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Linksys WRV200 Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster
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Product Description

Cisco Small Business Solutions enable small companies to connect employees, customers, and suppliers - easily, reliably, and affordably. Drawing on a broad portfolio of Cisco products, local partners build and maintain individualized solutions that help small businesses around the world work better.The Cisco WRV200 Wireless-G VPN Router enables secure, reliable wireless network access for your small business. Its intuitive web-based interface allows you to easily set up its features. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) gives you the ability to remotely manage and monitor the device.Ten IP Security (IPsec) QuickVPN tunnels with a throughput of 30 Mbps give your mobile workers a secure and easy-to-use way to stay connected. As an essential element of your business, this product provides security functions for authentication, encryption, and firewall.The VPN router gives your business multiple service set identifiers (SSIDs) and VLANs for traffic separation, and enhanced quality of service (QoS) features for improved voice and video quality. With support for wireless QoS (Wi-Fi Multimedia [WMM]) and wired QoS (port prioritization), consistent voice and video quality is maintained throughout your business.The RangeBooster technology provides increased range and reliability, using multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO). The RF output allows flexible control of the wireless access coverage.

  • LAN Ports - 4
  • WAN Ports - N/A
  • RS-232 Port - N/A

Customer Reviews:

  • Full of Features and Defects
    This product suffers from a wide and severe range of problems. Other reviews are correct - Linksys customer service will not be helpful. When I contact them they refused to even admit there were any defects with the product.

    The problems I've encountered follow:

    ++++ The WRV200 will reset itself to the factory default at random times.

    ++++ The WRV200 DHCP clients table displays the remaining lease time where the host name should be. That's of course, if you're lucky enough for it to report ANY host names at all.

    ++++ The web interface will sometimes be a blank page after approximately 6 days of constant operation. The only way to fix this is to reboot the device.

    ++++ The VPN client has issues on Windows Vista.

    ++++ When operating the device on mixed mode (wireless g, b simultaneously) some wireless b devices (Palm LifeDrive) simply can not connect. You are forced to operate the WRV200 as G or B only.

    ++++ The firmware doesn't even do what the built-in documentation says. Deleting an entry from the DHCP clients table does nothing. The documentation says that it severs the connection.

    I believe that all of these problems stem from the firmware. All of these issues can likely be resolved if the quality of the firmware increases....more info
  • Save your time and your money
    I have had this router for many months and use it heavily.
    I keep the firmware up to date (current =

    Overall I am very disappointed.
    The primary reason is that a few times a week, I lose my connection to various chat service. Specifically AOL and Yahoo. My wife has the same problem, in fact we lose the connection at the same time. Skype and all other internet connectivity is fine, it seem to be just AOL and Yahoo as best I can tell. The only way to correct the problem is to reboot the router. This one issue has me looking for a different VPN router.

    Other disappointments:
    * Linksys customer service is horrible, and this is being kind.
    * The physical quality of the device is poor. The antenna are very lose. At first I thought it was a manufacturing issue, but it seems all are this way.

    * The feature set is impressive and easy to use.
    * Setting up a VPN was easy. In my case I was connection to another Linksys device, so I would expect that.

    I have been a loyal Linksys buyer for years, as a rule I think the quality of Linksys has gone downhill over the last few years. This is not the only Linksys item I have had problems with and although the prices are tempting, in the long run, I seem to waste a lot of time. Time to explore on of the competitors.

    The fact that I am planning to replace the WRV200 with a competitors router after a few months tells you that I would avoid buying it....more info
  • Firmware 1.0.29 .. still buggy - WARNING!!! SIP for VOIP doesn't work
    Had the unit up running with the latest firmware. Couldn't get it to work with the Motorola OJO video phone no matter what. Tried Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, DMZ, UPNP and nothing worked. Do NOT .. DO NOT get this router if you are planning to run SIP VOIP behind it, or until they fix it....more info
  • WRV200
    This product stinks. I bought it because it had SNMP capability and I wanted to do some network monitoring with it. It constantly disconnects from my DSL service. I had a Linksys WRT54G that never had a problem. I do not recommend this product....more info
  • Continually needs reboot - not dependable at all
    Talk about a pile of junk. I thought Linksys would be better after Cisco as well, my previous Linksys experience was poor so switch all of my equipment to a different brand which worked perfectly for 4 years until a recent failure. When it came time to update, that company is no longer making routers (bummer) so based on my VPN needs decided to go with the Linksys WRV200. What a mistake that was! The thing was horrible to set up and drops the connection many times throughout the day. All computers and the router itself needs to be re-booted to restore service. I am an IT professional and still these problems persist. Of course just make things more difficult, it may work fine for 1-2 days then just go down. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! Consider it as representative of Linksys, perhaps that will get their attention. BUY SOMETHING ELSE! ...more info
  • Worse Router Experience
    I purchased this item, from a store, because of the impressive feature set and price. It seemed like with the features it (attempted to) offer it would solve one of the most annoying home network problems I have. Immediately after getting it home and installing it, an amazing amount of problems cropped up. I'm quite experienced in setting up and maintaining much more complicated equipment than the WRV200, but this thing was nothing but a waste.

    The router would restart whenever it pleased.
    Constantly dropped wireless and wired connections very frequently (within minutes over and over).
    The smallest changes in configuration required a router restart.
    The simplest services (AIM, FTP etc) had a great difficulty running.
    The router is very unstable.
    The web based configuration system would stop working or slow down to very poor speeds.
    The router's range and signal strength did not perform as advertised.
    The router seems to like flooding the lan with ICMP packets, rather annoying.
    Some log entries appear to be corrupted every couple dozen lines or so.

    After spending the better part of the day trying to fix these issues, the piece of equipment still performs miserably. A real pity, with those amazing features. Switching Channels, reseting, power cycling, firmware updates (even ran WRV200 Beta Firmware v1.0.33, came with WRV200, firmware downgrades and a host of other things did not improve this devices performance up to an acceptable level. Linksys customer service was not much help either.

    I highly recommend avoiding this product. Don't be fooled into attempting it based on a few positive reviews and all those promising features. I've just purchased this product today and its going back....more info
  • Firmware is working great!
    I used to have to reboot the router once a week to get a stable connectivity to the internet. Now with the firmware, the problem is gone. I have 2 laptops connected to the router via wireless, and a D-Link VoIP adapter (provided by Vonage) connected via Ethernet port, everything is working great. I don't see any issue with FTP - I have been using Limewire client and Windows FTP client regularly. ...more info