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Anytime Tools 101 piece Tamper Proof/Security Screwdriver Bits and 1/4" Square/Hex Reversible Mini Ratchet
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $12.75

You Save: $2.24 (15%)


Product Description

This is the ultimate bit set with any imaginable pattern. These bits will allow you to open almost every "tamper proof" and "security" fastener out there. It is the one set that will pay for itself as you open the wrapper! High quality, comes in an ABS molded case.

  • Quality mini 1/4" ratchet with double end Square/Hex and cap
  • Durable Chrome Vanadium bits include:
  • 4 Spanner, 6 Metric Hex Tamper Proof, 6 Fractional Hex Tamper Proof
  • 8 Phillips, 8 Pozi-Drive, 9 Slotted, 9 Metric Hex, 10 Fractional Hex, 9 Torx, 9 Torx Tamper Proof
  • 1 Wing Nut Driver, 3 Clutch, 3 Torq, 3 Spline, 4 Tri-Wing, 4 Square Recess

Customer Reviews:

  • No Disassemble Number Five
    Super cheap and I haven't stripped any yet, so who's complaining? Includes the same bits as in the 33 piece set listed elsewhere on Amazon. Appears this is a generic item sold under many names. I found this same exact set of bits in a Harbor Freight retail store branded as "Drill Master" but without the right-angle driver. Case I got holds parts VERY tightly, almost need pliers to extract the bits.

    This is *just* a helper note for anyone who broke their phone and isn't familiar with bit numbers (and because the photos are so small) this is NOT the security set a lot of forums are linking you to. There are no micro precision bits here for taking apart a mobile phones and electronics, and the magical tiny tri-wing Y "Sanyo Phone/Nintendo DS/Wii" screwdriver you seek is not here. You seek the #0....more info
  • Good quality for the price, tons of variety!
    I purchased this item for the tamper-proof torx bits. A set of 12 of these bits (which included 3 larger sizes not in this kit) was close to $30 at a major tool retailer.

    I'm as happy as can be about this set, as it has a bit for so many different types of heads and multiple sizes for each type. The only disappointment is that I probably won't ever use them all--there's several included that I can only guess the name to. However the real benefit is that the next time I come to an unfamiliar screw head, odds are very good that I've got the tool for it.

    It's true that the included ratchet doesn't fit in the case--however I think the ratchet is more of a bonus than anything. These are 1/4" drive bits, which means they'll fit your small ratchet. Personally this kit will fit easily in a small toolbag of mine which already has a basic 1/4 ratchet set. It's an awesome little piece of kit.

    BTW: The complaints of the case letting the bits loose without the foam doesn't apply to mine. I removed the foam and shook the case as hard as I could in all directions for about a minute and not a single bit let go....more info
  • Nice product but it could be better
    Several of the bits offered (the 12-point star and clutch bits) are used more frequently in specific types of automobiles, and perhaps should be offered separately. The kit also contains several each #2 Philips and PoziDriv bits, which are redundant. Admittedly, the #2 Philips is a popular size, and having a back-up is nice, but the Pozi bits aren't used much in the US. I'd like to see combo-bits (slot + Philips), triangular bits, security Philips bits, the newest style TORX Plus bits (not the security type which aren't released to the general public), and perhaps bits for removing one-way screws. Maybe the kit should be increased to 120 pieces!
    The mini-ratchet is handy, but I'm not sure if it and the cost of USPS shipping was worth the extra money compared to other outfits. ...more info
  • The right bit for the right job.
    The bits are organized very good in the carry case, however, I never received the 1/4" Square/hex Reversible Mini Ratchets with my order.
    ...more info
  • Good, but not as small as I expected.
    Sadly, I won't be using it much, since I bought it mostly for the security bits but found that the security bits range from medium-sized to very large rather than very small to medium as I had guessed. THIS SET IS NOT SUITABLE FOR MOST HOUSEHOLD ELECTRONICS: the bits are mostly way too large.

    Other than that, from what I can tell this toolset is good. In particular, I do appreciate the small ratchet tool and some of the connecting/specialty ratchet bits up top. Also, who knows; someday I may have need of the security pieces it DOES include....more info
  • Works and it is magnetic too!!!
    The case may be mediocre, but it is what's inside that counts....more info
  • Good set, good price
    Exactly as advertised. I only wish it had the smaller bits, but no big deal....more info
  • Nice kit.
    I purchased this kit recently when I needed an assortment of torx bits.

    I was quite pleased when I saw the vast assortment of bits that come with the kit. Everything is nicely laid out and the included ratchet handle is very nice.

    It would have been nice to have a conventional screwdriver handle included, but I can live without it.

    My only complaint is about the case. It seems very nicely made, but if you don't use the thin foam insert that comes in the case, many of the bits spill out into the case. ...more info
  • Awesome little kit.
    Like most of these reviews state, the case definitely has a little something to be desired. But it's all irrelevant since the bits are truly an amazing value. I mostly got this kit for the Torx and TR Torx bits but was pleasantly surprised to find an amazing array of all kinds of unique bits. So many different ones that some of them I'll probably never use. But who knows. ...more info
  • "Ya Never Know Bits"
    Had it for a week before I "needed" it to take off star screws on a hard drive I was dissecting for fun. It's cheap and it's got every odd bit I'll probably ever need. You can't go wrong having this in your tool box!...more info
  • Don't get for Nintendo DS disassembly
    Bought the kit for the tri-wing bits to be able to disassemble a Nintendo DS for repair. Tri-wing bits are way too big for the screws....more info