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SnowJoe 12-Inch 6.6 Amp Electric Snow Thrower #322
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $55.00

You Save: $74.99 (58%)


Product Description


  • Recommended for use on decks, steps, patios, and sidewalks
  • Cuts snows up to 12¡± wide and 4¡±deep
  • Three-blade rotor throws snow up to 20 feet
  • Powerful 6.6 amp motor drives unit operation
  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle alleviate back strain
  • Instant start
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight--Only 12.5 lbs.
  • UL approved

    The Snow Joe 322 electric snowthrower is designed to remove snow from decks, steps, patios, and sidewalks easily and conveniently. Unlike gas models, the Snow Joe 322 is an electric-powered, hassle-free unit. This model has been constructed using only the highest grade parts throughout each stage of its production. It has undergone rigorous quality control tests in order to merit its UL approval.

    Weighing only 12.5 pounds, the Snow Joe 322 affords an ease of maneuverability unmatched by other units. Its three-blade rotor, driven by a powerful 6.6 amp motor, outperforms the competition. The Snow Joe 322 throws snow up to 20 feet, cutting a 4 inch snow depth and clearing 12 inches in width. Enhancing its performance is the unit¡¯s ergonomic design and adjustable handle, both designed to alleviate back strain and facilitate the process of snow removal. When it comes to preparing for winter, the Snow Joe 322 is the best way to¡®Get Equipped¡¯.

    The Snow Joe 322 has three blades to chew through snow up to 4 inches deep.

    Clear patios, decks, steps, and sidewalks -- and fling the snow up to 20 feet.
    Get Ready for Winter with a Snow Joe Snow Thrower
    The Snow Joe 322 electric snow thrower is designed to easily remove snow from steps, decks, patios, and sidewalks. Unlike gas models, the Snow Joe 322 is powered electrically -- so it's both effortless to start and environmentally safe. This model has been constructed using only the highest grade parts throughout each stage of its production. It has undergone rigorous quality control tests in order to merit its UL approval.

    Weighing only 12.5 pounds, the Snow Joe 322 affords an ease of maneuverability unmatched by heavier snow-clearing machines. Its powerful 6.6 amp motor throws snow up to 20 feet, and lets you clear paths 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep with each pass.

    The three-blade rotor easily, effectively cuts through light snowfall. Enhancing the unit¡¯s performance is its ergonomic handle, precisely engineered with a back-saving curve to alleviate user strain and reduce fatigue. When it comes to tackling light snowfall, the Snow Joe 322 electric snow thrower is the right winter tool you'll need to get equipped.

    Key Technical Specs:

    • 6.6 amp motor
    • Key lock to prevent unauthorized use
    • 3-blade rotor throws snow up to 20 feet
    • Cuts paths up to 12 inches wide, 4 inches deep
    • UL-approved

    Use the Snow Joe 322 snow thrower on decks, steps, patios, and sidewalks -- anywhere light snowfall accumulates and needs to be removed to create a safer walking or driving surface.

    This Snow Joe thrower is covered by a full two-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Snow Joe Winter Solutions
    The Snow Joe company is dedicated to the design and development of innovative winter products. It operates and maintains its own overseas manufacturing facility with corporate headquarters in Edison, NJ. Its robust research and development pipeline fuses novel design approaches with advanced technology to provide consumers with smart winter solutions. These practical innovations address key winter concerns including snow removal, holiday storage, humidification, and insulation. The Snow Joe product line is distributed throughout the United States and Canada through resellers and third-party wholesalers. Encouraging its consumers to get equipped, Snow Joe aims to prepare them with the right winter tools for the job.

  • Features:
    • Recommended for use on patios, steps, and sidewalks
    • Cuts snows up to 12-inches wide and 4-inches deep
    • Powerful 6.6 amp motor drives unit operation
    • Ergonomic design and adjustable handle to alleviate back strain. Lightweight; unit weighs only 12 pounds
    • Environmentally friendly (uses electricity, not gas)

    Customer Reviews:

    • Not that great!
      The machine works fine, but not great. Did not feel enough power to clean the side-walk....more info
    • I love my new toy!
      This little machine is just what I needed. I was using it like a vacuum cleaner and people were stopping in the road and calling out to me from their cars. It is not heavy and worked quickly. You do have to do some planning as you remove the snow. Also, get to the snow when it is soft. I couldn't budge anything once it froze over....more info
    • Broken blade after 2nd use
      I noticed after the second used that one of the blades is already broke. (about a 2" piece is missing from one of the blades. That's what you get for something that spins at high speeds and is made from plastic.

      Can I get a replacement blade????...more info
    • SnowJoe 12-Inch 6.6 Amp Electric Snow Thrower #322
      Removes snow well, though I have not used it much due to limited snowfall. Each pass is somewhat narrow, but not much effort is required. I broke the impeller (either on ice or Belgian blocks lining my driveway), and the manufacturer graciously and rapidly mailed a replacement impeller to me at no charge....more info
    • SnowJoe - mighty mini snow thrower
      I'm surrounded by neighbors that have BIG honking gas snow throwers which they rarely get to use on the light snow that's typical for Southern New Jersey. I was looking for an economical tool to help my already hurting lower back. I've only used the SnowJoe twice so far. Once on very light powder, about 3" deep and once on 2" of very heavy wet snow. I'm happy to report the SnowJoe did a nice job on both. Once you work out the logistics of working with a cord and what direction you're going to throw the snow, this tool works really well. The machine is limited only by how much snow you can get under. What I found with the wet snow was that the snow was somewhat layered, a lighter top level and a heavier, harder lower layer that the machine had a tendency to ride up on. I found better success hitting the top layer first, then hitting the lower layer a 2nd time.
      Oddly enough, the more snow fed into the machine, the better it works. I would recommend this for anyone looking for an inexpensive solution for light accumulations of snow. For the 8" and better snowfalls, make a deal with your neighbor with the huge snow blower, that's what I do....more info
    • We like it
      Does a decent job for what it is. Great for sidewalks but you wouldn't want to do a big driveway with it. The wife can handle it, so it is fairly lightweight. Amazon had a terrific price. Half of what QVC was asking....more info
    • The Snow Joe doesn't like certain types of snow...Most types...
      The Snow Joe 12-Inch 6.6 Amp Electric Snow Thrower #322 is only good in 4in of light, powdery snow. With anything else, this thing is darn near useless. Even if there isn't a lot of snow and you're trying to clear a path in a small driveway or on the side walk, if the snow is too heavy, the Snow Joe barely budges or it doesn't dig deep. You have to go over the snow with several passes to even see the ground and I'm talking about only a few inches of snow. I had to eventually put this product aside and start using my shovel again. I don't like having to reshovel what this product is supposed to be plowing through. Yeah, it makes a lot of noise but that's about all it does.
      I purchased the Snow Joe because I thought it would be a time and back saver but it turned out to be clumsy and noneffective. ...more info
    • Does The Job
      A good investment for light snowfalls - much easier on the back than a standard shovel!...more info
    • Awesome for decks and porches
      Even did the whole pad out in front of the driveway with ease. Took on 5 inches of snow effortlessly. Struggled a little on hard packed snow, but that was hubby's fault for letting it get packed down before he took care of it. Definitely worth the money....more info
    • Great for what it is
      Living in Central New York, I own 2 other snowblowers: 13 hp and 8 hp. This little electric unit is just the ticket to blow off stairs and decks....more info
    • Okay for a few inches of dry snow.
      Heavy and difficult to push, only good for a few inches of dry snow. It did throw 4 inches of wet snow but I had to lift it. I might as well use a shovel since I have to lift it up. Easy to assemble....more info
    • WHAT A TIMESAVER! lightweight but powerful!
      I got one of these for my parents in Reno/Tahoe, NV. They absolutely love it. They like this home-sized snowblower because it is lightweight (ergonomic)and really powerful. They can clean up their walkways and driveway in no time, without even getting chilled. They are active seniors who need to get off to their next activity fast, but with hurting themselves. Since it's a great size, all my sisters want one now for Christmas. It is very worth the money and it's great to get it for even cheaper on Amazon! ...more info
    • great for small jobs
      This product works as advertised. It was easy to put together (it helps to use the photo on the box when you do). I bought it because I needed something light weight to help clear my roof of snow. It throws the snow far enough to accomplish this. If you're looking for something to do a large area like a driveway, stick with a snowblower. ...more info
    • Snowjoe
      It came in very handy doing my sidewalk & stairs going up to my sidewalk.
      Its a real back saver...more info
    • Small Jobs only not big jobs
      I recieved Mr. snowjoe as a gift for xmas and finally this weekend we got enough snow in NY to try out the little guy. Unfortunately there was too much snow for the machine to actually work. But as mentioned in previous reviews, works GREAT on stairs, patios and walk-ways. Its small and not heavy so you can easily put it away and carry the item.

      Over-all: Good item. ...more info
    • Efficient little thing!
      I got this blower because I wanted something I could handle on my own, something the kids could use and something electric that wouldn't be such a pain to haul out every time we had a little snowfall. This fits the bill. We just had about 6 inches of snow and it's 0 degrees this morning. I was afraid after sitting all night there would be a big crust on the snow that the blower couldn't handle, but it did great! Now, my husband did accidentally hit some big rocks which knocked some chunks out of the blade, so be careful if you don't know what's under the snow. You don't want to just shove the thing into some stationary object. (The blades can be purchased separately for $20.) It would be nice if it were angled so you could just push it in front of you, but I just used it like a broom and swept side to side. Obviously, that's how it's meant to be used, hence the big handle in the middle. (Duh.) I did at times just push it down the sidewalk, blowing the snow right in front and it handled the extra just fine. I can't speak to how it will perform in heavy, sloppy snow or how it will hold up over time, but for the price it's a winner!...more info
    • Meh.
      Doesn't move as much as I'd hoped. Also, my driveway and walk aren't completely level, which makes this thing somewhat challenged. Wish it worked better....more info
    • Works great, but their customer service is awful
      Easy to assemble and works great for throwing snow! The day I received it, I accidentally nicked the paddle/blade on a small piece of ice, throwing a chunk of blade through the air. My fault (though the paddle is pretty fragile!), so I attempted to order a replacement paddle on Snowjoe's website. The website is NOT compatible with any browser other than IE, and we use Firefox instead of IE because of security concerns. So then I called the 800 number to place the order ... after 40 minutes on hold, the agent was NOT able to take a parts order since she couldn't quote me a price!?! (it was $20 on the website). She was only able to "open a trouble ticket" and promised someone would call me back to take my parts order. That was over a week ago, and I'm still waiting for that call. In the meantime, we're continuing to use the Snowjoe, though it will be useless once the nicked blade breaks all the way through. Based on this experience, I would buy the similar snow thrower from Toro ... ...more info
    • Waste of money
      I read many good reviews of this blower, and i liked the price. Intended to use it to shovel my driveway and walk.Well logic tells you that if the snow thrower opening is in the front the snow will be thrown in the front...guess what, it is! It throws well, but no matter how many different ways I angled the machine to the side as the directions suggested, the snow still built up in front of me. gave up in the middle of shovelling. Perhaps I will use it for my deck next year, but what a waste for now....more info
    • Works great and minor issue
      As some of you remember, we had quite a snow storm on march 18th weekend.
      this machine save me time and energy.( I had 2 houses to clean mine and parents)
      A fine machine. all my neighbors envy me. works great.

      There is a slotted screw and Countersunk Nut to hold together between top handle from bottom unit. both machines (I bought 2 for me and my folks)
      lost this part(missing in action). Lost and buried in snow...
      I email company for replacement part.
      otherwise. a fine machine..... works great. save lots of time and energy...more info
    • Light and Efficient
      I bought the SnowJoe at the end of last season so I could put my herky gas-powered blower into storage early. When the first snow came this season, I took the SnowJoe out and went to work on two inches of fresh snow on my driveway. The SnowJoe's performance astonished me. It made short work of my driveway and the sidewalk in front of my house, and it did the job again the next day on four more inches of snow. My only criticisms are (1) it only throws straight ahead, so it builds a bow wave that can get in the way of progress, and (2) its effectiveness is strongly dependent on the handle angle during operation. Considering the SnowJoe's light weight and simplicity, those things seem pretty minor to me. Since we rarely get more than four inches of snow at a time, I may leave my gas blower in storage all season....more info
    • Too small too heavey
      I would say the product is good for small walk ways and light snows. But for larger areas or snows over 5 inches, it does not do the job. Also for older people and very young because it has no wheels holding it becomes quite heavy....more info