Wenzel Ponderosa 10- by 8-Foot Four-Person Two-Room Dome Tent
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Ponderosa tent The 10'x8' Ponderosa is a 2 room tent that has a rugged polyethylene floor for long term durability. It sleeps 4-5 and the 2 windows front and back are hooded to allow ventilation even in rain. The windows combined with the 2 large roof vents (non-closable) provide excellent ventilation. The rainfly is a coated polyester and won't sag in rain and resists UV damage better than nylon. 2 doors with closable windows for easy entry and exit. Specifications: - Model#: 36277 - Base: 10' x 8' - Center height: 60" - Area: 80 sq. ft. - Sleeps: 4-5 - Door: Back-to-back Dutch D Style - Window: polyester mesh 3 ea. - Floor: welded polyethylene - Frame: fiberglass - Carry weight: 10.8 lbs - Pegs: steel - Factory pack: 4 Features: - Back-to-back Dutch D style doors for easy tent access - Hanging divider curtain creates two separate rooms each with its own door - Removable fly with hoop frame over front door and rear window - Shock-corded fiberglass poles with pin and ring system for easy set-up - Three windows and mesh roof vents for excellent ventilation Mfg No: 36277 Manufacturer: Wenzel

Great for hiking and biking trips, the Ponderosa two-room tent is lightweight enough at 10.8 pounds to carry on a backpack or saddle bags yet spacious enough to sleep four people at once. The tent base measures 10 feet by 8 feet, with a height in the center of 60 inches--more than enough space for an informal game of cards at midnight. The removable divider curtain, meanwhile, adds a bit of privacy in crowded conditions. Construction details range from a shock-corded fiberglass frame with a pin and ring connection to a weather-armor polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating. The frame is designed for quick and easy setup--a far cry from the clunky frames of yesteryear--while the coated fabric is reliable and sturdy regardless of the weather.

And should the rains come pouring down, the tent's armor-tough seams and water-repellent threads, zippers, and webbing stand ready to resist. The tent even includes sonic-sealed floors that are welded (not sewn) to eliminate stitch and needle holes, ensuring that water from rain-soaked dirt won't sneak in. Additional details include three windows (two in the front and one in the rear), Dutch D-style doors for easy entry from either side of the tent, and four mesh roof vents for circulation and moisture control. The Ponderosa is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Amazon.com Tent Guide
Selecting a Tent
Fortunately, there are all kinds of tents for weekend car campers, Everest expeditions, and everything in-between. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Expect the Worst
In general, it's wise to choose a tent that's designed to withstand the worst possible conditions you think you'll face. For instance, if you're a summer car camper in a region where weather is predictable, an inexpensive family or all purpose tent will likely do the trick--especially if a vehicle is nearby and you can make a mad dash for safety when bad weather swoops in! If you're a backpacker, alpine climber or bike explorer, or if you like to car camp in all seasons, you'll want to take something designed to handle more adversity.

Three- and Four-Season Tents
For summer, early fall and late spring outings, choose a three-season tent. At minimum, a quality three season tent will have lightweight aluminum poles, a reinforced floor, durable stitching, and a quality rain-fly. Some three-season tents offer more open-air netting and are more specifically designed for summer backpacking and other activities. Many premium tents will feature pre-sealed, taped seams and a silicone-impregnated rain-fly for enhanced waterproofness.

For winter camping or alpine travel, go with a four season model. Because they typically feature more durable fabric coatings, as well as more poles, four-season tents are designed to handle heavy snowfall and high winds without collapsing. Of course, four-season tents exact a weight penalty of about 10 to 20 percent in trade for their strength and durability. They also tend to be more expensive.

Domes and Tunnels
Tents are broadly categorized into two types, freestanding, which can stand up on their own, and those that must be staked down in order to stand upright. Freestanding tents often incorporate a dome-shaped design, and most four-season tents are constructed this way because a dome leaves no flat spots on the outer surface where snow can collect. Domes are also inherently stronger than any other design. Meanwhile, many three-season models employ a modified dome configuration called a tunnel. These are still freestanding, but they require fewer poles than a dome, use less fabric, and typically have a rectangular floor-plan that offers less storage space than a dome configuration. Many one and two-person tents are not freestanding, but they make up for it by being more lightweight. Because they use fewer poles, they can also be quicker to set up than a dome.

Size Matters
Ask yourself how many people you'd like to fit in your fabric hotel now and in the future. For soloists and minimalists, check out one-person tents. If you're a mega-minimalist, or if you have your eye on doing some big wall climbs, a waterproof-breathable bivy sack is the ticket. Some bivy sacks feature poles and stake points to give you a little more breathing room. Also, if you don't need bug protection and you want to save weight, check out open-air shelters.

Families who plan on car camping in good weather can choose from a wide range of jumbo-sized tents that will accommodate all your little ones with room to spare. A wide range of capacities is also available for three- and four-season backpacking and expedition tents. Remember, though, the bigger the tent you buy, the heavier it will be, although it's easy to break up the tent components among several people in your group. It's also helpful to compare the volume and floor-space measurements of models you're considering.

  • Four-person tent with lightweight construction for hikes, cycling trips, and other camping occasions
  • Lightweight, shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin and ring connection for quick setup and break down
  • Weather-armor polyester fabric with polyurethane coating is tough and reliable
  • Dutch D-style doors; removable divider curtain for 2-room orientation; 4 mesh roof vents
  • Sonic-sealed, welded floors; measures 10 feet long x 8 feet wide; 10-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Very nice tent...
    I found this tent to be worth every penny. It went up quickly and came down just as fast and easy. Plus, it is the first tent that I ever owned that actually rolled up nicely and everything fit back in the original bag. I like the mesh roof for good air circulation and no wet walls from condensation. I haven't used it in the rain yet but it seems like it would hold up nicely. Plenty of room for 3 people even on air beds. 4 would be pretty crowded. I like that you can stand up in it (even though you are bent over) and the door opening is tall enough that you can walk in and out instead of crawling in and out. Without question, I'd buy another one tomorrow if something happened to this tent....more info
  • Durable, easy to assemble tent!!!
    Okay, we looked at all the brick and mortars, but couldn't come away with a confident purchase. That is why Amazon is so great. We reviewed many of the tents and studied the comments posted. This tent although recently purchased has a great first impression. Assembly, took me about 40 minutes by myself. Now, I read the instructions and slowly made a dry run in the yard prior to our first official set up in the campground. Listen, from what I read you want to get the tent setup and treat it with a can of water repellant! So, that is what weve done, and hope this will thwart off any attacks by mother nature. Set up is very easy, and I am far from being a mechanical gifted individual. Nothing ever comes easy for me when it comes to setting up or assembling anything. I wanted to spare any embarrasment at the Park so a dry run was a must for me! The quaility of the zippers and poles all seem to be sturdy. They provided a few extra tent steaks and if anything they seem a little cheap, but clearly do the job. Again, I am unsure of how this will hold up in the elements, but honestly it is a tent and unless you're going to spend $400 or more I wouldn't expect any tent to survive a tropical rain storm?? Well, hope you all found this review of some help. The reviews are strong for this tent, and my first impression leads me to believe we made a nice purchase for $50.00 , thanks kids!...more info
  • This tent is all you need!
    We are a family of four with kids 9 and 11, a father who is 6'3", and a mom who is 5'4" with that said this tent was just right for us. We went camping in Sedona, AZ during the Fall which the temps run from 80 during the day to 40 during the night. Next time, I would bring a tent fan for the day and a tent heater for the night. Now, we were plenty cozy, but we did have room for two queen air mattresses, our 4 backpacks, and space for our shoes. All the compartments advertised came in handy for ipods, flashlights, books, and hand sanitizer. The ceiling compartment we attached our flouresent lantern to. It was easy for me (the mom) to set the tent up. However I made my 9 year old son help me for the experience. This tent is AWESOME considering the price! It is good quality with good features and it does hold four people. I'm glad I bought it! I'm sure we will get many years of use out of it whether it is one person in the tent or four. Oh, I almost forgot all the parts fit back into the bag it came in and it is easy to carry. Also, you will need to buy a tent mallot. A mallot doesn't come with it and I'm glad it didn't because I bought a great rubber mallot with hook at the bottom for 1.88 at a well known chain. ...more info
  • For 50 bucks, an great bargain
    Good quality, lots of room, easy to put up.

    We were treated to a pair of nasty thunderstorms with driving rain on our first outing with this tent. A little leakage, but not bad - seam sealer might have helped.
    ...more info
    With a lot of tents, you will need to put down tarps underneath them. You do not need them with this tent! I had it set up on wet land and it rained at night, and I stayed perfectly dry!! As for the 4person, 2 room part, I disagree. It is a very tight 2 room 4 person tent. If you set it up w/ a queen air mattress if fits two people with room to spare....more info
  • Good Tent
    I set this tent up in my yard to check it out first. I like it and it has good seems and zippers and is of good material. Ive camped for numerous years and have learned from trial and error what to look for. It states it is a 4 person tent. Im 6'2 and so is the person Im going camping with. I cant imagine anyone else in there and be comfortable. 2 average adults and 2 kids would be fine. Dont know how it does in rain yet but I do know a good scotch guard usually works for older tents. The tent does divide in half. The only use would be changing of clothes though....more info
  • Nice tent
    Looks great, EASY to put up & take down, it did leak the 1st rain it was in...that was disappointing, we have had cheaper tents last years with no leaks so for this tent to rain the 2nd night it was up was disappointing. They are suppose to be a leading brand. We bought the seam sealer & just hadn't applied it yet. My husband said a NEW tent shouldn't need it yet. Spacious & leak was minimal but still not what you want to see in a new tent while camping in a rain storm....more info
  • Pretty good for the price.
    Good tent for the money, so far. I did notice that one of the pole sections was cracked when putting it up for the second time, hopefully duct tape will do the trick. I had two toddlers "helping", so who knows what really happened there. Goes up pretty easy. It would be hard to put up alone, but with a 10x8 tent you're probably not alone. The included stakes are pretty flimsy, so get at least four better ones for the corners. With the rain fly on the side vents are pretty much blocked. I would think the fly would have stood out from the vents a little. We have never used the room divider. ...more info
  • Wenzel 8 x 10 Four Person
    Tent worked great for the kids..No leaking and kept the kids warm at night. Easy to set up and remember to keep a 8 X 10 tarp under so no water seaps in from the bottom....more info
  • great for the price
    My husband and I put this together in under 15 minutes, it was very easy and quick. It has rained and so far no leakes.

    Very pleased...more info
  • Great Tent
    For the price, this tent is awesome - easy to setup, plenty of room, nice features....more info
  • Wenzel Tent
    I was a little worried about purchasing a tent that I couldn't see in person, nor was I not familiar with the brand. After I did a little researching on the brand and the price, the tent was a great deal. I spent a 4 day weekend in the tent and it worked out perfectly. I didn't have one problem with it. Pretty easy to put up and it fits right back in the bag on the first try. It can sleep 4 people easily. I did spray the tent with waterproofing and it stayed completely dry, even when it rained pretty steadily....more info
  • Easy
    This tent is nicely designed and simple to assemble. There is not quite enough inner storage pockets, but the window vents are nice and the rain slicker provieds extra privacy. My own naivety had me thinking the "room devider" was much more substantive. In reality is it merely a dinkey curtain that hangs down. But what is camping if you dont get up close and personal?...more info
  • not suitable for bad weather
    Had to throw it away after the second excursion. We suffered terrible nights, chilly and wet. The wind enter from all places. Terrible design. My daughter ended sick with fever and sore throat....more info
  • Almost A Perfect 10
    The tent is very attractive, spacious and easy to set up. I bought 4 to use for Boy Scouts. We have only been camping in them once so far. I had one of the aluminum ends of the tent rod come off at first use but it was fixable. The only disadvantage to using with kids or teenagers is the tall front lip. I had boys consistantly triping while getting in and out of the tent....more info
  • Good Tent
    We went camping for the first time this weekend with this tent...and of course it RAINED all weekend. As with all tents you should put some sort of seam sealer on the rain flap...I did after i put the tent up but couldn't reach the top....it did drip a bit where I didn't put the sealer..but i will take care of that. Great tent help up really well in the rain and extreamley heavy winds we had. Don't be scared off by the dripping again the seam sealer is like someone else said...a big chapstick you run along the seams...very easy!...more info
  • Ponderosa
    I received 2 tents, all shipped individually, which was rediculous. Both tents flys leak at the seams. I called the mfg. They suggest I go buy some seam sealer and put on. New tents should not leak at the seams or anyplace else...more info
  • excellent product at a lower price
    I saw this tent at a local sporting store for an outrageous price. I loved all its features so I wanted it but refused to spend the money. I looked on amazon and there it was for a whole lot less and I received it within 3 days. It arrived the day before my families camping trip and it was perfect. Excellent product and look here before buying it anywhere else....more info
  • The king of the camp
    I am a homeless man who has recently made the purchase of this fine tent. OMG, this tent makes me feel like I won the lottery. It is a mansion among the plethora of cardboard dwellings in the empty field behind 7-11. Tears flow daily from my homeless brothers and sisters as they round the corner of that 7-11 and take in the scene we call "our neighborhood". The water flows freely from their meth polluted, whiskey red eyes.
    My ability to capture the ladies hearts has increased 10 fold. Having female company after a hard day of begging for change is no longer an issue..
    If you desire a tent, or more accurately, a plastic fabric home, this is the purchase you will not regret. ...more info
  • With All Due Respect To The Earlier Reviewer....
    I don't own this tent, but I certainly would consider it. Most tents, especially less expensive ones, need to have some seam sealant applied to them before using in wet weather. It costs only a couple of dollars and takes less than an hour. It's like running a large Chap-Stick along the seams, them letting it dry for a half hour. My own tent is a cheap Wal-Mart one and it has been bone-dry in blinding thunderstorms. ...more info