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Purosol All Natural Lens Cleaner 1oz.
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Product Description

Purosol Optical is part of Origin Labs' line of advanced, enzyme-based cleaning products specifically formulated for today's advanced lenses. The cleaner is engineered to work on the molecular level, actually breaking the bonds that dust, dirt and grime use to grip the lens surface. Purosol Optical is specifically designed to protect high-end multi-coated lenses and other optical devices, including: fashion eyewear, cameras, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, gun sights, as well as CD and DVD surfaces. Camera lenses are covered with multi-layer lens coatings to reduce glare, ghosting and other aberrations. Traditional cleaners contain harmful ingredients such as ammonia, alcohol, silicone or other harsh solvents. These chemicals gradually strip away the special coating on these products and can completely destroy the expensive lens coatings; or even worse - leave a temporary coating or detergent which continues to do damage after use. In contrast, cutting-edge, enzyme-based Purosol Optical acts to break up the bonding molecules which hold dirt, salt, oil and grime to the lens surface - without damaging the lens coating. As part of its unique formula, Purosol Optical neutralizes the molecular chargeson the lens surface, which normally attracts dust and dirt particles, thereby extending the life of the cleaning. While this effect diminishes over time, the particles which do come to rest on the lens can be easily repelled b

  • Creates an anti-static barrier State of the art technology Non-streaking.
  • 100% Biodegradable, PET Plastic, most recylable, No VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Made of organic plant extracts, 100% solvent free, Hypoallergenic & non-toxic.
  • Safe for use on sensitive optical surfaces.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cleans the dirt off your lens or else it gets the hose again
    You spray it, you wipe it down and it leaves no streaks. I don't know what else I can say about the product other than that it works and it works well. It's all natural which makes it a better buy for the "green" conscious person, I suppose. It's in my camera bag now and I've used it several times and it has performed unfailingly each time....more info
  • Purosol Optical Cleaner
    I use this cleaner on a coated GPS screen because it is alcohol free and doesn't damage the anti glare coating. I also use it on professional camera lenses for the same reason. In my opinion, this is the highest quality cleaner I could find. Not cheap so use sparingly. I recommend the micro fiber cloth to go with it....more info
  • Best Cleaner I've Used
    The cleaner came in a package with a small cleaning cloth, with a very fine weave. I thought that it would not work, since this kind of cloth is often not very good for glasses cleaning. However, both the cloth and the cleaning solution are first rate.

    My glasses came out very clean and streak free. The cloth did a great job of soaking up the liquid.

    I highly recommend this for those of us who often get our glasses dirty....more info
  • one word - WOW
    It has been over a year since my eyeglasses were this clean, super-sharp, and streak/reflection free. But, using Purosol and their related microfiber cleaning cloth, one short burst on each side was all it took.

    Mind you - I've been using traditional eyeglass cleaner (and microfiber cloths) for years. But in the end, the lenses are tough to clean the first time - and you have to work to get the streaks out (my eyeglasses have a non-reflective coating).

    Next, I tried Purosol on my Nikon DSLR lens, and once again outstanding streak-free results. For a camera lens, however, I would recommend following the included instructions by spraying a small amount on the cloth and THEN using it to clean the lens, rather than letting the cleaner get into the edge of the lens.

    Finally, I cleaned 3 non-glare LCD monitors (a 15" laptop, 20" LCD, and 30" LCD). The 30" (Apple Cinema) is notoriously difficult to clean, even with the microfiber cloth that Apple provides. Using Purosol, focusing on half the screen at a time, and using circular motions as recommended cleaned all 3 monitors to like-new. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Add the alcohol-free, non-toxic properties and I'm simply blown away. Yes, it's more expensive than cheap solutions, but you don't need to use as much and the results are stunning. I would gladly pay more (although I hope Purosol doesn't read this!)...more info
  • Works Wonders & No Nasty Fumes!
    Does exactly as advertised - cleans camera lens like a champ (and my glasses too). The nice benefit here is there are no nasty fumes or odors from the cleaning solution. I few spritzes and glass and plastic cleans up wonderfully. I sense that the bottle I have will last a good long time. ...more info
  • Effective, Yet Gentle, Lens Cleaner
    I was a little skeptical that the Purosol All Natural Lens Cleaner would be any different from your standard lens cleaner, but it is indeed! The product very gently breaks up the dirt and grime on your glasses, LCD screens, etc. When you rub off the product with the included cleaning cloth, you get a spotless, streak free surface. The cleaner doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, which means special coatings like anti-glare glasses are not harmed in the cleaning process. I will definitely purchase this product again to protect our expensive items like eyeglasses, GPS, laptop screens, etc. I think the added expense is worth it....more info
  • Great alternative to those disposable lens clothes
    What I like about this product:

    1. Does a great job of cleaning my glasses. I have Transition ? lenses with UV and anti glare coatings. They always seem to be dirty. This cleaner did a great job of cleaning my lens. Typically, clean my lenses several times a day. It has been over 24 hours and the lenses are still clean.
    2. No nasty smell
    3. Dries quickly without streaking
    4. Did a great job of cleaning the lenses for my camera - even removed some salt water stains on a filter.

    I have fairly small lenses. I would recommend spraying the micro cleaning cloth and not the lens if you have small lenses. For the camera lenses and filters spraying directly on the lens worked just fine.

    This will become a permanent addition to my camera bag
    ...more info