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The Pink Panther (Special Edition)
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Product Description

French Inspector Jacques Clouseau is called in to solve the mysterious death of a soccer coach and find the missing Pink Panther diamond.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG
Release Date: 4-SEP-2007
Media Type: DVD

If anyone could step into the huge shoes of comedic genius left by Peter Sellers as bumbling French policeman Jacques Clouseau, it's Steve Martin. Sellers made Clouseau a true icon of character and comedy in five Pink Panther movies in the '60s and '70s; Martin has arguably already attained Sellers' rank as an entertainment talent, so it only makes sense that he became Clouseau's heir apparent for the inevitable screen resurrection. This updated story of the priceless eponymous diamond purloined under mysterious circumstance and pursued with Keystone Cop-like antics by Clouseau is a frivolous yet winning pastiche of physical gags and riffs on Clouseau's hilariously impenetrable accent. A famous French football coach (Jason Statham in cameo mode) is wearing the stone, set as an engagement ring for his pop star fiance (Beyonce Knowles). But before a packed stadium crowd of thousands, the ring disappears from his finger as he falls dead from a poisoned dart. The wisp of a plot is secondary to the pratfalls of Martin's prim, prissy, and utterly inept Clouseau. He's brought onto the case by France's top cop (a drolly sophisticated Kevin Kline) who wants Clouseau to fail in a scheme to make himself a national hero. Even in a world where jokes about Viagra, flatulence and other familiar sophomoric subjects are required, Martin makes his Clouseau singularly memorable. You'll be fully expecting Clouseau to shatter priceless antiques, mangle his pronunciations (hamburger, anyone?), and prevail in the end, but Martin carries it off, giving homage to Sellers at the same time that he remakes the character in his own image as a comic master. --Ted Fry

Customer Reviews:

    This movie was extremely funny for my family and me the jokes were funny, we could not stop laughing but some jokes i didn't get. ...more info
  • shows he has no talent
    after watching this movie, i now relize steve martin has no talent. he is the most irritating person on this will be the newest for of torture.
    save yourself the pain.dont even think about watching this 'movie'...more info
  • Bonus features review
    Bonus features on this DVD are everything a "Pink Panther" fan could hope for. There are four documentaries, and they are all great. I loved learning how the animators made the hilarious opening titles for the beginning of the film, and showing how the filmmakers built the set for the climatic palace scene.
    The DVD also has two music videos by Beyonce Knowles (who plays Xania in the film), neither of which I was particuarly thrilled with, since I am not a fan. But still, "Check On It" got stuck in my head for many hours after watching it. The other music video has a bland commentary with director Shawn Levy.
    The alternate opening sequence has gorgeous animation and clever ideas. But I like the one in the film better, mostly becuase it's funnier and introduces those who haven't seen the original "Pink Panther" films to the relationship between the cartoon Panther and Clouseau. The alternate sequence has an optional commentary of Shawn Levy, who spends most of it going, "Oh, look how amazing that animation is," as if he's never seen it before. I mean, the animation is amazing, yes, but we don't need the director saying that for us.
    The DVD also includes special sneak peeks of other Columbia Pictures' movies and an intruiging promotional spot for Sweet N' Low, which was way too short to enjoy it.
    My biggest concern on the bonus features was that the cast and the crew in the documentaries just couldn't stop fawning over director Shawn Levy. I'd rather hear more about Steve Martin or Kevin Kline, but that's just my opinion.
    If the makers of this DVD could have added even more bonus features, it could've been a two-disc set, but I enjoyed the extra features anyway.
    If you want to see my view on the movie, find the review titled, "Good one!"...more info
  • Pink Panther with Steve Martin
    Steve Martin is very funny in this remake of the Pink Panther. I enjoyed just sitting back and being entertained with this slap-stick comedy. Not the type of movie that you have to think about and "analyze" after watching! Just enjoy it and get some laughs!!!
    D.G. Dallas, TX...more info
  • Predictably wasted results
    The film is not anywhere near as good as any Blake Edwards Panther film (even ones without Sellers). Steve Martin is uneven his role in temperment and accent, Kevin Kline in unwanted in his, Beyonce is just there for teen idol and politically correct reasons and she is no actress, Jean Reno is bored in his role. The only ones who score are the lady who plays Clouseau's new secretary and the guy playing 006. The three dimensional Panther cartoon was not used but is in the special features is great....more info
  • A very funny movie from start to finish
    It goes without saying that no one can ever take the place of Peter Sellers, who will always be the perfect embodiment of Inspector Clouseau, but Steve Martin - a legend in his own right - really takes this role and runs with it, leaving a steady train of laughter in his wake. I thought the entire film was very funny - lots of slapstick stuff, of course, but also some more subtle humor that played well without becoming pretentious. Martin's fake French accent was a definite winner, and - let's face it - a fake French accent is the funniest accent of them all (with the possible exception of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, of course).

    If you're like me, you've probably wondered at one time or another just how the cartoon Pink Panther and the Pink Panther movies are connected. Well, you're going to have to keep wondering because I'm still not sure myself. Sorry about that. Anyway, in this particular film (loosely based on the original movie in the series), the Pink Panther is an obscenely gigantic diamond that is stolen from the head coach of the French soccer team when he is murdered in the middle of a packed soccer stadium. Inspector Clouseau is brought to Paris, made a detective, and given charge of the murder case - not because he is the right man for the job, but because Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) wants an incompetent boob to divert media attention while he goes about solving the case himself - thereby ensuring himself of his long-coveted Legion of Honor award (for which he has already been nominated seven times).

    Determined to finally prove his detective skills, Clouseau throws himself into the investigation, leaving no stone unturned. Because justice is justice and France is France, he will not rest until the murderer is caught. All kinds of hilarity ensue as he unleashes his unique good cop, bad cop interrogation technique on a witness, demands to question a murder victim, endeavors to lose his French accent for some undercover work in America, and generally goes around making a fool of himself without even realizing it. It's a recipe for constant hilarity.

    Don't expect a lot from the story itself, as it's thrown together somewhat haphazardly; just sit back and revel in the comedic antics of Steve Martin. He is at all times the center of attention, although I must say that the rest of the cast is quite good (although I think Jean Reno's enormous talents are wasted for the most part as Clouseau's sidekick Ponton). Beyonce Knowles acquits herself well in the role of the murder victim's girlfriend, and Kevin Kline seems to take great delight in his role as Chief Inspector Dreyfus.

    The bottom line is this: this new incarnation of The Pink Panther is an exceedingly funny movie, and Steve Martin proves himself to be the perfect choice to try and fill Peter Sellers' shoes for a new generation. I'm not naturally a fan of remakes such as this, but I think even the most dedicated Peter Sellers fan can really enjoy the humor of this film. It really is a funny movie from start to finish....more info
  • A mixed bag for a difficult situation
    The Pink Panther is an example of the most difficult kind of "reimagining" (that word fits much better since this is not really a remake and there are too many incongruous elements to make it a prequel). The problem is that the property is so strongly identified with a particular character and a particular actor's performance that either you make the new film a different, but related character, or you have to hire a new actor to effectively do an impersonation of the actor known for the role. Neither option tends to be accepted very well by audiences, and the second option, impersonation, is probably riskier, especially when the original is still fresh in most person's minds, the original actor is a legend, and the role was their best known. That's the challenge that director Shawn Levy and actor/writer Steve Martin took in The Pink Panther, and unfortunately, the results weren't entirely successful.*

    No matter how good Martin is in the role, there's no doubt that he's doing an impersonation of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, and no one, Martin or otherwise, is going to be able to do Sellers as Clouseau as well as Sellers could. The same is true of Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus, although that's not as much of a problem because Kline doesn't exactly seem to be doing an impersonation of Herbert Lom as Dreyfus, and he can more easily get away with that because as excellent as Lom was, the Pink Panther films are not nearly as strongly identified with him. Still, if we compare Kline to Lom, Kline has nowhere near the charisma or nuanced performance here that was typical of Lom.

    Very roughly, the plot of this new Pink Panther is similar to a typical Pink Panther plot, but where it deviates, it tends to be the worse for it. Having Beyonce play a pop star and sing a couple songs is a barely disguised marketing ploy. Was the role originally written as a pop star? Probably not. But Beyonce brings interest from a particular youth demographic, and surely Beyonce's management said that if the producers wanted her for the film, they had to allow her to sing a couple songs, and that only made sense by writing her character as a pop star. It's not that Beyonce is a bad actress. But dramatically, the character as written--especially including the songs--does absolutely nothing for the film. The only major change from a typical Pink Panther plot and feel that worked well was the introduction of a police chaperone for Clouseau, played by Jean Reno.

    Too many jokes are recycled material--even considering this as a remake. For example, Clouseau spins a large globe in an office and it leads to slapstick-oriented disaster. Martin and Levy extend the bit, but it doesn't work any better for the extension. But Martin even recycles bits from other films, such as Clouseau's attempt at parallel parking.

    Some of the comic material is very funny--I did laugh aloud often enough and even had to pause the film once because I was laughing hard enough to tear up, but overall, the film is very uneven. A very funny bit would be followed by a few jokes that fell completely flat, including a surprise visit from a James Bond-like character, which should have been a hoot. Even Clouseau taking a side investigative trip to New York City was mostly a wasted opportunity, although I enjoyed the absurdity and almost avant-garde nature of the scene where Clouseau tries to learn American pronunciation. Martin is a big fan of absurdism and the avant-garde. I wish he'd put more material like that in his films.

    Still, even though I was disappointed overall--especially given the occasional glimpses of a much better film on the parts that worked--The Pink Panther was entertaining enough. I will watch it again at some point the future. But just make sure that you don't miss any of the Peter Sellers films. This new version pales in comparison.

    (*It's interesting to note that 1993's Son of the Pink Panther took the other route--a related but different character, and had audience reception problems, although I enjoyed it well enough, while 1968's Inspector Clouseau took the same route as the present film, and is also routinely chided, although I have yet to see it, so it's difficult for me to say to what extent Alan Arkin is doing an impersonation of Peter Sellers-as-Inspector Clouseau in that film)....more info
  • Good Fun
    Great actors, sticks with the storyline/characters of orginal Pink Panther, but, imo, SO much more funny and classy. Steve Martin is in his element and the supporting characters all kick it into overdrive. Even after watching a dozen times, even on mute, I start giggling when funny scenes start!! One thing different from original, the kids can watch (!), as the scenes that have inuendoes are very vague. (Well, except maybe a little of Beyonce!!) This one's a keeper. If you want to laugh for a couple of hours, buy this!
    ...more info
  • Why see this if the reviews say it stinks? Surprise!
    This new version of The Pink Panther didn't fare well in the reviewer columns when it was first released. Being a fan of the Peter Sellers versions, I didn't exactly boycott this movie. I just told myself that I didn't want to see a corruption of the original. Well, that changed when it came out on DVD, and was discounted to boot.

    This version of The Pink Panther was also entertaining.

    Steve Martin was a very passable Inspector Clouseau, Kevin Kline was okay as the Chief Inspector, and Jean Reno was a great reinterpretation of Clouseau's sidekick. Funny, funny throughout!

    One thing that couldn't be changed, and wasn't, was the music. It couldn't have been a Pink Panther movie without the Theme from Pink Panther!...more info
  • terrible and steve martin is not funny
    This is not like the original pink panther movies. I am disappointed. Steve Martin is not funny at all and the entire movie is really badly written and played. Not worth a cent, I'd say....more info
  • The weather is nice, and I want a damberger
    It is a comedy, so of course it has a lot of non-sense. But the point is, it makes me laugh, and that's all I care. This movie is one of the best of Steve Martin. Not for politically sensitive viewers becuase it makes fun of certain nationalities.
    ...more info
  • Belly full of chuckles.
    Slapstick but very funny. I tend to have a sophisticated taste. The film is not sophisticated. It is just good fun. Steve Martin had me rolling in laughter. At least as funny as Peter Sellers. If you recently had surgery, be careful. You may bust open your stiches with deep laughter....more info
  • Pathetic Panther
    Total waste of money and time for both the producers and consumers of this piece of trash. Unfunny lines delivered by no talent actors. Martin's accent wavers between French, German, Russian and British. No matter, the writing wouldn't generate a laugh no matter how well delivered, and there was no way this cast would deliver. Beyonce displays her lack of talent as well. This movie is a pathetic attempt to make money by attempting to imitate a great original. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    Although this production did generate a few laughs, the casting is poor, and frankly I expected better from Steve Martin. It can be summed up in the five second segment in which he noisily passes gas in what he thinks is a soundproof room--yuk!...more info
  • A nice comedy
    The Pink Panther is yet another take on the well known by now diamond and the goofy inspector Clouseau whose task is to retrieve it.
    Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Kevin Kline, Beyonce Knowles and the rest of the cast carry out their performances very well. Emily Mortimer was delightful as Nicole; let's see more of her!
    The setting, the plot, and the dialogues are all wonderful!
    In a nutshell, it's probably not a movie you would want to add to your collection, but it will surely provide for an evening's entertainment.
    ...more info
  • "Killer, I will find you because it's France!"
    Viewers who are after a sophisticated plot would probably do well to look elsewhere, but for those of us who like their humor sometimes silly and absurd, The Pink Panther occasionally fits the bill. The movie isn't nearly as bad as you'd think and it certainly isn't as bad as the worst of the original Peter Sellers movies.

    This new updated version of the Pink Panther - starring cameos by Jason Statham and Clive Owen and featuring a lovely performance by Emily Mortimer - is rather a vehicle for showing the comedic talents of Steve Martin who talks funny with his fake French accent as he assumes the role of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau made famous by Sellers.

    The story - or what there is of it - begins when Yves Gluant, (Statham) France's most famous soccer coach (and boyfriend of the beautiful pop star Xania (Beyonc¨¦ Knowles) is murdered in plain sight in front of a huge crowd after leading his team to victory against China. By the time anybody notices that Gluant is dead- the priceless Pink Panther diamond has disappeared from his finger.

    Enter Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) turns to Clouseau (Martin) the least competent cop in France to help solve the mystery. Dreyfus hopes that the press will devote its attention to Clouseau, thus freeing him to solve the crime in a less pressured environment. Dreyfuss has also been nominated for the Medal of Honor for the seventh time and this time he plans to win it at any cost.

    Much of the movie is composed of sight gags, there are lots of people falling over and running into things and generally being stupid. Much of the witty repartee comes from the chemistry between Martin accident-prone Clouseau and the Martin as the snobbish and patronizing Dreyfuss. Both are extraordinarily vulnerable - Clouseau because of his hubris, pride and insecurity and Dreyfus chiefly because of Clouseau.

    Martin embeds Clouseau with a touch of the innocent and its this innocence that lends the love story between him and his secretary, Nicole (an adorable Emily Mortimer). But the best thing about the replica is how wholeheartedly Martin throws himself into the physical comedy, which is uniformly hilarious. Most of the laughs are pretty juvenile, aimed for ten year olds, with the only really funny jokes coming from a scene involving flatulence and Viagra.

    The best part of the film is when the opening titles kicks in with an animated sequence featuring a squat cartoon Clouseau and the slinky panther-playing cat and mouse to the strains of Henry Mancini's sublime burlesque theme. The rest of the film is very much direction by numbers.

    Even the best Pink Panther movies were never great cinema, just great fun; the scripts were vehicles for Sellers' genius, which combined lordly timing with a gift for absurd physical comedy. He was a buffoon, but he was a buffoon with dignity, Martin does a good job of carrying on the legacy, but one sort of wonders why the series needed to be remade in the first place. Mike Leonard October 06.
    ...more info
  • Tough to do a remake
    Peter Sellers is so indelibly etched in our minds as Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther movies, that even the very gifted Steve Martin can only echo the earlier portrayal of the bumbling detective. In this version, a famous soccer coach (who just happens to have inherited the 3-carat pink panther diamond) is killed while giving his girlfriend (Beyonce) a kiss on the soccer field. Clouseau's boss (Kevin Klein) chooses to put him in charge of the case because Klein is convinced that Sellers will blow it and Klein can then solve the case and become a hero.
    The people who made this film did all of the right things in casting the popular Beyonce as the victim's girlfiend, Kevin Klein as the Inspector General and Sellers as Clouseau. There are some genuinely funny moments such as when Clouseau is trying to learn an American accent by endlessly repeating "I want to buy a hamburger" with a vocal coach, but too many of the laughs come from pratfalls and electrical shocks which have become pretty shopworn over the years. Kudos for a brave effort, but this movie was more "Mission Imposssible" than "The Pink Panther."...more info
  • Stupefying
    Stilted, vapid and utterly predictable. And that was just Beyonce. The rest of the movie was even worse. There was exactly one laugh in the whole thing -- the end credits list a dialect coach for Kevin Kline! In one scene he's English, the next he's kinda-sorta French, and in the next he just gives up altogether.

    You know how in Jerry Lewis movies you can always tell what the gag is going to be about 10 seconds before it happens? Every time? This movie bests that by about 15 seconds....more info
  • A Good Movie With Many Laughs
    I have never seen the original Pink Panther movie, it's basically before my time. So I had nothing to compare this movie to but I thought this was a great movie. It probably should have been a PG-13 rating do to the adult situations in the movie. I think it's a good family movie if you have older kids, specifically in their teens.

    I personally thought this was a hilarious movie and laughed just about all the way through it. I thought Steve Martin played the part very well and was really entertaining. I did not really think Beyonce was a good fit for the movie, however. If there was a downside for me, it was her character in the movie. Aside from that, this is one of those movies that will keep you laughing and you can always count on when you need some laughter.

    I got this dvd at a great price and it was well worth the little money I had to pay. I am looking forward to the sequel and I'm sure I'll be purchasing it once it's out on dvd also....more info
  • Pink Panther DVD Review
    This product, The Pink Panter Special Edition, was shipped in a timely manner. actually it arrived a lot sooner than I expected, which is awesome. It plays perfectly. The seller told me everything about the product, that it was used, but still had all the original artwork. I am completely happy with the DVD....more info
  • This is a really bad film
    This is just about the worst film I have seen. I have only seen it because I suffered through it being turned up loud and stuffed in front of me while I was on a bus journey in Cancun.
    There are many reasons why it is awful but here's a couple:
    # Steve Martin's accent is rubbish throughout. It's inconsistent. It isn't remotely French and it's not funny.
    # In the original films the slapstick was so great because you didn't always see it coming. In this one it's so lazily plotted, acted and directed that you can see and hear the jokes coming from light years away with your eyes closed and your ears plugged. I know because I tried.
    # Clouseau was always funny because he was so blissfully unaware of the havoc he causes. Steve Martin is only too aware - and smug about it too which just makes you wanna slap him with a kipper.
    # It's awful cos the originals were so good. Please don't watch this film. Do yourself a favour and get the originals from 'A shot in the dark onwards'...!
    The Pink Panther Film Collection (The Pink Panther / A Shot in the Dark / Strikes Again / Revenge of / Trail of)...more info
  • Pass on this one.
    It's the three stooges-minus two people-minus the comedy. No surprises. Vary predictable. I like Steve Martin and he did alright here, but the script was ho-hum at best. It's too difficult to be better than Peter Sellers and this movie did not pull that off. I would rent or watch it before you purchase....more info
  • "Stop browbeating her! Can't you see she's sexy?"
    I was aghast at the notion of a "Pink Panther" update. I mean,who could replace Peter Sellers as the perpetually clueless Inspector Clouseau?
    My fears were allayed with the arrival of this truly funny and engaging reimagining of "The Pink Panther."
    True, there is only one Peter Sellers, but Steve Martin doesn't even attempt to match that maestro's mastery of slaptsick. Instead Martin, who also co-scripted, develops Clouseau as an arrogant but ultimately talented inspector who unfortunately,has a tendency to leap before he looks. This time Clouseau is still the original bungling fool, but he has a hearty and soul to him.
    One of the genuine joys of this latest incarnation of the "Pink Panther" series is that Clouseau eventually proves that he DOES have the skills to solve a crime,but his own vanity and shortsightedness usually gets in the way.
    Martin is terrific in the role- I not only laughed out loud the entire time, but I actually liked his energized take on the worlds most error prone policeman.
    Jean Reno ("The Professional", "Godzilla") is a perfect comic foil as Clouseau's long-suffering straight man, a good cop who must stand by and watch as his superior continually gets it wrong. Yet a legitimate bond forms between the two men,and that adds to the humor.
    Special note must also be made of Kevin Kline as Dreyfus, who I actually felt was even funnier than Herbert Lom thanks to his skills as an actor and some script tweaks which render the character more self - absorbed than the original version.
    Ditto Beyonce,who I found to be warm and likable in her role.I thought she was funny in "Austin Powers:Goldmember"- but I liked her a lot more here.
    Yes,the new "Pink Panther" slips into stupid slapstick quite often to earn its laughs, but it's funny, well - timed slapstick.
    More importantly,the film makes Clouseau an honestly likeable character,and reintroduces him to an entirely new generation on a high note. If there IS a sequel (and it is being discussed), I think we might very well see the birth of a new franchise that takes the basic premise of the past and effectively reinvents it for the 21st century.
    In an era where a great many memories from my past have been reprocessed into new formats which bear no resemblance to the original versions, I was delighted to see that Inspector Clouseau is still the man to spend time with when you want to laugh and walk away from a movie with a wide grin on your face. Good show, Inspector!! Nice to have you back!!...more info
  • I was looking forward to seing this and laughing BUT...
    It is not funny. Horrible movie....more info
  • Sit back and enjoy the movie!
    When I saw the previews for this movie at the theatre, I thought, how dumb, he keeps hurting himself. I watched the movie with my son and it was actually very good. Steve Martin is a WONDERFUL actor. He plays a great inspector!!...more info
  • "Good one!"
    Okay--STEVE MARTIN (Jacques Clouseau) IS NOT PETER SELLERS. We've all been through this. But still, this is a great film in its own right. Unlike "Son of the Pink Panther", the weakest film in the series in my opinion, story-wise, this film is excellent. And although it is not the funniest, it still has its moments.
    The tenth in the "Pink Panther" series, it's one of the most lively. Everyone looks like they're having a great time, except Jean Reno, who plays Inspector Clouseau's partner Ponton, looks like he just woke up. Overall, though, everyone does a good job.
    I have seen all of the "Pink Panther" films--
    "The Pink Panther" (1964)
    "A Shot in the Dark"
    "Inspector Clouseau"
    "The Return of the Pink Panther"
    "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"
    "Revenge of the Pink Panther"
    "Trail of the Pink Panther"
    "Curse of the Pink Panther"
    "Son of the Pink Panther"
    "The Pink Panther" (2006)
    --and this one's definitely worth a rental....more info
  • the pink panther
    Steve Martin is hilarious! This movie is funny from beginning to end and my entire family thoroughly enjoy it every time we watch it, and that is often....more info