Tamrac Adventure 9 Photo/Computer Backpack (Grey/Black)
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Product Description

The Adventure 9 is a modern backpack designed for the SLR photographer with a pro digital or film SLR with a grip and 5" lens attached, several additional lenses, a flash, accessories and a laptop. The completely foam-padded lower compartment protects photo equipment, while the large top compartment holds a light jacket, lunch or other necessary items. Inside the top, a Pop-Off Pocket keeps AC adaptors and laptop cords organized. A separate, completely foam-padded compartment provides quick access to a laptop without disturbing photo gear.Double zipper pulls provide quick access to photo gear while a weather flap and quick-release buckle provide security and weather protection. Inside the main compartment, foam pillars support the camera with lens attached, ready for action, while adjustable, foam-padded dividers protect other equipment. Tamrac's Memory & Battery Management System uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up. A Windowpane-Mesh pocket organizes filters, cables and other accessories.Two mesh side pockets provide quick access to accessories and water bottles. The comfortable, foam-padded backpack harness with sternum strap is contoured to distribute the weight of the camera gear across the shoulders. The harness also features Tamrac's Strap Accessory System attachment points for customizing this pack. Two lash tabs on the bottom allow a tripod to be carried (requires accessory straps).

  • Tamrac's patented Memory & Battery Management System? uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.
  • Two mesh side pockets provide quick access to accessories and water bottles.
  • Comfortable, foam-padded backpack harness with sternum strap is contoured to distribute the weight of the camera gear across the shoulders.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect bag for a specific purpose.
    I love this bag because it serves 3 functions: carry my laptop and camera gear in a slim profile backpack with enough space to carry a few smaller non-photo items like a travel guide/snack while on traveling. I own 2 other camera bags: The Lowepro Naturetrekker which carries ALL of my camera equipment when I'm on a serious photo journey (2 slrs, 5lenses, large tripod, flash etc etc) and a Tamrac 5549 which carries enough equipment when I'm being a photo tourist around my home city. While there are compromises inherent in any hybrid multi-function bag, I think the strengths far outweigh the minor quirks.

    Overall impression:
    This bag holds my equipment I bring when I travel: 13" Macbook, Canon 50D, Tokina 12-24/4, 17-55/2.8 IS, 70-200/4L IS. The profile/width is quite slim which is great when walking in cramped areas where I use this bag (carry-on in airplanes, subways etc etc.) The bag is made of a thick/strong cordura nylon which is the same as any Tamrac bag. I really like the fact that this bag does _not_ scream out "I'm carrying photography equipment!) as I use this bag when traveling. I feel like photobags that are obviously photobags invite unwanted attention from thieves.

    Harness System:
    Keeping in mind that this bag is only meant to carry ~3 lenses, the harness system is good. The shoulder straps are well padded and slightly curved to be a bit more ergonomic than a straight strap. The straps are also reinforced with nylon straps which adjust the fit (and serve as a good attachment point for accessories) My only minor complaint is that the straps (and back surface) are covered with a durable nylon material which is not comfortable against bare skin. There is a small sternum strap and waist strap that keep the bag securely to your body when hiking or biking. The waist belt is not a padded but that's fine because this bag can't hold enough equipment to justify the added bulk of a padded hip belt. The top handle is very strong.

    Laptop Compartment:
    Very thick padding between you and your laptop. The zipper has a nice rubber/plastic coating which is supposed to make it water resistant. I have yet to actually be caught out in the rain with this bag. I also stash a thin book (travel guide and maps).

    Camera Gear Compartment:
    This bag is advertised to carry a mid or large SLR with a vertical grip. There have been some reviews complaining that it is too roomy for a small SLR (Canon Rebel) but I think this is unfair as Tamrac's product description clearly states what this bag was intended for.

    The padding is thicker than than what you would find in Tamrac 5549 (shoulder bag) which I'm guessing reflects the intended use (a bit more active such as hiking/biking or traveling). It's approximately the same thickness as Lowepro bags. There is velcro on every wall surface so you can customize the compartments as much as you want.

    I read one review that had a complaint about the main strap with quick release tabs covering the camera compartment which can get in your way when the flap is open. This is a bit unfair as this strap is so thick/robust in order to to bear the weight of all the equipment. This protects the zipper from being damaged. I guess they could have used a thinner nylon webbing or some kind of plastic buckle to allow the strap to stay out of your way. I'd rather have a robust strap that will never break.

    The front flap has a clear section (hold thin/small items like a remote-release and filters) with mini- plastic pouches to hold batteries/CF cards. This is not as useful as the pouches in larger Tamrac bags (which can hold 50D battery charger.) You'd think items would fly out but if you use them as intended (CF cards and batteries) it's snug enough that they won't.

    Upper compartment/Side Pockets:
    The floor/partition between the upper compartment and photo equipment section is a semi-rigid lightly padded piece with velcro which allows you to adjust the amount of space. It is enough to carry a light sweater or lunch. Because of this modular design, the upper compartment is not fully sealed from the equipment portion and so you have to be careful about what you put in there. There is a tear-away plastic pouch to carry additional equipment located in the upper compartment. I use this to hold infrequently used items (my card reader and a firewire cable.)

    The side pouches are big enough to carry a small 12oz water bottle and some snacks. It's just big enough to carry a Klean Kanteen 20oz bottle but is not big enough for a 32 oz Nalgene. (But everyone has gotten rid of those lexan bottles after the bisphenol scare, right?)

    I highly recommend this bag if you want to carry your SLR with a few lenses and a laptop with additional space for non-photo items like a light sweater. While I have bags that can carry vastly more equipment (big photo backpack) or quicker access (shoulder bag), this bag is perfect travel bag as a carry-on for the airplane and then to carry all of my gear when taking photos as a tourist at my destination.
    ...more info
  • Great Camera Bag, but...
    i'll start with the gripe, because everything else is great. It's SO big. I bought it to carry my laptop and camera with me while on my motorcycle, but the bag is just too bulky.

    that being said, it's a wonderful bag. tamrac really paid attention to every detail. the water resistant flaps around the zippers are top notch, the memory card holders, the configurable main area are all home runs.

    my D80 w/ 18-135mm kit lens, an 8mm fisheye, charger, extra batteries, etc are all in the now with plenty of room to spare.

    My 15.4" MacBook Pro fits perfectly. I haven't tried putting my 17" PowerBook in there yet, but I am fairly certain it would fit.

    If you're looking for an ultra portable solution, this probably isn't your bag...but if you're looking for the ultimate laptop/decent amount of your gear solution, this is it....more info
  • great bag
    The bag is a great bag that meets all the needs of a traveling hobbyist photographer. The camera area is big enough to hold lenses and other items that may be fragile while hiking or traveling. The protection is top of the line and the comfort of a full bag is amazing. I do have problems witht he zippers of camera area because the fabric covering the zipper gets caught. Not that big of a deal since you can leave the zippers somewhat open and use the clips to keep the area securely closed. ...more info
  • Not As Well Designed As Other Tamrac Bags
    Having greatly enjoyed the fine quality and convenience of Tamrac's Adventure 8 Photo Backpack , I eagerly purchased the Adventure 9 as a more versatile travel bag. I was especially interested in being able to consolidate my camera bag and computer bag into one unit.

    The Adventure 9 certainly has more room than the Adventure 8, especially in the top compartment. The bag is sturdily designed and comfortable, and Tamrac have introduced some nice extra features. I like the removable inner pocket designed for carrying laptop and electrical cords, although it would be more convenient to have it adhere directly to the bag via Velcro, rather than having the cumbersome Velcro straps that lash to inner loops.

    The padded camera compartment is easier to access than the Adventure 8, although one must be careful not to spill lenses and other equipment out on the ground.

    The Adventure 9 is not all good, however. The see-through lined compartment has limited uses other than as a "collect all" pocket. Tamrac's special "Memory and Battery Management System" is pretty useless if if you utilize a memory case such as Gepe's CardSafe Watertight Memory Card Case . The memory management compartment just take up otherwise needed space.

    Despite its larger size, the Adventure 9 has fewer compartments than the smaller Adventure 8. There are times when I would like extra compartments in order to stash small items and extra goodies, such as small bottles of sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and lens cleaner.

    As a word of caution, the padded camera compartment is deeper than it looks in the advertisement photos. If your equipment is of standard size (in other words, not gigantic), you may have to be creative with the padded inserts in order to keep your gear from shifting or flopping around inside the compartment.

    When accessing the camera compartment, the top quick release buckle tends to constantly flop down into the compartment. I'm constantly annoyed with it, shoving it out of the way to get to my gear, only to have it flop back into the way.

    Both the Adventure 8 and Adventure 9 backpacks have waist straps. However, the Adventure 8 has a rear sleeve in which to stash the waist straps when not in use. For some unknown reason, this sleeve was not included in the Adventure 9 pack, leaving the straps to dangle needlessly below the bag. If it didn't reduce the bag's resale value, I would probably cut the straps off just to be rid of the annoyance.

    According to the Tamrac website, the rear computer compartment holds 17" laptops up to 15 1/2" x 11" x 2". Most Apple notebooks run a bit slimmer than that, so access is not a problem. My computer, however, runs those exact dimensions and will not fit due to the compartment's zipper limitations. Tamrac should have designed a wider zipper opening for easier access. I'm fearful of forcing the computer, as it may tear the zipper or the compartment.

    In conclusion, I was hoping that upgrading from the Adventure 8 to the Adventure 9 would allow me the same functionality as well as the added bonus of hauling a laptop. In the end, the bags shortcomings left a bad taste in my mouth.
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  • Selecting the right bag for you
    I recently purchased the Tamrac combination camera and computer backpack back for an overseas trip. A friend recommended the combo backpack and I thought that it would suit me especially thinking that I could download my pictures to my immediately accessible laptop computer. I made a mistake! Don't get me wrong this combo-backpack is well made and ideal if that is what you need it for but my own assessment of what I needed was wrong after using it. I purchased another 2G SD card for my Nikon D80 and that meant not having to lug my laptop around. So one recommendation that I have to others is too really think through what your needs are and to think of all alternatives that are available to you first.

    However there are a few things that I would like to see changed on the backpack.

    Camera Compartment: It does what it says. It has a 2-headed wrap around zipper with 1 large and 2 smaller plastic clips / clamps which in all keeps the compartment closed. I wish they would have mated the two zipper heads with some type of clip arrangement which would prevent the zippers from separating. If you forget to zip the compartment and just do one or all of the clips there is a chance that small things can fall out (my opinion) when carrying. There is an elastic restraining strap to hold your camera in place but everything else is free to possibly drop out when opening the bag when it is sitting upright. There are some storage pockets, and a zippered compartment in the flap but you probably will place smaller items in them. Nothing bulky.
    The material flap around the zipper head kept on getting trapped in the zipper head. I had to be continuously careful when zipping the compartment shut and you would not want to use this compartment without zipping it completely!

    Laptop Compartment: Single zipper head. No clips / clasps on this compartment. Here again I would like to see the zipper head mated to a clip / clasp to prevent it from possibly opening by itself. Don't think of using this compartment for general utility purposes. It was well designed for storing a laptop so maybe a few magazines or small flat objects can be placed in it in lieu of a laptop. There is no flap covering the zipper which made opening the compartment easy.

    Accessory Compartment: It has a 2-head wrap around zipper, including a flap covering the zipper. No clips / clasps on this compartment. Again I would like to see the two zipper head connected with a clasp. The zipper opens to the bottom of the compartment floor and things can fall out which they did for me. Also this compartment is limited in size.

    Overall negative (my opinion). This was my first quality camera bag. The biggest drawback is getting to your camera and how to get to your camera. I am a novice photographer and usually store my camera in the bag. But if you were to change your lens, or filter, or get something out of the camera compartment what would you do? Take off your back pack and open the camera compartment. Right? Well think how you would position your backpack to get your equipment. Would you place the backpack upright to open the camera compartment flap, or flat on its back? Laying it flat on its back, which takes up twice as much space, minimizes the risk the something will fall out of the compartment. It also takes up twice as much room which makes it more bulky.

    In any case I wasn't as happy with my purchase as I expected. I will probably sell this item and get a dedicated camera bag instead.

    ...more info
  • Tamrac adventure 9, never leave home without
    First off Tamarac makes great products I have several of them.
    I don't gloat for the fun of it. But in Tamrac's case I will.
    I bought a Aero Camera/laptop backpack and used it a lot. but it does not have a chest or waist strap, it was made for quick access.
    When wearing my backpack and riding my motorcycle I turned to look over my shoulder to check traffic and the right strap slid off.
    I was wearing a leather jacket so the lack of friction was a factor
    This is no way is a bad reflection on Tamrac just me not doing my homework.
    I ended up getting the Adventure 9 in camo, I think I fell in love with this bag from day one, I ride a motorcycle most of the time and the waist and chest straps keep it secured. I know my computer and camera gear are safe. My load is heavy mostly the large laptop I carry.
    I work part time and go to College in the morning(Photography Major)
    I also like the fact it does not scream camera bag.
    and it has two water bottle pockets a big plus for those of us living in the desert.

    ...more info
  • Adequate backpack for larger folks.
    It's hard to tell from the picture, but this is a fairly large backpack. I'm 5'8" and the pack goes from the bottom of my waist to the top of my neck. Empty, the pack is pretty heavy but it's very, very well structured and will stand up full or empty. Padding in the laptop and camera compartments are very good. I wouldn't worry about tossing this into an overhead compartment on a plane (though I wouldn't be brave enough to check it).

    The laptop compartment is big enough to hold my 14.1" Thinkpad and my 15" widescreen Powerbook G4. I have doubts that it would hold a 17" laptop if it's widescreen so if that's what you own, bring it into a camera store, if possible, and try to fit it.

    The camera compartment is plentiful. I keep a Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L lengthwise in one compartment. On the other side of the camera, I have a Sigma 28mm F1.8 and a Canon 10-22mm side-by-side. My Rebel XT sits in the middle with a 24-105mm F4 L attached and underneath the camera (separated by an included velcro pad) is my 430EX flash. There's just enough nooks & crannies to stuff tiny accessories in there including a Canon SD550 in a compact case. I managed to keep my lens hoods in there too. The included zip pocket can hold small, thin items like a charger, wireless remote, extra lens caps, etc. The pockets for holding batteries & memory cards are poorly designed. If you open up the flap fully while it's lying flat on its straps, items in the end pockets can slip out. I lost a NiMH AA battery for my flash this way. As a work around, you can pull out the red flag that indicates a full card/drained battery and that will keep things from slipping out, but that defeats the purpose of the flags. My only other complaint is that the velcro strap that keeps the camera in place is way too long, nothing a pair of scissors can't fix though. At first, I didn't like the idea of having to both unzip & unclip, then zip & clip to get anything out. But in real-world use, being able to just clip the buckles while leaving the zipper open is very handy.

    The upper compartment is a bit small, but that's expected considering the capacity of the camera compartment underneath it. The pop-off pocket is a gimmick. It's cumbersome to remove and I don't find it to be all that useful based on its size and position in the back of the compartment. To get anything out of it, you'd have to dig through whatever else you might already have in there, or empty it out. A real set of organizer pockets to keep card readers, pens, business cards, etc would be much more useful.

    The waist and sternum straps are useful though I wish there was a way to stow the waist strap when the weight of the pack doesn't warrant its use. The shoulder straps will need a LOT of breaking in. They're very stiff and the material is rough against your skin. It's uncomfortable hoisting it on and taking it off and found that I ended up scratching up my arms a lot. Wearing it with a jacket or long sleeved shirt solves it, but that's not always practical in warmer climates....more info
  • Great Bag :)
    I have a fair amount of digital SLR Camera gear and a laptop, up until now they have been in seperate backpacks, however the limitation of one carry-on item per customer on air planes has been an issue. This bag did the trick, I was able to fit my 17" mac book pro into the laptop pouch and able to store my Digital rebel with the larger battery handle, flash, several lenses, and external hard drive and ipod all comfortably into this backpack. I have several backpacks and this is by far my favorite. It's well made and well designed. A+...more info
  • Poor customer service for returns
    Received the item promptly without problem but had difficulties trying to return the item when the person who received the gift didn't like it. It was nearly impossible to reach the company by phone which was required before sending the item back to the company. Finally got a response from the company by email after a few days. I doubt if we will order anything through this supplier again from Amazon....more info
    I bought this bag for a recent 2 week trip to China. I also bought it for everyday use for work to accomodate my laptop as well as my camera. I have the Nikon D80 along with the Nikor 18-200mm VR lens attached, and most bags would not hold this combination. This bag is idealt. In absense of my laptop the padded slot is perfect for holding books, magazines and notebooks.

    I sits nicely on my back and is weighted properly. It's also very well made. I was hoping to find a Lowepro bag that would hold both my camera and laptop, but the bags they make was both too big and the storage was geared more for camera equipment... more space than I needed. This bag is priced right. It's PERFECT!...more info
  • Great for a day trip.
    I bought this bag for my husband for the coming vacation. It's just perfect to hold the equipments, but not much room left for personal stuff. It's great for a day trip, but if you're expecting something you can carry for a long trip, it's not the one.

    The material is great, has lots of padded pockets for every accessories, and can hold a laptop securely....more info
  • Put to the test at altitude in the Himalayas
    I bought this backpack specifically for an 11-day photography trek at altitude through the Himalayas. In short the bag performed excellently and I have no issue recommending it to anyone travelling with a reasonably compact amount of gear over large distances.

    The bag is split into 3 sections:

    - The base compartment. In this section I was able to fit my Canon 40D, a Canon Rebel XT, a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS, a Canon 10-22mm, and a Canon 24-70mm 2.8. If all of the kit was in the bag at the same time, the 24-70 lens has to be on the 40D body for it all to fit. I has had the 1.4x extender in there which could either fit separately or stay on the 70-200 lens. Having the extender in there too was a bit of a tight fit but could be done. There would have also been room for a battery extender on the 40D body too if you have one. Within the base compartment there was also room in the fold-down flap to store batteries (I carried five because the extreme cold tended to sap the life very quickly), a flat Tiffen filter pack, business cards, two lens cloths and 8 Compact flash memory cards in the four pockets designed specifically for cards.

    - The top compartment. In this part of the bag there was space for a fleece, a wind-breaker, several energy bars, a writing pad, and an Epson P8000.

    - The laptop compartment. It can easily fit even the larger styles of laptop. However, for my trek, I used it to store a 3 liter camelbak water platypus. The zip on the opening goes from bottom to top so it was perfect for keeping the drinking pipe high over the shoulder.

    There is also space to carry a tripod under the bag. This was a definite improvement over previous bags I have. The straps to secure a tripod must be purchased separately. Buy good straps as this will ensure they stay tight and that the tripod doesn't slowly sink and then start banging the back of your legs while walking.

    The shoulder straps were surprising comfortable and made carrying the full bag very comfortable, even while trekking for 8 hours at any one time. There are also two side pockets that can each fit one of the narrower types of water bottles. I have added a picture of myself carrying the bag....more info
  • Great Bag
    I was concerned that this bag would not be large enough to hold my Canon 30D with a 70-200 telephoto lens on it. It is a tight fit but it does hold it nicely. It fits my camera and a 70-200, 17-40, 28-135 lens, shades - all in the main compartment. I keep all my other cords in the top compartment and my laptop is snug in it's place. This is a great bag....more info
  • Love it!
    So far I love it!
    It is a little too big for a girl's body but I can fit everything I need in need.
    I look like a turtle because of its size, but I don't care.
    Laptop fits it nicely and the packpack is perfect for hicking!
    Water bottles on the side pockets and ready to go!...more info
  • good, not great
    When looking for a combination laptop / digital camera backpack (or other bag) there are limited choices available. This one seems to be the best of the lot. However, it is difficult to fit my Dell Inspiron 8600 into the slot alotted for the laptop. There is also no space for any papers or files. On the other hand, the camera compartment is well padded and secure....more info