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Sony Micro Vault Tiny 1 GB USB Flash Drive (USM1GH/T2)
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $12.20

You Save: $17.79 (59%)


Product Description

The Micro Vault, Tiny enables any specified amount of the USB flash drives memory to be added to the computers system cache. Simply plug directly into your computers USB port, then transfer files as required.

  • Sony's smallest USB flash drive
  • Pre-loaded with Virtual Expander software for up to three times the storage capacity
  • Fun, stylish, ultra-compact design available in 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB Capacities
  • Plugs directly into USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports
  • Versatile, clip-on carry case included

Customer Reviews:

  • Flash Drive
    Sony Micro Valuld Tiny 1 GB USB Flash Drive. It works with no problems....more info
  • Nicely done.....
    Small compact and awesome. This tiny flash memory card fits perfectly with the Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player I bought, and is great for BD-Live applications.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ...more info
  • it's freaking huge seriously guys
    Well, it certainly lives up to its name. As other users have said, this thing is, uh, small.

    * It's reasonably fast.
    * Maybe I'm easily mesmerized, but I think the little "I'm working right now" green diode that flashes inside it when you plug it in is really neat.
    * It's cute, of course, and a fun little thing to whip out to impress your insufferable nerdfriends. And let's face it: they WILL be impressed, because it IS cool. Come on, it's a gig of memory on a little wafer of plastic the size of your index finger--down to the first knuckle, that is.
    * Color coding is useful. It also comes with a little sheet of stickers to put onto the back of it, to identify what's on it or simply to gussy it up a bit! Nice touch.
    * It's Mac compatible.
    * The price is right for a gigabyte drive this compact. The large capacities are nice. I keep backups of all my writing on it, with plenty of space for transferring even the most colossal image files between computers.
    * It doesn't feel as fragile as it looks.

    * Sorry, but the size is definitely a con. I'm scared to death of losing it, but sticking it to the case with something has rendered it virtually un-losable. As cute as the case is, I'd recommend getting something more secure to keep it in. Like a locket. The tiniest locket you can find. Personally, (and it may sound goofy, but...) I tethered mine to the case with a band-aid, and I wear it on a string around my neck.
    * The software is Windows-only, but other users have stated that it's virtually (ha!) useless.
    * Again, the case. If it had something to snap over the top of the drive to hold it in place, it would be perfect. If Sony made this small change to the case, I would buy one for everyone I know. As it is, the case is just too unreliable to be useful. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed it the way they did.
    *One should be careful with the connector. It is half the thickness of an average USB port and I can see it getting broken if it were jammed in or pulled out too roughly. Otherwise, it's probably a non-issue. Be sweet to it, and it will love you.
    * Again, the USB connector. I've heard of some issues with compatibility (apparently some computers don't recognize the drive because of the way the connector is.

    Overall: It's nice and very cute, but I can definitely see it getting lost very easily. As said, your techie pals will love it. I like it well enough, and it works fine for me. Also, the color of the 1gb drive on the site is inaccurate--in person, it's more like the color the 4gb drive is in the picture.

    Just make sure your cat/dog/child/crazy uncle Mike doesn't accidentally swallow it....more info
  • Great Capacity, REALLY easy to loose
    I loved this flash drive. I worked on all of the computers that i've tried it on. The only thing is that it is REALLLLLLY easy to lose. My first one I lost within a week; I bought a second one after that. I tried to be really careful about where I put it, I even started to but it in my wallet. But after about a month, its nowhere to be seen....more info
    This is one of the best products that I ever bought.

    I used to use a standard size keychain drive but I wanted something that wouldn't add more bulk to the keys and other stuff in my pocket. I bought the 1GB version because that's more than enough space for my files [...]
    Even at the current price, this is a great deal. Don't listen to people who say that this is too small. Nothing is too small that doesn't have a monitor or that you don't have to use to type. How can you lose it? You keep it in your pocket, take it out when you need it, plug it in, disconnect it, unplug it, and put it back in your pocket.

    It comes with a little case and a little strap that make it bigger. It's great. Even in the case, I sometimes have to fish around in my pocket to find it. That's what I want. Small, inexpensive, works great....more info
  • Geat Size!
    Great Product! If transfer speed is not an issue but size is don't hesitate to buy it. The compression program included works great....more info
    I owned 4 from it :D

    very cool flash memory :)...more info