretty unrealistic in a way which anyone that has been in a few fights can attest to. For example these guys pound on each other and break bottles over each others heads yet all of their bruises are in an attractive kind of way via the cut above the eye with blood just trickling down while you look all intense. Also, they drink tons of brew but are all in shape or have chiseled abs. I imagine the real GSE to have missing teeth, disfigured noses, and beer bellies. Still, Green Street Hooligans is a cool and entertaining movie.

    DVD Features:
    -The Making of Hooligans
    -Terence Jay One Blood Music Video (good song)
    ...more info
  • I just love it.
    I wish I could describe things the way many reviewers do, but in all honesty there is one main connection for my recommending this movie. If you love Boondock Saints, you'll love this movie just as much. You don't need to love soccer, or any of the actors listed - it's just a good flick with believable fight scenes and a great story on trying your feet on new soil. ...more info
  • Footie Fans Unite
    If you follow football, then this movie is most assuredly the movie for you. Although, the main topic of the movie isn't football, it's the football fans. You know the ones I'm talking about, the crazy fans that get in your face, or most likely get arrested at the matches. This movie shows the side of them that you don't really see. It shows the organization behind the craziness. You've heard of Hooliganism, this movie shows it at it's core. (with substitutions for all around general violence) But you do get somewhat of an insight into the life of a hooligan. This movie has indubitably been bumped up to one of my all time favourites....more info
  • Surprising how caught up you get in something like this.
    Which, I think, is the point of the film itself. I usually avoid violent movies, if I know ahead of time they will be violent. I wanted very much to see Charlie Hunnam in this though, so I rented it. I had to laugh when I found myself hoping someone would kill off one particular little traitor in the film. I just completely got swept up in it. I so wish I'd known about this one when it was in the theatres as I'm sure I would have seen it there more than once.

    Pete (Charlie Hunnam) charms his way into your heart within his first two minutes of screen time. Matt (Elijah Wood) and almost all the rest are surprisingly easy to relate to and like. You're rooting for GSE and totally invested in what's going on almost before you know it.

    I did not see the Lord of the Rings movies, so I didn't have to overcome any preconceived notions to enjoy Elijah Woods' performance. He's unassuming and completely believable as Matt. Charlie Hunnam, however, does a phenomenal job and really makes the movie. His stance, walk, look, accent, everything is different in this film and it works really well. I cannot wait to see him as the lead in something else.

    Until then, I'll happily keep watching this one. I've already ordered my own copy to keep.

    Great movie all around - fun, exciting, touching, and makes you think and feel long after it's over. Excellent performances. It's just very, very well done.

    As for the violence, I only had to turn away briefly during the final fight scene. I'm a softie anyway and it got to me, but that's possibly due more to emotional attachment to the characters than to the violence itself. So, if you're hesitating for that reason, don't worry. You definitely want to see this....more info
  • Excellent movie
    I was not expecting much from this movie, i was thinking how could a movie about Holligans be any good, especially that i have already watched The Football Factory a few days back, and did not enjoy it much, but this movie was just excellent.
    Many comparisons were made between this and the Football factory, but unlike the football factory, GSH was amazing, this one at least has an intriguing plot and intersting characters..
    The plot is fast paced, and never dragging, about the american college student who travels to the UK to meet his sister who has moved there, and finds himself dragged into the world of Hooligans..
    Acting by Elijah was very good, also the british actors were good here, and Claire forlani added alot to the movies reciepe..
    This is one tough movie, it has fist fights and alot of emotional scenes, i really enjoyed this one and can only recommend others to see it, very well done movie..
    Even my wife who is not into football, and not into fight/gangs movies and who is more into Comedy and chick flicks enjoyed this do not miss is excellent...more info
  • Fantastic
    Loved this movie from the first time i saw it; yes it's violent and wordy, but the story is fantastic. Not to mention Charlie hunnum does the acting of his life....more info
  • An honest review
    Here we go. Review number 74, take one.

    I just watched this movie twice in the past few days and I'm glad I did. I "joined the club" so to speak. I'd heard and read alot about this film, and really needed to have a peep for myself. And to be honest, I haven't been this dissapointed since 'Dude, Where's My Car'. I'll just outline a few issues I had with this motion picture.

    Has there ever been an actor cast in a more inappropriate lead role? Elijah Wood as a football hooligan? Ha ha ha - next thing we'll see Rhys Ifans playing James Bond. I know the kid has done some good work ('The Good Son' and 'Sin City') but in this he's as believable as a parallel dimension. Also, West Ham United... Yeah, they play attacking football - but as far as I know the only thing their fans attack is a pint of larger, with a pie and mashy peas. They aren't really known for having a psycho hooligan firm running all over England starting beef with Scousers and Geordies.

    To the best of my knowledge there wasn't much rain throughout the film. I've been to England several times (in winter, usually) and the weather there is miserable. It rains in London like the sun shines in Nairobi. Also, the scene when Bovver grasses his mates to the enemy because an American is hanging with the firm? First, I never knew people in the UK to be so anti-American, and second - as if he would dog his mates like that. The scene after that is also a load of fibs, where Bov sleeps on a park bench near London Bridge, in the middle of winter. It would be way too cold to do that. I've tried to sleep on a park bench in a Sydney winter, and I only lasted an hour.

    The fight scenes are pretty decent - but I just don't believe that at every train station or shopping centre, another team's firm is waiting to crack skulls. The police in England (and their many CCTV cameras) have stamped out most of the blatant and obvious acts of hooliganism over the country. Also, when the firm leader, Pete, starts talking about Spurs, he asserts that they're a bad team and a bad firm. To the best of my knowledge, at the time Tottenham were a UEFA cup team and West Ham were lucky to avoid the drop (thanks alot Mr Tevez.)

    Aside from these gripes the movie had me watching until the end. Bovver is a good character, as is Pete's older brother, the Major. There is some lovely violence, loads of binge drinking, some great anthem singing (seriously, how bad is the Hammers song), and some decent Cockney jibberings. Albeit, I would suggest 'The Football Factory' well above 'Green Street Hooligans'. It has better actors, and is alot funnier. It is also more realistic in that it is about a team with a history of violence: Chelsea (before they became ex KGB property.) Also, make sure you cop 'The Frim'. It's another film about hooligans - but it also has old school credability. If you want violence for violence sake; maybe check out some Dolph Lungren stuff.

    In summation, I'm no fan of piracy - but this film yells out burn, borrow, or steal - but don't buy it. 2.5 out of 5....more info
  • Good, but not as good as I.D.
    Similarly set up to the 1995 film I.D. (though not as good), Green Street Hooligans sheds light on organized crime and hooliganism in England.
    A Harvard student and journalism major is framed by his roommate and expelled from college on allegations of narcotics possession. Flying to England to visit his sister he gets drawn to the world of football violence.
    Elijah Wood, and most of the cast's acting is pretty good, but nothing great.
    Claire Forlani was delightful as Shannon; let's see more of her!
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music, are overall good.
    In short, though not as good as I.D., Green Street Hooligans is still a film that will provide for an evenings' entertainment.
    ...more info
  • WOW!!
    It is a fun look into the world of football for someone in the US. I understand that it's a MOVIE and it's not all true but you get to love the passion of the fans!...more info
  • Green Street Awesome
    I love this movie. There are quite a few fight scenes though, so make sure you're prepared to see the blood fly a little. The cool part is, there's no guns, just hand to hand combat. Old school as Hell. Apparently it's pretty accurate as well, they are serious crazy for their Football in Europe. ...more info
    This movie rocks. It is full of futbol fighting. Rock on hooligans. Rock on. Also it arrived in a timely fashion. The End...more info
  • real good movie
    Awesome movie,would of been alot better if Elijah Wood was not in it.He just seemed a little out of character.Edward Norton or someone who can be a bit nerdy but also tough would of been better.Oh well still a real good movie....more info
  • Violent underbelly of London
    An American expelled from Harvard moves to London to be near his sister and gets drawn into the world of football firms or gangs that use their allegience to the local squad as a reason for incredibly violent brawling with rivals. The film is somewhat cliched but still very engaging as it explores a side of British culture rarely explored in commercial films.

    Well acted for the most part, the violent fight scenes at times degenerate into slow motion blood spitting montages but overall I enjoyed the movie....more info
  • disappointed
    This movie had all the ingredients for a good film, however it never seems to arrive at a point. I felt sorry for the actors they did a good job despite the poor directing that they had to deal with.

    If you like Fight Club, then ya'll love this movie.
    lots of blood and pointless violence. If you like Charlie Hunnam? don't watch this film. ...more info
  • green street hooligans
    Not the most original story line. But by far one of the most surprisingly good movies I've seen in a long time. Any movie that can convince me that Elijah Wood can be tough gets my vote....more info
  • Excellent Movie
    This movie doesn't sell at many stores (like blockbuster, Target, etc.) but is wonderful if you enjoy movies that tell the story of real lives....more info
  • I LOVE this film
    I am not a Elijah wood fan and I think he is trying to find roles that ensure he is typecast as a whipping boy forever. Having said that, this is a great film, the soundtrack is one of the best I have heard in forever, and this will become a fan fav in time. Watch this movie!!!...more info