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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
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Product Description

All the lightning-fisted thrills of the worldĄŻs wildest combat video game series explodes onto DVD in this brilliantly animated, sensationally supercharged adventure, Street FighterTM II: The Animated Movie. This all new unedited and uncensored version now boasts a stunning new 5.1 surround sound mix of the equally popular soundtrack. In the not too distant future, civilization is under attack. Leading the forces of darkness is the evil mastermind Bison, who is determined to capture the minds and bodies of the worldĄŻs greatest fighters for use in his manic plan to conquer the world. The only people on Earth with the potential to stop him are Ken and Ryu, two powerful legendary martial arts warriors. Together they face the fights of all fights. The final battle of good against evil is about to begin!

Based on the video game, Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie (1994) is the first feature in the popular continuity that includes a second animated film, a TV series, an OAV, and a live-ction feature. With physiques that Mr. Olympia would envy and moves that would shame Bruce Lee, Ryu and Ken Masters rank as the world's greatest martial artists. They face a dire challenge when Vega (Bison in the English dub), the psychic master of the criminal syndicate Shadowloo (Shadowlaw), attempts to turn the world's top street fighters into his agents. The minimal plot exists only as a framework for the over-the-top martial arts battles. Director Gisaburo Sugii stages many of the fights at night in an effort to heighten the drama, but the results are so dark, it's difficult to see what's going on. Fans of the series complain--justifiably--that the English voices sound stiff and hokey, although the dialogue is hopelessly silly. The double-sided disc offers both the English and Japanese versions; the latter contains about two more minutes of violent fighting. (Rated PG-13, suitable for ages 17 and older: graphic violence, violence against women, nudity, alcohol use, profanity, ethnic stereotypes) --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • Not sure if this is the one I have, but I know it's not the others
    I think this is the one I have. I doubt I have a full uncut version.

    Time to get to the actual review now. Do not get this confused with the Street Fighter Alpha series of movies. This one is actually good and does the Street Fighter name justice. There are some good fight scenes (especially the first one with ....). As an anime, it's pretty good to me without straying far from Street Fighter's legacy and what makes it great. ..... dies too easily. I wish .... was in the movie longer. Of course, everybody doesn't get a chance to really fight or show up because there are so many characters but there is a good list of characters that show up in this movie. ...more info
  • A flawed yet enjoyable piece of anime
    Did the loss of some key scenes make a difference? Not really. Did the plot need more work? Yes definitely.

    However, if you watch it for what it is (an attempt to bring a video game to life on the screen) it ain't that bad. Some great fight scenes, and some pretty good animation work which still stands up today.

    Let's face it, if you're a street fighter fan (and I am one), you'll love the first moment one of the characters uses a signature move from the game.

    You could do a lot worse....more info

  • Overdrawn, mediocre film
    It never fails. The formula for any game-to-movie is simply this:

    -Put in as many of the characters as you can.
    -Put in as many fights as you can.
    -Have a big showdown with the nominal "villain."
    -Plot and storyline be damned.

    Street Fighter II does this. Now, you're probably thinking, "But thats good if you like the Street Fighter games!" Well yeah, I've always been a big fan of the SF2 saga, but this movie was a disappointment.

    Essentially, there are four or five different storylines or plots in this movie. They all concern Bison to some degree, but no real single story to follow. This makes the whole thing boring.

    It especially gets boring after the famous Chun-Li/Vega fight. Its a great fight, and probably the only reason to watch the movie, but after that every thing is just predictable and dragged out. In fact, this entire movie pretty much feels dragged out.

    Its in no way a reason to buy, save if you're switching your video collection over to DVD. The film is still edited (as seen by the edited Chun-Li shower scene). There's also the god-awful American soundtrack left in. If you liked the bad hard rock music from the video, you won't mind it, but if you don't like releases from Japanese countries being adulterated, then there's a problem.

    So its pretty much a waste of a DVD....more info

  • Everyone Fights!
    Compared to all the other Street Fighter series out there, this one has it all!
    The style of animation is both awesome and sophisticated. Gisaburo Sugii packed in as many characters as he could into this one, and dissapointed you will not be.
    SF Alpha and SF the series tried to bring in characters and all, but they either lacked in wide shot of the fighting scenes or didn't bring in the rest of the gang. Everyone in this movie fights, and everyone shows off their awesome fighting abilities. Yup, even Dhalsim (scronny indian guy in video game) looks all ripped up and badass in this one.
    No complaints on this one, and i dare anyone find any SF movie or any anime at that that can top this certain classic. a must buy even if you watched it a 100 times....more info
  • Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
    If you liked the Street Fighter games and you like Animation. This is the movie for you. This movie has great animation and a Awesome soundtrack!!! It's the classic final battle of good and evil!...more info
  • Classic SF anime movie, but be resourceful before paying inflated prices
    Before I review the movie itself, I want to start by letting everyone know that I paid close to $40 for a new, sealed copy of this, when the seller actually ordered it from for $17 and had it shipped directly to me. So all he did was flip it for double profit, which I guess is fair in this capitalistic market, but I think the seller could have used a little more discretion about using this practice. So save some $$$ and try first. It is an out of print DVD, so I believe they might be one of the last retailers with remaining new old stock.

    Now that's out the way, on to the DVD review.

    I had this movie on VHS years ago before DVD was the standard medium, and I still think it is still the best representation of Street Fighter in animation to date. The animation is excellent, and the characters' personalities are very faithful to the how they should be. My only nitpick about the movie, after watching it again after all these years, is that the constant background music seems overdone, and tends to get annoying and overbearing at times, which I find a little distracting. Otherwise, I still enjoy this SF movie the most and recommend it to all fans of the SF saga....more info
  • Uncut,, at least on the Japanese side
    First, let's get the obvious out of the way. I'm sure the main reason the majority of guys are going to buy this is because of the shower scene. Let me just make one note about it and move on. The english version has an EXTENDED version of the shower scene. There is still one shot that's missing (just to be exact). However, the Japanese side of the disc does indeed have the UNCUT version of the shower scene. So feel free to go nuts, take screen shots etc. It is in here.

    Now on to the rest of the review. This release is in everyway superior to the original US release.

    It has the UK version of the movie (which is vastly extended over the US version) and the Japanese (completely un-cut).

    The menu system is also a vast improvement (since the original DVD didn't even HAVE a menu system). The extra's, while sparse, also make it a cut above the original release.

    The only thing I could possibly fault this release with is that it's only the Japanese version that's completely un-cut, while the UK version is merely extended.

    Even that's not much of a fault. I don't typically watch my anime with the Japanese track, but with this one, I'll make an exception.

    Once you see the Japanese version, you'll realize just how bad the english dub is. The dubbing team had to add to the dialogue to fit the mouth-flaps. This made for a lot of (for a lack of a better word) stupid dialogue that made some scenes go on painfully too long. It killed a lot of the flow of the movie. The original Japanese dialogue fits the flow of the movie better, and the voice acting is simply better.

    While I may have actually grown to like KMFDM, Alice in Chains and Korn, thanks mostly to this movie, I can't deny that losing their music is a small loss considering how much better the dialogue is in Japanese.

    A few notes on the movie itself. Yes the plot is paper-thin. But the fight scenes are what the movie is all about, and in those, Street Fighter II shines. There are a few parts with bad animation (crossed eyes being my major gripe). But taken as a whole, this movie is very well put together. It's well worth the cost. Stay away from the original US release at all costs.

    ...more info
  • Finally, the real version on DVD.
    It took them long enough, but you can finally see the true version of this movie. I have the import laserdisc and import DVD, and now this one as well. A good translation for the subtitles, and it's widescreen and completely uncut, and the Japanese version is as good as ever. The English version is still a travesty, but I'll be making a lable to put on the side with the dubbed version soon enough. So finally, people can see the full, true version, with the good soundtrack (infinitely better than the godawful English version's redone music).
    Pluses: Widescreen, better transfer than any previous US release, accurate translation for the subtitles (they use the Japanese names for the characters in the subs, which is very much appreciated), fully uncut version, no tampering with the credit screens.
    Minuses: The image is very slightly cropped compared to the Japanese laserdisc and DVD image, but for 15 bucks this can't be beat, and even though I'll never watch it, it does contain the horrid English hack-job version on the other side. And only 8 chapter stops for the entire movie is a little weird, I'd have put more chapters in myself.
    Buy? Certainly. I love this movie, it made me a Street Fighter fan. It's nice to finally have a properly translated DVD release of the real version, and for the price, you can't beat it....more info
  • My Street Fighter II night...
    All I have to say is that the scene where Chung Lee fights with that psycho Vega, is absolutely incredible! I first saw this movie after I came back from a very fun night on the town. I sure enjoyed this movie! Afterwards I passed out on my friend's couch and woke up just with my pants off. Woohoo!!! Overall I give the night a 3 star rating and the movie a 4 star rating....more info
  • Fun movie, Poor DVD
    First the positive: I have to give this DVD some props, as it is the first time giving fans both the original Japanese audio version, as well as a widescreen presentation.
    The negative: Unfortunately, the transfer is quite horrible, probably the worst I have in my collection. VHS quality at best, plus it doesn't help that the transfer is only letterboxed in 4x3, which means HDTV owners (like myself) have to zoom the image in, magnifying the bad quality elements.
    Another note on the letterboxing: it's not quite 1.85:1. I've compared it to a couple other of my non-anamorphic dvds and noticed that too much picture is zoomed out on the top and bottom of the image, which leads me to my final complaint.
    This is a double-sided DVD, with the English on one side and Japanese on the other. The English transfer is worse than the Japanese transfer, and furthermore, the English transfer is not centered on the screen. The bottom black bar is much larger than the top bar. Now I don't know much about DVD authoring, but why couldn't they just put both audio tracks on the Japanese transfer?
    Anyway, as much as I have slammed this DVD, I would still recommend it to fans. This isn't a very high profile movie, and I don't really expect a better release in the future, so this is probably the best we're going to get. I was disappointed, though....more info
  • Finally, the True Version
    I first saw this movie over 10 years ago in its original language and I've loved it ever since. Not only because I'm a Street Fighter fan, but also because it was beautifully animated and had great fight scenes.

    I was disappointed to hear how they dubbed it in english. The voices ranged from decent to crappy and they didn't even take the characters' accents into consideration (Cammy's british and Dee Jay's jamaican). Not only that, but they completely changed the soundtrack to hard rock and even edited out some scenes.

    In 1997, it was one of the first anime that was put on DVD in the U.S, so that might explain why they didn't add the original japanese audio track for those who didn't want to suffer the bad english dub. But Manga Entertainment re-released it in Europe in 2001 and still didn't include the original language track.

    Now finally Manga gets it right. Although it still seems to have the same english audio track, it also contains the original japanese audio too... and it's uncut! I'd be happier if they re-dubbed the english track with better voice acting, but this is great for now. Thanks, Manga!...more info
  • It's a pretty good anime, but it's great if you're a fan
    I remember playing loads of Street Fighter II when it came out when me and my cousin would go head-to-head often or we would try to do the single player. After the incredibly lame live-action movie came out, the series actually gained a better respectability through its anime shows/movies. One such movie was the Street Fighter II animated movie which features some pretty cool fight scenes, a fan-favorite(well if you're into that anyways) shower scene and some spot-on characterization. If only it had a bit more story development and didn't have characters making glorified cameos.

    While in battle, Ryu displays some massive fighting capabilities which attracts the attention of General Bison, ruler of the Shadoloo syndicate. He's been researching the best fighters in the world and even putting some under control to do his bidding. So it's up to Ryu, his friend/rival Ken, detective and all-around cutie Chun-Li and soldier Guile to take down Bison.

    Like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II was a huge fan-favorite game when they first came out so it's of course obvious a film will be made. And this case, there is a story but it's not really the greatest. Characters drop out at times completely while others just merely get a cameo. Cammy is literally in 2 scenes, T-Hawk and Dee-Jay is in 1 and Fei Long is in one admittedly cool battle but that's it. The ones I mentioned before mainly get top billing alongside Vega, Balrog and E.Honda. It's really disappointing since it would've been nice to see more screen-time instead of the massive amount of time on Ryu and Ken(more Cammy for instance) but that's alright.

    How are the fight scenes? Well, if you're a fan of Street Fighter you'll love them since not only are they quite fast(and even brutal at times) they're filled with moves directly from the game such as Chun-Li's hyper kick, E.Honda's slapping, Zangief's piledriver, as well as the infamous "Haduken". Chun-Li's fight with Vega is a definate highlight since it's fast and it gets incredibly vicious at times. Not to mention it happens right after Chun-Li's shower scene which goes to show you the power of animation in getting you riled up over pencil drawings.

    Is it a good Street Fighter movie? Of course but this isn't a top-tier anime title like Grave of the Fireflies or Akira but it's enjoyable nonetheless and for a movie based on a fighting game, that's pretty surprising.

    ...more info
  • Original soundtrack is much better
    I actually think the dubbed version with the heavy metal soundtrack is "okay", but the original Japanese soundtrack was much, MUCH better. My friend had a fan-subbed copy of the original and I enjoyed it a lot more. The opening fight with Ryu vs. Sagat actually might be better in the American version but pretty much every other fight (including the climactic battle at the end) was better in the original Japanese. And music definitely has a huge impact on how much you enjoy a fight scene!

    NOTE: If this is IS a version with both audio tracks (the one I rented did not), I'd give it another star.

    As for the movie itself, just about everyone shows up, but some characters (particularly Thunderhawk) don't really match their personas from the game. The ending is also kinda silly......more info

  • Don't throw away your $50 imported version just yet. . .
    YES, THE FULL SHOWER SCENE IS IN. That said, I just bought this DVD this morning and it appears I get to be the first to review the finished product! Sadly, this release is somewhat disappointing. To put it bluntly, it's very bare bones. To the moron that was absolutely giddy thinking this DVD was going to be a hacked up full screen version, IT'S WIDESCREEN! Not anamorphic widescreen, but at least widescreen. The only people who would want fullscreen are people that don't understand what fullscreen really is.

    The disc is two sided. One side contains the English version and one contains the Japanese version. I have found that BOTH VERSIONS ARE CROPPED on all 4 sides a little bit from the original Japanese import version I have on DVD and neither compare in picture quality. Here is a summary of each:

    English Version:
    This version has the full shower scene which is about the only improvement it has over the previous DVD release. The altered soundtrack is still there. Furthermore, the picture looks very washed out and the focus is very soft, almost to the point of blurring. The widescreen is non-anamorphic and, to make matters worse, not ever centered on the screen! The viewable area is a little more to the top that the bottom, making it look very unprofessional. This side has extras, but the extras only include the UK trailer for the movie and some other Manga trailers.

    Japanese Version:
    This is the original version. The color looks great and the picture is sharp, at least if you play it on a television. Play it on your computer and it looks all grainy and glitchy, especially during action scenes. The original soundtrack is there in all it's glory. There are English subtitles which are on by default, but you can turn them off. The viewable area of the widescreen is centered this time which is good. The only extra on this side is character profiles that link to each character's fight scenes. Overall, this is the superior version just because of the picture and soundtrack.

    As for the movie itself, it's a classic which I consider about 4 stars. The fight scenes are great and the story is respectable. Nothing much more I can say about it that hasn't been said dozens of times before.

    The DVD also comes with a mini comic book. Not bad for the price, but far from the perfect release I was hoping for. Oh, and the cover shown is a slip cover. The cover to the actual DVD is the same as the UK version's cover if that makes any difference to anyone. For the price, I say pick it up and hope for a superior re-release in another few years.
    ...more info
  • The Best Video Game Movie Ever Made
    Street Fighter II The Movie is hands down the best movie made that was based on a video game. Without compromising anything that was great about the fighting game they managed to create a feature length film that connects all of the games many characters. Its great to finally own this film without any of the censorship that occured in the previous releases. My only complaint is that its not anamorphic widescreen, really in this day and age is it really that hard to add this simple feature for widescreen TV's? Must I watch this film on my beautiful LCD HDTV as a small square in the middle of a big 40" screen? Lazy work on the part of Manga. Great film, decent DVD release that is ruined because it lacks one simple feature....more info
  • Japanese version vs. English version!!!!!!!!!!!
    Obiouslly Steet Figher animated movie is PURE FAST HIGH QUALITY ACTION-PACKED!!!! But with this dvd is not perfect:
    The dvd has two sides: Side#1 English version and Side#2 Japanese version.

    Here are the pros and cons:


    * The audio and video were remastered.
    * The voice acting is SO MUCH better than the English version.
    * The action scenes were TOTALLY UNCUT.

    * Is not EXTENDED as the English version.
    * The soundtrack is TERRIBLE!!!! The music doesn't fit with the movie scenes, ESPECIALLY with the action scenes!!!! I can't believe that this is the original soundtrack. (I was VERY DISSAPOINTED with the fight with Chun Lee and Vega).


    * VERY GOOD soundtrack, not perfect but WAY MORE BETTER than the Japanese version. The action scenes have more energy with the rock music and the intro music is SO ORIGINAL and COOL!!!
    * The movie is extended.

    * HORRIBLE voice acting and the dialoge is even worse. (The ONLY good voice was Guile's).
    * The audio and video were NOT remastered.
    * Not ALL the action scenes were uncut as the Japanese version.

    Conclution: I think that the Engish version is the best because of the soundtrack that gives more fun and energy to the movie, the Japanese version was NOT so cool but it was remastered.

    Adios....more info
  • Street Fighter II the Animated Movie
    This one came after the horrid STREET FIGHTER II movie with Jean Claude Van Damme and I have to say, that I'm glad that this one came out because it made me forget that the live action Street Fighter ever existed. This Anime is really good. The action is very good, the animation is very fluid, the fight scenes are excellent and this stays a little closer to the actual Street Fighter story lines.

    The story follows the elusive, vagabond fighter Ryu. After defeating Sagat, he travels the world looking for a good fight and a great challenge. And he also reminisces about his friend and classmate, Ken. Ken is also looking for Ryu. But not far behind Ken is Bison who is also looking for Ryu and for different reaosns. Bison's Shadowlaw crime syndicate is kidnapping the best fighters in the world, erasing their memories and sending them to assassinate world leaders. But Bison should be worried as well because tracking him are Guile and Chun Li. It's a race for Guile and Chun Li to stop Bison and for Bison to find Ryu and Ken to find Ryu before Bison does (boy that's confusing!). It's a non-stop action Anime from beginning to end.

    Like I said before, I would take this any day over the Street Fighter live action. This one makes a much better attempt at staying true to the Street Fighter name and the action in this movie is amazing. Honestly, I could not pick out a best fight because there are a lot of them. I did have a dumbest fight and that was T-Hawk vs. Ken. I wasn't too fond of that fight and Blanka vs. Zangief could have been better. I will admit that those 2 fights weren't nearly enough to throw off the movie because it is totally awesome and it has more or less, the entire casr from Street Fighter II the New Challengers like T-Hawk, Cammy, DJ, Fei Long and even the favorites like Vega, Balrog, Honda and Dhalsim.

    Seriously, if you wanted to see a Street Fighter II related movie, this is your best option. Check out this anime and while you're looking for other great Animes, check out GHOST IN THE SHELL, NINJA SCROLL, FIST OF THE NORTHSTAR and even the FATAL FURY series. Now I do warn you that if you're looking for action, the FATAL FURY series (except for FATAL FURY the MOVIE) is a bit of a step down from STREET FIGHTER II but I will give it that the FF series has good story lines. Anyway, enjoy!...more info

  • Non-stop action packed anime classic from the 90's!
    An international terrorist organization that specialized in drug dealing and crimewaves called Shadowlaw is ran by the ruthless and powerful M. Bison has been searching for the best fighter of all time for years. Until now, he has found a wondering karate expert named Ryu who travels around the world and is the greatest fighter to ever unknownly grace the world and wants to capture him with the other champion fighters of the world so he can use them to conquer the world, it's up to U.S. Airforce fighter Guile, Chinese fighting beauty Chun-Li, Ryu and American martial arts expert Ken to join forces to battle against Shadowlaw and M. Bison.

    Superbly animated and action packed Japanese animated action flick is based on the popular game from Capcom is definitely one of the best anime movies of the 90's next to "Ghost in The Shell", "Ninja Scroll", "Perfect Blue", "Princess Mononoke" and "Porco Russo". It's so much better than the abominable 1994 live-action movie which tainted the name of "Street Fighter" nearly, there's plenty of explosive action here and some nudity like the ever-so gorgeous Chinese chick Chun-Li in the shower showing off her knockers, this entertaining anime action romp is definitely one of the best animated action flicks ever.

    This new DVD has good remastering on the picture and sound quality with widescreen presentation for the first time! there's two versions on both sides such as the extended English dubbed U.K. version with never-before scenes in America and has the KMFDM soundtrack and the original Japanese language extended version with never-before-seen footage in America, there's UK trailers, interactive player cards, trailers to other Manga releases and the DVD also contains an exclusive comic book.

    Get this movie if you love Japanese animation! ranks up there with "Akira", "Ghost in The Shell", "Ninja Scroll", "Fist of the North Star", Hayao Miyzaki's flicks and "Vampire Hunter D"....more info
  • Bleh...
    Street Fighter 2- The Animated Movie
    If you have ever seen the first Street Fighter movie, you are probably terrified of even checking this one out. I don't blame you. The original movie was not animated and was horribly made. This movie however is something I like to call "Americanized Anime." The movie has an anime look to it, but the subject matter has all been made for typical Americans of the 90s. These movies contain tons of action, fast cars, rock music, cheesy lines, and little story. Does this make for a good movie? Nope.

    Street Fighter 2's story is that Shadowlaw, a terrorist group ran by M. Bison, is trying to track down the amazing street fighter named Ryu. Ryu is near untraceable though do to his sporadic movements throughout southern Asia. M. Bison uses mind control to run Shadowlaw; he feels that he can control Ryu and have a very powerful ally. Unable to track Ryu down, Bison begins to trace Ryu's training partner, Ken Masters. All the while the government is trying to track down Shadowlaw and stop them. Chung-Li and Guile are your main characters on the government's side of the story.

    If you've played the video game, you know all of the characters I've named already. If you don't, they are all just jacked up fighters. Some of them can do crazy abilities. That is all there is to them. One problem I had with this movie is that the Street Fighter characters are gigantic. Not only are the overly muscular, but also they look as if they are nine feet tall. It just makes them feel too unrealistic.

    One huge problem I have with this movie is that most of the movie has no importance. Most of the time you are watching random fights that have nothing at all with the story. Characters like Fei Long, Blanka, and others just seem to be added for no reason. If you take out all the pointless things, you may have a thirty-minute episode.

    Voice acting and animation are both sub par. Most Voice acting ranges from horrible to average. Animation looks like typical dated 90s anime. You might dig this look, but I personally do not.

    The fight scenes are awesome and plentiful though. The fight between Fei Long and Ryu blows me away every time. Still, you will be wishing for more of a storyline and less pointless fights by the end of this one. I can't recommend this, but I will say that at least it's better than the previous movie....more info
  • Subtitles
    Just got the dvd in the mail today. This is the ALMOST proper version of the movie as opposed to that horrible english dub that was put out years ago. The only major problem I had with this version was the new translation of the subtitles, which pissed me off. I watched the original version when it first came out and there was definitely a difference this time around. It seems to me that Manga tried to change around the translation a bit to make it more americanized. Also adding the lyrics into the songs onto the screen, which annoyed the hell out of me cause it was distracting when watching the best two fights of the movie. Nonetheless this is the closest its gonna get to the original japanese version. So if you really want the real deal its worth a buy. (ps: I really would give the movie 5 stars cause I love it, however the translation bothered me on this dvd so I gave it a 3 for the dvd.)...more info
  • Yo Wad up
    This movie is simply amazing, and now i will have it on dvd. Yeah wad up...more info
  • What?! No special features?!
    Don't get me wrong: This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best animated motion pictures I have ever seen -- and this is coming from someone who hates SONY (the publisher of the US release). My only problem with the DVD is that, as far as special features, this is less than bare bones: no deleted scenes, no commentaries, no language selection, no chapter selection menu (you can still skip, though), no subtitles, no Street Fighter video game to play on your PC. At least the VHS has captions for those who have the right televisions. Wait, don't stop reading!
    That being said, this is still a great purchase if you love action with bits of story. The voice acting (with the possible exception of Ken Masters) is excellent. Ted Richards (Ken) isn't absolutely nauseating, but he sounds like he's reading a storybook to children in a classroom. Okay, back to the positives. I'm not much of an alternative rock fan, but I can still appreciate the music submitted by Alice in Chains and, uh... like I said, I'm not into alternative rock. The instrumentals are okay, but nothing like the video games.
    As the story goes, M. Bison is hi-tech using monitor cyborgs to search for street fighters he can turn into minions to do his evil biddings. All seventeen fighters from Super Street Fighter 2 TURBO are in this film. However, only Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, Ryu, and Bison have very big parts. Fei Long, Cammy, Vega, Balrog, Sagat, Edmond Honda have much smaller parts, you just briefly see Dhalsim, Thunder Hawk, Blanka, Dee Jay, and Zangief, and you have to look carefully if you want to see Akuma.

    Note: The M in M Bison stands for Mike, because that is the Japanese name for Balrog the boxer. In Japan, the name Balrog belongs to Vega, the Spanish fighter with the deadly claw. In Japan, M. Bison is called Vega. The name changes were possibly made to avoid lawsuits by former heavyweight championship boxer Mike Tyson. Why they didn't just change Mike Bison's name is beyond me. Perhapse CAPCOM wanted to keep all the original names, and Vega does sort of sound Spanish....more info