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Jack Reacher, the taciturn ex-MP whose adventures in Lee Child's six previous solidly plotted, expertly paced thrillers have won a devoted fan base, returns in this explosive tale of an undercover operation set up by the FBI to rescue an agent investigating Zachary Beck, a reclusive tycoon believed to be a kingpin in the drug trade. The novel begins with a bang as Reacher rescues Beck's son from a staged kidnapping in order to get close to his father--and trace the connection between Beck and Quinn, a former army intelligence officer who tried to sell blueprints of a secret weapon to Iraq but was murdered before he could pull it off. Or so Reacher thinks, until he spots Quinn in the crowd at a concert in Boston. As usual, Child ratchets up the tension and keeps the reader in suspense until the last page, although his enigmatic hero hardly ever seems to break a sweat. In the tough guy tradition, Reacher and his creator are overdue for a breakout, and this muscular, well-written mystery might be the one. --Jane Adams

Jack Reacher.

The ultimate loner.

An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he’s moved from place to place…without family…without possessions…without commitments.

And without fear. Which is good, because trouble—big, violent, complicated trouble—finds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once…not ever.

But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business.

Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and someone got away with murder. Now a chance encounter brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it…justice.

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Customer Reviews:

  • I'm going to hate to get caught up in this series...
    Still working my way through the collection of Jack Reacher novels. This time it's Persuader by Lee Child. More of same, and that's a good thing...

    Jack Reacher is teaming up with law enforcement this time to go undercover on a case. The FBI has asked him to get close to a criminal figure that has been the focus of their investigation. They already had one agent inside undercover, but she went silent a few days prior, and they assume the worst. Reacher is content to play along, as there's a potential link to a face that he thought died many years back. A staged kidnapping rescue gets him inside the compound, and a series of "unfortunate accidents" puts him on top of the security food chain. But the person pulling the strings and running the show is someone even higher than his "boss", and that someone is the person that Reacher wants to meet very badly. Unfortunately, people are putting 2 and 2 together, and Reacher's luck is getting pretty thin...

    Another rock-solid Jack Reacher novel. One of the things I like is that you really don't know the "why" behind Reacher's motivation up front. It's a subline of the plot that slowly reveals itself over the course of the story, and this one is no exception. At first, you really don't have a clue as to who Reacher's "dead man" is, much less why Reacher should even care. But through a series of flashbacks, you watch a set of earlier events play out that make him want to even the score very badly. By the time both storylines come together, you can't put the book down even if you wanted to. I ended up awake until 1 am on a worknight watching this one play out.

    Guess it's time to go see what the next one is in the series and put it on hold at the library... :)...more info
  • A Woman's Review: Good Suspense, Interesting Characters, Great Pace
    First to note: I'm a woman and many action adventures are not written for me. This book is written from the male POV without alienating the female reader. The storyline centers on gun, drugs, and essentially some violence - but it isn't "in your face" or glorified. No excessive swearing (though some, in context). Also: this is my first Lee Child novel and I had not read any of the previous Reacher stories. That being said, I still really enjoyed it.

    I read this on my Kindle and found myself slipping it out of my purse and reading a few pages here and there throughout the day, and looking forward to my nightly bedtime reading - a sure sign that I'm enjoying what I'm reading.

    I'm a voracious reader and I'm picky, so I notice everything. Usually I'm noticing everything I don't like. But in this novel, I instead was pulled along for the journey in a story that is a page-turner. The plot is interesting and not easy guessable, while at the same time is not so over the top that you finish and go "what? Huh?!" Upon re-reading, you would indeed find the clues dropped along the way.

    The action scenes have enough violence to be believable to the story (and there are multiple deaths) without being violence-for-the-sake-of-violence. The characters are multi-faceted and interesting, and not your stereotypical folks. The son, in particular, was very interesting to me - and while not a master character or central to the story, the author gave him substance and made him interesting.

    If this were a movie, you'd see a lot of faces you'd recognize - all those great character actors out there would identify with most of the cast in this book with interesting roles to play. The location - the house on the beach - even plays a "character" and is easily conjurable in the mind.

    The only downside for me was excessive description in some areas. I can tell when the author is giving too much description when I find myself flipping pages and scanning them without really "reading" them. I'm someone who thinks that if the text doesn't have a purpose in the book, then it should be cut. So there were SOME areas where I flipped to get to the "guts" of the story - it wasn't THAT much, but enough to keep me from giving it 5 stars.

    From a woman's POV, this is a great action adventure that still includes the male aspects of the genre without alienating me, and I was sad to see it come to an end. I recommend this book - and for women in particular who have trouble finding good reads in this genre. ...more info
  • A New Fan
    Free...what a great way to get people to try an author's work. I was looking to try authors I have never read before and since this was free I thought "why not?". I'm glad I did. I like Lee Child's writing style and his attention to detail without over doing it. He is an excellent story teller and I love the character Jack Reacher. I will buy more books by Lee Child....more info
  • Cannot fault this....
    Recommendation: I introduced my girlfriend to Lee Child and Jack Reacher after reading "Die Trying". We moved on to "Killing floor" and then "Persuader". Whilst she is a book behind me, the pair of us have become totally addicted and will read at every available moment we can, both of us sitting on sofa's totally engrossed for four hours or more of an evening. 12.30am last night ! ... I am thinking of throwing the TV out!.

    I cannot say much more in recommendation. Lee Child writes thriller novels that THRILL, and the key character is simply terrific.

    Persuader is certainly the best of the three novels I have read so far; more believable, more complex, more plot twists, more exotic weapons; the baddies are more evil and the first chapter plot twist made me laugh out loud with pleasure.

    Great stuff. ...more info
  • Jack Reacher as a Drifter Version of James Bond
    I liked Persuader best of the Jack Reacher novels I have read so far. The plot is more deliciously complicated with little twists, there's a better use for all of that gun lore, high tech makes brief appearances and the bad guys are more complex than usual. In addition, Mr. Child provides us with a nice back story that develops along with the primary story line.

    This story revolves around serendipity. There's a chance meeting where Reacher sees a man who should be dead . . . and Reacher wants him dead. When approached by DEA agents for an illegal penetration of a suspect's operations, Reacher wants in to finish the job he started ten years earlier.

    The story revels in the sort of twisted villains, monster guards, pitched battles, and intrigue that make the earliest James Bond books so appealing. As a result, you get gore with a cutting edge of sadism. I don't recall a book about a different type of hero that's so much like Bond in the action. Perhaps You Only Live Twice. ...more info
  • This is the real deal
    This has the best opening chapter of any thriller I've ever read -- the only one that gives it a run for its money is the first chapter of Elmore Leonard's "Freaky Deaky." The second chapter is just as good. After the third chapter, I went to the bookstore and bought all of Lee Child's other books. I promise, I've never bought all of an author's books at one time before, I've never met Lee Child or anyone who works for him, and no one is paying me to say this. This book is that good. It's violent, all right -- you won't like it if you can't stomach a lot of violence. (In fact, it's better if you like some well-placed violence.) But the plot is several cuts above the contrived plots of a lot of thrillers, the surprises make sense even while they shock your socks off, and the real heart of the book is Jack Reacher, who you won't soon forget. This is the real deal. ...more info
  • Another good Reacher story
    Another great adventure from Lee Child starring the much larger than life Jack Reacher. Mr. Child is once again imaginative and adventuresome ,utilizing a superhuman hero we would all like to be. This tale, while you know intellectually that it is far-fetched, nevertheless holds your interest and admiration right thru to the end. Always a "good read"...more info
  • My Favorite Jack Reacher Book...
    If you haven't read the Jack Reacher series, start now! They are my absolute favorite books - nobody can beat Lee Child's writing in this thriller/ex-military genre. Fast-paced, just unbelievable enough to be exciting, and Reacher is the best character out there. Persuader is my favorite of the series, so far......more info
  • Funtastico!
    Another well-written, well-plotted thriller from Mr. Child. Stuffed with memorable characters, dialogue, details, and action ... although the final dispatching of the bad guy is somewhat unsatisfying. And the usual dose of PC as well, when it comes to females in the military. (Though nowhere as PC as the Lincoln Rhyme series.) However, don't let that ruin your enjoyment of this book....more info
  • Reacher as a prolific killer
    PersuaderTalk about timing. The first Lee Child book I read was the Enemy which left me with such a strong positive impression that I decided to read all of Lee Child (Jack Reacher's) books.

    Then the second book I read was Persuader. I was a bit disappointed. The story plot is a little bit artificial, like playing roulette and winning 20 times in a row. Also Reacher becomes a killer - in contrast to the Enemy where he hardly killed one person. Here he kills so many people, some enemies some not so dangerous, that I lost count, and he does so without a second thought. As if he had lost his conscience. Maybe not to lose all his humanity he endangers himself in an attempt to save one character's life.

    Still is a great book and it won't stop me from reading the next Lee Childs novel. I've already started Bad Luck and Trouble.
    ...more info
  • 'R' is for Reacher, Righteous, Readable, and (a little) Ridiculous
    'Persuader' is the seventh novel in the Jack Reacher series and it is standard fare - for good or ill, it's about as good as this series gets. `R' stands for Reacher and Righteous and readable and a bit ridiculous. An NYT reviewer has compared him to Don Quixote, quite a stretcher, but one that makes the point about Reacher's noble motivations. Reacher's standard traits are on display: remarkable physical stamina, unbending will power, and a willingness to sacrifice himself rather than do evil (a term which he defines for himself). Reacher is still the wise-cracking loner with both a deep capacity for violence and remarkable killing skills. And once again the entire story is utterly implausible.

    In this installment, Reacher is recruited by a DEA unit and the ex-military cop is off and running on the trail of the bad guys again. In fact, it turns out he's gunning for his own personal main bad guy and let's just say nobody holds a grudge like Jack Reacher. The book is at its best when Child keeps the action rolling while mixing in a parallel story from ten years in Jack's past that explains just why he hates this guy so much.

    The Reacher books are certainly readable, but don't stop and think too much or the wild implausibility that keeps popping up will drive you to distraction. Good examples of both the readability and the implausibility occur right off the bat: a wild shoot-out turns out to be both more and less than it seemed and leads to Reacher quickly earning a place of great trust in the heart of a criminal enterprise. Huh? A guy with world-class killing skills just happens to pop up at just the right time and place to save your kid from kidnapping on a school day afternoon. Gee, would a criminal chieftain find that suspicious? Heck no, you give him a job in your security detail!

    If you like the often-violent action and can suspend disbelief, then the Reacher books are a fun read. I have read three of them and while I enjoyed them, there are just too many other better mass market books out there with plenty of action and better stories. Try Dennis Lehane's Darkness, Take My Hand (Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro Novels) or George Pelecanos's Right as Rain (Derek Strange/Terry Quinn) or Harlan Coben's Gone for Good. ...more info
  • solid
    There is not much of intrigue here but there is plenty of action, which surprisingly does not look stupid. It is a solid, entertaining read.

    ...more info
  • One of the best Reacher novels.
    Reacher ends up working for a likely drug importer for reasons of his own. The many plot twists/developments are unexpected, well done, and well placed--they are not there just for the sake of surprise. The baddest of the the bad guys are monsters, who may be too much even for Reacher. This is darker than the other Reacher novels, but I barely noticed because of its fast pacing and constant tension....more info
  • Stretches patience to the limit
    As much as I love Jack Reacher, Lee Child does him a disservice in Persuader. Child's ability to set up obstacles for Reacher is creative, but he is over his head when it comes to sustaining the thrill. No matter how compelling a scene, Child is uncanny in the way he can stretch it past a logical end, leaving the reader unsatisfied and, in some cases, bored. Had I not felt committed at page 409, I would have thrown the book across the room in frustration. While reading Persuader, I wondered who had the toughest time finishing this story - Jack Reacher or me....more info
  • . . . you will see a stranger, across the floor.
    If you don't like Jack Reacher, you're in the wrong genre of book. You should go back to the old Oprah Lists. Nothing wrong with Oprah. Don't get me wrong. But Reacher's never going to be on her list. And Lee Child will never be on her show.

    Jack Reacher is the solitary figure that can't be tied down. To a woman, although he misses them; to a career, although he was a top flight violent crimes investigator for the Army, and certainly not to a job.

    Here he's in Boston which he describes as an 8 day town. 8 days before it begins to wear on you and you have to move on. And he bumps into someone on the street. Wealthy guy. Well dressed stepping into a limo. Just walking out of Symphony Hall. They stare at eachother. The reason why it was a staring contest is because the guy Reacher sees died ten years ago. Reacher knew that. He's the one that put him down.

    So. More shadowy agencies and off the books missions. Reacher infiltrates a drug dealer's casa, he becomes involved with an attractive government agent. You know that's going to happen. And he wrestles with doing the right thing, righting wrongs, and keeping his code.

    Excellent stuff. Child tells a great story. Hope he keeps it up. Reacher's great. 5 Stars. Larry Scantlebury...more info
  • Did a third-grader write this?
    I have no idea if the plot and story are good, because I couldn't get through the first few pages with the short uninventive sentences. I am so annoyed and irritated by the writing style that I don't think I will bother going on.

    I jumped ahead a few chapters to find the same uninteresting writing style.

    I say don't bother with this book....more info
  • Unpersuaded
    This overwritten slog through multiple rapes, tortures, and murders surely would appeal only to the most macho of males....more info
  • women love him, men admire him
    What can I say. Each Lee Child/Jack Reacher book is better than the one before. You read one and think it is the best, then go on to the next and its the best. Great characters, fantastic hero, and complex plots. Each and everyone is a winner....more info
  • First time Lee Child reader
    I just finished Persuader, on my 3 week old Kindle 2. I had never heard of this series and only discovered it because it was being offered free on the Kindle. I read it non-stop, and now I am a fan. I'll buy others as I can....more info
  • More top-notch fiction from Lee Child
    A couple years ago, I was first introduced to Lee Child with Persuader and was impressed enough to start Child's Reacher series at the beginning. Having gone through all the earlier books, I figured I'd reread this novel before proceeding to the later books. Even as a re-read, this is a top-notch book and a reminder of why I've become a Lee Child fan.

    Persuader begins with Jack Reacher rescuing a college age kid from a kidnapping attempt. Soon enough, we find out that this is a ruse to get close to the boy's father, Zachary Beck. The FBI wants to shut Beck down; Reacher's more interested in Beck's business associate, a man Reacher knows as Quinn. But to get to Quinn, Reacher must first deal with gaining Beck's trust. There are additional complications as well, including a missing FBI agent and a murderous steroid-filled giant named Paulie.

    One of the first rules in suspense fiction is that if you think you killed someone, but you don't actually see his dead body, he's not really dead. Unfortunately for Reacher, he doesn't realize he's in a suspense novel, so even though ten years earlier, he shot Quinn three times and watched him fall over a cliff, he never saw the corpse, and Quinn did survive. Reacher is not a man who's very emotional, but the crimes that Quinn committed ate at him deeply; learning that Quinn is alive through a chance encounter reawakens his old feelings.

    Reacher is good at what he does, and so is Child. Although I'd read the book before and remembered many of the key plot points, this was still a good, suspenseful story. Child is able to make Reacher the almost ideal type of fictional action hero: one who is good at what he does (but is never cocky about it), intelligent, and is ethical without being preachy. Done improperly, a character like Reacher could be annoying, but Child never hits a wrong note. Since continuity is not too important with this series, this is as good a place as any to start (it's where I did), but if you like good suspense fiction, this is a must-read. Child is one of the best in the thriller genre.
    ...more info
  • My first Lee Child book but not my last
    Enjoyed it. Kept my attention most of the time. The last chapter was incredible. Get it....more info
  • efficient, quality service
    One of four books purchased on a special program with
    free shipping. Lee Child is a not to be missed author,
    Donn Doyle...more info
  • Simple but entertaining book with a flaw.
    One day in Boston former MP Jack Reacher spots a former army intelligence officer named Quinn who Reacher thought was killed years ago. His request for answers leads to an undercover operation set up by the FBI which targets Zachary Beck, who is believed to be a kingpin in the drug trade. Quinn and Beck are connected but how? The FBI agents manage to hire Reacher for an off-the-books operation to rescue one of their missing agents investigating Beck and infiltrate Beck's imperia. The closer Reacher comes to unravel the truth the more dangerous it becomes to hang around. And time is running out quickly...

    The biggest difference compared to former books by Lee Child is the new writing style. This Jack Reacher novel is written in the I-narrator style which takes some time to get used to and leaves the reader with a more limited view. The title of the book has a double meaning since "Persuader" is also the name of a shotgun/paramilitary weapon from Mossberg. And of course weapons play a big role in a Reacher novel... as usually.
    Reacher goes in, wins Beck's trust, searches for the FBI agent + Quinn and tries to get out. That's it. Due to the simplicity of the story Reacher's detective skills are not used and needed as before - unfortunately. By the use of flashbacks the reader learns about the real motive that drives Reacher to fulfill this very personal mission.

    Unfortunately there is one issue here that needs to be addressed as well. Lee Child's brilliant book "Killing Floor" is a pretty violent book with a lot of killings. This time however violence gets a new twist since it is Reacher who becomes a killer! A quick summary: Cold-blooded, Reacher kills one unarmed, three (at that stage) defenseless and two men who are not even aware that he is around. None of them is killed in self-defense (anymore) or tries to kill him at this point. As a result Reacher commits six times first degree murder! To say that the end justifies the means, since all of them were killers themselves and really deserved no better, would be a very questionable morality and could not be accepted here! These murders are hard to overlook and they do not cast a good light on Jack Reacher. This change in character gave me a very uneasy feeling that I did not need to have before in any of Lee Child's books.

    Bottom line:
    For those of you who happen to like the Reacher character before and enjoy movies like e. g. "Last Man Standing" this book can be recommended. It is easy to read, entertaining and you won't have to twist your brain to get through it quickly.
    If you are a pacifist who despises violence and/or you are disgusted by it please don't come anyway near this book!...more info
  • Too much of Reacher the cold stone killer
    I have enjoyed several in the series, but in a couple of the books, this one and Killing Floor, Reacher is too much of a conscience free killer for my tastes. Shoot 'em when they're not looking, dispose of the body, and move on to the next guy. Hey, they had it coming. In the better ones in the series a bit more of Reacher's human side is developed, and the bad guys fall when they are gunning for Reacher or his friends. A bit more heroic that way....more info
  • Charles D. Richardson, author, pilot, Air Traffic Controller (Ret.)
    Lee Child would drive an english professor out of their mind but he sure knows how to weave a fanscinating tale. The largest problem I found with Persuader, was it stuck to my fingers and I couldn't put it down until the last page was finished. His description of characters, events, scenery, objects, weapons, sounds, etc is electrifying.

    Charles D, Richardson author of The Pact and coming soon, Flying Machines....more info