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Belkin F8E550-CMK Notebook Security Lock, Master-Keyed
List Price: $24.99

Our Price: $9.26

You Save: $15.73 (63%)


Product Description

The Notebook Security Lock from Belkin lets you lock down your company notebooks with unique, individual keys and locks for each computer and a master key that opens all the locks.

This master-keyed system allows individuals access to their own equipment while the IT manager retains control of all equipment and data. It also ensures limited down time with key loss or personnel changes.

What's in the Box
Padlock, 2 keys, and nylon travel bag

The Belkin Notebook Security Lock protects your valuable notebook computer and other valuable equipment from theft. It features a unique locking device that secures any laptop in seconds. Simply attach the pivot clamp to the security slot found on most notebook computers, docking stations, and flat-screen monitors and you have effective physical and visual theft deterrence. Each Notebook Lock comes with a 6' aircraft grade steel cable and includes a pad-lock, two keys, and a nylon-carrying bag for easy travel convenience.

  • Padlock-based locking system secures notebook computers, docking stations, and other electronic devices
  • Features rugged yet lightweight, 6-foot galvanized steel cable for strong protection
  • Secures any laptop quickly and easily
  • Includes a padlock, 2 keys, and nylon travel bag
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • College laptop saver!
    This product is keeping my daughter's laptop safe at college. Several laptops have disappeared from her dorm...her's is locked up tight. Easy to use; she had no problem understanding how to connect it to her Dell & how to secure it to the desk in her room. ...more info
  • Solid purchase. Good value for the price.
    I've only had the product for a month so I cannot speak to its durability, but I've consistently heard bad things about combination locks for laptops. This key lock however has worked out quite well. The only warning I might have is that the cord is only a couple feet long, so if you attach it to a chair (and your laptop is at your desk), and you slide your chair out, you might stretch the cord out too far. But this has not been a problem for me, and I have found the cord to be exactly long enough. $15-20 made this a good value....more info
  • Haven't tested it yet, but so far so good
    Product does everything it's supposed to do. However, the metal for the lock seems rather thin (< 1.5 cm in diameter?, don't know what type of metal) that I often have the urge to just try to cut it myself. Unfortunately, I don't think the limited warranty covers for that if I happened to succeed in stealing my own computer... Otherwise, it's pretty light, the cable is of decent length, and when I insert the locking device vertically, like most laptops, into my IBM X60s, it doesn't make the laptop rise up, which I know some laptops do. ...more info
  • It's worth buying.
    I bought this lock because I had a Kensington combination laptop lock that decided to reset itself and I was unable to use it. The cord is pretty long so even while it's tied down to my desk I can still move it around my desk if I need to. The lock is easy to use and unlike some locks, it doesn't make my laptop lopsided. So, unless you frequently misplace keys or small pieces, this is the lock for you....more info
  • Lock will slow someone down
    This lock is good if you are travelling and places where someone only has a small window of time to steal the laptop. IT is thin so someone prepared with a cutter might be able to cut it quickly. I would say it is an extra layer of security but by no means should it be relied upon. I say that it's still best to keep an eye on your laptop....more info
  • Good match for the task required.
    More expensive products are of doubtful greater value, because all attach to computer via very small hole. Effectively encourages honest people to remain so....more info
  • Added Security
    I don't have to worry knowing that my laptop is secure. Cable is long enough to still offer some flexibilty for moving the laptop around on my desk if needed. Would recommend....more info
  • Review Mom
    Purchased this laptop lock for my daughter going to college. Very easy to use. Works well to secure her laptop to her desk while off at class. ...more info
  • Keeps my laptop safer
    This is a good product, however, it is a 2 piece item and one must be sure not to lose the separate device that actually connects the cable to the laptop. ...more info
  • not bad.
    Sure it can be cut, snipped, or broke but it definitely works as a great deterrent. And for the price i think it is a good deal. sturdy lock with steel cable. though it does not coil it self up so it can kind of flop around a bit haha. the part that attaches to the computer uses a scissor like function and if bent it will mess up the hinge part of it and may not be quite as usable. ...more info
  • Can't get master key
    You can forget about the "Master-Keyed" part of the description. I ordered ten of these thinking that a Master Key would come with my order. When there wasn't one with the locks, I called Amazon and was told I'd need to order the Master Key from Belkin. Belkin then told me that I can only get a Master Key if I order the locks directly from them. Therefore, I returned the locks to Amazon and ordered them from Belkin. To Amazon's credit, they didn't give me any hassles about the return even though I had to open all of them per their sales rep to make sure there wasn't a Master Key with one of them....more info
  • satisfied
    It is resistant and secure; a very good purchase to protect my laptop, economic and useful. The only defect is that the small device that goes inside the computer is apart from the wire, and you have to be careful to do not lose it. Very satisfied!...more info