Belkin F1DG102U Flip 2-Port KVM Switch with Audio Support (USB Connection)
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Product Description

Belkin Components is the preeminent technology leader in connectivity solutions for the computer and consumer electronics user. Always ahead of the rest, Belkin Components continues to deliver niche products that make your life easier and maximize your computer or consumer electronic investment.PRODUCT FEATURES:Shares one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between computers;Shares one set of speakers between computers;Connects instantly to notebook computers;Supports PC and Mac notebook and desktop computers;Features a 2-color LED that indicates which computer Flip is accessing;Includes 2 built-in cables to connect computers;Installs in 3 easy steps with no software required.

  • Shares one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two computers
  • Shares one set of speakers between computers
  • Supports PC and Mac notebook and desktop computers
  • Features a 2-color LED that indicates which computer Flip is accessing
  • Installs in three easy steps with no software required

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great only wish I could share printer with it
    Easy to switch back and forth between pcs no issues with mouse keyboard monitor would be nice if Belkin added printer to the mix....more info
  • Description in one word: AWESOME
    I've had this item for 4 years. It's been nothing but smooth sailing. I got it at first to use with my laptop and desktop. Since my laptop at the time was near the end of its battery life, I left it with power and used my monitor and keyboard to use with both my desktop and laptop. About two years in, the remote changer became inoperable, and after a call to Belkin, they sent me a totally new product and I sent my prior one back to them. Until the product came in, they suggested going to the Belkin website and installing a Flip program available, which allows for the control of the switch through the taskbar. It came in very handy as you can switch just the audio to the other source if you would like to using it. The physical switch of the second was different from my first one, and the cables were slightly longer.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and ability of this item. When I eventually get an upgraded computer and monitor, I'm hoping to get their DVI switch as well....more info
  • Purchase something else
    A friend gave me this to use for my laptop and PC. It will not work unless both the pc & laptop are turn on. ...more info
  • Disappointed so far
    I was excited when this arrived, convinced that I would not encounter any of the problems I had read about others encountering.

    Haven't gotten it to work correctly yet, but honestly haven't really given it my full attention and/or researched others' advice on overcoming the problems I encountered. I just got tired of messing with it. I will update review if possible after I give it another chance.

    It is just not as simple to get going as the product description indicates and I am not a computer savvy individual....more info
  • Works Perfectly!
    After the trendnet that is so highly rated - but where do you put it? Cables coming out in all directions - it works great but is absolutely butt ugly - and the iogear miniview which looks great but only has hotkey switching and doesn't work with an apple keyboard, I bought the Belkin Flip. Worked perfectly right out of the box. Downloaded the hotkey software for my Windows XP desktop and for the Leopard MacBook I have hooked together and voila - the switch works, hitting the control key on my apple keyboard switches both ways! Way awesome. I suspect when any of these KVMs are compatible with everything you have they just work and when something is out of whack, they don't. Best to remove from and keep the packaging clean so you can return if you have to!...more info
  • Doesn't work with Dell 4700 and flat Panel 1905
    Well, darn. When I connected my monitor to the KVM and then to my PC.. nothing. Not switching cables, not pressing the flip switch. Sorry to say, couldn't get it to work at all. ...more info
  • Not as advertised
    Very frustrating to install and try to get operational. I had good luck sometimes, then complete failure other times. I am returning. After installation it worked well, then I powered down the laptop. I could not get it to switch back to the desktop without powering the laptop up again. Just not ready for prime time....more info
  • Works Great with wy Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    It works perfectly with my Logitech DiNovo wireless keyboard and mouse combo (single USB adapter). No problems whatsoever. I am running XP Pro on both a docked laptop and a PC (I do NOT run mac or Linux). The delay when I "flip" is only a few seconds. "Flipping" does cause my PC/Laptop to make the "new device found" tones (I am sure I can disable that notification). No resolution issues and I run at 1600x1200.

    An easy 5 stars for my configuration. ...more info
  • Not recognized by MacBook Pro
    I couldn't get my MacBook Pro laptop to work with this KVM despite various attempts involving reboots in all sorts of combinations. The most I can get is an "Unrecognized keyboard" screen. The video line is similarly disappointing -- when I plug the KVM to the video jack on my laptop (using the DVI-to-VGA adapter that comes with the Mac), it triggers the display search sequence on Mac OS X but only the built-in display is found.

    The news on the Windows side are better. (I'm trying to build a heterogeneous configuration, with a Mac laptop and a Dell Windows desktop sharing an Apple USB keyboard and a CRT via the USB version of Belkin's "Flip" KVM.) Windows was able to get to the Apple keyboard and mouse with the KVM in the loop. The VGA display works too. But the LED on the switch button does not illuminate and there is no switching functionality whatsoever. What use is a KVM if you cannot get the second computer to connect?

    Then I did what I should have done before buying the thing -- I checked the consumer reviews on-line. It turns out that there are many problems with KVM switches, particularly when Intel Macintosh machines are involved. Even top-line (expensive) switches struggle with heterogeneous configurations. If you plan to do anything fancier than hooking a couple of Windows XPs together, be very careful with this switch and with KVMs in general. I personally am returning this product....more info
    I work from home on company issued laptop, and have my personal desktop pc. I wanted my big screen, and better keyboard, so this gadget was perfect. I can switch back and forth at the push of the button; and it really cleaned up the desk/work area....more info
  • UPDATED: Better than IOGear, But Still Quirky

    DOWNGRADED to 2.5 STARS - (Very fickle if one system goes into Sleep mode)

    I have a PC laptop and MacBook laptop and I wanted to use my Apple keyboard and logitech mouse to run off of one KVM unit. I had purchased a Belkin F1DG102U unit at Staples, but it was expensive. I purchased it and then read up on good review about an IOGear KVM unit. I purchased the IOGear GCS22U so I can return the Belkin and save some cash. Within 5 minutes of setting up the IOGear device I was arranging for an RMA.

    IOGear GCS22U
    The Bad:
    * it didn't work with my Apple keyboard; PC keyboards only.
    * the unit requires two USB ports - one for keyboard and one for mouse.

    The Good:
    * comparable price
    * toggle switch

    My Belkin KVM works flawlessly. It works with my Apple keyboard and it only uses one USB port to operate both mouse and keyboard. I get to keep one USB port for my flash drive on my MacBook. Toggle switch is also featured on the Belkin. The IOGear unit literally hogged two USB ports and made me sacrifice my favorite keyboard. Not happy I took time to disassemble and reassemble my setup for the IOGear.

    My monitor switch time on the Belkin is approximately 2 seconds. It took a while to get the resolutions setup properly on both laptops, but once set it works wonderfully. I read about durability issues with many Belkin products, so I hope my unit will last a while. Yes, I love my Belkin KVM. I do recommend this unit for a hybrid Mac/PC hardware setup.

    UPDATE: The unit froze after 2 days and tech support was slow. The switch stopped working one morning. He had me unplug the switch and reinsert the cable. When that didn't work tech support had me switch the video and USB cables from one computer to the next. That solved the problem. What a pain. So I'm getting the picture that this device however great, is not going to be that reliable for the foreseen future. I'd re-rate this 2.5 STARS -- with caution. It still acts up when you disturb the setup (i.e. remove the laptop with the other on)....more info
  • didn't work
    Sounds great-two computers on one mouse, keyboard and monitor. Only the monitor feature would recognize. This devise never saw the keyboard or mouse. After two hours of "following the simple steps" I trashed it. Forget about trying to return it as defective. The consumer is always the one that is in error....more info
  • Vewry disappointing
    I like the idea of just having the small switch on the desktop with no software to install, but I've since disconnected it. It ended up locking up the keyboard and or mouse so that I couldn't work on a regular basis. All of a sudden, it would be like a key was stuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I would definitely not recommend buying this KVM switch....more info
  • Adequate for what I want it for...
    I bought this switch so that I could use my full-sized keyboard and trackball with my ASUS Eee PC 1000 10-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB Solid State Drive, 20 GB E-Storage, Linux, 6 Cell Battery) Fine Ebony. I wanted to be able to switch back and forth between my netbook and my work laptop.

    This switch was very easy to install -- it doesn't require any software to be installed which is a big plus (since I can't install software on my work computer). The switch button is wireless so that you can set it anywhere that is handy.

    The "lag time" between switching could be zippier. In addition, I had problems having it work with my Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball for PC or Mac 64325 but it works just fine with a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman (USB/PS/2) Also, when I switch back to my primary laptop which is in a docking station, somehow, the laptop gets a signal to eject from the docking station.

    However, these are minor irritations and I'm satisfied with the KVM switch and would purchase it again.

    [NCJAR]...more info
  • 2 Port KVM switch
    This works great with my laptop and personal PC. I use dual monitors and have one for work and one for personal going at the same time. I push one button and the mouse/key board flip to the other PC. I don't use the VGA cable part because I have two monitors. Great simple and straight forward product.

    Josh...more info
  • Doesn't really work
    I picked this item up about a year ago to allow myself to quickly get my laptop up and running in my home office on my full size monitor/keyboard/mouse. When it works, it works great. However, as other reviews have indicated, it doesn't always work. In order to get it to switch over to my laptop, I have to turn my home computer on - if that isn't on, it won't flip to the laptop. Even when the laptop goes into sleep mode after it has been working, I often have to turn on my home computer yet again to get it to flip over.

    It does not work as designed in my case. If you have two computers that you keep on all the time, then this product will work great for you (when it works, it works perfectly) - if you have a laptop and don't keep your home computer on, then look elsewhere for a solution. I've lived with it, but it annoys me to no end....more info
  • Flaky, and no real solution/support from Belkin
    I am experiencing the same issues that most of these reviewers seem to have(I should have read all of this before buying this product). My switch loses the keyboard connection. I have to go through the initial setup each time(under the desk pulling cables and re-attaching) and it works fine, i do see the slow response on the keyboard that was reported, the video is right away. I can do a shutdown and restart on both computers and it works fine, however if i completely shutdown and power up later it loses the keyboard and i get a "Keyboard not detected error". I called Belkin and the walked me through their standard process(detaching, booting up and re-attaching) and again it works until a complete shutdown. Finally they decided to send me a new one to try out when i told them i wanted to replace it. I can't wait to see if that one works. If it is just one bad switch i can live with it, but if the next one fails also, i'm dumping this Belkin and getting another switcher which has better ratings(also cheaper). That is what i cannot understand about Belkin, a big name but a flaky product. I will post again after i receive the new switch and test the results. For now i would be careful about buying this product, there are alot cheaper out there and more reliable. ...more info
  • worked great, as long as you think through what's necessary
    I struggled w/ the product sending all the signals to my laptop before I realized I need to install my keyboard and mouse software on the laptop. Now, it works great! So much better to work on one monitor, keyboard, and mouse, than to work off two separate computers....more info
  • I'm sorry I bought this
    I've got two big problems with this. First off, it just isn't reliable. Every once in a while, it stops working - or works part-way, but doesn't switch everything. This is very frustrating, and there's no clear way of getting it to work again. Sometimes powering everything down and back up helps, and sometimes just hitting the switch over and over again frees it up.

    The other problem is that the design has a big flaw - switching is very slow. The switch actually disconnects the keyboard and mouse from the PC you're not using, and then reconnects them when you switch back. This means you have the same wait you'd have if you plugged in a USB device - which means you can't rapidly toggle back and forth between two PCs. I had an old-style KVM switch (with PS2 connectors) a few years ago, and that worked a lot better - switching was pretty much instantaneous. And it took up less space on my desk, as well.

    For the price, this switch could work a lot better - both in terms of product quality, and design features.
    ...more info
  • It don't work.
    My experience was similar to what several others here have mentioned. The first day I hooked it up, it worked. The next day it did not. When I hit the button to switch computers I get unreliable results...usually it switches the video but not the mouse and keyboard. I have found that by flipping it about 4 times it will sync itself and I get control of the desired computer.

    You might have to jiggle the remote switch plug a little before you get contact. The light on the remote switch must glow either green or yellow. If not, jam the plug in harder.

    When it was working, I did find an annoying 6 second delay before the mouse and keyboard would activate. The video is instant. I'm also trying an Airlink 101 and I find it switches instantly, so it can be done.

    It's a nice attractive design and the snake style combined usb/video cable to the computer is great along with pervasive yet subtle color coding. I love the cute little remote switch button with long thin extension cable for convenient placement; it can also be used as a foot switch, which is great. I like having a dedicated hardware switch rather than hot-key only operation. Device requires no software....a major plus, but hotkey operation is available with a software download. Airlink 101 has a built in hotkey, Belkin should do that too since it allows hotkey operation with no software.

    Other people here have more patience or are more forgiving of quirks....they say it's finicky. Or in my case I could say "just click it four times and it might do it." either works or it doesn't, and it don't! A simple device like this has no excuse not to work perfectly, all day, every day. How hard can it be...we're not splicing DNA here. A first rate design at a good price, unfortunately DOA.
    ...more info
  • A Great Little Device - So Far
    My son, an excutive with Texas Instruments, recommended this product to me.
    It was absolutely easy to install - and works perfectly.

    Just follow the simple "hook-up" directions.
    The switch-button sits beside my keyboard.
    Just push the button - you're one computer - push it again and you are on the other computer.
    Just that simple and easy and
    not a single cable to change.
    A Great Little Device!...more info
  • Pretty piece of garbage
    I just bought this switch a couple weeks ago, and have had trouble with it from the start. At first it seemed to work ok when I had my notebook and desktop hooked up to it, but I found when I remove my notebook it doesn't work at all. The button is a great idea, but it never works. When it does manage to switch between PCs either my mouse and keyboard stop working, or the audio does not transfer. Makes me question if I will buy Belkin products in the future....more info
  • Severe suckage!
    Bought this to use with my Mac Mini PPC and my new Mac Mini Intel. Seemed to work at first, but then refused to recognize either the keyboard or mouse. (Macally and Kensington). Took it back and exchanged it for the IOGEAR GCS632U, which works perfectly. Instead of an unreliable external switch button, it uses a hot key.

    Beware of Belkin!

    Cambridge MA...more info
  • Just a bit quirky
    The switch is just a bit quirky. It did not work well with the Dell monitor I have, but I got around that by hooking up the laptop to the monitor via VGA and a desktop to the monitor via DVI. The other interesting thing is that the switch has a color to represent which computer you are selecting. That gets out of whack if you don't boot the computers up in a certain order. Which mean the sound gets out of sync of the mouse and keyboard. So I have the desktop hooked up to speakers and the laptop sound just via internal specker. So all I am truly using the device for is to switch keyboard and mouse. Sound and video are not going through the switch as designed. If you plan to buy, I recommend getting the one without sound. The video might be OK with a monitor other than the Dell 19 Ultrasharp I have. It is still a cheap solution...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    Purchased one in October, it worked very well 95% of the time as long as I didn't want sound with both computers (sound never switched over) until June when the button stopped working. Also found the wiring very difficult to work with since the hub is between the computers and the button....more info