PNY OPTIMA 2GB (2x1GB) Dual Channel Kit DDR 400 MHz PC3200 Desktop DIMM Memory Modules MD2048KD1-400
List Price: $85.99

Our Price: $69.99

You Save: $16.00 (19%)


Product Description

PNY Technologies is a global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of memory upgrade products for desktops, notebooks, servers, workstations, printers, digital cameras, handheld PCs, and other customized memory applications. Additional memory will allow you to run your critical applications faster, total performance of your system will be considerably enhanced.

  • Memory capacity upgrade provides improved system performance and responsiveness
  • Deliver all the productivity your PC has to offer with PNY Memory
  • Compatible with PC3200 (400 MHz), PC2700 (333 MHz), and PC2100 (266 MHz) systems
  • Helps prepare your PC for running Windows Vista
  • Easy installation, Free 24-hour Technical Support, and Lifetime Warranty!

Customer Reviews:

  • PC memory
    I needed more memory to speed up my computer. I searched and found this item to be the most cost effective for my needs. It arrived within 3-4 days of my internet order, I installed it immediately and my computer now opens and runs programs like NERO and Adobe photoshop much faster and without the lockups I had previously. ...more info
  • Faster?
    My computer now says I have 1G of mem but it doesn't appear to go any faster. I'm not really a demanding user though. Only use it for surfing the internet, email, photo files and some offline games....more info
  • It works
    I purchased a similar product from a different source. The description was identical but lacking some specifics. Needless to say it did not work, When you purchase ram it either works or doesn't. This one arrived timely, at a decent price and worked. What more can you ask?...more info
  • PNY OPTIMA 2GB DDR PC3200 Kit Rocks
    Upgraded my HP a1330n from 1GB to 3GB.
    No problems installing (just popped them into the two open slots).
    It was immediately recognized and now my system boots faster and performs better. Other than getting spyware off your PC, upgrading the RAM is the best thing you can do to make it scream. Two thumbs up....more info
  • Excelent memory
    Excellent memory. It's in perfect state (sealed). Easy to install. The computer recognized it perfectly without any problem....more info
  • Memory
    I ordered 2 (two) of the very same memory sticks, low and behold, when i had my computer guru install them, the system shut down. Looking at the sticks, which came in the very same packages, they happened to be 2 (two) very different sticks. Since we had opened them and tried to use them, i did not send them back because i felt you would not think they were the ones sent. We since then have tried them seperatly in different computers and have discovered 1 (one) is good and the other is bad!!!. so, my rating is only half good because I only got half of what i paid for....more info
  • PNY is Great!
    I just wanted to say that I bought a PNY 1GB memory strip from Best buy which was suggested by the Geek Squad and it worked so well that I came across the info that Amazon had some new ones for half the price, so I bought another one. Now I am 2 GB strong, maxed out and very satisfied. I noticed that someone stated PNY was crap, not true; if you know what you need and buy the correct part you will be satisfied. Some people don't buy the correct parts and put blame on the manufacturer. In addition, I bought a GeForce 860 video card with the PNY name on it as well and it is awesome! Thanks for your time!...more info
  • Love that PNY gig memeory!!
    I had no problem with replacing my old mem with these two new. Computer runs like a dream for me. ...more info
  • Fast delivery and solid product
    This is the second time I have ordered this item from this dealer. I ordered one previously for my home computer and this time for my daughter's. Delivery was quicker than expected and the product is performing well in both computers. ...more info
  • Actually Never Buy Through Tiger Direct
    Well i bought an external hard drive from TigerDirect because it was cheap. Well it didn't work and i tried to return it for a refund. They said sorry. Then after battling them, they said they would refund me, but I would have to pay a $30 restocking fee. So i got back $50 plus i had to pay to send it back. Great. Well i warned by friend about this, but no he said its compatible and wouldnt have to return it. WELL, he had to return it because it didnt work. Had to pay $30 restocking fee plus shipping to send it back. Really good for a product that cost less than others. I recomend buying from somewhere else other than tiger direct. All of there stuff is broken since they simply restock the item. Stay away, and if you don't then you're a suclker. You're not a sucker are you?...more info
  • Memory boost
    Looking for a way to boost the memory on my home computer, I found the PNY 1GB just what I was looking for. It was installed easily and arrived earlier than expected....more info
  • Easy to install and works great!
    We needed more RAM to help our computer run more efficiently and faster. This memory was super easy to install and we instantly noticed a difference....more info
  • Great Experience buying these memory sticks
    I was completely satisfied with the quickness and the quality of the products. I was able to save a huge chunk of change by purchasing through Amazon.

    Thanks ...more info
  • I just wish i could give 6 stars for this product.
    Great price and works well. even better than i expected...more info
  • Good Memory
    After having to deal with a defective memory stick from Kingston I went on a search to find a better one. (Kingston is a horrible company to deal with when you have a defective item). I bought the Kingston for dirt cheap at circuit city, and quickly realized why it was so cheap compared to other similar memory sticks. I was more than happy to try out PNY. It was easy to install and worked perfectly. I have had it for several months now and have had absolutely no problems with it. ...more info
  • Works great!
    I replaced the original DIMM in my iMac G5 with these two 1GB modules. Although I was apprehensive about opening the case and messing with the innards, between the instructions in the iMac manual (which doesn't try to dissuade owners from swapping out their own memory), and the instructions that came with the PNY DIMMs, I was easily able to replace the one 256 MB module with the two new 1 GB modules. It almost took longer to un-plug all the lines and cables and plug them back in than it took to replace the memory.

    And wow! What a difference in performance. I have over 5, 000 pictures in iPhoto, and they now load up in less than 5 seconds! Don't know why I waited so long to do this. Oh, right! The apprehension. Get over it!...more info
  • Great product, works as advertised
    I have an HP Pavilion a450n. This module popped right in and the system recognized it immediately. Very smooth, worked perfectly. In 15 minutes, I was back up and running with 1.5GB total memory....more info
  • Best price I could find
    I trust Amazon. It took a little longer to be delivered than I would like, but in my experience I have paid more for shipping and it made no difference in how long it took so I always go with the least expensive....more info
  • Works just fine .. just what I needed.
    After careful research on the particular memory needs of my (somewhat aging) computer I decided on this (as opposed to the overpriced 'factory' memory)

    It works just fine. Glad I bought it....more info