Tamrac Adventure 9 Photo/Computer Backpack (Red/Black)
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Product Description

The Adventure 9 is a modern backpack designed for the SLR photographer with a pro digital or film SLR with a grip and 5" lens attached, several additional lenses, a flash, accessories and a laptop. The completely foam-padded lower compartment protects photo equipment, while the large top compartment holds a light jacket, lunch or other necessary items. Inside the top, a Pop-Off Pocket keeps AC adaptors and laptop cords organized. A separate, completely foam-padded compartment provides quick access to a laptop without disturbing photo gear.Double zipper pulls provide quick access to photo gear while a weather flap and quick-release buckle provide security and weather protection. Inside the main compartment, foam pillars support the camera with lens attached, ready for action, while adjustable, foam-padded dividers protect other equipment. Tamrac's Memory & Battery Management System uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up. A Windowpane-Mesh pocket organizes filters, cables and other accessories.Two mesh side pockets provide quick access to accessories and water bottles. The comfortable, foam-padded backpack harness with sternum strap is contoured to distribute the weight of the camera gear across the shoulders. The harness also features Tamrac's Strap Accessory System attachment points for customizing this pack. Two lash tabs on the bottom allow a tripod to be carried (requires accessory straps).

  • Tamrac's patented Memory & Battery Management System? uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.
  • Two mesh side pockets provide quick access to accessories and water bottles.
  • Comfortable, foam-padded backpack harness with sternum strap is contoured to distribute the weight of the camera gear across the shoulders.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good organizer for air travel
    This bag can hold my Nikon D-80, it 18-55 lense, its 18-200 lense, and my 13-inch laptop, and my iPod, and my Nikon point-and-shoot digital camera. Especially, when I travel by air, I use this big to manage all my gadgets. It helps me to re-count everything at the security check point quickly. It is a good organizer that I put all my electronic staff.

    However, the bag just by itself is not light. It is a quite workout to carry it arround all day....more info
  • This is the carry all of carry all.
    I love this pack. I put my 13" Mac book in it, a N60 Nikon camera, a telephoto lens, two DVD movies, a medium sized hard cover book, a travel sized soap, a travel sized shaving cream can, 26 rolls of film, a large flash. Oh and did I say it still fit under the airline seat. Well kind of after a little stuffing and shoving. My only complaint is unlike the Tamrac expedition 4 which has a small pouch on the front for carrying a tripod this bag doesn't have that, the pack is all a enthusiast can want and a must have for the traveling photographer....more info
  • nice design, I'm afraid it's a little too big for its actual capacity!
    The bag is good if you are traveling not meant for a daily basis,i think the bag is too big, and plus you cant carry much in the upper pocket. I thought i could use it in a daily basis like going to school carry my books and my camera too, but no, the bag is too big to struggle with it everyday. Thou the size of the bag it is pretty comfortable to carry even if you have your laptop in it too. Definitely recommended for an excursion or something like that. ...more info
  • Not bad for 17" Laptops
    The original reason why I bought this was because it was the only reasonable bag I could find that supported 17" Laptops (which I was going to be getting). I ended up with a Dell Precision M6300 (17" screen). Its measurements are: 15.5"w * 11.25"d * 1.9"t . The reason I give the measurements is to give you an idea of what will fit. This laptop just BARELY fits. In fact it requires a wee bit of finagling and muckery to get the laptop in and out. I don't mind too much because I don't use the bag every day. If I did have to put the laptop away in a bag every day - I'd pick a different bag than this Adventure 9.

    That being said - the camera compartment is great. It holds my Nikon D70 w/ 70-300 lens, a 19-35 lens, an SB800 flash, with enough room for two more lenses or reasonably small accessories. The compartment is actually fairly deep so I keep my D70 strapped in sideways.

    The upper compartment is a bit... small. Its got enough room for a laptop power supply, external hard drive (And cables) and thats about it. Or you could stuff a light jacket in there (and I do mean stuff)....more info
  • What else could you need?
    The backpack has essentially everything in the description, lots of padded room for your laptop, camera, and all the cords/batteries/memory cards you could need. The space on the top is plenty room for anything else you could need, and if you need more room, the divider is velcro so you can move it around to accommodate even a college textbook....more info
  • My second one.
    A great backpack for a laptop and camera. I got a second one because I take my laptop everywhere and did not want to always remove my camera gear. So one backpack has all my Nikon gear and I can easily slip my MacBook Pro into it; the other is for when I just need my laptop and other stuff. A great backpack overall....more info
  • Versatile, rugged, and comfortable
    This is an outstanding pack that holds my Nikon D80 Digital SLR and a host of accessories. It also features a slot for my laptop and a top pouch for extra gear (jacket, lunch, etc.) It is a decent size but rides well and is an excellent pack for air travel or for day hikes. The construction is quality with a water resistant finish. It repelled a major dousing from surf in Baja California with no discernable leaking. (It was not submerged, but blasted by waves on a fishing boat. A little marlin slime wiped off easily!) Gear does not shift inside the pack, another plus!!

    Don...more info
  • Excellent except heavy weight
    I bought this backpack for travel Europe. It was great deal. I packed one Nikon D-100 DSLR camera with battery pack and 105mm lens, another lens, camcorder, and other photographic stuffs in bottom part. 15.5" laptop computer was backside. With all of those, there's big part in upper compartment where I could put several books, my boy's Nintendo DS game machine, maps, strapped purse.
    During travel, I also could put two jupmers, and sometimes there's snack and several bottles of water.
    The only drawback was its heavy weight. Even though there was no laptop, it was still heavy.
    One day there was rain, my camera was safe but books in upper compartment and laptop pocket were somewhat wet. And also my white T-shirt was got red from strip.
    Overall this backpack is good for long outlife....more info
  • Great product
    Looks just like the picture, the quality of the material and the stiching is good. The only thing I would do is make the opening for the laptop a little larger. Other then that it is great and holds all the stuff I need to take with me in one bag....more info
  • Great Carryall
    I bought this for my wife to carry her camera equipment when traveling. She is by no means a "professional" photographer but the stuff you carry with you starts to add up and this accomidates all of her equipment well. What was most important was the fact that while carrying a camera, flash, lenses, batteries, I-pod, camcorder, memory cards etc. it easily accomidates and protects her laptop. The top compartment (while not huge) has space for a cloth backdrop or other miscellaneous items. The backpack isnt cumbersome but for everyday use you may want something smaller to carry just the camera body a flash and a few lenses. Hope this helped!...more info
  • This backbag is my fellow-traveller.
    First of all, it looks attracted with two harmonious colors. The top-half is idealistic for you to keep personal stuff. The seperated large space below with moveable foam-padded can be customized inside to your particular cameras and accessories. This backbag with lots of pockets and zippered compartments, you can store batteries, memory cards, filters, charger, USB cable,...The compartment after your back can contain a 17" laptop. But with a reasonable structure, you feel very comfortable. This backbag is very convenient for a long-traveling photographer... ...more info
  • Good bag for traveling
    I purchased this bag for a recent trip to replace the Tamrac 5606 System 6 Camera Bag (Black) I previously used. I can't fit quite as much into the Adventure bag as I could in the System 6, but I was able to carry my EOS 10D body with a 28-105mm lens attached along with a 50mm, 75-30mm telephoto zoom, and a SpeedLite flash.

    The bag provides storage for 4 media cards and other accessories in a convenient pocket that covers the camera equipment. A compartment above the camera storage provides an additional removable pocket for cables, chargers, etc. A pocket on the side is big enough to protect my 15-inch MacBook Pro. Two mesh pockets on the side can be used for water bottles or other equipment.

    The bag fits perfectly into overhead airport storage and was comfortable to wear on my back when I was traveling around, although with the equipment and the laptop it is heavy. While the buckles provide reasonable access to the camera equipment, it's not exactly designed for quick equipment swaps or changes....more info
  • Fantastic for flying!
    I don't use this bag in-the-field really, I prefer to travel lighter. I purchased this bag for flying, and it is a dream for traveling with. I do not trust my camera with ANYONE so I would never send it through with my checked baggage but with all the new restrictions on baggage, I was having problems coming up with a way to have a carry on, my laptop AND camera all with me at all times and be able to travel comfortably. This backpack was the perfect solution!

    I carry my Nikon D200 with 18-200 lens attached and in the bottom portion pack in my 80-200mm lens, 18-70mm lens, speedlight, DVD's for backup (in case I need to get the pics off the laptop), lens cleaning tools, filters... and a lot more small stuff. I also get my laptop in the slot and use the top portion for storing books and other misc. carry-on items I want within easy reach (I took out the bag that came in the top). I also manage to smush my normal every day camera bag in the top.

    I don't think that this is a really functional bag for in the field use, but it is great for travel....more info
  • Great product
    Great product that fits all my camera acc and laptop. great for carry on bag....more info
  • Great for combining two into one bag.
    I purchased this photo/computer backpack to get around the only one carry bag rule at the airline. I needed to take my camera equipment and my laptop on the plane but only one bag was allowed. This bag carried my Acer 15.4 widescreen and a ton of camera equipment.

    It was a bit heavy but comfortable when worn on the back. Accept for trips I don't normally carry my laptop with me so the extra space allows me to place files, etc in that section. It seems very sturdy with good straps that should hold up for a long time. I'm happy with the purchase.
    ...more info
  • Great dual purpose bag
    This bag does as much from toting a computer as it does for carrying a camera and associated equipment. Everything is safe secure and snug. No rubbing parts.

    Don't expect to take too much more than a camera a couple lenses, a flash and a notebook and don't expect quick access to your camera, but if you did why buy a backpack?

    This is well made and comfortable and built to travel. I am happy I bought this instead of a shoulder bag....more info
  • The best I tried
    I tried several backpacks before finally trying this one. Some felt good but didn't have the space. Others had the space but didn't wear well. The Adventure 9 is the best of both worlds. It is spacious, has well-designed shoulder straps, and feels like a safe bag for my camera.

    I have been carrying a Nikon D200 with 2 lenses, a point & shoot, battery charger, card reader, extra batteries and memory, and still have room left over. The padding is great and I don't worry about my camera getting bumped, even when putting it into the overhead on an airplane (which I did 2 days after getting it).

    I carry a 17" Macbook Pro and it fits perfectly into the laptop space. It felt tight at first but that was my error in how I was putting it in.

    The extra space is perfect for the laptop powercord, my wallet, sunglasses, hat and gloves, headphones & ipod, and a few other things (incidentals for air travel).

    I highly recommend this pack. It's probably the best backpack I've ever owned....more info
  • good product but...
    great pack but top part of pack is an open pocket which limits the room for larger lenses or if you have more then 2 lenses you want in the field...more info
  • Good quality but sent it back
    This is a very nice photo backpack but I sent it back as it was larger than I was expecting. Lots of storage room as well as secure sleeve for a laptop. If you are 6 feet tall or taller then this would probably be a good medium sized backpack....more info
  • Very well designed and built!
    This is a great way to carry a camera, spare lenses and other accessories plus some hiking supplies, windbreaker and even a hydration bag! The backpack is very well built and well thought-out, offering good protection to the gear. I found the camera compartment to be unnecessarily deep, wasting space. Tripod can be tied under the backpack to the provided strap holders, but no straps are provided. Once the tripod is attached, the back pack will not stand up-right.

    If you want to have an easy and fast access to your camera while hiking, this pack is not for you. Each time you will have to stop, unbuckle the hip belt, the chest strap, remove your backpack, set it on the ground (that by itself is not always doable!), unzip the pocket and pull out your camera. Of course by that time the wildlife could be gone and you face the reverse procedure to get going. I prefer to hike with smaller bag on a shoulder strap, which can be swung behind me or in front of me, allowing fast access without putting the bag down. With shoulder bag I can do that while walking, while this back pack definitely requires stopping for a while to use the camera....more info