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The Big Bad Wolf
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Alex Cross' family is in terrible danger-at the same time that his new job with the FBI brings him the scariest case of his career.A team of kidnappers has been snatching successful, upstanding men and women right before their families' eyes-possibly to sell them into slavery.Alex's knowledge of the D.C. streets, together with his unique insights into criminal psychology, make this mindbending case one that only he can solve-if he can just get his colleagues to set aside their staid and outdated methods.With unexpected twists and whiplash surprises, this is another brilliantly irresistible novel from America's bestselling suspense writer.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Ending a Bit of a Let Down
    This is my first James Patterson book. Yes my first, and contrary to what some of the other readers expressed, I did enjoyed this book. I had the feeling that I may be out sequence with Alex Cross's adventures, but this story kept on track and I wasn't lost with the character. I enjoy being educated when I read a novel and Mr. Patterson did an excellent job of the Russian mob or whatever they are called. The Wolf fella was a bit over done. There were lots of plot twists and interweaving of story lines. The only real problem I had was the ending was a bit of let down. I got the feeling that the writer just ran out of steam.

    ...more info
  • same old, same old
    My name is Dr Alex Cross. I am the most perfect life form to walk this earth since the crust cooled enough for oceans to form. I have academic degrees out the bazootie, I am beautiful, more fit than an Olympic athlete, and I play jazz piano on the porch late at night and my neighbors never complain. (I never miss a note) Woman salivate at the very sight of my footprints. When I break wind, crowds rush to savor the fragrance. I have three kids. MIT repeatedly sends delegations of Nobel laureates to kneel and beg my big son to be president of their school, but I feel he should lead a normal teenage life. My daughter is even smarter and more beautiful. Every December we have her stand in the front yard instead of putting up Christmas decorations. People flock from miles around to bask in her glow. My little baby boy is so cute that he has been barred from the DC zoo; last time he visited, two elephants, four giraffes, a hippopotamus, and a whole herd of zebras died of diabetes, he is so sweet. My mother is the greatest fount of wisdom and home cooking that this world has ever been fortunate enough to host; we have s¨¦ances so spirits can ask her for advice. However, a member of my family is guaranteed to undergo a terrifying, life-threatening disease in each novel, but they always manage to pull through. Whew! That suspense can knock your socks off.

    My job is, I'm a cop. My boss thinks I am a stupid idiot and always gets in my way as I ruthlessly track down evil genii (see how smart I am? Did you know the plural of genius?) When I finally track one down, I am apt to beat him to a pulp, shoot him sixteen times through the head, handcuff him, pour acid down his throat, weight him down with a refrigerator full of lead, and throw him in a shark feeding frenzy, but he will come back unharmed in the next novel to continue his depredations, because he is aided by an evil supergenius locked up in an ultra-security penitentiary. They communicate by means of psychic vampires. Those vampires are the most believable part of the whole series. Please keep shelling out good money to buy my putrid books, Lollipop.

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  • This "best seller" had no ending
    I think Patterson needs to take a vacation then return and write the way he did in Kiss the Girls which was the first Patterson book that I read.

    Cross as an FBI agent is in the loop, then out of the loop, etc. etc. without any explanation of why or who is doing it. You have to suspend your disbelieve as things just do not happen this way even with the worst of investigations. Wolf, the master villain, is unstoppable but never any explanation of how he does all the things during the story. He breaks every bone in a prisoner's body in the middle of a maximum security facility with no explanation of how it is done; just that the prisoner is found the next morning.

    Can you believe that Wolf drives by in a limo and takes a shot at the FBI and their prisoner and then the chapter ends and nothing is ever said about the shooting, a chase, road blocks, etc.

    This is another "best selling book" that should have been 200 pages that was stretched into 390 pages with generous margins and 117 chapter breakes generating a lot of white space.

    There were so many unexplained actions through out the book that I was not surprised that the end of the book had no ending. By this time I didn't care who the Wolf was or who his FBI "mole" was, guess those items and more will be in the next book. ...more info
  • Great Followup on Alex Cross
    This book is a great continuation on the story of Alex Cross. For a moment I thought after 4 Blind Mice that was it..but reading about his transition in the FBI gets one to know the character even better and follow him as he accustoms himself to new procedures. Apart from that, The Wolf is one of the best foe's I've met and his way of being leads into the mind of a true psycopath. I can't wait to read London Bridges where I'll get reacquainted with the Weasel and the Wolf. James Patterson promises a definite suspense thriller on that one! ...more info
  • Fast paced and frenetic but short of his best
    The Wolf is ex KGB ,now Red Mafia,and a person with fingers in many criminous pies .His exact identity is unknown to the FBI and other security forces but his tentacles reach everywhere and he is a dangerous man to know

    One of his nefarious activities is kidnapping to order -if you have the means to pay the Wolf and his team will kidnap your target of choice .The object for the purchasers is sexual gratification and there are no ransom demands to give the authorities a lead or a way in to the case .

    Regular series hero Alex Cross is involved with the case despite technically still being in training with the FBI after his switch from the Washington PD ,and a subsidiary theme of the book is his conflict with the Bureau menttality and bureaucracy.He also has peronal issues to deal with -the failing health of his grandmother and a custody battle for his youngest child ,as former lover Christina re-enters his life .

    The book has the usual Patterson trademarks -a twisty ,incident full plot told in short snappy chapters and a monosyllabic prose.It is unlikely readers will be bored with the book as so much is going on but it has a starngely undercooked feel and lacks a sense of closure with the open ending setting things up for a sequel .This duly materialised as London Bridges and the book here being reviewed may best be enjoyed by seeing it as part 1 in a two part novel
    Fun but not the great man at the peak of his powers by any means ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Product in condition as stated, great shipping times, secure packaging. Would purchase from seller again....more info
  • What a waste of time
    I guess the last book I read with Alex Cross as the lead character was Kiss the Girls. That had some believability, this one is nonsense. How can a well know author put his name on such trash!! Don't waste your time on this one....more info
  • Delivery of merchandise
    Regarding Deliveries....

    I have only one thing to say:::Please deliver my orders to my door, DO NOT shove into my small apt mailbox!! It took me 20+ minutes to get my book out of my mailbox where it was 'shoved' into it! I was really mad!
    Amazon needs to create a place on the order form for 'special' delivery instructions so things like this doesn't happen!
    Not my fault my mailman has the IQ of a bullfrog!!
    I sincerely hope Amazon is reading this....more info
  • Bad bad bad
    It's a fact that most terrible books are terrible for one of two outstanding reasons. "The Sword of Shannara" stinks because it's such a blatant ripoff. "The Stand" fails on account of being a disorganized mess. What makes "Big Bad Wolf" so stunning is that its badness knows no limits. Patterson fails in every single area of writing. Other than Robert Newcomb, I cannot think of any author who is so completely and totally unaware of the most basic rules for good writing.

    The chapters are only two or three pages long. That's two or three pages of large print with generous spacing, so the actual text of a chapter is really worthy about one page in a real book. Within that page, there's virtually nothing. The writing is more like a plot summary than an actual plot. The narrator merely recites the events that occur, without the slightest trace of development. There is no subtlety, no care, no building of suspense.

    The characters are utterly and totally worthless. Alex Cross, the protagonist, never displays the slightest trace of any emotion, and has nothing remotely resembling a character trait. He is able to breeze through any event without any reaction whatsoever. He has no personality, no flaws, no hopes, no ambitions, nothing whatever to indicate that he's a human being rather than a robot programmed to be bland. Bad as he is, the other characters are worse. The other FBI agents have no purpose whatever, but merely exist so that Cross can be annoyed by them. The villains are pathetically lame and about as frightening as a hamster. The victims of the crimes are portrayed in such a bizarre, manipulative manner that there's no way to have any sympathy with them at all. The entire book is a wasteland, seeming populated by zombies.

    The plot is worse than the characters. While any author might stretch the truth a little, Patterson puts it on the rack and tortures it without mercy. We are supposed to believe that a criminal mastermind could and would sneak into a maximum security prison, break every bone in a mafia don's body, and sneak out without being noticed. We are told to assume that a novice FBI agent would be pulled out of training after a few days to direct the Bureau's biggest case in the country. We need to believe that a small child can crack world-class security codes, that a kidnapping could be carried out on a crowded boardwalk with nobody noticing, and that one man could run every criminal enterprise in the country for years without the police noticing. Frankly you'd have better luck floating Mt. McKinley with a helium balloon than suspending enough disbelief to take "Big Bad Wolf" seriously.
    ...more info
  • could not put this book down
    I just finshed reading Big bad wolf by james patterson,
    the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat as he was in pursuit of this
    devoius character. ...more info
  • Sloppy writing. Mindless cliches.....
    What a disappointing book!

    James Patterson has done such a poor job of writing this book, that you wonder exactly what he had in mind. The dialog is banal and full of cliches. The plot is unbelievable. The characters are one dimensional. Even the ending resolves nothing. It just seems to be setting you up for the next book in the series....

    The main character, Alex Cross, is incredibly cliched and unbelievable.
    He is a bright young police officer, who happens to be black, who takes a job with the FBI. So far, this could actually happen in real life...

    But Patterson has decided that Cross will be a super human, so...
    - He was an honor student who hold a Phd. From John Hopkins.
    - He was a Psychiatrist,
    - He was also a police officer
    - He then decides to join the FBI
    - He doesn't have to attend FBI orientation, because he is that good
    - He plays the piano beautifully
    - He is an ideal father
    - He is the perfect husband
    - Every woman he has ever been with is stunning. And brilliant.
    - He can leap tall building in a single bound. Well, you get the idea.

    The plot itself is almost incomprehensible. The characters are thin, and one dimensional and their motivations seem incomprehensible. For example, at one point a CEO for a very large corporation, and a very rich man himself, somehow decides to become "the money man" for sex slave ring. So he can pick up a few thousand extra bucks? And make himself a target for the "Red Mafia?" This just doesn't make sense.

    Cross has an ex-girlfriend named Christine who abandoned their child because "she wasn't emotionally ready to be a mother." Well... she comes back to claim their son, and inexplicibly wins a custody battle, despite no mention of it in the book. Until it is settled. You would have thought that a super dad might have shown up for that hearing!

    I honestly think that making black characters into "super humans" is just as racist as making them subhumans.

    Maybe Patterson is playing to some collective guilt, or he just wants to be fashionable.... but he needs to treat black characters like they were real people, and not as cartoon characters. It matters little that Patterson makes his lead into a superman. It's still a racist thing to do.

    This book was written on a Junior High School level, and is aimed at very gullible readers. All the dialog is banal and cliched. All the characters are weak. The plot is simply illogical.

    I felt cheated....more info
  • Basic but vicious
    You have try to understand what Patterson is doing. He isn't attempting "great writing." It's suspense fiction, and is supposed to use a direct and powerful style. If the style was more elaboate it would get in the way of the plot. Having said that, this isn't his best book. The Wolf is an intersting character or could have been if more developed. But the premise of someone abducting sexy women to be used as sexual entertainment has been done so many times, it isn't an orginal plot. It does have the usual Patterson intensity, though, so many people will find it exciting. His novels are sort of dreamlike and he said they aren't meant to be taken seriously as reality driven stories. Just a more violent version of a cartoon, or maybe a puppet show. Anyway, careful on your way to grandmother's house, because there are a lot of Big Bag Wolves in the wolrd, and one will surely bite you some day....more info
  • Fast moving, gripping entertainment
    I thought this novel would be a good in-between read. Usually, I select what I believe to be challenging novels, scholarly fiction.

    How I enjoyed this suspenseful tale! Alex Cross is a realistic, dynamic protagonist with a personal life, children and a past to resolve. He is also a student, a new FBI agent who hasn't learned the ins and outs of the bureaucracy. Cross is pulled out of class to hunt down and entrap an international godfather of the Red Mafiya, the Wolf.

    The Wolf snatches and delivers beautiful women, and men, from shopping malls and college campuses to be delivered to psychopathic members of a secure internet chat service. Cross has to find these innocent, tortured victims before they are murdered by their captors.

    This book caused me to lose sleep many-a-night because I couldn't put it down. This is my first Patterson novel and I guarantee it won't be my last....more info
  • Just awful . . .
    This book just stinks. Unlike some of Patterson's other books in the Alex Cross series, this book has no redeeming qualities. The story is about a group of men who pay for the kidnappings of beautiful women and men to satisfy their sexual pleasures. In Patterson's hands, the resulting story is enough to put you to sleep. What is worse, many scenes are unbelievably stupid and outrageous. Take one scene in which a bad guy drives by a man surrounded by FBI agents and takes a shot at him. No mention of how this guy got away. I guess he lost the FBI agents at a red light. During another scene, a stool pigeon is blown away by a rocket launcher. Nice touch. I am sure that Patterson thought this scene was cool, but it's just dumb. It's the kind of hyberbole that lesser talented writers may rely on, but not James Patterson! ...more info
  • a little far-fetched for me...
    Normally, I'm a big James Patterson fan and I love Alex Cross. However, this book didn't grab me and keep me wanting to turn the pages like most of Patterson's novels. Grant it, I realize it was written in 2003 and I'm a little behind with reading Patterson's novels, but this one I have to say is just average. I thought the plot was a little far-fetched, but at the end it got a little better. It's hard to imagine persons and events such as plotted in this book could actually happen, but then again we all know it's a crazy world we live in and, I guess, big bad wolves do exist.
    I picked this book up (used)in a book store, so I got it at a decent price. I'll just add it to my collection and if anyone asks, it's an average read. Not the best, but by far...not the worst....more info
  • Big Bad BS
    I thought this book was really far fetched. Parts of this book are wonderful and very entertaining. Other sections of the book just do not seem accurate. I realize this is a fictional book, but I really think with a little more editing this story would have been great. I enjoyed reading the description of the kidnapping at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta as it seemed very accurate and scary down to every minute detail. On the other hand, the chat room crap seemed a little far fetched although who knows there are plenty of sick people in this world. I just do not really believe there would be people willing to pay money for other women in such a fashion, but who knows as maybe there really are people out in the world like mentioned in this book. I hope I never encounter them!...more info
  • Mammasbiggirl
    I had always enjoyed reading James Patterson novels, hearing someone else reading it to me was a special adventure....more info
  • The Big Bad Wolf
    Kidnapping is not unusual to top law enforcement and certainly not to the FBI.
    However James Patterson has thrown a curve ball at the general kidnapping scenario. There are no threats or ransom demands of any kind. The several victims so far are gorgeous drop-dead model types that have no ties to the underworld; at least they had none before they were snatched off the street in broad daylight.
    A man and woman are watching Mrs. Elizabeth, Lizzie, Connolly, gorgeous mother of three daughters, as she exits a fashionable Atlanta department store. Lizzie Connolly wrestles with her packages as she walks directly toward the parking structure.
    The woman quickly walked past Mrs. Connolly, turned and put the victim in a vice like grip as the man placed a chemically laced cloth over her face. Lizzie Connolly screamed and kicked until she was rendered helpless by the chemical substance and dropped to the concrete floor. The kidnapper's placed the unconscious woman into her own station wagon and blithely drove out of the parking structure, changed to another car just blocks away and the abduction was complete.
    Alex Cross, old time law enforcement but new and in training for his current job with the FBI. Cross is called out of class to the chagrin of his training officer, and assigned to the kidnapping case for reasons of his unique expertise.
    There were no ransom demands or death threats for the several kidnapped women; law enforcement was stuck without a motive in the case. Rumor and innuendo provide only vague clues that seem to point toward the Russian mafia.
    An unidentified sinister figure called Wolf, one time KGB and high up in the Russian mafia here in the states emerges as a potential but elusive target. At the same time Wolf was put on the FBI's most wanted list, the kidnapping for ransom case moved into a white slave investigation.
    James Patterson has fashioned a who-done-it mystery with enough twist's and turns to keep the most avid mystery buff guessing until the very end.
    Tom Barnes author of `Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone,' `The Goring Collection,' `The Hurricane Hunters and Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.'

    ...more info
  • the book was like new
    I was so surprised because i could not tell the book had ever been read- Great condition- thanks so much!- Phyllis...more info
  • I must be a masochist ... (Warning - Some Spoilers)
    to keep listening to Patterson's audio books. I have despised his books for years, but unfortunately, my library resources for audio books are very limited and I travel a lot.

    "The Big Bad Wolf" is about as bad as it gets. At the risk of repeating previous reviews, I must say that we'd be hard put to find a more amateurish, unsophisticated, boooooring writer of best-selling fiction. The only thing Patterson has going is a pretty good imagination for a general plot. It's all downhill from there.

    You will not find one original sentence or phrase in any of this guy's books. The descriptions are hackneyed and bring to mind 5th grade schoolwork. All characters are one dimensional and stereotypical.

    The protagonist, Alex Cross, is the most perfect human being to have ever lived. We know this because we're hit over the head with it over and over again, especially at the beginning of the story. Everyone throws compliments at him like confetti and superlatives abound. Of course, he takes it in stride because Cross is also modest. Perfect cop, perfect father, perfect son, perfect boyfriend. He must also be extremely lucky, since in this book he is able to bypass FBI prerequisites to get hired, skip most of his training, work on a major case, and get promoted all within a week or two. Wow!

    Not only is the hero a saint, but his children are well-behaved, beautiful and brilliant and his mother is the grouchy grandma with the heart of gold.

    Now, the victims are duly frightened and the villains truly villainous. "The Wolf" manages to murder his ex-wife at a large crowded party and escape without trouble or detection. For some reason, no one in the police or FBI is able to guess the identity of the killer. Huh?

    The holes in the plot (and I use the word generously) are too numerous to count. Some of the backstories are hinted at, but never followed through properly. But some things are just blatantly silly and unintentionally funny.

    "The Wolf" holds a kidnapped sex-slave in a closet, while living in a multi-million dollar mansion. What, he couldn't afford a whole room? The victim knows him as "The Wolf". I guess he must have introduced himself before he raped her. But at least we know that there must lights in the closet because the victim has seen The Wolf's very private tattoos.

    The dialogue is amateurish and ridiculous. The scenes between Cross and his family are nauseatingly saccharine. Listening to the cliched "thoughts" of the victim (and others) is worse than any soap opera on TV. I wish I could remember an example from the tape, but I found myself laughing out loud when I was supposed to by sympathetic. Patterson has no clue about how women think.

    I could go on and on with the faults of this book (and this writer, in general), but it would require reading or listening again and I don't have the stomach for it. Let it be said that Patterson would not know a lyrical, originally-phrased sentence if it bit him on the nose. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    There are hundreds of writers out there in this genre who could write rings around Patterson. Unfortunately, the average reader can't tell the difference. May I recommend Dennis Lehane, Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, James Lee Burke, Eric Handler, and the list goes on....more info
  • Not that great.
    This was the first Patterson book I read. I liked some of it but this guy has a real problem writing women and children. A lot of what he writes is just plain dumb. Nana Mamma?!?! Pu-leeze. That's so stupid! How many times can he mention "Zamochit?" Just when things start to get good he STOPS writing. Like he doesn;t have the guts to write about what evil people do to their victims. Get real. Mr. Patterson has good ideas but poor writing skills. ...more info
  • The Big Bad Wolf
    I really enjoyed this book.Book is exciting and full of
    suspense. ...more info
  • Unhappy Ending!
    Unhappy Ending!
    The book was immensely enjoyable. As ever, Patterson has wonderful character development and roller coaster plot twists. The only thing that threw me was the ending. An Alex Cross novel not wrapped up with the happy (kinda) ending? I am now reading London Bridges, and eagerly awaiting the resolution. S.L. Chessor author of My Tongue Fell Out & Poodlums Boogeymen and Booglers.Poodlums, Boogeymen and Booglers: A Poetry CollectionMy Tongue Fell Out

    ...more info
  • Unfinished...
    Patterson can keep us turning pages, but don't expect a satisfying conclusion from this book. Instead, imagine turning to the last page and finding "TO BE CONTINUED" in all caps. Although the last page doesn't read that way, it might as well. This is clearly the first in a series of at least one additional book that will feature Patterson's latest antagonist, a particularly nasty Russian Mafia boss who calls himself "the Wolf."

    As part of the Alex Cross series, our protagonist finds himself at his new job - he's finally agreed to go to work for the FBI - and on the trail of the Wolf. Cross is initially sent to investigate a series of broad daylight kidnappings of grown men and women. Slowly, it becomes apparent that the abductions are connected, and the victims are being sold in a bizarre world of white slavery, apparently masterminded by this individual who calls himself the Wolf.

    As I said previously, expect few - if any - plot details to be resolved in this book. It reads more like half a book, with this being clearly the first half - and a distinctly unfinished half at that. From the Wolf's true identity, to a child custody battle, to Cross's relationship with Jamille, to whether Cross can decide whether he likes his new job or not, to whether his new boss is friend or foe, we simply have to tune in to the next episode to see what will happen. Even then, Patterson may choose to drag it out for another book or two. I'll say this: it's a good way to sell more books. I just don't know if it is a good way to satisfy readers. Personally, I ended up feeling duped.

    According to Patterson's website, the sequel to this one is called "London Bridges." The few reviews I've read aren't too good, so I'm not sure if I'll read it or not. The only thing compelling me to do so at this point would be to resolve the story started in this book - not the quality of the story itself. ...more info
  • The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson
    The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson was written in 2003.

    The main character of The Big Bad Wolf is Doctor Alex Cross, and
    there are many adjectives to describe his character. Doctor Alex Cross is
    a determined person. He is determined to find out where all of the women
    are after they are kidnapped. Alex Cross is a very brave detective. He is
    very brave because he is trying to hunt down and arrest The Wolf, one of
    the most notorious of all mob bosses. Aside from that, Alex Cross is a
    detective, husband, and a father.

    There were two conflicts in The Big Bad Wolf. The first conflict is
    the fact that the girls are being kidnapped and killed. The second
    conflict, which is a major conflict is the Wolf. He is the Russian Mob
    Boss. He is very dangerous and notorious for killing many innocent people.

    I would recommend this book to adults and high school students. I
    would recommend this book to people who like mysteries. Another reason
    why I would recommend this book is because it is a short book to read,
    but it is still interesting. I wouldn't recommend this book to kids under
    the age of twelve. This book is very violent, some sexual parts, and some
    vulgar language.

    ...more info
  • great reading
    I love Alex Cross charecter!! James Patterson is one of my favorite authors!...more info
  • Story telling outshines the actual story
    Very strange... I'm usually very comfortable telling people that I liked a book or didn't like a book, and leave it at that. That is, I'm not usually one to qualify my opinion and say something like "I enjoyed it but admit it was kind of junky." But I'm going to do something like that here with "The Big Bad Wolf" because, yes, I found myself quickly turning the pages and eating up the story, yet at the same time was telling myself that the story was all over the map, lacked subtlety and depth, and just wasn't very good. But, sigh, I really did shoot through it, and that definitely says something about a writer if he or she can produce that "gotta see what happens next" effect in a reader.

    Maybe this is a case of a writer being really good at telling a story but not so good at creating a solid tale to tell. In other words, what we may have here is a book featuring four-star DELIVERY of a story but only an actual two-star story. So what does one do? Average it out and give the book three stars!

    Oh, and in case I don't get around to reviewing it on its own, the sequel, "London Bridges", is exactly the say way: great pacing, economy of prose, etc., but not so much in the "memorable story elements" department, either. Perhaps things picked up with "Mary, Mary". I haven't gotten to that one yet, as I definitely wait for the paperback versions of Mr. Patterson's works....more info
  • Cross books have reached the MEDIOCRE level and seems to be stuck there............
    ok after Roses are REd..or maybe after JACK and JILL....the Cross series havent been able to pick up the magic, the mometum of its previous novels........
    VIOLETS are BLUE was the WORST book in the series.............
    GOD what was Patterson thinking??????
    since then Thankfully the books havent been as BAD as VIOLETS......
    but still its seems to be stuck in the mediocre level........
    2.5 has been my rating for the previous Patterson books.......
    i hope it gets better now...........
    but from what i have heard...........
    its supposed to get even worse...............more info
  • Big Gad Wolf
    Great book, couldn't put it down. I'm hooked on James Patterson's Alex Cross series. I bought this book used because I think we need to conserve our resourses. Recycle, reuse and enjoy!...more info
  • Be afraid, be very afraid
    Alex Cross is back, and at his best. At the request of the Director, he has joined the FBI. His Quantico training gets interrupted by a case though, involving a string of missing beautiful, rich women, who have been kidnapped with no ransom and are feared to be part of a slave trade. At the core of the evil empire is a Red Mafiya figure known as "the wolf", who's the baddest man on the planet. Will Alex survive the personal dangers involved with stalking the wolf? Will his family?

    Like all Patterson books, this one is a lively read, full on rapid fire action in micro-chapters, and laced in sometimes unnatural profanity. For example, at one point we meet a 14 year old computer hacking genius, who upon first meeting our hero, rudely replies to a nice question with a profane remark -- seemed out of character to me. Be warned - Patterson doesn't tie up all the loose ends at the end of this book, as I'm sure he anticipates some elements of this story to flow into future Alex Cross books....more info
  • Great book, Great deal! makes shopping so easy and fun! My books arrived on time. All books were in good or better condition than I thought they would be considering the price. I will continue to use this site and avoid the hustle of going store to store hunting and save my gas!! ...more info