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CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit
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Product Description

Everything you need to toilet train your cat in one kit! Includes the CitiKitty Universal Training Seat, Quick Start Training Guide, CitiKitty Tips & Tricks Brochure, and enticing training herbs. The specially designed training seat securely sits on your toilet. Your cat naturally uses CitiKitty as its new litter box. The rings are removed thus reducing the amount of litter. Once all rings are removed your cat is toilet trained! Don't be fooled by imitation kits. CitiKitty holds cats of all size - include cats over 25lbs. The proven training method is designed to help you reach toilet training success and a litter-free life with your beloved cat.

  • No litter box to clean
  • Save $175 a year and never buy litter again
  • Fast training process
  • Works with all size & age cats

Customer Reviews:

  • Took my cat eleven months, but it works.
    My four year old cat is now toilet trained! It took her eleven months using the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit. During this time, she did not have any "accidents," but she purposely pooed on the floor about a dozen times. For a stupid (in a good way) cat like mine, the CitiKitty is better than a training device with replaceable rings, because I can remove one quarter of a ring at a time. A quarter of a ring at a time was all my cat could handle. Other reviewers have complained about not being able to replace the rings after removing them. I found them easy to replace--and I replaced plenty--with a bit of duck tape. If you can do with one less toilet for a year and don't mind cleaning poo off the floor, the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit is the right product for you!...more info
  • Good for young cats
    You really want to start kittens off on this at a young age otherwise they get freaked out and go the bathroom in other places...more info
  • Unsatisfied customer
    We have two cats and they both refuse to use this product for going #2. Instead, they have taken to doing their business on the new carpet and new couch. While other reviewers have been patient enough to wait it out past 2 months, we're not willing to deal with anymore of these accidents. It's really not designed for two cats since once one cat does their business, you have to be vigilant about cleaning it or the other cat won't use it. Additionally, the little pamphlet that comes with this item makes the process out to be more simple than it is and does not address how to deal with mishaps. Also, like other reviewers have said, once you remove a ring, you cannot put it back on. We do not recommend this product. We have had greater success with using a litter-filled bowl inserted into the toilet....more info
  • no "sitty" kitty
    It's pretty flimsy for the price. One of my cats took to it just fine while the other completely freaked out. She couldn't stand to sit on it because it was flimsy. We just got her back to where she will use the cat box again instead of the floor. I might try it again some other time and tweak the method a little so she can ease into it better....more info
  • Flimsy - Go buy the competitive product!
    First, this product is made of very flimsy plastic. I have an 8 yr old, 20+ pound cat. It held her ok until rings started to be removed - then it started to bow. Second, there is no going backwards once a ring is removed.

    My cat was doing all of her duties in the seat w/out a problem and displayed no issues even with the first ring removed, then I took out the 2nd ring. She was very uncomfortable and stopped using it all together. Beware - there is no "going back" if you take out a ring and the cat is uncomfortable. Go buy the competitive product (litter kwitter is one) which has SEPARATE RINGS for each step. This way you can adjust as needed. CitiKitty's solution to the need to "go backwards" and replace a ring is to tape duct tape over the hole! Go buy the better made product - you and your cat will be much happier....more info
  • very cheap product
    This product is not designed for multiple cats. It is made very cheaply and can not be used in another bathroom. Its didn't work for me at all, I was training two cats on it. If you have more then one bathroom its will cost $30 for each. I didn't realize it would be like a cheap flimsy cut out. Once you cut out the middle there is no going back so if the cat isn't ready for that step then you are out of luck and out of $30. Very poorly made and a very big disappointment. I felt there was not enough info on multiple cat training and the product was badly made. ...more info
  • 2 older cats and so far so good!
    CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

    Well worth the money if you are patient! We bought this kit back in September for our two cats, one female, one male. Both cats are almost 6 years old and one weights over 15 lbs. We started them on this kit immediately but were using our left-over non flushable litter because we had not cut a hole in the pan yet. When we felt like they were ready for the first hole, we switched them to the flushable litter and it back fired. One cat especially refused to poop in it. We ended up having to duck tape a plastic rewards card to the back to cover the hole. We let them spend a month getting used to the flushable litter before moving forward again. We have taken A LOT longer for each step to make sure they are really ready because of their age. We are half way there and it's been 4 months. Both cats are progressing well. We are now taking a half ring out ever 2 weeks. It's messy at first and you have to be willing to be VERY patient with your cats, but in the end I feel it will be worth it in savings on litter and it seems more environmentally friendly with being litter free. Plus we live in a small apartment with a small child, so this eliminates having to find a safe place for a litter box. It's worth the money if you are willing to invest the time. It just may take longer than you thought!...more info
  • The CitiKitty
    I researched a lot before i bought this product. Its main competitor was twice the price and had fewer steps for the cat. Neither one sounded like fun if it didnt work. So i bought the citikitty with high hopes. And my choice was rewarded. We are starting off a decent pace. I'm making sure that he's comfortable using it before i move on to the next step. There are a lot of "reviews" on the web about people's cats that have decided to use the bathtub or the sink or spots on the floor instead of the toilet. I think this has a lot to do with people not taking the time to read their cats warning signs. I stuck around the home a lot when i first started so i could get used to what he thought of it and the signs that maybe he didnt want to use it at all. He made noises and scratched at a chair...So i put more litter in the pan, and thats all he wanted. Another complaint that i heard a lot about was the mess and the waste down the toilet. Weird complaints, since my cat was just as messy before when he had a traditional litter box. And yes there is a bit of a waste when he scratches to cover the urine or poo but thats something i'm willing to handle when i'll be saving $4000 on litter during the life of my cat if he's using the toilet instead.
    So all in all, i'm glad i bought this. I've mentioned it to some of my cat loving/having friends and they're going to get the same product to train their cat with....more info
  • Works for me
    I'm on my second perforation and things are going great. I had put the kitten's litter box in the bathroom to begin with, so I didn't have to get her used to that part. I put her litter box on a cardboard box for a few days about the height of the toilet, then took it away and started with the trainer. I put her on it sans litter to test it out and get her used to the feeling, she is five lbs and didn't seem to be bothered by the little bit of movement. She didn't know quite what to do it seemed, so I had to bat around her litter for a moment before she got the idea. She did make a mess for a few days at first, kicking around and trying to dig deeper into her litter, but I kept the broom handy. I use pellet litter, wheatgrass that's flushable, but the amount of litter was cut down drastically to fit in the trainer, down to pretty much one layer of pellets. I worried about that but she didn't hold it against me. The perforations were a little hard to cut out, but you've got to be smarter than what you're working with. Sharp scissors, a box cutter whatever, just go slow and be patient, it IS BUILT STURDY ON PURPOSE. It's a wonderful idea to save the pieces in a drawer or something incase the cat doesn't take to it fast enough and you have to go back, I have mine but I haven't had to reapply any yet, I might just keep it all and hot glue it back together if I get another cat to train with it. People are so unimaginative. Complaining about the litter or pee sticking to the plastic is stupid, because while it may be icky- it's a LIFE TIME OF NO MORE LITTER once you're done. We had an accident the other night when the lid fell closed during the night, she apparently decided that relieving herself on her feather pillow for the time being would work, but let us know the next morning by yowling and running around until I noticed the mess (we put the lid up as soon as we noticed, we've made a habit of checking her toilet first thing, and pretty much any time we come and go out of the house) but as soon as everything was perfect for her again she continued using the seat with no mistakes. I may just take the lid of the toilet off, just so no one else puts it down once the trainer is gone. She already aims down the hole, there's almost never any poop and only a little pee on the trainer. The water doesn't cover the smell of her poop, but flushing is SO MUCH BETTER than scooping and refilling and she's not tracking litter dust in her paws and claws everywhere. Buy a bathroom candle if the smell is what you end up complaining about. By the feel of some of the negative reviews for the product, methinks it is not the product at fault, but the owners laziness or inattentiveness, and sometimes just the cat. The product works great, is very strong (though it IS JUST A PIECE OF PLASTIC, but so's most cars now a days and we trust our LIVES to them, not just our cat over the toilet), it's so sturdy that it's difficult to get the perforations apart, but not impossible. I love this, it's working, my kitten is happy and using less litter by the day!!...more info
  • Trained my 6 year old to use the toilet
    I moved into a new apartment where I finally had my own bathroom and decided to try teaching my cat to use the toilet. At first I tried the cheap ways such as a metal bowl or baking pan underneath the toilet seat but these were messy and difficult so I finally caved in and purchased a citikitty after reading some good reviews. I followed their instructions and after 5 weeks my cat was using the toilet without the citikitty attached. My cat is 6 years old and had been using a regular litter her whole life. I'd recommend this product to anyone with a cat and just sent a free one (they give you a free citikitty if you send them a picture of your cat using the toilet) to a friend as a wedding gift. The only thing I thought could be improved with the citikitty would be to make the rings easier to remove. They are perforrated but I still always needed scissors to remove them....more info
  • It didn't work
    We tried it with our cat, and it might be because the first hole or two were too big, but he refused to use it. He used it before we cut the hole, but refused to use it after we cut the first hole. On top of that, the hole we cut was only half the size of the first hole they have marked on the plastic and it still didn't work. The plastic itself is very flimsey. This item is completely overpriced as all you get is a sheet of plastic molded to the toilet. It shouldn't cost more than $10, $15 at the most. Not what it is currently priced at. ...more info
  • Kitties on the Rim!
    I have had this training program in effect for about 3 weeks and so far it looks better than I could hope. I have two cats, a 1 yr old and a 4 month old kitten and they are both doing well. Imagine, this will save hundreds of dollars a year in litter costs and negate that stinky box. I also purchased the book "toilet training your cat" and am following, very slowly, allowing plenty of time for adjustment between modifications. I look forward to success and this kit has made it a great deal easier! ...more info
  • did not work at all
    3 cats, hours, days, weeks , months wasted and all my kittens hate it!!
    I tried everything possible and it did not work! It taught my cats to drink water from the toilet bowl, now I have to be sure that all toilet bowls in the house are closed otherwise the cats want to drink from them.
    ...more info
  • ...for me to poop on...
    Honestly, I have two very active (shall we say) kitties and neither one of them like this thing. I' tried the instructions in the manual, then I bought the $7 book from Amazon on how to train your cats, and I tell you, mine just don't like this thing. I don't think it's much to do about the thought of using the toilet (they jump up there enough, but the problem might be in the somewhat flimsy nature of the trainer. even with the lid down for extra stability, my cats just are too wary to step on it, let alone use it...sigh...looks like I'm going back to the littermaid for now, but it's only been four weeks now...maybe they'll come around......more info
  • Great idea
    You're buying into an idea to never use litter anymore, and never have to mess with a stinky litter box. You can only do so much to train your cat, it will either go through the training or refuse to use it. At some point in the training your cat has to use the bathroom in the water; and it is this point whether your cat will take to the toilet training or not.

    My cat got to the last step before I had to get her declawed. She would no longer use the toilet, so I started the training over again with a new kit. She got to the step where she was suppose to go into the water, and did it one day but would not do it again after that.

    I can't blame the product for not being successful. There are many cats that go through the training, but unfortunately mine isn't one of them any longer....more info
  • It depends on your cat...
    We just decided to discontinue the toilet training yesterday. We started training our two cats at 4 months of age and initially when no holes were punched out they took to it pretty well.

    However once the first half-hole was made, one of the cats started to go in the bathtub, on the rug, on clothes, etc. It took a week of vigilance until he was comfortable going in the CitiKitty again. We gave them another week before cutting out the rest of the first hole, and went through the same refusal routine again. Once they got the hang of the first complete hole, we moved onto cutting out about half of the 2nd ring. That's when the whole process ground to a halt. Both of them would pee in the toilet, stand on the toilet seat without a problem, but neither of them really wanted to poo in there. Both of them would hold it in as longs as they possibly could. One of them has a habit of meowing a lot before pooing so it was easy to get him onto the toilet and he got the hang of it eventually. The other cat is smarter, sneakier, and more stubborn. He would wait until my wife and I were at work and then would go in the bathtub. We tried this stage for about a month until we finally gave in yesterday. The cats had won. We put the litter boxes out and they hopped into them immediately.

    The product is pretty well made. I agree with the previous comments that it's not the easiest thing to cut and that once you cut out a ring there's no way to go back. Our two cats are still fairly small, but one of them is about 10 pounds. He was able to stand in the tray without a problem. It's not wobbly and even when rings were being cut out, the rest of the tray was stable enough for his weight. It's a good product, you just need cooperative cats.

    ...more info
  • Good idea, Better products available
    This product worked great through the first steps for my two 4 month old kittens. The braver of the two leading the way without any fear, and her timid sister slowly following. However, after trying to move on to the "next level" and cutting out the third ring, I realized that the more timid of the two wasn't ready to move on. This is the one serious flaw with this system: no going back a step.

    It could be easier to monitor and it could even work for a single kitty home, but if you don't mind parting with the extra money, I would very highly recommend the Litter Kwitter system instead. It has changeable trays for each level and it takes 1 minute to safely go back a level. It is also made of a much sturdier material.

    If you do go with this product, I suggest giving the cat twice the time at each step that the manual recommends as well as closely monitoring your kitty to make sure he/she is ready to move on.

    Whichever system you choose, this is easier if you have a second bathroom to dedicate to the potty training efforts. Especially with the CitiKitty where the toilet seat sits over the litter tray... the cats will walk through the litter and leave some of it on the toilet seat. In the end worth all efforts, but could be helpful to consider these things when making a purchase. ...more info
  • Didn't work
    We tried this with our Cat and she never took to it. We even went slow with her but every time we took a ring out she just went on the floor. After several months of this we finally gave in and went back to the litter box. The recommend going back a step when the cat is stubborn but once a ring is removed it can't be put back in! We ended up inserting a plastic oval we cut out but when the whole get's bigger you can't go back. So it seems like it depends on your cat. So it's a gamble!...more info
  • Can't wait for them to be trained
    So far both of my cats are using it. We are not done yet but it looks promising. My cats are 4 and 6 years old. I'll let everyone know when we finis and how they did....more info
  • Trained My 4 Year Old Cats - IT WORKS!
    Watch Video Here: I got CitiKitty and trained my 4 year old cats with the kit. They took to the toilet in a matter of weeks and now they are using the toilet flawlessly. The directions are easy-to-follow and explain each stage step-by-step. I chose CitiKitty because after the training is done your cats will use the regular toilet without any training device. This is not true with other kits.

    I read the reviews that people wrote about other toilet training products and it seems that either you can toilet train your cats or you can't. A more expensive system won't make any difference so save your money and just get CitiKitty.

    This is a great product if you want to get rid of the litter box and save $$$.
    ...more info
  • This simple product changed my life!
    I went into this cat toilet training with rather low expectations: if my little Tippie didn't like it, we always could go on using the litter box.

    Well, my smart little cat took to CitiKity naturally and in 6 weeks was using our toilet. She was just over 1 year old, at that time, so still in her formative years and this might have made it easier for her to adjust. However, it wasn't hard to train her. In fact, she really just trained herself. When we moved the tray onto the toilet seat, she jumped up there on day one!

    It's been nearly a year now with no litter box. I'm so proud of her, but she's even more proud of herself. It's the cutest thing to leave the bathroom after my own duties to have her waiting her turn to go. No smell, no mess, no litter! Tippie loves the toilet. Cats tend to be finicky about their bathroom facilities and I suppose a human's toilet is usually a lot cleaner than even the cleanest litter box? Perhaps, some cats just love to show off their skills? Who knows, but it works.

    Hurrah for my smart little cat and many thanks to CitiKity!!...more info
  • Try at your own risk.
    I was thrilled with the idea of potty training Mr. Kitty Pants and eliminating litter forever. Unfortunately, things didn't work as I had hoped. Mr. Pants (age 4.5) was highly distressed at the removal of his trusty litterbox but he reluctantly tried the new contraption. This was met with much praise. Pants couldn't care less. He had never had any previous "accidents" but he hated the new litter tray so much that he began finding other places to go. Mostly #2 on the carpet and #1 in the toilet but when he went #1 on my husband's pajamas that was the last straw. The "CitiKitty" is in the trashcan after three weeks, the litterbox is back where it was, and Mr. Pants is again quite content. I've seen the videos and testimonials and I'm glad this worked for some, but it is definitely not for every kitty. At the price it is still worth a shot. Best of luck... I retract the previous statement. Try at your own risk. After bringing back his old litterbox, he has begun peeing all over the house!! This product has created a monster and may result in his eventual demise. I was lucky to get a cat as my husband doesn't like them and now that Pants is going all over the house I'm afraid we won't get to keep him. Try this at your own risk if you're not worried about starting a horrible trend. Also, I tried to retract my star rating but it wouldn't let me. I would definitely give this product one (or less) star(s).

    UPDATE: Pants has finally moved back to the litterbox after the CitiKitty nightmare. I don't know anyone who is willing to deal with a year or more of improper elimination to toilet train their cat....more info
  • Fabulous! Exactly what you need!
    I trained my little KOS-MOS with CitiKitty and it was a great success!
    I started it at 4 months and it takes 4 others to perfectly work.
    She just had some problems to let using litter, but it worth so much to insist!
    No more litter everywhere in the flat, no more odors... and all my friends admiration!
    Thanks!!!...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I ordered a CitiKitty on a impulse after my husband complained about the smell of the litterbox. We have 3 cats, 2 of them are larger cats (15 lbs and 20 lbs). I was impressed that it is rated for cats up to 25 lbs. The concept is great. Comes with great training instructions. Fit our enlongated commode. I was psyched!
    First thing I did was buy a small litterbox and move it to the bathroom. I place each cat in the small litter box filled with the new septic tank compatible litter I had bought. They went right to it. No problems accepting the new litter, new box or new location. "We" used this for a little over one week.
    Next step was to place the trainer in the commode with the litter in it. I place each cat in the new trainer and expected things to go great. Later that day no one had used it. Instead they went to the dog's pad and used it.
    Over the last couple of weeks I have gone thru lots of puppy pads, carpet cleaner and such but no litter. They have yet to use the CitiKitty even though I have placed them in it multiple times. I will going back to a litter pan.
    Great idea just didn't work for my cats....more info
  • What a mess!
    Didn't work for my cat! Thank goodness we had a separate bathroom we used for the cat. I can't imagine anyone sharing a bathroom while using this product. The rings are shallow and two brands of scoopable, flushable litter stuck in the ridges like cement. Cat poop gets all over the toilet seat. When we started removing the very first section, Kitty Bitty said NO and started pooping on the floor beside the toilet. She even started peeing in the bathtub. Gotta give her credit for keeping it in the bathroom but we are back to the litter box and cat is back in heaven....more info
  • Kitty potty seat
    This has been very easy for our kitten to use. The only downside is the holes you are supposed to punch out I needed to use a utility knife to cut it out.(not very easy) We have only the first hole out at the moment but our kitten has been doing very well. I will be removing the next hole in another week. It is so much easier to clean and no litter smell!! Big Plus!! I would reccomend this for anyone trying to train their kitten. ...more info
  • Really neat product
    We bought Citikitty over a year ago. It took quite a while for us to train our cat since we travel a lot, and we only have one bathroom.

    In the end, our cat never got used to the back-splashing from pooping in the toilet. He pees reliably, but usually he poops on the linoleum next to the toilet, which is no big deal because it's still easier to clean than a litterbox. If I catch him *about to poop* and put him on the toilet he'll stay there and do his business. Overall, I'm glad we went to the effort to train him. :)

    I would strongly recommend Citikitty to anyone. It definitely takes some time and effort, but it saves a lot in the end. Start when your cat is a kitten and it should be easier.

    * Easy to use
    * Inexpensive
    * Less stinky than kitty litter, although Feline Pine litter smells pretty good

    * It was kind of a pain to remove Citikitty every time we want to use the toilet ourselves. It's better if you have a bathroom you can dedicate to the cat
    * Cat likes to play in the toilet now

    Lessons learned:
    * As other reviewers have said, there's no way to put a ring back if the cat regresses. And ours did, a lot. If you need to "put back" rings, you can use duct tape, top and bottom. It flexes a little more than the plastic, but not terribly so
    * Use a serrated-blade knife to remove rings and "partial" rings. Even though the plastic is perforated, it still doesn't "tear" easily...more info
  • On my way to free-litter home -- hopefully
    I was skeptical at first when I read the reviews of this product. A good mixture of good and bad ones. So, finally, I decided to buy it. I have 2 cats, one is a 3 year old girl, and the other a 3 month old kitten (girl too). Both were very curious about the CitiKitty. I decided to move fast, so I got rid of the litter box and put the CitiKitty in the toilet.

    It went well at first, both cats doing their "job" in the toilet. After 2 weeks, I punched a hole and changed the litter to flushable litter. My older cat can't seem to get the idea, and she didn't like the smell or the texture of the new litter. The kitten is doing very well, she doesn't seem to mind the hole very much. My older cat is paranoid with the hole in the middle and she starts panicking whenever she needs to poop. Note, they do a great job peeing on it.

    So, now I need to monitor my older cat, she had a few accidents in the bathroom and thank god it's on the floor. I know the CitiKitty works, I think my older cat need some time to get adjust to the idea.
    ...more info
  • Worth It
    Toilet trained my cats!

    Great system...only disadvantage is that if you cut off/tear too much, you can't go back. But it is worth it. Just make sure your cat is ready for the next step....more info
  • Waste of Money
    Save yourself the time and frustration and just buy the Litter Kwitter. I know what you are thinking, CitiKitty is half the price of the Litter Kwitter, but there is a very good reason for that.

    -CitiKitty is made of thin plastic that is not sturdy enough to support my normal 10lb cat without moving around and therefore freaking out the cat who is already scared of the toilet water.

    -Taking out a ring is difficult, frustrating, and the resulting edges are sharp!

    -Once you take out a ring there is no going back. If your cat is not ready you are stuck or need to buy a new CitiKitty. At this point it would have cost the same to buy a Litter Kwitter.

    -The ridges that are designed to keep litter on the pan are very shallow. The result is wasted litter being scratched into the toilet and an empty CitiKitty that your cat won't want to relieve itself on.

    Don't waste your time or money. I wish I had listened to the other reviewers who didn't like this product either.

    ...more info
  • Great!
    This works great. You do get litter on the floor at first but it is worth it to get rid of litter forever!...more info
  • Not good for more than three cats.
    In theory the product would work. It says it works for multiple cats, but I think that they think that multiple cats would be one or two cats. I have six cats and could not get past the second step. If you had one or two cats and could keep them in a small part of your house with the litter box it would possibly work better...more info