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Madea's Family Reunion (Full Screen Edition)
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Tyler Perry's acclaimed stage production Madea's Family Reunion continues the adventures of southern matriarch Madea. She has just been court ordered to be in charge of Nikki a rebellious runaway; her nieces Lisa and Vanessa are suffering relationship trouble and through it all she has to organize her family reunion.As the reunion approaches secrets are revealed and tensions rise. Madea must use every tactic in her arsenal to not only keep the peace but also keep her family together.System Requirements:Running Time: 110 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating: PG-13 UPC: 031398193289 Manufacturer No: 19328

Tyler Perry, impresario of the gospel theater circuit, brings his gun-toting granny-drag persona Madea back to the big screen in Madea's Family Reunion, a sequel to the surprise hit Diary of a Mad Black Woman. In addition to being saddled with an unruly foster teen (Keke Palmer, The Wool Cap), Madea has two troubled nieces: Lisa (Rochelle Aytes, White Chicks), who's engaged to an abusive and controlling investment banker (Blair Underwood, Something New); and Vanessa (Lisa Arrindell Anderson, The Second Chance), who can't open herself to the affection of a bus driver/artist (Boris Kodjoe, The Gospel) because of childhood abuse. Wreaking havoc on both of their lives is their mother Victoria (Lynn Whitfield, Eve's Bayou, in delirious wicked witch mode). Like Madea's previous outing, Madea's Family Reunion may induce mental whiplash--the movie zips from a discussion of flatulence to a jazz-backed poetry reading to domestic violence (Underwood, perhaps eager to leave his bland good-guy image behind, is genuinely scary), or from an act of horrific revenge to a staggeringly gaudy wedding. Though schizophrenic and morally questionable (beating an adult women is clearly wrong, but whipping a child with a belt in the name of tough love is apparently good), the movie is definitely unpredictable and never dull. Also featuring Cicely Tyson (Because of Winn-Dixie) and the poet Maya Angelou. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Reesycup
    Great movie and, as with all the other Tyler Perry movies, it has a great message. He selected a superb cast to tell the story of the importance of family, pride, self respect and responsibility. Perry ties it all together with the perfect bow of hilarity from our favorite character, Madea. Madea stands up to her reputation in this movie as only she can. ...more info
  • Good and Funny!
    This is a good movie! It is better than Diary of a mad black woman!...more info
    Blair Underwood own's this movie.. He plays an abusive fiance with a passion for getting his kicks off, by beating the love of his life everyday. Bret Fetzer, (movie reviewer) is not abreast to the diversity of Blair Underwood's brilliant performances such as, Just Cause, (1995) and Asundar (1998), in which he plays a psycopath. Be it psycopath, sociopath you name it and Blair Underwood will claim it!!!...more info
  • Good Performances But......
    It would've been a way better movie if there was more Madea, her name is in the title of the movie and after the meat of the story was dropped, out of nowhere the family reunion comes up at the end. No where in the movie did you see her get it together and she only talked about it once or twice. And some of the actors were unutilized and had the wrong roles. Let me start with Jennifer Lewis; the character was too much for a role that small and if she had the role of the mother than the movie could've been more enjoyable. Not to say Ms. Lynn Whitfield didn't do it justice but it was a bit weak here and there. Some of Madea's jokes were below what I expected and the whole grit performance between the pretty girl and Blair Underwood didn't compare to what Kim Elise did to her husband in the last movie. It looked more like a parody and less entertaining than say the limousine scene in "What's love got to do with it".
    The movie was okay, could've been more heavier than the last movie and the performances were alright but the scenes were too brief to grasp. So the girl got beaten but it was very brief, Lisa Arrindell was pretty good but it was less than I expected. There was not enough fire in the movie or enough passion. The ending was whack, a recycled wedding? There wasn't enough drama. It was an okay movie...more info
  • This movie was awesome!!
    I really liked this movie. I thought that this film was very funny with a good moral....more info
  • Larger Than Life Characters in OK Movie
    Last year Tyler Perry found himself thrust into the limelight with "Diary of a Mad Black Woman." I was curious (who wasn't), but the thrashing it took at the hands of the critics kept me away. This year he's back delivering more box office gold with "Madea's Family Reunion," and this one I couldn't resist. It just seemed too unique. This film, formerly a play, written by our most successful black playwright, involves the writer/director dressing in drag and taking the crazed black woman stereotype to the mountain top. For the most part the film does fairly well for itself. It examines class and violence in our society, just not terribly well. But a great comic performance by Perry as Madea nearly saves the film.

    The story involves two sisters. One is in a great relationship that is only tempered by the fact that he is a bus driver. The other is on the verge of marrying a rich, handsome man with a real knack for smacking her around (and not in the good way). Meanwhile, their out to lunch aunt Madea spends her time trading insults with her husband and raising a foster child. Like far too many films aimed at black audiences these days ("Something New," "Trois") there is a heavy emphasis on wealth. Lisa is told to suck up the beatings, presumably because her husband to be is rich. Madea cheerleads her foster child when she tells her that she wants to be a lawyer, and we all know the only sexy thing about law is the cash it can make you. Ultimately, the film comes down against the gold diggers, but still enjoys swimming in materialism. A ridiculously lavish wedding fills the screen for the last ten minutes of the film, but since it's for the non-greedy characters Perry thinks he can have his wedding cake and eat it too. The ending is what sunk "Madea's Family Reunion" for me. Its portrayal of extreme happiness and shameless showiness had me gagging.

    The other main problem I had was with its muddled philosophy on violence. The entire film is a collision course between Madea's "good" violence and Carlos' "bad" violence. The problem lies in an early scene where Madea beats her foster child for not going to school. By having the hero engage in the behavior without any repercussions (other than the scene of "Good Times" in the background which shows the negative side of parental violence) means that the film is endorsing it. Of course there is such a thing as good violence as seen when the wife beater gets his comeuppance. But the fact that the film fails to distinguish between hitting a little girl and hitting a wife beater is to its detriment. There are some very good things happening here though. The humor comes class free and you'll laugh because of it. Uncle Joe gets some darn funny lines in that contribute to a very funny script. Also, the fact that Perry has a past in theater shows. His scenes are given time to develop and he has no use for CGI or stunts. I wasn't riveted, but I was entertained. If you can get past the philosophical hypocrisy and lack of character development then you'll love this film, unfortunately I could not. **3/4
    ...more info
  • madea's family reunion is one of my favorate movies
    tyler perry is so good he should win an award for best comedy well diary of a mad black women was pretty good to but I think that this one was a bit better the review's seem under rated I love uncle joe ...more info
  • Madea's Family Reunion
    Anything Madea is in is worth watching!
    This movie had it all.
    I loved it....more info
  • laughing and learning
    It's a comedy. It's learns that if we have time and patience we can make children be succesful in their career. Madea saves a child in the old ways (not that that has to be done, nowadays). But she shows her love in her own olf fashioned way and save a child future. It's hilarious, laugh, laugh, laugh.... I recognized the same lines in his other works. So it seems as if I knew some parts of the movie. Feed back for Tyler: be more creative. You can do it!! A very funny movie....more info
  • Not What I Thought
    I have seen all of Tyler Perry's films, not including "Meet the Browns", and I have to say this is possibly my least favorite. I simply did not think much of it; it wasn't exciting, there was too little of Madea, the storyline of the mother letting her new husband rape her child with a different man was fairly impossible to believe (though I admit not completely impossible) as was the mother's personality (I find it hard to believe someone is THAT evil-hearted). I like Tyler Perry and I like his films. This one was not a bad film as I do not regret the time I spent watching it, in other words, it was entertaining enough. Just the sweet bus driver who is "really a good man" and the evil husband/fiancee was done already in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". I guess while there is quite a bit to enjoy about this film (mostly Madea and Uncle Jim), it just doesn't feel fresh enough. But perhaps what I really expected was a pure comedy from Tyler Perry, and what I got was yet another morality play.

    Nonetheless, Perry fans will enjoy this film. Like all of Perry's films, the music was superb. And like other reviewers have mentioned the "Grits and Al Green" scene was so perfect! If your interested in any other Perry film, I have reviewed/discussed them all except "Daddy's Little Girls" (which happens to be my favorite), just click on my "Real Name" and look for the films. I am also reviewing/discussing all of Spike Lee's films, who as you probably know is a dramatically different African-American director....more info
  • a review.
    this is a wonderful movie i absolutely love tyler perry because he captures black families exactly how they act and doesnt spare any details. Every black family has a MADEA!...more info
  • One of....
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Tyler Perry is so talented. He doesn't bite his tongue and shows America the situations that people face everyday, he puts them in his movies. Can't wait to see his future releases!!!!...more info
  • Not the Slap-Happy Comedy I Expected
    By the trailers, you'd think that this movie is more like "Big Mamma's House" than a drama about black families identities and love. There are some great actors (Cicily Tyson for one) but the dialog felt forced at some points. Although one character gets abused by another; Medea makes no bones about whoopin' peoples BEHINDS throughout the movie. It's about respect of women (as shown in one storyline) and then at the reunion, men sit around and make a girl grab a beer from the bottom of a barrel to show her butt better. Mixed messages, you bet.
    The movie is much more about love and is definately a "Chick Flick" in one way...but with a lot of fart jokes thrown in.
    Maybe this works much better as a stage play. I'm not sure. ...more info
  • loving Tyler Perry!!
    Tyler Perry is my absolute favorite person in the world. With every new release, he gets better and better! The world would do well to adopt his sense of humor, sence of right and wrong and compassion....more info
  • Awesome!
    A large cast of well known actors such as Cicely Tyson do an outstanding job in this movie. Tyler leaves you with that warm and fuzzy feeling!...more info
  • Funny bits, but...
    Many friends of mine are NUTS for Tyler Perry movies so I thought I would try one. These are just my thoughts, don't come at me with a bunch of anger ya'll it's a free country.

    The good:

    1:"Madea" is HILARIOUS and steals every scene "she" is in...(other than the one where she beats the foster kid with the belt)

    2:Boris Kadjoe is one tall drink of water, nuff said.

    The not-so-good:
    1: The scalding grits/frying pan "payback" scene felt really weird and wrong. (and did anybody pick up on the use of the Al Green song right at that moment? Wasn't Al Green actually involved in a horrible scalding grits incident in real life?) Just weird.

    2:Why are there no gay characters, don't most families have gay members? It's really shameful that with his huge following and power that Tyler can't go there and at least throw in a few supporting gay characters and maybe educate a few people.(inasmuch as this kind of film can) And isn't Tyler gay to begin with?

    3:Unbelievably melodramatic. The "drama" part of the movie was like one big overdone episode of Young and the Restless. I know 1000 people that love it but I just think it's way overdone.

    4: The "angels" hanging above during the wedding scene. Enough said. (kind of goes with # 3 really)

    Yes I know people are passionate about any and every thing Tyler, and hey good for ya'll keep on keepin on. I think if they would up the Madea quotient and lower the cheezy drama, it would be a lot better. Peace.

    ...more info
  • great movie
    I absolutely love this movie.We can watch it over and over again. Definitely would recommend....more info
  • classic tyler perry
    If you're a fan of Tyler Perry movies than this is no different. I'm personally not the biggest fan but my wife is. I watched this with her and thought it was one of the better ones....more info
  • this gift was well received
    I bought this video as a gift for a friend. The feedback I received was positive. He loved the movie, and Tyler Perry is a favorite of his. thanks....more info
  • We bottom-feeders don't know no better . . . .
    To those who "hate" this movie, please forgive us culturally depraved, lowly, bottom-feeding scum for daring to appreciate the pure entertainment and moral value of a polished, well-intentioned movie that seeks to depict the good and bad within our diverse African-American attitudes and ways of life. Let's not forget that this is just a movie, and Tyler Perry has ingeniously used this medium in a way that doesn't take itself too seriously. Only someone with more of an open mind could appreciate that and know that there are some things you simply won't "get" not being African-American. That doesn't mean everyone who's black will like this film -- but clearly by the majority of reviews on this web site, there's a reason this film rates so highly among us "po, ignorant" dark masses! :) Tyler, keep doing what you're doing!

    Signed, a lover and participant of all legitimate art, both "high" and "low" as long as it's relevant. Peace....more info
  • Wonderful
    Great entertainment for the whole family. Tyler Perry can present the most serious problems in this country today, and still make you laugh....more info
  • Madea's Family Reunion
    Tyler's Movie should be a wake up call to persons in abusive relationship. It is time women stand up and walk away from that kind of behaviour...more info
  • Medea's Family Reunion
    This is my favorite Tyler Perry film. The characters of Medea and dirty old Uncle Joe provide a perfect foil for the positive message about family. I'm glad to see that Tyler Perry has made the mainstream with "Medea Goes to Jail," but this one has been the least satisfying for me; it kind of goes over the top for me. But "Medea's Family Reunion" showcases Tyler best for me and carries a powerful message, thanks to Cicely Tyson. ...more info
  • Madea's Family Reunion (2006)
    I loved this movie i saw it at the movies and couldn't wait until it came out. it was the best movie yet. every time he do another one it gets better and better....more info
  • This is funny?
    Nope, it is not funny. Some people might not consider me qualified to review this, as I did not even finish watching it, but personally, I was highly offended. Madea is nothing more than violent and abusive. End of story. Once she got out the belt and started beating her foster child, I had to turn it off, as I was highly disturbed. Who promotes this as being funny? That is a sad situation which unfortunately happens to lots of kids, and as a teacher and former camp counselor, I have unfortunately had direct contact with many children who have been abused in a similar way. I am sure anyone who has had direct experience with victims of abuse would agree with me that it is never funny to promote any form of domestic abuse. And all the other scenes were extremely boring. Do not watch this movie, unless you think abuse is funny, and then you are just sick....more info
  • It has so much potential, yet it falls short
    Let's start with the positive.

    Tyler Perry is an ingenuous storyteller. This fact screams out loud and clear through his work. He grabs many controversial aspects of both Black and non-Black culture, mixes it together, and throws it back to the audience. Only brave creators can pull this off successfully, and Perry is definitely brave.

    Now moving on to his movie, Madea's Family Reunion. This movie made me think about abusive relationships, love, family, and togetherness. Plus, the character Madea offered some very good advice that anyone can use in their daily lives. For example, she told her foster child Niki that the best think she could do is prove her previous foster mother wrong by studying hard to become more intelligent than her classmates. Also, she told Vanessa that you can only help those who want to be helped. Every character plays their role effectively, except one, and this is where we move to the negative part of the review.

    Joe is a useless and offensive character. I understand that Perry is using him as a comic relief, but Madea fulfills that role already. So why is he there? This character downplays the serious and emotional moments in every scene that he is in. For example, when Madea was spanking Nikki for skipping school, he laughed and clapped as if it were entertainment. Also, during the reunion he has one of his female family members bend over and grab him a drink while he was lusting over her body, and if that wasn't bad enough, he tries to discouraged Frankie from marrying Vanessa twice just because she has two kids. Joe is a disgusting stereotype, and he needs to be erased from the Madea trilogy.

    This movie has a outstanding plot, it's just too bad that this character Joe distracts you from it. Therefore, this movie only gets three stars from me.

    Actually, after seeing this movie again today and seeing Perry's latest movie, "The Family That Preys," I give this movie two stars instead of three. I just want to make this clear becuase I can't change my initial score.

    By Sabrina P. ...more info