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Bally Slimmer Belt With Zippers
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Product Description

Sweat it out. Maximize the benefits of your fitness program with this zippered slimmer belt. Designed to fit any sized waist, it's a real workout wonder, supporting your lower back and abdomen and helping shed excess water. One-year warranty. Model BA7729BE.

  • Maximize the benefits of your persoanl fitness program with the 'slimmer belt with zippers'
  • Specially designed zipper closuer adjusts to any size waist
  • Snug zipper fits helps slim and trim your appearance instantly
  • 1 year

Customer Reviews:

  • By Golly it Works!
    When I purchased this item, I was actually looking for different exercise equipment to take with me to the gym for my work outs. I stumbled upon this accidentally. I am glad that I did. It really does increase your sweating, as it it is supposed to and it is amazing how that really helps with the work-out itself. I didn't have it on for more than 10 minutes on the elliptical when I could feel it really taking effect. I believe it did help with my work out and I plan to make it a part of my work-outs most if not all of the time now. One nice feature about this product besides it actually doing what it says it does, is that the multiple zippers allow you to adjust it to your current size and then allow you to make it smaller and smaller as you slim down. This is also a bonus sense of encouragement. It is also very sturdy and can take a beating as you move around from machine machine, aerobic class to aerobic class, cycling class to cycling class etc.

    After using it, when you remove it, you will see all the perspiration. It aint pretty but it is encouraging! I cleaned that right up with some soap and warm water and it was ready to go again.

    I recommend this product to anyone looking for ways to boost their work-out, especially those of us wanting natural ways to give ourselves an advantage to progress....more info
  • It's doing something...
    I have been using this slimmer belt for only 3 weeks and it does cause you to sweat in the midsection even without exercise. I wear it daily and it provides lots of back support and hides the ugly back fat extremely well...I only wish it were longer. My greatest benefit is that it makes me feel full fast because it is constantly applying pressure to my intestines so it has forced me to eat less. It was inexpensive and I intend to buy about 2-3 more because the inner material is ripping and I would like to continue using it....more info
  • Good ...
    After several use I found that it is actually very good belt. If you put it on properly, it is realy super, no bulks, and have good support, much better then all other belts i had used earlier.
    Thanks to seller.
    ...more info
  • First purchase of this kind...
    ...but overall satisfied. Does what it claims - sauna-like action definitely makes you sweat, and I do appear to have shed excess water and inches. I had no problem with the belt fitting. I did also receive one in tan, not blue, but that doesn't matter as it is under my clothing anyway....more info
  • Good support
    I have no idea if this takes inches off your mid section. I just know I sweat when I wear it and it gives me support when bike riding and long distance walking. My back hurts during activity without it....more info
  • It Really Works
    This belt really is a great buy. It definitely makes you sweat, focuses on your mid section and and back fat. It's great for walking/running the track or your treadmill. I am 31 inches in the waist. I did have to remove and replace one zipper to make it snugger. If you don't have a sewing machine, the dry cleaner will move your zippers for a custom fit. Enjoy...more info
  • Excellent and you can't beat the price
    This item was the least expensive of all the ones I looked at. I ordered it - it arrived in a timely manner and was eveything I needed. Thank you....more info
  • Loved it at first, then it proved unreliable
    I really loved this belt, but after 2 weeks of use, it tore within the lining. I believe it was a factory defect only. So, please if you purchase this product check it thoroughly to make sure there aren't any slices on the inner portion of the band. It didn't tear at the seam, which I would have contributed to over usage, it was a slice....more info
  • it's comfortable
    for the cheap price, i had to try it. I had to reposition the zippers and sew them back on so that it fit right. That was a bit of a process, but now this slimmer fits perfect and is surprisingly comfortable. Doesn't slip around, it's like second skin, i wear it for a few hours during work a few times a week and am seeing results. Think i've lost an inch, already onto the second tighter zipper line. with the exception of the rubbery smell it has, i love it. ...more info
  • Bally Slimmer Belt With Zippers
    This product seems to be old and it is in bad conditions. I am very unhapy with this product....more info
  • Couldn't wear it, for long.
    The belt was everything it claimed, it fit well, it is well made, but the material on the inside (kind of rubbery) against my skin made me get a very itchy rash, really quickly and I had to take it off. I do have sensitive skin and I never considered that. I was disappointed that I could not use it. ...more info
  • work-out belt
    this slimmer belt works great it makes me sweat every time i get on the treadmill i love it!...more info