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Xerox DocuMate 152
List Price: $537.99

Our Price: $406.43

You Save: $131.56 (24%)


Product Description

Do you want to do more with the paper on your desk? Would you like to copy it collate it file it search it mail it and make it disappear? Sounds time consuming doesn't it? How about if you could do all that with just one touch? The DocuMate 152 is a

  • convert documents into searable PDF files with one touch
  • 9 one touch pre-programed "scan-to" destinations
  • scan 30 images per minute in duples mode
  • compact duplex scanner holds 50 pages ADF capacity
  • over $400 in bundled software

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic quality and speed
    We are using this scanner in a busy college library and we are extremely pleased with both performance and design. It's fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive. I highly recommend this scanner for any small office environment....more info
  • Excellent duplex scanner
    We use this scanner in a medical office environment for the purpose of scanning patient and business documents into a paperless environment. The scanner, for the money, is excellent. The only better device we use is that Fujitsu FI-5120C which detects misfeeds better, however, it is twice the price....more info
  • Fast, Reliable, I love it
    We bought the Xerox Documate because we wanted a paperless house. The interface could not be easier - push one button and your documents are scanned. There is also an easy way to file the documents away.

    No sure why it received bad reviews, I love it....more info
  • Windows XP won't accept Documate as a second scanner.
    This is not Xerox' fault, apparently. I have been unable to use this scanner because I need to continue to use the scanner I've already got. The Documate does not handle scanning pages from books or photo albums. I wouldn't want to sheetfeed any antique photos even if they are loose. My HP 4670 handles those things just fine and I do a lot of this kind of scanning.

    When I unpacked the Documate and started to read the set-up directions I found that the first thing I was asked to do was to unplug the HP scanner (which is reasonable) and UNINSTALL THE SOFTWARE DRIVER FOR IT, because Windows XP won't allow two scanner drivers. I called them and they said Microsoft admits this is true and said it was designed that way for security reasons. I am not gullible enough to believe this, but I would believe Xerox over Microsoft.

    I'm afraid that if I install/uninstall drivers several times a week I will eventually have problems with Windows. I won't be able to use the Documate until I buy another computer, probably next month. I wish I knew whether Windows Vista will allow two scanners. I definitely don't want to turn in the Documate and get my money back. I need it for scanning legal size documents and huge quantities of old research I want to back up. ...more info
  • Does just what it is supposed to do.
    We purchased one for our accounting department and were so pleased with it's performance we have since acquired 2 more. I guess that about says it all....more info
    I actually thought I was smart when I checked the Xerox site to see if the product was Vista compatible before purchasing. Sure enough, they had a driver update box which included a selection for Vista and English. Stupidly, I didn't actually press the button to get the driver since I didn't yet have the product. Only then would I have seen the warning that this product isn't compatible with Vista as I discovered upon actually receiving the product and attempting to install same. Only then did I learn that this is the only scanner in its Xerox class for which a Vista Beta driver is NOT available. And, of course, there's no tellng when such a driver will be available. Furthermore, it sounds like most of the software accompanying the scanner is not scheduled to be updated for Vista. How long have these guys known Vista was coming? Pathetic .......more info
  • Super scanner
    This little baby is getting the job done. Our office just went paperless and we have been relying on this machine with no problems so far.The software is very good and should let most people do everything they need to.Xerox support is excellent if you need to ask any questions.Also the price is right on this machine.I highly recomend it....more info
  • Documate 152 - Small and mostly good at what its designed for
    Dainty little machine when the paper trays are in their folded up positions. Still quite small looking with the trays folded out. Have been working with the machine perched on my desktop tower case.

    Mostly works like a champ. Once you learn the software and get it configured for what you are doing, you put in a stack of sheets and push the button and (except for problems noted below) you come back several minutes later and you have a PDF with the scanned images of the pages with searchable text.

    The caveats are as follows:

    While regular printer/copier paper rarely misfeeds, notebook paper sometimes has problems with more that one sheet being grabbed at a time.

    In cases where the pages had been torn at perforations (think old tractor feed paper) sometimes the scanner will get partway through a job and then can't get the next sheet to feed without some help from the user.

    The out tray has an upwards curvature in it which can make a feeding sheet push around the top sheet in the output tray. Sometimes a previous page gets dumped on the floor and the rest of the output stack is usually a bit disheveled. This more of a problem with wrinkled, torn or hole punched sheets than with sheets in good condition.

    On the input tray the adjustable side guides do not go up far enough. With a large stack of paper some sheets will start feeding slightly askew but then straighten out gradually as they feed. The result is a scanned image that has a slight curvature in the image. Cutting down on how many pages in a stack and vigilance on checking the guides to eliminate slop helps a lot.

    Have had a few problems with driver seeming to freeze. Cycling the scanner power usually un-seizes things.

    A magazine review claimed that the scanner included OmniPage Pro 14, however, mine was shipped with Omnipage Pro 12. OCR accuracy seems pretty good but of couple of options that the scanner owners manual describes as appearing in certain dialog boxes simply aren't there on my computer.

    There's a bit of a learning curve for the included software. The front end they created to simplify managing scanning and OCR has a decent amount of power but the interface seems a bit clunky to me for anyone who wants customize for a wide variety of paper sizes and contrasts.
    On an X2 4200+ machine scanning at 200 dpi on both sides of page the OCR did not keep up with scanning and the front end does not appear to allow new scan to start till OCR is fully completed with previous batch of sheets so I could not keep the scanner more than perhaps 50% active.

    If it had shipped with OmniPage Pro 14, I would have given it 4 stars.

    ...more info
  • ADF pad apparently not available
    I have used the DocuMate 152 scanner on some thousands of pages and the ADF pad has worn out. When I contacted our Office Supply store about this, they began to search for a replacement. After waiting some time, I called them back. They told me that none of their suppliers have a replacement ADF pad.

    I had no idea that it would be so expensive to use this scanner. ...more info
  • Almost as good as the 162
    Awhile back, I had a chance to use a DocuMate 162 that someone else had purchased. I was blown away by its speed, quality and small footprint. I could not get over how something that compact could plow through so much paper so fast. On top of that, it handled duplexing very well. The software seemed Ok, and I was familiar with Nuance products. That was the 162.

    I bought the 152 because I really could not justify the additional $. The footprint for both machines is almost identical. What I found with the 152 was pretty much the same thing, except it was not quite as fast as the 162. However, it still was great. In a day, I got rid of most of my paper that had been piling up in the last few years. It actually took me a lot less time than that to actually scan. The time came in managing the hundreds of files it created in a short time. The management software was fine, but you simply have to create an electronic filing system to handle all the files it can throw at you - and it does. Takes them in, scans them, and then spits them out. FAST!

    It does at times jam. But it seems much more forgiving and better engineered than my older scanners. Scanning technology is getting better, and this machine has certainly kept up!

    I run it on a Vista machine. I did not quite understand some of the connection issues, so at one point I lost my connection and it would not come back. I believe this was a Vista issue, not the fault of the scanner. That has not happened again, so I can't say I have not had any problems. For this reason, I give it 4 stars rather than 5.

    If you have a business, you might want the 162. The 152 is great for a small home office. Comes with a lots of software. The Nuance software has some small issues - but they are Vista issues for me. The OCR was Ok, but I am very satisfied with the machine....more info