The Dark Highlander
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Journey to a world of ancient magic, breathtaking sensuality, thrilling time-travel.... Journey to the world of The Dark Highlander. Crisscrossing the continents and the centuries, here is a novel as gripping as it is sensual¡ªan electrifying adventure that will leave you breathless....

I am Dageus MacKeltar, a man with one good conscience and thirteen bad ones, driven to sate my darkest desires¡­

From his penthouse lair high above Manhattan, Dageus looks out over a glittering city that calls to the darkness within him. A sixteenth-century Scot trapped between worlds, he is fighting a losing battle with the thirteen Druids who possess his soul, dooming him to an eternity of sexual pursuit. When Chloe Zanders, student of antiquities, is drawn into his world, she finds the insatiable alpha male an irresistible lure.Before long, she is caught up in an ancient prophecy that will sweep her back into time to medieval Scotland. Plunged into a world of timeless magic and dark seduction, she will soon face the challenge of a lifetime: fighting thirteen evil spirits for the heart of one irresistible man....

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Customer Reviews:

  • the Dark Highlander
    I enjoyed reading the Dark Highlander. Karen marie Moning writes a very
    interesting story....more info
  • Super, Extraordinary, One Of A Kind, Special Novel!!
    I may be Karen Marie Moning's biggest fan! I have read all of her books and "The Dark Highlander" is my favorite. Daegus MacKelter, the dark, intense, super-alpha hero, (the most alpha man around), is the reason. He is smart, sexy, enchanting and determined. Once you meet him, you won't be able to put this book down. The plot happens to be intelligent and exciting also.

    Daegus is a 16th century Highlander living in a lush apartment in 21st century Manhattan. Yes, there's time travel here, as well as magic, romance, mystery, adventure and edge-of-your-seat suspense. McKelter is in this century searching for an ancient manuscript, from his time, so he can find the method to exorcise the thirteen evil Druid entities that possess him. He has to find the texts soon because their dark presence threatens to take him over completely, and their power grows with every minute.

    Chloe Zanders, an antiquities dealer who is especially interested in 16th century military pieces, is found in Daegus' apartment snooping through his texts and manuscripts. She had actually gone there on official business. When she found the door unlocked she entered. Daegus was not at home - but his treasures, ancient artifacts which appear new, are all over the place, right out in the open - like a museum! How can she resist? Actually Daegus is the one who finds her....and he ties her up. How like an alpha male! He is immediately drawn to this intelligent, feisty lady who would bargain away her soul to get her hands on some of his antiquities. He holds Chloe captive - but this is not your usual captive damsel romance plot. Chloe is no damsel, believe me!

    There are plot twists, hilarious scenes that ooze with sexual tension and sensuality. Yum! The dialogue and banter between the two is outstanding! They eventually travel to Scotland because the book he has been searching for is not in America after all - but back home. There he meets with his brother and sister-in-law. Daegus had been avoiding his family because he feared their learning of his possession - knowledge which could lead to his death. And in Scotland the evil grows stronger.

    The "Tuatha De Dannan," (a fairy type immortal race), had made a pact with the human race hundreds of years before. The Keltar became the chosen to protect the earth, nourish it and rebuild the land. A compact was forged between the two races - man and fairy. Under extreme duress, Daegus was forced to break this pact and when he did, the 13 "Tuatha De Dannan," who had broken away from the main group and turned to dark ways, possessed Daegus' mind, and eventually threatened his very soul. This is a very special and most unusual story.

    Ms. Moning has created a magical world where time has little meaning and lovers will cross centuries and continents to stay together. The author has included fascinating, accurate details of Celtic Druid lore and life. Her characters are three-dimensional and so likable. All I can say, to sum up, is that I read avidly - all kinds of books. This is one of my Top Ten favorites. Highest recommendation!
    JANA...more info
  • Fantastic Time Travel Journey!!
    This was the first time I've ever read Karen Marie Moning as well as this type of book. I generally read mystery and murder books. All I can say about The Dark Highlander is WOW!!!! I haven't had the chance to pick up any of her other books, but I certainly plan on it soon. I was sucked in like I have never been sucked in with a book before. All of my friends made fun of me but I enjoyed the book immensely. ...more info
  • Hot-Herart Throb!
    This book was HOT & SEXY! A little on the graphic side however still hot! I couldn't put it down. I read this first not realizing that it was the last in the series. I've been looking for the rest since! Definately a book for the more mature audiences. After reading this book I've been reading all of the Scottish romance books I could find!

    Definately exciting!!! Just writing this makes me consider reading the book again!...more info
  • Dissapointed with this one...
    In this book about Adam Black, I found myself dissapointed and surprised by the lack of consistency of Adam's character compared to the other Highlander books that he appeared in. He was positively horrid in the past books and down right hateable. I felt that his character as that hateable fairy added to the last books and made you understand why is son didn't want anything much to do with him in "The Highlander's Touch". His lightening fast change of character in this book was just too unbelievable to me. I couldn't even finish due to the fact that it just wasn't even ficticiously believable as Moning's past books have been. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I'm glad that someone enjoyed it. I do look forward to more about the MacKeltar brothers in the future. Pleas don't wait to long to pick up the Highlander series again, Ms. Moning. Thanks!...more info
  • my favorite romance novel!
    I found the heroine very likeable and easy to relate to, probably especially because I am a bookworm myself! Dageus, wow, he is everything a hero should be; as one reviewer put it, he gives a new meaning to tall, dark, and sexy!

    Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down! If you like a book with memorable characters, sexy love scenes, and an interesting plot, you will love this book!...more info
  • This was bad....
    I don't know why...must be cause this story lacks something. And I just thought it was about sex and nothing more... it didn't say or show why they fall in love or love eachother except. And the only good thing is that it showed a bit of the other people from the earlier works.
    I've read all of the earlier books and this is the worst one, I'm not sure if I'm going to read more of this author if it's like this one.... And if i could.. I've given this book NO star at all.......more info
  • What a man!!!
    Give me Dageus any day (or his twin, haha). The first love scene in this novel is hot hot hot!! The passion fairly leaps from the pages. Karen Marie Moning has taken a subject that would normally be in the fantasy section in the book store, and has made many a historical romance lover happy. Without Moning we would be very bored. Very, very bored. ...more info
    From the moment I picked up and starting reading this book I was captivated. I felt an immediate connection to the characters and could not put this book down. The main charactor Daeges is so intimidating and sexy. A great romantic read right from the start! ...more info
  • There are not enough stars for KMM
    I have just pre-ordered FaeFever. I cannot wait. I have read and reread KMM books and now play the audio CDs in my car. Am I obsessed - YES!!! But I can't help it. PS - so is my daughter. THANKS KMM...more info
  • How can a girl not adore Dageus?
    I read a lot. Paranormal romance is my preferance. This is definitely my favorite book of all I've read.

    Dageus MacKeltar is an amazingly compelling character. He'll do anything for those he loves. And he pays for that dearly by saving his twin brother. A twin by the way that he'd already lost to an enchanted sleep. Determined that Drustan will make it to the future and his wife Gwen he uses the stones to go back and save Drustan from the fire that kills him and in the process Dageus is taken over by the Draghar.

    And how could Chloe resist him? He's gorgeous, intelligent, attentive and adores her. Thanks to 13 evil druids living within him he keeps himself on a very tight leash. With everyone except Chloe. Imagine being the one that can shatter that control. "There was a time, long ago in Scotland, when a man would select the finest from his trencher and feed his woman...Only after he'd sated her desires-fully and completely-did he sate his own." That line melts me every time.

    Some of the reviewers called Dageus arrogant. Perhaps. He's a product of his time. Others don't understand why he and Chloe are together. Try to follow along with us people. The concept of one true mate is a recurring theme in these books and the genre in general. It isn't really that hard to grasp.

    I go back to this series over and over again. The Dark Highlander never fails to be my favorite.

    ...more info
  • Highlander at it's best....
    Without a doubt, n ot only one of my favorite in the series but one of my absolute favorite books ever. Loved it!!!...more info
  • OK.....but not great
    This is my 2nd Moning. Overall, I enjoyed this book but I would not read it again. I found the heroine annoying and the hero overdone. I get it he is ...dark and sexy...I'm not going to forget from one page to the next. I will probably try another of her books before I give up. I love romance novels but this really just read like pure fantasy. ...more info
  • Another great highlander series book!!
    This is the second Karen Moning book that features the MacKeltars. All I can say is...READ THIS BOOK! It is a great mixture of magic,time travel, highlands, passion & humor. The characters are well developed and get you itching to read the rest of the MacKeltar books (#1 "Kiss of the Highlander" - (Drustans story),#2 "Dark Highlander" (drustans twin), #3 "Immortal Highlander" (Adam Black - side character interacting w/ MacKeltars), #4 "Spell of the Highlander" (part of MacKeltar clan), #5 "Highlander's Touch" (seperate story linked w/ Adam Black), #6 "Into the Dreaming" - a novella that features the fairy queen mentioned in the other books. NOTE: This is my suggestion for the order to read them in. There is not real official order in which to read them. All I know is once you finish this book, you will be itching to read the rest. ENJOY!!!...more info
    My OH MY deagus is hot, sexy, dark, and so scotishly romantic and the way he is so seductive. and the sex is so hot and chole gets it better than me and i have a scot who let me say is romantic but i wish i had my own dark highlander and i wish i had the kind of love chole gets. oh my oh my this was such a good book that i wish there was another to go along with it as a follow up every one should read this book. THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE WHO SAY IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER; IT WASN'T GOOD; I'M SELLING MY COPY; OR I HAVE READ BETTER get your mind out of the gutter and read a book with an open mind, i have read books from josie litton that could have been better but i didn't think about oh josie litton is a good writer so this will be good, or i read this because the back sounds so convincing no i read because i wanted to create my own opinion and that my friend is what writters try and do....more info
  • By far my favourite Highlander book....
    The writing kept me on edge the entire time. I couldn't put the book down and have read it about a hundred times since!
    Although Chloe did appear weaker than Gwen from "Highland Mist" I still thought she made an admirable heroine. And Dageus say he was a great hero would be a tragic understatement. He has to be one of my most favourite heros of all time.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone with a little Scots in their blood! (Even my husband enjoyed it!!!)...more info

  • Whoever knew antiquities could so intriguing?
    One word...WOW!!! I cannot count the number of times I sighed while I was reading this book. I ordered the others in the series and I eagerly, somewhat impatiently (although I just ordered them yesterday=-), await their arrival. This was the only Highlander book in the series that was at the bookstore, and I couldn't NOT read it right away! LOL! Anyway, Dageus :::sigh::: ...this book left me wishing I could hop the next flight to Scotland! Now, where's my passport ...more info
    I've had a love for reading for over 17yrs and have read many a books but this book qualifies as an ooooh my goodness kind of book. If you are a person that only want to read for a certain amount of time and come back to the book later, I would suggest that you not pick this book up. It was great!!!...more info
  • Awesome book!!!
    I totally cried at the end of this book. I loved it. I hope she writes more....more info
  • Another MacKeltar Driud....
    Dark Archangel.Erotic.Gorgeous.Undeniably Sensual. D-A-E-G-U-S. Need I say more ? You will be completely captivated by this book. Karen Moning does an outstanding job writing this romance novel of Drustan's twin, the dark druid brother, Daegus. Hurry and buy this one before it is no longer available. A definite keeper !!!...more info
  • Dark Highlander - Highlander Series
    In this book, KMM has created the man of many women's dreams. Dageus is the bad boy that the good girls want to convert. The entire book was amazing (as the rest of the series) and the darker tones in the book set off her characters nicely. If you get tired of the same old shiny bright heroes, this is the book for you. Dageus is dark, hot, sensual, and deeply complex. This complexity helps this book stand out a bit above the rest... highly recommended....more info
  • A Karen Marie Moning fan....
    I have been a fan of historical romances for several years. I have recently found time-travel and para-normal. By far, my favorite time-travel romances are by Karen Marie Moning. Out of all her books I enjoyed Kiss of the Highlander the most. This book, The Dark Highlander, is the sequel to that one. The Dark Highlander is funny, sexy, emotional and most definitely a must read for time travel romance fans. There was some parts of this book I found boring which is unusual for me to find in Karen's writing. It has alot of history of the celtics and druids which I thought could have been cut down a bit..well for me anyway. Some people may enjoy all the history details. It was more confusing than Kiss of the Highlander in that it went back and forth a bit between the Tuatha De' Danaan (you have to read her books to know about this), they are basically like gods to druids (which is what Dageus is), and present time and the 16th century.
    As far as the heroine ...Chloe. She was cute and strong in her own way. I do like that both the McKelter men found women that weren't the perfect leggy model type.
    THE BOTTOM LINE...4 stars instead of 5 because it was a bit confusing to me with all the history, etc. The book made me laugh out loud and it brought tears to my eyes. The sex is very steamy and a big WOW on Dageus's fantasies. ...more info
  • Sexy Bad Boy with Magic
    "Dark Highlander" is one in a series of books revolving around hunky Scottish Druids who can travel through time. Its immediate prequel is "Kiss of the Highlander," though "Dark" can be read alone. The author, Moning, doesn't rely on back-story to make "Dark" flow, which is great for first time readers.

    "Dark" revolves around Dageus, the MacKeltar twin with black hair falling down to his waist and gold eyes. Dageus also has a secret: he has 13 evil Druids inside him, just waiting for him to lose control of his magical power so that they can use his body to destroy the world.

    In "Dark," Moning creates a character in Dageus that is very attractive, and not just because he is gorgeous. He is honorable and lonely, yet he reeks of a predatory sexual dominance that has every female character in the story drawn to him like bees to nectar. Plus, he has a dark side - which is always much, much more exciting than white knights and squeaky-clean heroes.

    His heroine is Chloe, a Kansas "nerd" who now works in a museum in Manhattan tending to Celtic artifacts. Dageus, who happened to be from the 16th Century Scotland, is by far the greatest, sexiest, and most dangerous artifact Chloe could ever hope to discover. I personally didn't like Chloe that much - she just seemed too frumpy and na?ve a love interest for such an exciting guy, but oh well, I guess. It is a fantasy.

    Chloe's reactions to a man like Dageus, however, are very, very real. There is definitely a sizzle to the numerous love scenes. They are long, graphic, and not at all flowery. It's Dageus' aggression and complete control of each sexual encounter that gives "Dark" its satisfying heat.

    This is a story with many magical elements, a dark brooding hero, and an innocent modern heroine. You don't need to read the rest of the series to understand it. All you need is a desire to read about an interesting man pursued by evil both within and around him, the girl he loves, and his amazing abilities to move back and forth in time.

    ...more info
  • Heartless Druid on the run from himself!
    This is the story of a Scottish Druid from the 16th century who falls in love in the 21st century. Sound familiar?

    This book is the direct sequel to Kiss of the Highlander, and unlike others in Moning's Highlander series, really should be read in tandem with the previous book. Otherwise you can't fully engage with the story, with the character or his situation. Unfortunately when you do that, you'll easily see the parallel and repetetive plot devices that may make the story seem disappointingly formulaic.

    What makes this story different from others that Ms. Moning has written, and a powerful story in its own right, is the level of conflict with the dark Druids who are foretold to enter the mind of any Druid who travels through time for his own personal reasons (abuses his power). Drageus has done this forbidden act in a self-less way, to preserve the life and love of his dear brother (and you would only resonnate with that part of the story if you read 'Kiss'). The story jumps right in shortly after Kiss left off, with the two brothers already in communication over his situtation, and Drageus struggling with the Dark Druids over his own soul. The author doesn't try to build his character, the way a novel normally starts - he seems like a heartless bastard, he doesn't love anyone, save his family members, and has firmly given up on that aspect of his life, when he meets Chloe in a very funny scene.

    The love story follows a similar vein as Kiss of the Highlander, in which Chloe must fight for her love with Dageus, and go backwards in time with him. But the ultimate struggle in this story is the hero's (unlike Kiss where it was the heroine who had to fight for her love). Dageus must prove himself and demonstrate strength of character, and so by the end of the book it is hard not to have fallen in love with this powerfully sexy and charismatic man. ;-)

    Enjoy this story! And enjoy the return of some characters that we came to love in Kiss of the Highlander: Silvan, Nell, Drustan, and Gwen. How often do we read a book and wish it could never end? Dark Highlander gives you a chance to continue to enjoy a great story, and provides a sequel that is just as powerful a story....more info
  • For a scottish "artifact" like Dageus McKeltar ....
    What I liked about this book was that is took place in the current century for the most part. And it was dark, very dark. Dageaus meets Chloe, or actually "ze french maid" and cannot stop himself keeping her in his lair in Manhattan. She of course is head over heels in love with "the older scottish the better" but due to his reputation as womanizer is not quite ready yet to be just another afternoon play.
    I like the interaction between them how he wants to protect her but yet wants to devour her and is torn between those 2 raw feelings.
    I wish Chloe could have been a bit more helpful for him since so much time was spend on explaining that she not only loves antiques and artifacts, but knows a lot about them too and speaks several languages. Instead she was more of a little flower babbling on, where she could have helped him translate and such... But the scene where she practices her declaration of love is just so cute and honest, that I can forgive KMM for that. Now I am curious about Adam Black....more info
  • KatherineL
    This book is NOT to be missed. One of the best to date from this great author. The hero is to die for and the heroine is sweet yet strong. Please do yourself a huge favour and buy this book!...more info
  • a must have
    This book was gripping from the beginning.A great read, very exciting,intriguing and seductive.Since this was the very first book I'd gotten from this author i went out and bought all her others.Karen Moning knows what she's doing to keep you involved and wanting more.Great book couldn't possibly get a higher review from me .I have re-read all her books several times this author....more info
  • Oh yeah baby!
    The plot has been well stated by other reviewers here so let me say-HOT D%*#!!! This book defines sexual tension! If you did that in a romance as well as a hero who isn't a jerk, GET THIS BOOK!!!

    It is really impressively good....more info

  • Where's a Highlander when you need him?
    This was the first of the Highlander Series that I read and was totally hooked from that point. Her character's are fun and sexy in an other worldly way. I don't know about anyone else but when I read I want entertainment and not seriousness. Not to say that doesn't have its place.
    But, my life is serious enough that losing myself for a few hours in one of Karen's books has been great fun. To bad that we all can't have a dark highlander in our lives as well. But with the help of our imaginations and our dreams who's to say we might not be visited by Dageus or Drustan. One can always depend on dreams to transport us to places so wonderful that there are no words to describe. ...more info
  • Good but not Great
    I wanted to adore this book as much as it's predecessor Kiss of the Highlander since it was Daegus' story (Drustan's twin brother), but instead, I liked it a whole lot. The story is most definitely unique and engaging and our hero is certainly scrumptouously sexy in his darkness. However, I just didn't warm up to the heroine, Chloe. I feel Ms. Moning didn't develop this character as fully as she did Gwen in KOTH. As a result, this story misses the complete "romance" aspect. I couldn't say "Yes! These characters were meant to be together above all others", but rather felt that they shared a mere fondness for one another and a whole lot of attraction. If you are looking for an intriguing and more complex plotline, this book is wonderful. If you want heart-stopping love and romance, you may feel a little short-changed. If you desire the whole romance package complete with a great storyline, read KOTH. All in all, The Dark Highlander makes for an enjoyable read and is certainly one of the better novels written in this genre....more info
  • Not as good as "Kiss of the Highlander"
    The heroine was weaker I felt in this book. I found myself frustrated with her whereas I had more respect for Gwen in the Kiss of the Highlander. It was terrible that Silvan tells Daegus that he's the favorite over Drustan, no father would say that to one of twin sons. And the whole story about a tortured hero who can be saved only by the one mate, and uttering a binding spell was shamelessly unoriginal and imitative of Christine Feehan's "Dark" series... Otherwise he will become "a dark one" and lose his soul, again just like Feehan's series.
    Easy ending, too easy. No good twists like Kiss of the Highlander.
    I don't know if I'll bother with the next one, Highlander's Touch....more info
  • Highlanders are HOT!!!!
    I have been reading romance novels for a long time, and I have just recently discovered the genre of time-travel. I thought I would give it a go and this author is great! If I could find a Highlander like Daegeus and have the steamy love scenes and word-play he has with the heroine, I WOULD BE IN TOTAL HAPPINESS! He is one HOT man! Total Alpha-male! Plus the story is really interesting and the author has made the characters and all extremely interesting.
    I highly recommed this book to anyone who is interested in sitting in at night by yourself and having a good HOT read!...more info
  • One Of My Favorite Books!!
    i had read this book a couple of years ago and had lost it. i could not remember the author's name OR the title of the book!! all i could remember was the plot and i searched everywhere for it. i joined a book club online last year to exchange books with other readers and was looking for something to request when i read to summary for this book. i knew i had found what i had lost and i could not wait to get my hands on it again. it was even better the second time around and there is no way i will let it go this time! i plan on reading each book in the highlander series. ms moning is now on my list of favorite authors to read!...more info
  • FANTASTIC on all levels~~READ THIS ONE~~You won't be sorry~
    What an awesome book. GREAT love story, FANTASTIC and sexy hero, and a heroine who seems like someone I'd like to have for a friend. What more could you ask?

    I read and reread passages of this book and it's not what you think (sexy stuff). I just loved the dialogue between the hero (Dageus) and Chloe. Some of his comments are simply heart-melting.

    Typically I am drawn to the contemporary romance but I have a soft spot for highlanders and thought I'd try this one. I was thoroughly pleased and have since bought the rest of the series.

    Most definitely a keeper for me. Buy this one--you won't be sorry!...more info