IOGEAR MiniView USB KVM Switch with Audio and Cables (GCS634U)
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Product Description

A simple solution for those with more PCs than hands. Use one USB keyboard, one monitor and one USB mouse to control up to four USB computers. Introducing the four port MiniView Micro USB KVM switch from IOGEAR the simplest way to simultaneously run and share audio among four computers with a single USB keyboard, monitor and USB mouse. This self-powered KVM switch features the unique USB sniffing technology for USB mouse and keyboard emulation to ensure smooth operation, as well as support for Plug-n-Play monitors and most wheel mice. patented VSE Video Signal Enhancement technology provides rich, 32-bit color at resolutions up to 2048 x 1536. Another big plus is the MiniView capability to provide audio support, it allows you to share your multimedia speakers among the connected computers.
This switch also offers multi-platform support; it compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Sun Solaris workstations. IOGEAR delivered a huge breakthrough in KVM operation to Mac and Sun users by enabling functionality for the special keys on these systems. When using a PC keyboard, a special set of hot keys are designed to emulate the special keys on Mac and Sun machines.
The Miniview Micro USB KVM has two 6' long KVM cables molded-in, all you need to do is to plug it into your computers and you'e got a complete KVM solution from IOGEAR. In addition, it has two other available ports to connect them to your computers for future expansion.

  • Device Type - KVM Switch
  • Form Factor - External
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 6.25 x 6.25 x 1.25 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • KVM
    This device works well in my setup, instead of pushing a button you switch off to the other device by selecting Scroll Lock twice and Enter. It allow you to hear sound as well and used the keyboard and mice with all four device. ...more info
  • Good KVM, but hard to find
    I had to go to a specialty tech store to find this device locally...this isn't something you can expect to see in your local Best Buy, so save yourself the trouble and just buy it here.

    This is a good overall KVM with good features--USB keyboard and mouse connections and audio switching. I wish someone made a similar KVM with DVI connections in the same (Mac Mini) form-factor. My only real annoyance with this device is that the LEDs on the front are hard to read at an angle, and they are in a configuration that makes it difficult to know which device is selected without looking directly at the front panel....more info
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Apple Aluminum Keyboard
    I installed this product in my environment the other day (was not purchased from Amazon). I currently work with an Intel iMac, a G4 tower and a Dell XP tower. The item had previously worked without a flaw in a purely pc environment. As soon as I had all of the cabling completed, I attempted to toggle the monitors using my Apple aluminum keyboard to no avail. I updated the keyboard firmware on the device (Apple thinks of it as a keyboard) and this did not help either. I called tech support three times (who were very polite and patient but not helpful) but was unable to find any resolution. Their suggestions were to power down everything and reboot (which is not feasible on a networked environment with multiple users) or to switch keyboards. That's when I turned to Google.

    After doing some research, I found that this product does NOT play well with the Apple aluminum keyboard. There are many posts of people who either got it to work one time and then never again or never got it to work at all. This product clearly is not compatible with the current Apple keyboard and its a shame that IOGear won't acknowledge this. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF you use the Apple aluminum keyboard. I've read posts where it works with the old white ones so if you want to go back to those, that may be an option....more info
  • Didn't work as advertised
    IOGEAR said this would work with most wireless keyboards and mice but I couldn't get it to work with a USB keyboard and mouse. IOGEAR tech support said it was probably a defective unit and Amazon refunded the full amount and paid return postage. I didn't chance trying another one and instead used a software switcher from KAVOOM, which works acceptably for my 3 systems....more info
  • Very nice, very convenient KVMA
    Having previously owned IOGEAR's 8-port MiniView (non-USB), at first I was concerned that this device did not have an external supply or an On-Screen Display (OSD), because I had been spoiled by the convenience of the OSD vs. pressing buttons, and because the 8-port device isn't reliable w/o external power.

    I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by how well this 4-port KVMA works. It operates very transparently - it automatically switches to the first machine you boot (very convenient for me, as 90% of the time I only have one machine in use), and the audio worked so flawlessly I went a full 30 minutes of testing it out without even realizing that it was switching!

    The only complaint I have, and the reason I gave 4 stars not 5, is that during boot up, my mouse isn't always powered. This made it annoying to log in to the Windows Welcome screen on my first boot - the screen was up, but the mouse wasn't, at first... it took a little while. But that was only on the very first boot up. Fortunately my mouse lights up when its powered, so it was easy enough to tell what the problem was. If your mouse doesn't, I could see how this could get very frustrating.

    ...more info
  • Works great!
    This KVM switch has worked great for me. I have several macs (mini, macbook, macbookpro, g4) that I am using this with. Only wish that I have for this would be that I had checked to see if the monitor cables were dvi. Only thing this is lacking....more info
  • Might as well do it manually...
    I'll be perfectly honest, I've implemented USB devices before and I know it's hard. But this KVM is mostly useless. It seems to have issues with newer computers, or possibly just having more computers plugged into it.

    A KVM is only useful if you can type and use the mouse. This one "forgets" or "loses" my keyboard about 1 in 3 times that I switch machines. This requires connecting and disconnecting the mouse, keyboard and even computer in the vain hope of getting some to work again. Heck it took me 5min to be able to write this review!!

    I'll probably never buy another IOGear KVM, and I'll be looking for others, I mean I might as well be switching the cables by hand at this point......more info
  • So So for me
    I run a small-time tech support business, and expected to be able to bring a customer's PC in plug it in, and start working on it. There always seems to be an issue, with me fiddling w/ the KVM for a half an hour, and then giving up on it, and unhooking the monitor/keyboard and hooking up directly. Too much aggravation! I seem to have issues where the keyboard is not recognized until Windows boots, or I plug/unplug the mouse our keyboard to get it to be recognized. Not good, I end up needing to debug my own equipment before I get to the job at hand....more info
  • Works like a charm
    I hooked it up and it started working. I even use it as a sort of docking station for my laptop and it works great!...more info
  • Good Buy at the price
    Did not work with a basic USB Dell Keyboard. But does work with the SK-8125 Dell Keyboard, which is probably one-step up from the basic Dell Keyboard. So most likley to work with the better USB Keyboards. Works well with Dell or Microsoft USB mouse. Came with two extra cables so nothing to buy. Seup to work with four PC's and it works just fine...Very pleased with device and the price was just right. For the price and ease of setup, a good buy....more info
  • good enough
    Easy to set up out of the box and the 2 extra cable combos are a bonus. Getting through the setup and key commands was pretty easy as well. I am switching between an old Mac G4 and a new HP laptop. The switch handles special Mac keys no problem, all it takes is a simple key command to change keyboard modes. Switching is smooth and the separate audio switching comes in handy.

    The switch does not provide enough power to run a mouse through the USB port on my Mac keyboard though. Also, Iogear means it when they say the switch supports *most* 2 button scroll wheel USB mice. This switch can't recognize my cheap but solid off brand mouse, that or it can't supply enough power. The switcher has a USB port reset that is supposed to fix most problems like this, but not this time. I'm not sure because tech support is no help here. Even though they are quick to respond, I just get the standard disclaimer that this switcher will not support all USB peripherals. It would be nice if Iogear could provide a list of supported devices or at least brands, but they don't.

    Considering the price though, its not a total wash....more info
  • works well
    Works really well for a great price. (By the way, cables for all four ports are included. The product description was ambiguous on this point.) My only complaint is that cables come out of two adjacent sides, which is kind of messy. I would rather that all of the cables came out of one side.
    ...more info
  • Look elsewhere
    This device looks great on paper. The price is low, it doesn't take up a lot of desk space, does not require a separate power supply, and comes with all the cables you could want.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. While the video works fine, the keyboard and mouse do not.

    The product claims to provide what Iogear calls "emulation". This supposedly tricks each connected computer into thinking that a mouse and keyboard are continually attached, allowing instant use of the keyboard and mouse when switching to a new CPU. Unfortunately, this doesn't work--at all. Every time a switch is made, the new computer announces that it has found new hardware and spends anywhere from one minute to five minutes figuring out what to do with it while you stare at the screen with no keyboard or mouse access. In many cases, the mouse is never recognized (and this is Iogear's own mouse that comes with it!).

    Once the keyboard is recognized, it has serious issues, with some keypresses ignored and others sent repeatedly (llllllliiiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeee tttttthissssssss).

    A docking station completely ignores the mouse, requiring that the USB cable be plugged directly into the laptop (defeating the purpose of a docking station completely).

    The truly tragic part is the Tech Support. I reported each of these problems and was told that this was a problem with the computers and the docking station. The unit is not expected to work against built-in USB ports, as they do not provide enough power and it causes the switch to behave erratically and is not expected to work against a docking station. To fix the problem, I need to buy external powered USB hubs for all my machines (oh, and by the way, we sell those, hint, hint).


    First of all, if you know that your hardware cannot get enough power off the USB ports, then build it with its own power supply. Why pretend it doesn't need one when it does?

    Second, if you are going to build peripherals, they need to work with mainstream equipment (all my machines are Dell and Compaq). News Flash to Iogear: It is not the computer manufacturer's job to make sure that their equipment works with your switch; it's the other way around.

    Third, don't try to sell me more of your equipment because the first piece doesn't work as advertised. The fact that it doesn't work makes you look incompetent; trying to sell me more stuff is sleazy and implies I am a fool.

    In short: Stay away from this item. Buy something a little more expensive and reliable or stick with the good old-fashioned PS/2 KVM switches....more info
  • Works great with two Macs!
    Setup was a little hairy, as some of the key combinations listed in the manual are obscure. You have to change the shortcut used for switching with a Mac keyboard, which requires getting the KVM into a special mode. It took me about 10 tries to get it right, but once that was taken care of, everything was peachy. It has been working like a champ in our server cabinet ever since. It is only being used with two machines and the built-in cables currently, but having the expansion capacity there for a growing business is wonderful.

    So, I would say: plan on a good hour to set it up, but after that, it's zero maintenance. Once you learn the key combinations, it's very versatile, too: e.g. switch everything but sound to the next machine, auto-scan, ......more info
  • GREAT PRODUCT (1 important note)
    this is a fantastic product at a great price. compact but works great!!! the 1 note isn't a knock against the product just something I found out the hard way, with most devices you can plug in any USB device into any USB port, on this device though you have to plug the keyboard & mouse into the correct USB ports (likely because keyboard shortcuts are what switch btwn systems) - once I figured this out (after a few hours of troubleshooting and re-reading the instructions I figured this out) - since then it hase been a GREAT PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Does an OK job
    The console looks nice. Switching between computers is quite easy. Why the 3 stars then? Because it degrade the video quality and this is with only 2 computers connected. I am running 1280 x 1024 on a 18" LCD. It's very obvious that the display is more blur now....more info
  • Worked perfectly out of the box: And a good buy
    Ordered it and hooked it up to my 5 year old Dell Dimension, my 1 year old Dell Latitude Laptop; and my very new mini Mac. Fits perfectly under the mini-mac, almost looks like it's part of it. Using my old Dell keyboard, with an adapter, and a USB mouse. Seems to be working fine, even though Iogear doesn't recommend the use of a ps2 to USB adapter. I can easily switch between the three systems with hardly any delay.

    My one tip is that you've got to "tap" the scroll-lock key rapidly to initiate the change from one system to the next system, which I learned from their tech support, when I couldn't make it switch. And tech support is very easy to reach.

    If you've got a mini Mac, this is the KVM switch to get. ...more info
  • 4-Port KVM Perfection
    I bought this to replace a 2-port, non-USB KVM, and very happy with it so far. Basically, I removed from the box when it arrived, set it up within about 20-30 minutes (I have a LAN rack, and had to remove the old arrangement), but my guess is that if setting up your first KVM with this setup, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    The unit has two attached cables for KVM and audio, and comes with two unattached cables to expand to the third and fourth computers, as needed. Some neat features, IMO, are that it's self-powered via USB, with no additional power cord needed, and (corded) mice that have a scroll-wheel work like a charm.

    I have three servers currently hooked up to it, with room to grow, and have no issues at all toggling between them quickly and as needed. My network partner has set up my systems to get automatic updates each Monday, and that usually means system reboots ... no longer a problem, as this KVM is designed to enable any system set up on it to easily detect the keyboard and mouse via USB, so no more down time after the auto-reboots, and that feature has been flawless.

    I have not tested the audio hook up, as I simply have no need, nor have I tested a wireless mouse or keyboard, as my corded mouse and keyboard were cheap and work just fine ... this is a LAN rack after all, not my personal system. Although, I run Windows systems only (for my business), it claims Mac and Linux operability as well.

    Overall, the best KVM value for the money you spend (at the time of this review), and by far the best and most reliable KVM device I've had to date (I've now had four)....more info
  • Great unit
    This unit is small and works very well. My only observation/complaint is that I was using a multimedia keyboard that used additional software for all of the controls on it. The switch did not get along with my third party keyboard software :o( . However, went I switched back to a standard keyboard that uses native keyboard drivers found in (Linux, Solaris and Windows) everything is fine....more info
  • Nice Item - Made Life a Little Easier - What I Paid For
    Video Quality from Vista or high resolution is poor and gets dark. I have a 22" LCD that I run at 1680 x 1050. The connection from my computer is via DVI to D-Sub into the KVM and then D-Sub to my monitor. Fortunately my monitor can switch between video inputs so I also maintain a DVI to the monitor so I can enjoy the higher quality video there while at the same time being able to keep the mouse and keyboard connected to the KVM and the computer.

    Thus far the KVM has switched between computers very quickly. However, when switching from my W2K3 Serv box back to my Vista box my mouse has quit working a few times. This is caused by the fact that the KVM completely disconnects from the computer when switching. Fortunately my keyboard has not proven to have any problems so a fix action for this is to switch back to the working computer and try again. Seems to fix it. Takes about 5 seconds...not very long but I should not have to be doing that. In regards to other reviews on this matter, I think that it greatly depends upon your computer. I'm switching between Vista and Windows 2003 Server and the servers don't even hesitate. The Vista machine sometimes doesn't recognize the "usb device".

    The bottom of the KVM seems to have a rubber mat. This is very nice. It keeps the KVM from sliding around. I have it setting on top of one of my machines and it doesn't move. I can even try to move it slightly by hand and it stays in place. This was a smart move by IOGear.

    Other pros include the fact that it's USB. PS2 should be thrown by the wayside. I've yet to discover one pro of PS2. I wish I could have gotten a solid device such as this with DVI inputs rather than VGA. All the other reviews however led me to believe that I might have regretted purchasing any other KVMs available with DVI (within this price range).

    Over all, I would recommend this device to others. Worth the money. It's nice that it supports 4 computers with 2 cables that will disconnect. I would have preferred that all the cables could be disconnected but se la vive.

    What's not in the box:

    VGA Cable to Monitor
    Audio Cable to external speakers

    Both of these items, under normal circumstances would not be a concern at all considering that monitors and speakers have this as part of the system. However, depending on your setup, this could be a concern. Just a little info for the potential buyer as other cables may be required.

    Additional Note: Movie play through the KVM isn't bad, just not good either.

    Key combinations are not a concern for me as I've been an admin on systems for a few years and had to deal with about 10 different high level KVMs. Some of which you just have to fool around until you figure out how to change between servers.

    Note: I have this KVM connected to three machines, however I only keep one on regularly and this KVM works like a champ in regards to power. The other two machines are low end systems designed to be servers for self education and training so they aren't anything to write home about and they work fine. My desktop machine is running Vista Ultimate along with playing HD movies. So, those of you who know the recommendations for this are aware that the hardware for this isn't bottom of the heap kind of equipment. I would think that the issues that I'm having isn't just hardware related. Just my thoughts though. I could very well buy another mouse and it work perfect all the time.
    ...more info
  • not very compatible with keyboards
    this product does not work with my wireless Logitech easy call keyboard/mouse system. The mouse works fine, however, after calling tech support and trying all the possibilities, the keyboard failed to toggle the switch, even after trying the hotkey mode. They suggested I buy a wired USB keyboard, so I bought a Logitech G15 wired USB keyboard and guess what. It doesn't work either. the unit seems to work fine with a separate wireless Logitech Nano mouse and even supports the forward/back buttons, but of course, if your keyboard can't toggle the KVM switch, having a working mouse is useless. I can't recommend his product because the tech support lady said they guarantee it will work with a wired USB keyboard, but apparently the one I chose doesn't. Perhaps the key is using a super basic USB keyboard without the need for special drivers and extra functions. When I asked tech support if they could provide me with a list of keyboards (or just one keyboard) that they know will work, they said they didn't have one ... not very helpful. Geez, if I'm willing to sacrifice using the keyboard of my choice just to use their product and they can't provide a simple list of keyboards that are tested to work properly, then this is just a shot in the dark. ...more info
  • Extremely pleased
    I have to say that I was a little skeptical about what this KVM could do but I was amazed at how easy the setup was and it's capabilities and the cables came with it as well. The cables were all wrapped in one instead of having the usual 3 seperate cables per system. I am very impressed with IOGear and their components. I would definitely suggest this product to those looking for a KVM....more info
  • Good product, small form factor
    Does just what it says, doesn't take up too much space. The only hard part is getting used to the keys combinations (e.g. ScrLk-ScrLk-Enter) for switching between machines....more info
  • Good Item fpr a Mac/PC Combo
    Worked well once I figured out the method of switching over using the Keyboard with the help of IOGear's tech support. Has worked perfectly ever since! Highly recommend this product....more info
  • Good depending on Mouse and Keyboard
    Like many of the positive reviews, this unit works pretty well. It's much better than my previous KVM; but beware the compatibility issues. I had a older MS wheeled optical which kept disconnecting and then reconnecting - very annoying. I replaced it with a newer blue MS optical and the problems went away.

    Similarly, using a PS2 keyboard through a USB converter didn't work very well; but the basic Dell keyboard works fine. IOGear should definitely list compatibility on their website. ...more info
  • GREAT PRODUCT (1 important note)
    this is a fantastic product at a great price. compact but works great!!! the 1 note isn't a knock against the product just something I found out the hard way, with most devices you can plug in any USB device into any USB port, on this device though you have to plug the keyboard & mouse into the correct USB ports (likely because keyboard shortcuts are what switch btwn systems) - once I figured this out (after a few hours of troubleshooting and re-reading the instructions I figured this out) - since then it hase been a GREAT PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Worked out of the box.
    I am using this with a desktop computer running Vista Ultimate 64-bit and a laptop running Vista Ultimate 32-bit. The small instruction booklet provided was clear on the steps (I followed them, despite the fact that the product is basically self-explanatory, you can figure out how it works by looking at it).

    I am just using this device to swap a keyboard and mouse from computer to computer, I am NOT using it to switch either audio or my monitor - all I needed was to be able to use 1 mouse and keyboard with two computers, and this works perfectly with that.

    It worked as advertised straight out of the box! There is a short delay when switching from computer to computer as each operating system recognizes the USB device, but this is no more than a few seconds. I also use a powered USB hub which this device is hooked into, and there are no problems with that, though I had expected there to be some hiccups. So far so good, though!

    I have read some reviews that claim that this device has a tendency to fail rather quickly with normal use, I will continue using it and report back any negative experiences....more info
  • Convenient but troublesome
    Managing multiple development machines as well as my basic desktop machine, the ability to switch between those units without having to move connections is exactly what I wanted. However, there is some condition in usage that produces a hang in communications. Since the unit sits atop my desk it is easy enough to unplug/plug the USB connection to reinstate operation and it's certainly easier than moving the connections on the units but it is annoying. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This Product
    This product is AWFULL! It worked OK for 2 weeks, got prgressivley slower (when switching from one computer to the other) then died after using it for about one month. I feel I was robbed. Will never buy another product from Iogear again. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    It worked right out of the box. Switching is easy with hot-keys from the computer. The switch is almost instantaneous. I am switching between two XP machines and one OSX Mac. It comes with all of the cables you need. Awesome!...more info