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Littmann 2454 Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Ceil Blue
List Price: $53.85

Our Price: $44.50

You Save: $9.35 (17%)


  • General examination and blood pressure
  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Two-year warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Length 28"

Customer Reviews:

  • maybe mine's a dud...
    Perhaps mine's a dud. It's certainly an adequate stethoscope for BP but when it comes to hearing anything but the most discrete of breath sounds or obvious murmurs, I find it on par with just about any other stethoscope laying around the hospital (those which people wouldn't lose sleep over losing) I didn't really realize how inadequate it was until I compared it with a colleagues cardiology III. To that point I thought I was hearing, all be it very faintly, or sometimes maybe even fabricated by my imagination, the pathological breath sounds. The second I placed the cardiology III to the skin it was a whole new world of sounds. I wish i had invested in it sooner. Sure it's expensive and intended for specialists, but if your colleagues are hearing things that you aren't then the added expense makes the learning well worth the investment, not to mention the benefit to the patient. In my opinion the lightweight isn't worth the 50 bucks just to take blood pressure and hear breath sounds and murmurs you can already practically hear walking in patient's room; for that just pick of a cheapy "disposable" stethoscope. Not only the the "disposable" ones cheaper, they are also considerably lighter. The name is a misnomer, inspite of the plastic chest piece, it's still actually a pretty heavy stethoscope compared to other simple scopes out there. ...more info
  • Good!
    I like this stethoscope much better than the one my nursing school provided me with, but I dont think it would even compare with the cardiology one, like other reviews have mentioned. Love the color(lilac)!!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    Although most current medical students, residents, and cardiologists are aware that the Cardiology III stethoscope by Littmann is in vogue, I decided that the price tag attached to one of those stethoscopes was outrageously astronomical and decided to purchase this stethoscope instead. As the name implies, it is lightweight, and the acoustics are impressive. I don't believe that the cardiology III, which I have used, offers anything more that is usable in terms of acoustic data, unless you have very sensitive ears and/or are a cardiology fellow/attending. Remember that medicine is definitely not about who has the fanciest or most expensive tools, but about caring and thinking.
    I also recommend this specific color; I ordered it thinking that no one else would have this color. I was crestfallen to find that it is a popular choice among nurses, who also choose this color thinking that it's not popular, and therefore a less likely candidate for theft/long-long term borrowing. However, I have grown attached to the color; it's easy on the eyes, and the computer monitor doesn't reflect the true color. It's a little darker....more info
  • excellent and lightweight
    I love this product! You can hear very well with it and it is extremely light. I took it to work and now two of my co-workers have purchased the same thing....more info
  • Good product
    I'm a student nurse and this is my second stethoscope. I had the simplest type and couldn't hear anything, thinking I was deaf. I've read plenty of reviews and finally chose Littmann light weight stethoscope. I was amazed by the clarity of sounds, light weight, and nice appearance matching my school uniform. Although, I think the tubing is short, I'm fully satisfied with my purchase and recommend it to everyone except tall :-). Listening to blood pressure sounds is an easiest thing now! ...more info
  • Littmann stethoscope
    This product is awesome. The clarity of sound is amazing and the design is very condusive to my studies. If you are a vet tech or are in school and need to have a scope this is a great one to start with....more info
  • not for me
    I bought this item, tried it out for a few days, and wasn't
    impressed with it. I returned it and went up a level
    of stethoscope Littmann offered. I recommend spending the extra
    $ to move up from this level of equipment. You will be glad you did....more info