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Likened to a "young Muhammad Ali," Alex Cross, the Porsche-driving profiler, doctor, detective, and father of two has seen his fair share of vicious killers. From a bloodthirsty butcher who came after his family (Cat and Mouse) to a devilish duo working cross-country (Kiss the Girls), Cross has managed to outmaneuver all of his enemies. Until he meets the Weasel.

A series of killings in the forgotten, crime-infested ghettos of southeast D.C. has sent Cross and his 6'9" 250-pound partner, John Sampson, in search of the "Jane Doe" killer. However, their racist, tyrannical boss George Pitman orders them to stay out of the southeast and investigate the high-profile murder of a wealthy white man. Cross already has suspicions that the murders are linked, but when Sampson's ex turns up in an abandoned southeast warehouse kicked to death, the two detectives carry on with their original investigation. Meanwhile, Cross's longtime love, Christine (Cat and Mouse), has taken prominence in his life, and it looks as if the two will finally get hitched--with one glitch: Cross puts everything he loves in jeopardy as he obsessively goes after the Weasel.

Akin to a slick Hollywood action flick, Pop Goes the Weasel doesn't have time for meaningful character development or thoughtful moral analysis. And it doesn't need to. Its winning formula is based on short scenes (chapters average about 3 pages), addictive plot progression, and mean dialogue: "Sampson sighed and said, 'I think her tongue is stapled inside the other girl. I'm pretty sure that's it, Alex. The Weasel stapled them together.' I looked at the two girls and shook my head. 'I don't think so. A staple, even a surgical one, would come apart on the tongue's surface.... Crazy glue would work." --Rebekah Warren

Things are looking great for Alex Cross. He is in love with a very special woman, and even a series of ghastly murders he's investigating can't diminish his happiness. Cross's pursuit of the killer quickly produces a suspect--a British diplomat named Geoffrey Shaffer. However, proving that Shaffer is the murderer is a difficult challenge. The diplomat engages in a brilliant series of surprising countermoves, in court and out, and Cross and his fiancee become the targets of a deadly cabal of killers masterminded by Shaffer. Pop Goes the Weasel is James Patterson at the peak of his power. It's his most dynamic and powerful psychological thriller to date. Here is a villain no reader will forget, a love story of great tenderness, and a plot of relentless suspense and heart-pounding pace.

Customer Reviews:

  • Kindle edition review
    Like the previous 4 books in the Cross series, this Kindle edition must have been converted using character recognition scanning software, because it is riddled with the kind of typos you get that way, (e.g. "n" instead of "r" and vice versa etc.) This book is particularly bad. Usually it is just annoying, but a few times I had to re-read the sentence to figure out what it what supposed to say. (Doesn't anyone edit/proof these things??)

    As for the novel itself, I'm a bit tired of the cute kiddies and grandma; will probably have to take a break before deciding whether to go on with the series.

    I also agree with other reviewers that the ending was a bust, scarcely believable and too much of a teaser for the next in the series. These are not stand-alone novels. (Incidentally, I was intoduced to Alex Cross with the recent "Double Cross" volume, and maybe I'm a bit dense, but it took me half the book to tumble to the fact that Cross is African American. You need to read them in order.)

    After working my way through the Women's Murder Club series and the first 5 of Alex Cross, I rank Patterson (and his et al. co-authors) as a mystery/thriller "mill" that produces a modestly entertaining read for those times when you're either desperate for a one night "junk" book, or waiting for the next really good read from the many outstanding authors.
    ...more info
  • great read
    This is a great book, fast read. Thanks again James Patterson, and thank you Amazon for a good price and your usual fast shipping...more info
    The author of Cat and Mouse, Kiss the Girls, and others does it again. Our hero, Alex Cross, dynamic doctor/detective has overcome many adversaries, but this time he's confronting the Weasel!

    Serial killings in a crime ridden Washington, D.C. ghetto send Alex and his partner in search of the "Jane Doe" killer. But their bigoted boss wants them to focus on the slaying of a well-to-do white man.

    Patterson uses his trademark brief scenes and plot suspense to move his tale along to its proper conclusion. Able readers bring Alex to life as well as imbuing a complex villain with the proper amount of psychosis and sadism.

    - Gail Cooke...more info

    Pop Goes The Weasel was the most boring, predictable book I ever read. Very lame. I knew from page 1 that the detective's girlfriend would be kidnapped, and I knew exactly where. Very predictable, and I will not be reading anymore of this guy's novels....more info
  • Couldn't hold my interest
    I skipped most pages of this book and I dont' feel like I missed anything. The weasel would kill someone and that would be that, no character development of the victim. I'm done reading the Alex Cross novels. Lifeguard was great, you would have thought a different author wrote it. ...more info
  • Courtroom drama for a CHANGE is good........but the last few chapters are so typical and irritating...........
    this is a GOOD book.......
    enteratining and well written with so much promise but somewhere near its last 12 chapters it got all bad.........
    but still good and promising..............more info
  • Pop Goes the weasel
    Another great Patterson Book. The weasel is a fantastic villian.If you read this one you will want to read more of the cross series....more info
  • Alex Cross Returns
    Being a huge fan of the 2 Alex Cross movies, I thought that I would pickup and read a few of the Cross books by James Patterson. Turns out that this book was 4th or 5th in the series of 8 or 9 books concerning Alex Cross. So I went ahead and read through this book and enjoyed it very much. Cross is fairly level-headed and professional in this book. The antagonist is a british-trained agent that is a common psycho-path and takes on the entire police force and FBI.

    Since finishing this book, I started reading Along Came A Spider, where Cross is much more unbalanced and volatile. Its going to be interesting to see how the character progresses throughout the course of reading the entire series.

    I am definately a new James Patterson BOOK fan......more info
  • James Paterson
    this is the first James Paterson book i have read and it will be my last. this book is not good, plan and simple. the graphic words and deresptions just made me not like it at all, it might make a good movie but for a book it was not good. ...more info
  • This Story is Okay
    I listened to this audiobook while commuting to work. It is good. Not the best Alex Cross plot, but not the worst, either. I look forward listening to the sequel....more info
  • not very good
    I order this used boook. It said it was in excellent condition. I was really disappointed. It was an old library book in poor condition. It was even missing pages 115 thru 130. Other pages are falling out. I hope you will be more honest about the coditions of you books from now on....more info
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
    Pop Goes the Weasel was about Detective Alex Cross who is trying to solve a series of murders in Washington, D.C. The murderer is very skilled in covering up is tracks and it becomes very difficult for Cross to solve the case and convict the cold blooded murderer. When Alex Cross's girlfriend and family become endangered by this case, he becomes more determined to solve the murders. I enjoyed this book. It was the type of book that I found hard to put down. I thought that the book was fast paced, thrilling, and very intense. Patterson was very descriptive in decribing the setting and the actions or feelings of the characters. There were some negative aspects of the book however. First of all, right off the bat, you know exactly who the murderer was. There was no suspence in that. In addition, I thought the Patterson left no room for the reader to make their own conclusions. I think that this book is best for people who want to read a good murder/mystery book, rather than a well written novel....more info
  • Still looking for a five star thriller
    This is the fourth Patterson book that I have read and I am still looking for a five star thriller. So far all of his books have some boring parts where I skip-read, some exciting parts where there are twists and turns but no real suspense, and some parts that are just confusing. I tend to rate his books depending on how much text falls into each of these categories. That said this book had a plot that was not even believable and therefore I really didn't care how it ended. I just wanted to finish it so that I could start on the next one to see if I could find that nugget.

    Again like all of his books that I have read, it is a fast read since there is so much white space. Just image a 423 page book split up into 124 chapters. Patterson also devoted two or three pages to dialog between Alex and his family every time he went home. A few times would have been enough to establish that relationship but to continue it became boring and repetitive. The last few pages were not an ending, just the beginning of the next book. ...more info
  • Pop Goes the Weasel
    I LOVE Alex Cross. My original collection was in paperback. Now, I am
    searching for the best prices to replace them with hardcover. This one
    was a steal & in super condition. Thank you for a great product....more info
  • Thriller that is too thrilling...
    If you're looking for a book to distract you while you're exercising this book is fine. Otherwise it can be very annoying. Much of it is unrealistic and simplistic. A lot of it didn't make sense. The bad guy does all sorts of horrendous deeds over a period of years and never screws up. He also escapes over and over....more info
  • Wish I Had Saved My Money
    I loved "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came A Spider", but this book put me to sleep.

    It is predictable and I personally am tired of the "filler lines" about Cross's perfect children, perfect girlfriend, perfect partner and let us not forget the perfect Grandmother.
    It is almost becoming drippy! And Patterson repeats himself more than once in this book.

    I think the Weasel could be an interesting villain, and the game certainly kept my interest...but almost NOTHING ELSE DID. ...more info
  • Slippery foes and heartbreaks galore, the usual mayhem if you're Alex Cross...
    The fifth installment of the amazing series doesn't disappoint, if anything it makes me want to get back into the complex lives of these strong characters the moment that last page is turned. These books have a tendency of sucking me in hard and fast and making my mind wander around the story line even when I'm not reading it. I think there are sixteen or so books now in this series and I am always trying my best not to peak at what they are about, spoilers galore can happen, so I try my best to know as little as possible about each before I start reading it. James Patterson did a great job of creating the Cross family, making the reader care and worry about them, after all when a detective is being stalked and harassed by crazed psychopaths his family fall prey to them as well, making me stressed out but completely absorbed into the plot.

    This time the nemesis is not only dangerous and blood thirsty but seems to have no regard for his own life, the games is tastier when the stakes are ultra high, making Alex's life extra complicated, his good deeds seem to be turning on him when a suspect turns the tables, making a mockery of the trail, making people question whether Alex caught the right guy. Never mind that the evidence points to the truth, the dirty game of lies and deception has reached new levels, making this a tasty and intense read. The killer plays a game with 3 other shady characters, throwing dice to pick their next victim and ways of disposing them, whether the killings are random or planned, they send shockwaves through all the pages. Peace and quiet never lasts long at the Cross house, no matter what great things develop. At one point something happens to one of the characters that made me recoil in shock, adding an extra ounce of worry to the whole story line, I absolutely loved the ending and I won't pretend that I wasn't close to tears reading it. Well a few tears but still...I'm a softie deep down there somewhere. This book was really fun and crazy and thrilling and all the good things one looks for in a thriller. As always I recommend reading in order to get the most out of all the delicious mayhem that twists harder and harder with each novel. Patterson had managed to keep a hum over the whole tale with someone's tragedy and it really made the book better than I expected, I can't wait to read the next.

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • tryes to keep up with previous cross novels
    i am an avid reader of Alex Cross *the protagonist* novels, and this one is a fast paced read, i found myself unable to put it down once i got into it although to me it does not have quite the suspense that kiss the girls had, it is an EXELLENT read...more info
  • My 1st introduction to Alex Cross - now I need to catch up!
    This dark & gritty unabridged audiobook was the perfect choice for a dreary, misty morning ride to work. This was my first glimpse into the world of Alex Cross and once I finished this book I realized I've been missing out on some potentially excellent reads. Most hardboiled mysteries are too dry for my tastes and my mind starts drifting away but this one hooked me from the beginning with its attention to characterization and the emotional affects of crime on the victims left behind.

    The story, though grueling, moves along at a fast pace and held my attention throughout. Police Officer Alex Cross is a compelling and sympathetic character chasing down one of the evilest serial killers I've encountered in quite a while. The killer fancies himself as "Death" in a role playing game he and his three cronies call "The Four Horsemen". "Death" takes his role far too seriously and is a truly revolting, heartless, selfish and sadistic character. My only complaint is the plot twist that occurs on Disk 4 which was very predictable due to the author's overuse of happy adjectives in the previous chapters.

    The book only slowed down a bit for me during the trial but I've never been a fan of court room drama anyway and the ending left me wanting more (which is a good thing if there's a sequel -- not so good if this is the end!). All in all I'm thrilled to discover a new author with a considerable backlist to devour.
    ...more info
  • book purchase
    I ordered a large print for my son, as he has very poor vision, he called Friday and stated it is not in large print. This is the first time I have had an issue with any purchases....more info
  • Good But . . .
    Patterson weaves a great story, but he needs a legal advisor. Since I am a trial attorney I found it bizarre to be reading a sequence about a criminal trial where the defendant has the burden of going forward with presenting evidence to prove his innocence. Did I miss something? In many criminal trials under the US system of justice the defendant presents no evidence because he is presumed innocent and has no burden of proof to prove his innocence. In this book, the only testimony given by Cross at the trial is in response to defense questioning. Ordinarily, he would be considered the government's lead witness sitting with the prosecutor all during the trial! However, take away the strange trial sequence and this spins into a very good story....more info
  • Exciting
    This is another Alex Cross mystery. Always excitng to read never dull. Speeds right along. A must read...more info
  • not very good
    I order this used boook. It said it was in excellent condition. I was really disappointed. It was an old library book in poor condition. It was even missing pages 115 thru 130. Other pages are falling out. I hope you will be more honest about the coditions of you books from now on....more info
  • This one has some pop.
    I am slowly but surely working my way back through the archive of Alex Cross novel from Patterson. All things considered, Pop Goes the Weasel is a solid effort by Patterson. The author presents another supremely evil antagonist against whom Cross is pitted, with the added twist of a very personal involvement on the part of Cross. Although the Alex Cross formula makes things a bit predictable (and the references to cases solved in previous books become too repetitive), Patterson is nonetheless able to keep the reader turning the pages....more info
  • Horribly Entry to the Alex Cross Series
    I did not like this one in the least as it deals with a group of people who murder in a role-playing game they create over the internet and ends up coming off like a very bad Italian splatter movie complete with a banal plot, obviously no concept of internet security and wire tracing, cornflakes box characters and nothing of the kind of intelligence or pace that went into other Alex Cross books. Also the Cross backstory takes horrible turns becoming something like the Brady Bunch. Get the originals or a sequel like Cast & Mouse rather than this failure concept. Patterson totally lost it with this one....more info
  • As Always Cross is entertaining but...
    Alex Cross is one of the best detectives I have read, I have always enjoyed this series this novel left a little to be desired though the ending seemed a bit rushed and didn't really satisfy me. As I closed this book I saw myself thiking that none of this was plausible or possible. If you enjoy detective novels then this is a good read, If this is your first Patterson novel please pick something else....more info
  • Another flawed plot
    Shafer, The Weasel, is another of James Patterson's sadistic, super-intelligent killers who is way, way bigger than life. If you can accept such villains, this isn't all that bad, although it does drag a little in the middle and doesn't come to a very satisfying finale. Super villains are a staple of a certain type of fiction: There are Fu Manchu, Lex Luthor in Superman, Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon, etc. But those are campy fun or comin book nasties, and we can accept them for that. Mr. Patterson crosses the line from comic book and would have us to accept the realism of The Weasel and his ilk. It doesn't work.

    The totally un-necessary flaws are also what drag this down. At one point, Cross arrests The Weasel, after he has murdered a police officer. The Weasel has the victim's blood on his trousers. At the trial, the defense attorney implies that it was Cross's blood. A simple DNA test would have shown that the blood on Cross was his own, and that the blood on The Weasel was not Cross's but rather the victim's.

    The second and third flaws: at the trial of The Weasel, the defense case seems to have been presented before the prosecution's. Most readers of this book will know that couldn't be. Moreover, Cross was called first by the defense attorney, with no mention that Cross was a hostile witness, although he is a policeman and was the arresting officer. Apparently the prosecution never called him at all--although they surely would have. But then the prosecution did not present their case first, which muddles everything.

    Writers have some latitude in re-arranging facts for dramatic purposes, but not to this extent. Readers today are too savvy as a result of Court-TV and the many programs about forensics, DNA, etc.

    This is pretty much standard fare for a Patterson/Cross novel. We are told a great deal more about Cross's love life than is significant or than I cared to know. His love life is not to be envied since his significant others keep getting in big trouble. We are also over-exposed to his so very cute kids and Nana.

    Perhaps if the author spent a little more time on writing the books, some of the problems could be avoided--but who am I to advise him? His formula serves its purpose: as many books as he puts out each year, they become best sellers and make him rich. Literature his books are not: cash cows they are. Even Shakespeare can't spend his grand reputation....more info
  • James does it again.....
    I have been reading all the Alex Cross books in order. I was impressed with this one. I especially liked the ending - there was a nice little twist to it. It is an easy book to read with nice short chapters - the only problem is you tell yourself you are just going to read one more and then before you notice you have read another 100 pages ! BEWARE....more info
  • As Bad as it Gets
    A couple of days ago I tried to read this book. I think it's the worst thing I tried to read in my life. I feel sorry for the trees, used to print this thing.
    Theoretically, it's a thriller. There is a maniac killer, and the uber-detective Alex Cross has to take him. But it's amazingly badly written, and the plot has holes the size of Godzilla.
    There are naked bodies being found all other Washington. They are murdered in different ways. But the detective feels that they are connected. Why? 'Cause there is no ID on any of the bodies! Ugh, I don't quite get it. They are naked - what kind of ID he wants to find?? First the victims are black women. Then, a white male shot to death is found. But as he is not only naked, BUT ALSO HAS NO ID ON HIM - the cops know it has to be the same killer! Then they find two dead prostitutes murdered in their flat (all the other bodies were dumped in abandon buildings, bushes, etc.) But, there is no ID on the bodies, so it's the same killer, of course! I don't know, maybe it's common for people in Washington to carry some ID on them even in their homes while being naked. If it's so, then it makes some sense. But not much. Having no ID on the body is too little to realistically link murders with comepletely different MO and no pattern in the victims - are we to believe that when cops find a shot white male, they will instantly connect it to a stabbed black prostitute?

    The language is even worse - when he asks his girlfriend to marry him, she answers -

    `I can't give you an answer. You just came back from Boston. You were on another horrible, horrible murder case. I can't take that. Your life was in danger again. That terrible madman was in your house. He threatened your family. You can't deny any of that.'

    - I'm not sure people talk like that. It sounds like some 50s noir movie at its worst. And then, there is my favourite phrase, when Cross comes home to here his children, and his Granny singing spirituals:

    'Damon, Jannie, and Nana were singing `Sit Down You're Rockin'de Boat' in the kitchen. The show tune was music to my ears and other essential parts of my anatomy.'

    Well, maybe it's just me, but it took me some time to get that he was probably talking about his heart and not what I though at first.

    As I didn't finish this (I got only about 1/3 of the novel), I give it a benefit of doubght, and give two stars, providing that it may have gotten way better later on. But still it's so below any book by the likes of Jeffrey Deaver or John Sandford....more info
  • good story...bad details
    All the Alex Cross books that I've read are good but when an author doesn't get his detail right it really ruins a book. Case in point...when Alex take the safety off on his Glock. Glocks don't have safeties you can switch on and off like most guns do. So what we have here is an author whose trying to make his character cool by using a cool gun but the author doesn't know enough about what he's writing to be real. This is not the first time Patterson has made this mistake which only makes me wonder how many others he's made. Kind of makes me think he did just enough research to find out what the police in DC carry and that was that. He tells a good story but he needs to get his facts straight to make his books very good to great....more info
  • Three points to review this book
    1) The Thriller

    The game part of the book is an excellent thriller, the way that the players play and the police investigate the crimes is excellent. Five stars for this part of the book.

    2) Predictable

    When the trial begins you will know who will win the battle, so this part of the book is boring because you will know the end of the trial no matter how good is the lawyers work.
    When the trial becomes to an end you will know exactly what will happen with Christine. Two stars for this part of the book.

    3) The abduction

    When a person is abducted for one or two days you will read faster to see what happened with that person, when the abduction is for a week or a month you just stop thinking in the abducted person, but when the abduction is for more than a year and you already know how it'll end is just pathetic, and the way they found Christine is... you will know if you finish this book. Two stars for this part of the book....more info
  • Pop Goes another Great book
    Once again, Patterson knocks it home with another great book. I really enjoyed this fast paced page turner. It was almost difficult for to not look forward in the book to see how things were going to turn out. The plot and the character development in this book is amazing.

    To sum up with out spoiling, Cross is on the hunt again for a killer who is playing a game called the Four Horseman. The killer calls himself Death and is quite bi-polar to say the least. The twists and turn were great. I was a little concerned when half way through the book turned in to a Law and Order type of feel, but have no fear Patterson made to keep the thrill alive throughout the duration.

    Once again, another fun read. Also, some people seem to mistake the order of the books. Its helpful (maybe not completely necessary) to read the Cross series in a particular order. Here is a link to a List i put together, hope you find it helpful.

    http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Cross-Series-In-Order-James-Patterson/lm/RPDN9G1NBTS3Q/ref=cm_lm_byauthor_title_full...more info
  • Disappointing
    When reading a book, it's either going to be good or bad.. fairly simple. I listened to the CD version and I was so turned off by two narrators that I didn't care to listen to it any longer. I love James Patterson's novels and I was really looking forward to this one. However, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed....more info
  • Patterson, puh leez
    I read Kiss the Girs, a serial killer. Then Spider, aha, another serial killer. Now Pop Goes the Weasel, well he popped and we got that krap all over us. This book is for those who have a choice, Nancy Drew or Pop Goes the Weasel. Patterson uses quantity instead of quality. Forget this one....more info