Wenzel Timber Ridge Sport 9-by-7-Foot Four-Person Dome Tent
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Timber Ridge tent, Specifications: - Model#: 36276 - Base: 9' x 7' - Center height: 52" - Area: 63 sq. ft. - Sleeps: 4 - Door: Dutch D style - Window: polyester mesh, 2 ea. - Floor: welded polyethylene - Frame: fiberglass - Carry weight: 8 lbs - Pegs: steel - Factory pack: 4 Features: - Removable fly with hoop frame - Large Dutch D style door for easy entry/exit - Shockcorded fiberglass frame with pole pockets for ease of set-up - Two windows and mesh roof vents for excellent ventilation, Mfg No: 36276, Manufacturer: Wenzel

Keep your load limber during long hikes and extended cycling excursions with the Wenzel Timber Creek Sport dome tent. Large enough to sleep four people at once yet compact enough to fit conveniently on a backpack or saddle bags, the tent is great for all types of camping and conditions. The Timer Creek Sport includes such features as a Dutch D-style door for easy entry, along with a shock-corded fiberglass frame with pole pockets that sets up and disassembles quickly. Campers will also appreciate the weather-armor polyester fabric and tough side seams, which are reliably rugged and resist leaks of all kinds. The window and roof vents, meanwhile, do a nice job of ventilating the tent and controlling morning moisture.

Additional details include water-repellent threads, zippers, and webbing; a sonic-sealed floor that's welded (not sewn) to eliminate stitch and needle holes; and a removable fly for wet weather conditions. The Timer Creek Sport measures 9 feet wide by 7 feet long and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Amazon.com Tent Guide
Selecting a Tent
Fortunately, there are all kinds of tents for weekend car campers, Everest expeditions, and everything in-between. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Expect the Worst
In general, it's wise to choose a tent that's designed to withstand the worst possible conditions you think you'll face. For instance, if you're a summer car camper in a region where weather is predictable, an inexpensive family or all purpose tent will likely do the trick--especially if a vehicle is nearby and you can make a mad dash for safety when bad weather swoops in! If you're a backpacker, alpine climber or bike explorer, or if you like to car camp in all seasons, you'll want to take something designed to handle more adversity.

Three- and Four-Season Tents
For summer, early fall and late spring outings, choose a three-season tent. At minimum, a quality three season tent will have lightweight aluminum poles, a reinforced floor, durable stitching, and a quality rain-fly. Some three-season tents offer more open-air netting and are more specifically designed for summer backpacking and other activities. Many premium tents will feature pre-sealed, taped seams and a silicone-impregnated rain-fly for enhanced waterproofness.

For winter camping or alpine travel, go with a four season model. Because they typically feature more durable fabric coatings, as well as more poles, four-season tents are designed to handle heavy snowfall and high winds without collapsing. Of course, four-season tents exact a weight penalty of about 10 to 20 percent in trade for their strength and durability. They also tend to be more expensive.

Domes and Tunnels
Tents are broadly categorized into two types, freestanding, which can stand up on their own, and those that must be staked down in order to stand upright. Freestanding tents often incorporate a dome-shaped design, and most four-season tents are constructed this way because a dome leaves no flat spots on the outer surface where snow can collect. Domes are also inherently stronger than any other design. Meanwhile, many three-season models employ a modified dome configuration called a tunnel. These are still freestanding, but they require fewer poles than a dome, use less fabric, and typically have a rectangular floor-plan that offers less storage space than a dome configuration. Many one and two-person tents are not freestanding, but they make up for it by being more lightweight. Because they use fewer poles, they can also be quicker to set up than a dome.

Size Matters
Ask yourself how many people you'd like to fit in your fabric hotel now and in the future. For soloists and minimalists, check out one-person tents. If you're a mega-minimalist, or if you have your eye on doing some big wall climbs, a waterproof-breathable bivy sack is the ticket. Some bivy sacks feature poles and stake points to give you a little more breathing room. Also, if you don't need bug protection and you want to save weight, check out open-air shelters.

Families who plan on car camping in good weather can choose from a wide range of jumbo-sized tents that will accommodate all your little ones with room to spare. A wide range of capacities is also available for three- and four-season backpacking and expedition tents. Remember, though, the bigger the tent you buy, the heavier it will be, although it's easy to break up the tent components among several people in your group. It's also helpful to compare the volume and floor-space measurements of models you're considering.

  • Four-person tent with lightweight construction for hikes, cycling trips, and other camping occasions
  • Lightweight, shock-corded fiberglass frame with pole pockets sets up and breaks down quickly
  • Weather-armor polyester fabric with polyurethane coating is tough and reliable
  • Window and roof vents for ventilation; water-repellent threads, zippers, and webbing
  • Includes removable fly; measures 9 feet long x 7 feet wide; 10-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • 4 person tent my butt!
    Great 2 PERSON tent, but there's no way you could fit 4 people in there (we maxed out at 2 people and a dog (on my son's feet). Very easy to set up, so other than the size, it's great for the price. I would prefer 2 doors, however....more info
  • Nice, small tent
    Easy set-up and take down. Small profile, but big enough for 2 adults and 2 small children. The use of larger air mattresses diminishes both vertical and usable horizontal space. If you have four adults, or want to bring packs or other luggage into the tent, you want to think about the space issue more carefully. The zippers were easy to use, and there was good natural ventilation through screens at the top (the rain cover provides privacy while allowing good airflow into the tent. All the necessary equipment came with the tent (except a hammer) including a waterproof bottom which comes up a few inches on the sides to protect against surface water drainage from rain, but we put a tarp down under it just to be safe even though the tent didn't seem to need it....more info
  • Good tent at good value
    I purchased this tent from Amazon on 5/9/07 for $34.99. Although the price has gone up some, it is still a good value. The major stress points (corners, etc..) are reinforced, and the materials are of a quality worthy of a higher price. I noticed some "sloppy" (for lack of a better word) workmanship where the mesh is sewn to the tent windows, and some other areas. My experience in camping retail leads me to believe that these tents may be "seconds". However this is not to say that there would be leakage problems or there are stuctual issues, rather these issues are at most cosmetic.
    Previous reviews of size are accurate. In the "real world" you should basically reduce by 30-50% the number of people a tent is listed to hold. So a "4 person tent" is really a 2 person (maybe 3) plus "all their gear".
    Overall, I would say that this tent is a great choice....more info
  • easy to set up and way bigger than i thought it would be...
    set up and tear down are way easy. was a little surprised that you HAD to use the rain fly otherwise the tent would be completely exposed. that being said... the rainfly also went up fairly easy too... and the large mesh on top allowed for a lot of air flow. followed the instructions to use seam sealant... that process was a messy confusing pain - i'm glad i don't have to do again... sure hope i did it right and now the tent won't leak. wonder why they don't just seal these suckers at the nice chinese factory? all in all it's a great tent for the price... and i can't wait to go camping again!...more info
  • Good tent
    I really like the tent, it sets up easy and is roomy. Being a hiker it would be nice if it were a little lighter, but it fits nicely inside my backpack. Seems very sturdy and has guy lines, I have not used it in the rain yet but on a regular night the inside stayed dry. I would buy another one....more info
  • Nice
    This tent is very nice for 3 people. Easy to set up. It's a little heavy, and is roomy, very roomy, huge if you intended it for fewer than 3 medium sized adults. For 4 people it is a little cramped. It is really meant for close to car use due to size and weight, not backpacking long distances. Although I'm sure I could carry it without too much trouble, it would just limit how much gear I take to do so. ...more info
  • Exactly as expected
    This tent was perfect for my price range. I took this camping and it is quite light. It is especially light if you're going to have 3 people sleeping in the tent and I think it is safe to say that 3 people could backpack with this tent (by each carrying a 1/3rd of the tent weight). Four people, although technically do-able without gear, would be quite a tight squeeze. Tent was an easy, standard set-up as far as tents go, and we were able to take it down in the rain in only a few minutes.

    Definitely a good purchase for the price (only tested in a light drizzle)....more info
  • Wenzel Tent
    Returned tent promptly. Mainly due to the fact that it was too small to fit my needs. Wasn't able to use the tent so that is why my rating is so low. Tent did go up fast and was easy to set-up. The tent stakes were flimsy, and the tent fabric was not to my liking. I think this tent would be great for kids in the backyard. Just too small.
    UT ...more info
  • Useless in the Rain
    We bought this tent following its overwhelmingly positive reviews here - such as the one that says "It rained three out of the four days, but the inside of the tent stayed completely dry."

    The truth in our case, however, was quite the opposite. We have seen only a little rain during our recent camping, and the "fly" did protect the top half of the tent. But all the wall area that is not covered by it - and it is practically the whole lower part of the tent next to the floor -got immediately wet. We were lucky the rain was weak and hardly lasted an hour.

    ...more info
  • Tent
    This tent is awesome!!! It took my little sister and I less than ten minutes to set up and we got a king size air mattress in there. SWEET!...more info
  • Great but not perfect
    I'm writing this for my mom My mom bought this for me for a camping trip but before this we tested it and put it in the ground in our backyard. Then we left and when we got back it was gone. We found it Down the street in our neighbors yard. So if your going to camp in florida at least were its sandy make sure its down good. when we actually did go camping it was comfortable to sleep in And when it rained realy hard it stayed dry ecxept for a small leak in the space where the bottom of the tent connects to the top. Over all it was easy to asemble and disassemble so it was a very good tent. Oh and Also there was a rip where i had pulled the pole through and a rip in the bottom stake holder which was mostly my fault....more info
  • Great value for a car camping tent
    I bought this tent for a camping trip in the Adirondacks. It held up well during a whole day of heavy downpours. There were a few drops of water that somehow seemed to make their way through both the rain tarp and the mesh of the actual tent itself, so that every few minutes, water drops would fall on us. But for the price, I can't complain. The top half of the actual tent itself is mostly made of a mosquito mesh like material. So you definitely need to put the rain tarp over it if you think it might rain. If you want some sun, just take off the tarp, and the sun will shine right through.

    This is not a backpacking tent. It is too big and heavy to carry as a back country tent. For those situations you might want to look for a lighter model. But if you are camping close to your car, this is great.

    There is no separate ground tarp. The bottom of the tent is designed to be a ground tarp. I wish more tents would do this. The tent is big enough for five people to hang out in it and play cards. Four people can also lie down in it with their sleeping bags, but it's a cozy fit. This is a free standing tent. This means you don't need to use guy wires to keep it standing, though they are provided to give your tent more rigidity.

    The bag that the tent came with is absolutely too small. Once you take it out of the bag, there is no way you can get it back in the bag. Trust me. I tried rolling the tent, folding the tent, crumpling the tent, but no matter what, it is impossible to get it back into the tent bag. I ended up using one of those canvas bags you get when you buy folding beach chairs.

    Overall, I recommend it for those of you who like to camp close to their car or camper, where size or weight isn't an issue....more info
  • GREAT tent for $25
    I've had this tent for just over a year now. It's been used about 20x.
    It has amazing quality thru-out. Nothing has torn-up with it at all. The floor is still completely sealed and there are no signs of anything wearing. Amazon had it on clearance back in March of 2007 for right at $25.
    My only regret is that I didn't buy 2 or 3 of them @ that price...

    ...more info
  • Easy to set up and a breeze to break down. Some minor usability quibbles.
    My husband and I are camp novices. We bought this tent for a group campout. It took him less than 15 minutes to set up. We skipped the rainfly, as the weather didn't require it. The tent is very see-through from about halfway up without the rainfly, which is nice for stargazing but bad for privacy when changing. It wasn't a big deal to us, but it's worth knowing.

    Our weather was great, so I can't vouch for the tent in rain or cold. We didn't have any moisture issues (condensation inside the tent). As far as actually living in the tent, I had some minor complaints. The door zipper frequently got stuck or was stubborn. I found I had to use my foot to hold the tent down while pulling on it to have it work reliably. It's possible that we could have staked the tent better and avoided this issue though. Also, the D-shaped door is closed by two zippers: one along the bottom of the D and one around the curve to the top. I'm not sure why they did this versus two two-way zippers on the same D-shaped track. It means you always have to reach down to the ground to unzip the door, which is a pain when they could have done a zipper that allowed you to put the meeting point where you need it. When your back is tired from sleeping on the ground, doing a toe-touch to open the tent door is no fun!

    The door of the tent has a mesh window that you can unzip from the inside. It's a single panel door, so you pretty much have to completely open the door to put things inside. Some tents I've seen previously included a second door panel made of mesh to allow for an extra layer of bug protection or to use as a passthrough without ever having to fully open the tent. I wouldn't expect that feature from a tent in this price range.

    The tent included the usual indoor amenities: a pocket for rings/watches on one side and a mesh shelf to suspend at the top for a flashlight or other small storage. I have no complaints with either of these items. The inside of the tent also had a handy troubleshooting guide sewn to the roof.

    As far as interior space, I didn't buy this expecting a large tent, although I did think that something advertised as a "Four-Person" tent would have been a bit larger. Nonetheless, I read the dimensions before I bought, so it didn't really surprise me. I'm only noting this because others might simply see "four-person" and think it's big enough for a family. It isn't. You can't stand up while inside the tent without touching the roof. My husband and I were able to sleep comfortably, but I think a third adult would have made it cramped. Neither of us are particularly tall. I'd equate the inside of the tent to a queen size mattress, once you figure some room for putting each person's weekend bag. Would you really want to put four people on a queen size bed? We also barely had room to stow our gear when we had our sleeping bags spread out. Again, this isn't a problem in my eyes, because the tent isn't supposed to be huge. It's simply worth noting.

    We had no problems getting the tent back into the bag. We followed the instructions for how to roll and tie it up, squishing the air out as we went. It took less than 15 minutes to break it down. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the ties provided to tie up the rolled up tent. They're just scraps of tent fabric. You might throw them away if you aren't paying attention. Still, that's a minor quibble, and they're easy enough to replace with sturdier rope or cords.

    When packed up, the tent is very lightweight. The box advertises it as a backpacking tent, and I think that's an accurate assessment. If you're a luxury camper, this might not be to your liking given the height and lack of comfort features, but if you're looking for a lightweight and easy tent to set up for sleeping, storage, and not much else, this is a great option.
    ...more info
  • Good
    For first time campers this is great... it should have taken me 10 minutes to assemble but I'll admit it took me half an hour. This is a two man job and was very spacious inside. I only recommend getting a nice tarp to put under it and padded yoga mats to put under the sleeping bags... Excellent deal....more info
  • Timber Ridge sport tent
    The tent is as described. Great price thru Amazon. Delivery was fast & I would buy thru Amazon again....more info
  • Very Good Tent!
    I've just received this tent as of today.

    Set up was easy, even with one person. Can easily fit a queen air bed inside. However I was more prepared due to Amazon's review. I took upon myself to purchase all four small carabinder rings (looks almost like rock climbers clamp hooks) to secure the rain fly more securely (purchased at a local hardware store). I even rain proofed with the sealant. Also I have noticed an oversight as others have mentioned on the back of the tent. But can be easily rectified. You can create a rectangle shape water proofed fabric (can be found at fabric stores), and simply glue fabric glue (or other glues) to seal it on. Still leaving more room for the ventilation to pass through the top part. I have not done this yet, but to me, an easy fix. It's a cheap tent, so you don't have much to lose by trying. I definitely will try this as well! Also, in the direction, it is still recommended to lay tarp on ground thus prolonging the tent life.

    All in all, I was impressed with the easy assembly. It's roomy, good ventilation, and lightweight. Although I cannot promote or recommend this product since I have not used it yet, I still think it makes a great back-packing tent. Providing that tips listed above are in hand and ready, by all means enjoy! ...more info
  • Excellent basic camping tent
    After spending more hours than I like to think about searching for a tent, I finally settled on this one. It had the best of all reviews and was a large enough size to sleep me and a friend or two on camping trips. I was very pleased with what I received.

    The first time I took it out was for a four day camping trip on Lake Erie. It rained three out of the four days, but the inside of the tent stayed completely dry. With the windows closed it was stifled, but if you opened them enough to let wind in there was a great cross breeze. Set up was simple and taking it apart was even easier (although as other people have commented, the tent bag is a tad small - not the end of the world). The tent very comfortably holds 2 and sleeps 3, though this is not a stand up and walk around tent - it's maybe 5 feet tall at the center.

    My one suggestion: If you choose to put a tarp under the tent as extra protection from rocks and/or rain, be sure that the entire tarp is under the tent - do NOT permit any to stick out on the sides. I did that and it allowed the tarp to catch water which neither soaked into the ground nor evaporated - it just sat there. Left long enough it will seep through the floor a bit. But if you make sure the tarp is smaller than the tent, you should have no problem.

    I would definitely recommend this tent to casual campers. It's probably a bit heavy to take backpacking, but stuck in the back of the car or truck and popped up on site it's excellent....more info
  • If you need a basic tent - this is the one
    For an average camper that's not going to be doing anything extreme then this is your tent. 2 people MAX - i don't know what 4 people they are talking about. Can't beat the price though. I plan to upgrade in 1-2 years....more info
  • Beware of any bad weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just got back from Caprock Canyon. Cool front moved in one night and the winds snapped one of the main support poles. During the storm I had to go outside and reset both of the rainfly supports, one of them twice. The rainfly support has two poles. The poles don't clip or tie in place so they pop out with any real wind at all. The walls needed major support and the rainfly is small only covering the top portion of the tent so whipping wind does and will easily blow the rain in. The tent is a great size and is easy to set up, but pay attention to what I'm writing please. It is not made for any real weather. It will be great for a short uneventful campout at a statepark. Better pray no bad weather sneaks up on you. I am sending mine back. Remember that you get what you pay for. I wanted to believe this would be the right tent for me because of the price, size and weight, but boy was I wrong. Choose wisely my friend....more info