Panasonic KX-TGA573S 5.8 GHz FHSS GigaRange Expandable Digital Cordless Camera
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Product Description

The Panasonic KX-TGA573S 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Camera makes wireless monitoring easy. Enjoy wireless monitoring of another part of your home or office, through your compatible color phone handset. Monitor the office entrance or reception area -- or keep an eye on baby or the childrens room from your desk. Wall-mountable Replacement Battery - Panasonic HHR-P104

Designed to turn your Panasonic 5.8 GHz cordless phone system into a video monitoring system, the KX-TGA573S digital cordless camera requires either the KX-TG5771S or the KX-TG5761S base models to function. Like the systems' handsets, the camera operates with 5.8 GHz Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum technology, meaning that it operates on a different wavelength with much less traffic than the 2.4 GHz technology, while maintaining great security, incredible clarity and long range.

Turn Your Phone into A Security System
The KX-TGA573S is a wall or desk mountable digital camera which functions as a room monitor. Used in conjunction with a system-compatible cordless handset such as the KX-TGA571S, the camera allows you to remotely view your baby's room or an office entrance while you're in another part of the building. With the handset's speakerphone acting as a sound monitor, you'll be in constant contact. The camera includes a call button and requires a single battery (replacement model HHR-P104) to operate.

What's in the Box:
Camera, stand, battery, user's guide, warranty card

  • 5.8 GHz Frequency-hopping spread spectrum FHSS technology
  • Wireless monitoring camera(requires compatible base unit and handset, TGA571S
  • Color LCD
  • Call button included
  • Wall mountable
Customer Reviews:
  • I Spy
    Good camera to keep an eye on anything you can imagine. Clear and smooth pictures....more info
  • Outstanding technology!
    The camera is PERFECT as a baby monitor!!!

    It's sensitivity is adjustable, you can zoom in, adjust the brightness... I have my camera hooked up to the intercom function on our phone set. When my baby cries, every phone in the house rings to let us know he needs attention! Intercom call from camera! Very slick!

    On the other hand, if he's just moving around and such, I can look at the display on the phone and see him go back to sleep.

    I purchased a Panasonic cordless phone system [Panasonic 5.8 GHz FHSS GigaRange Expandable Digital Cordless Handset with 1.6" Full-Color (65k Color) Backlit LCD]. It came with a base w/answering machine and 3 handsets. When I purchased it, I made the argument to my wife that when we had a child, I could buy and add the camera to the system. That was the argument that let me get the phone I wanted but it really worked out well! ...more info
  • Excellent as baby monitor
    I've had this product for over a year now, and it has worked excellent for us. It has a adequately sensitive noise detector, it never misses a baby cry and rarely over activates. It's handy to be able to use our phone set to monitor baby at the same time!...more info
  • mmm - alright, but...
    It is OK overall, but I would like to see more on this type of camera:

    - sensitivity level "calls all phones" when the baby wakes up/makes noise and activates the call
    - call button to communicate with other phones, you can call spouse from the baby room

    - not a good resolution, not live video, it takes a snapshot every 2seconds (it has another setting for faster refresh but the quality is lower
    - not good at all at low light, it would be so nice if it had infrared

    worth $65? Yes, it allows us to see our baby while he is sleeping and when he wakes up. I bought another one for our 2yr8mo old son and we can see if he is asleep/playing, etc.

    Overall good purchase. I hope that Panasonic improves the technology and offers a better camera in the future that works with the base phone!...more info
  • Decent. More convenient (but limited in features) than a wireless network camera
    As the other reviewer mentioned, the picture quality is very poor, and the camera is useless in low light settings. So, as a baby monitor, it's not the greatest of products out there.

    But, you can change the screen refresh rate, as well as sensitivity of the "ringer," which does improve it somewhat -- the increased refresh rate, however, does reduce the already low quality image. I actually use this to monitor my pets -- for that purpose, it works out fine.

    Compared to a wireless camera to attach to your home wireless network, there are some drawbacks to a cordless-phone network camera:

    -Lack of low-light settings. Some wireless cameras even feature infrared these days.
    -No ability to move the camera remotely (although it does zoom).
    -No way to monitor from remote locations outside of the phone's cordless range, as opposed to network attached cameras that can be accessed through the Web.

    That said, the convenience is that you don't need a computer/laptop to see the video. That, for me, is a big plus -- just a couple of buttons away from anywhere within the cordless phone range. I can be outside the house, and so long as I have the phone with me, I can see the video image any time. No need for extra gear: just the phone, which I use anyway.

    It also does work as an intercom, which is good for fun, but I haven't sorted out what usefulness it really has.

    Overall, kind of a gimmick, but satisfied with the purchase. The phone system itself is a fantastic system....more info
  • Lousy picture, slow to update picture, not for baby monitoring
    I bought this camera (actually the entire phone set-up) primarily to use as a camera for monitoring kids. First off, the picture quality is bad. The resolution of the screen on the phone is low and the picture refreshes about once every 2 seconds or so. In addition, you cannot continuously monitor a room - the camera shuts off every 10 minutes and has to be "called again" to resume monitoring. If you pick sensor mode (which one would assume you could use to continuously monitor a room), the camera, along with sound, still shuts off, but you get an annoying "ring" if the mic in the camera picks up a sound - it doesn't automatically resume audio/video transfer, you have to connect again. So in short, you can't use this thing as a baby monitor (you'd be up all night reconnecting or responding to ringing), and it wouldn't be particularly good for the elderly either. It also requires good lighting in order to get any kind of viewable pic - there goes night-time monitoring. On the plus side, the phone is good - good reception and features. Too bad about the camera though......more info