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SporTube Series 2 Double Travel Ski Case
List Price: $169.99

Our Price: $125.60

You Save: $44.39 (26%)


Product Description

Sportube Series 2 Sportube Ski Carrier 2009 - High density polyethylene plastic shell protects Two pairs of Alpine shaped or powder skis and poles, or One pair of (fully stacked) race/carve skis. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable. Model Year: 2009, Product ID: 71491

Blow molded from high density polyethylene, this lightweight and durable travel ski case from SporTube will safely transport two pairs of skis. The case is designed to protect your valuable winter sports equipment from bumps and scratches while going through airline check-ins or shipping. A hard plastic shell offers superior protection over a soft bag and creates a shield around the equipment, protecting its contents much better than a nylon bag. The hard shell plastic doesn't tear and is resilient to dings and bangs. There are no buckles, zips or permanently attached straps to get ripped, torn, or broken.

All Sportube cases are fitted with heavy duty rubber wheels for an easy journey from the car to check-in or from the car to the hotel or cabin. Sportube's designs and size meet recent changes in ski design and the Sportube now fits all ski/binding systems. The easy pull-attachment point and the easy pull handle make toting your equipment around a breeze. Sportube case are supplied with a non-locking, TSA-compliant wire case pin, and they can be locked for overseas travel or when shipping to the resort. Sportubes can easily be strapped to any roof rack, protecting your equipment from road salt, dirt, and grime.


  • Width: 11 inches / 280 mm
  • Depth: 6 inches / 152 mm
  • Weight: 12 pounds / 5.5 kg
  • Adjustable Length: 48 to 83 inches / 1300-2100 mm

Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year limited warranty

About Sportube
Situated high in the Rocky Mountain ski town of Vail, Colorado, Highland Trading Co. Inc. has been a distributor of ski travel cases since 1991. After working for four months with technical engineers and design consultants, the Sportube brand was conceived, manufactured, and launched in 1996 with the introduction of both a single and double ski case with wheels. Based on the proven success of the single and double cases, the Sportube line expanded in 1998 with the launch of the much requested snowboard case and again in 2001 with the introduction of the Master Series fly rod cases. Sportube continues to be an innovator and leader in providing convenient travel options for sports enthusiasts.

  • Hard shell case to protect valuable sports equipment
  • Designed to protect two pairs of alpine skis and poles or up to four pairs of Nordic/skate skis and poles
  • Fits all ski and bindings types up to 210cm in length
  • Skis fit in case tip to tail with the bindings facing each other like shoes in a box
  • 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • It performed as advertised
    With the airlines charging for every bag, doubling up our skis saved us $50 (but, of course, cost us $140, so the direct payback is yet to come.) But the SporTube probably more than paid for itself the first time we used it, as there was a big dent in the case when we got to baggage claim. Evidently the airline had dropped something big on it and dented it. I could push the dent out, but it clearly would have damaged the skis, and the SporTube protected them....more info
  • Useful travel tool for Skis!
    Probably the best thing about this over soft case ski bags is the sturdy construction combined with the stable wheels at the back. This allows the unit to be very easily towed along - I just wish that for the money they also included the handle that you have to buy separately. Holds two sets of skis comfortably and with some thought you can pack clothes etc in some of the void spaces....more info
  • Sportube - good protection
    The case is a little gangly to work with at first but it does a nice job of fitting and protecting the skis. Why don't the just include the $5 handle?
    With the wheels it makes for easier transport....more info
  • Great for shipping
    Worked as advertized. Great for shipping skis UPS which is much easier than carring through airport....more info
  • Great Ski Bag
    The SportTube has met all of my expectations. I needed one that would hold 2 pairs of skis and poles, which it does beautifully. Add to that the wheels for easy rolling and, best of all, the fact that the tube's length can be adjusted so that it will accommodate whatever length skie one has. This is especially great as, now that ski lengths are sized so much smaller than in the past, a typical ski bag would have over 12" of wasted bag at the end of my 163cm skis. After 2 ski trips with it, it shows no damage, and appears to be pretty "bullet-proof".

    The SkiTube really consists of two pvc/plastic tubes, one slightly smaller in diameter than the other that slide, one inside the other. It has a built-in handle that is quite long, to facilitate easy gripping for lifting/pulling. It has a TSA acceptable closure/lock, and will also accommodate various keyed or combination locks (not included).

    The SkiTube comes with a shoulder strap that attached to the handle, but I found the SkiTube a bit cumbersome to carry (although no moreso than a regular ski bag). An optional handle to attach to the end of the tube to facilitate pulling is offered as an option, but I did not get this and so far, have not wanted for it either.

    The only drawback to the SkiTube is that, since it is rigid, it can't be folded up like a regular ski bag, and so takes up quite a bit of space. However, dealing with the storage issue is insignificant, compared to the security, protection, and ease of transport that it offers. ...more info