Dex Products Universal Safe Sleeper Bed Rail
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Product Description

Dex High Hinge Bed Rail A bed rail from Dex Products is a the perfect gift for a parent with a toddler aged child. It is perfect because it has been certified by JPMA, making it one of the most secure child bed rail on the market. The Dex Products bed rail is must be used with a mattress and a box spring. It is one great piece of child bed safety. It is perfect for regular and platform beds alike. It features a breathable mesh on a tubular metal frame, making the Dex bed rail perfect. There are no catch points or shapr edges featured on the toddler bed rail. It also featuers a two hand hinge release.

  • Must be used with a mattress and a box spring
  • Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and meets all ASTM safety standards
  • Stabilization bar for ultimate security
  • Patent pending safety lock
  • Perfect for regular AND platform beds

Customer Reviews:

  • Great bed rail!
    We recently purchased this product for our 2 sons, who are now sleeping in "big boy beds". The instructions were overwhelming at first, but the assembly was quite easy once we figured it out. The boys have a platform bed with slats (no boxspring) and this was one of the few (if not only) bed rails that worked. For one of our sons, he has one on each side of the bed and they both fit. So far, this product has been sturdy and functional....more info
  • Dissapointed
    I was dissapointed when I got the bed rail only because it doesn't go all the way down and it is kind of dangerous to have it in a down position, I still use it but it is up all the time and it is on the way to make the bed, I would NOT recomended.
    ...more info
  • Only One That Works
    I searched and searched for a bed-side rail that accomodated twin beds without box-springs and this is works exactly as it explains - no hidden agenda here!!! Yes, it's $40 but I can sleep knowing my two boys (13 months apart in age) will not fall off thier beds!...more info
  • Good Product for Lower Bunk on Bunk Ben
    this was a great purchase for our bunk beds. It works great on the lower bunk, the folding hinges in the middle works really well. Leaves plenty of room to get in and out of the bed when it is up. Assembly was easy, read the directions but don't follow them, common sense works better then the directions. Very sturdy, good investment....more info
  • Not usable as advertised
    This really can't be installed on a larger bed that has a box spring; there's simply not enough tension in the support strap to hold the rail firmly against the mattress. As a result, a child could easily roll against the rail and get caught between the rail and the mattress. And the rail is so low against a standard-height mattress that a larger child could easily roll right over it and out of the bed.

    Some reviews above mention using it with an infant and this is highly irresponsible. Based on those recommendations, my wife bought it -- but the instructions warn against using it for any child younger than 2 years and any child who cannot get in or out of bed on his or her own.

    THis is NOT a workable substitute for a co-sleeper. ...more info
  • Great for no boxspring beds!
    My son has a captain's bed which has a bunkie board instead of a boxspring. The bed is really high up and I was worried as my 3 1/2 year son transitioned from his toddler bed to his "big boy bed." It is sturdy and works with thicker mattresses (like we have). I have no worries as my rambunctios son uses the bedrail to pull himself up onto the bed or bounce around on the bed itself (I wanted it more so he didn't roll off in his sleep). The manufacturer CLEARLY states this device IS NOT to be used as a substitute for a crib (or toddler bed) or for children under the age of 2 or over 6. So this is a device more for keeping a sleeping child from rolling out of bed, not keeping a BABY in bed, or confined to bed. SO please keep this in mind if you are purchasing this for that reason (it's NOT safe, if you need a cheap, or portable solution for your baby try a playpen which you can often buy CHEAP and barely used at a consignment shop).
    The assembley instructions are somewhat confusing more pictures would have been helpful. If you read ALL the instructions first it is helpful because there is ONE part that I wasn't sure what part it was referring to until it explained at the END what that part was. I had to look on the outside of the box a lot to see how things fit together. Although that being said, it's pretty dummy proof and hard to screw it up (as long as you don't let the instructions confuse you ha ha ha)!
    I like the product and would recommend it!...more info
  • great product
    Thank you for the fast delivery. It is perfect for what ineeded it for. It keeps my boy safe in bed....more info
  • Does the job, but a few flaws
    Certainly does the job, however a pain to install if you have a box spring and it's not easy to fold down. Once it's folded down it does not lay flat. ...more info
  • Works with platform beds!
    This is the only bed rail I found that worked on my son's bunk bed. It was easy to install and it's easy to get into place at night. I have trouble getting it down, but my husband has no problem with it, so that might just be me....more info
  • great
    Great product. Wish we had got it sooner. Making the bed is so much easier. Now the stuffed animal don't get caught between bed and railings like they did with the old set....more info
  • Does not fold down flat!
    I am using this bedrail on a bed with a slat roll not a box spring but it would not fold flat no matter what bed I put it on. It is very easy to put together and does not budge when I lean on it in the bed but it does not fold down to make changing the sheets any easier!...more info
  • Perfect for Bunk or Platform Beds!!
    This product is perfect for bunk beds, or platform beds. With the new "bunkie boards" instead of box springs, we needed something that fit down along-side of the side rails. These rails have raised hinges so they fit down in between the matress and side rails perfectly while still allowing us access to the top bed by folding down. The rails seem to be really sturdy - made of metal, not plastic - and haven't bent at all, though my kids lean on them/against them/etc. Would highly recommend this product to others with small children....more info
  • didn't work for us--but our bed was not platform
    We have a framed bed for our son where the mattress sits inside a wooden frame. I thought this guard would work, but it doesn't fit. we had to stick with the universal guardrail from pottery barn kids which just slides in....more info
  • Perfect for the kids
    I bought 4 of these and they worked great. I would for sure recommend these to anyone. My close friends who had kids bought them as well....more info
  • Works great with platform bed
    I read the reviews of this toddler rail on amazon before I went out and bought it. Most people were happy with it, but the bottom line is that this is the only option for platform beds. We use it with a full-sized platform bed for our 3.5 year old son. It works great for him, although at this age it is more of a guide than anything. It keeps him and all of his animals (Spotty the dinosaur) from falling out the bed. It doesn't anchor to anything, but it's pretty rigid and with our bed it doesn't move around. I would recommend, especially to parents who are using it on a platform bed with kids 3 and up....more info
  • Does not fold down flush with side of bed
    Overall, I think this is an okay product--relatively simple to assemble, works well with our son's platform bed, simple to use child-safe hinge. However, the rail does not fold down flat against the side of the bed when in the "down" position. When folded down, the rail sticks out at least eight inches from the bottom of the bed. This creates a tripping hazard and makes any bedding stick way out from the side of the bed. I want a rail that folds flat during the day so that I can easily pull up my son's duvet and quilt to make the bed and then pop up the rail at night when he goes to sleep. If you plan to leave the rail in the up position at all times and don't care about being able to make the bed each day, then this product would probably be fine for you, especially if you have a platform bed....more info
  • Good choice
    We are very happy with this rail. It is very easy to put together and it looks nice.
    Highly recommended....more info
  • Works great on platform bed
    This bed rail works great on my daughter's platform bed that we bought from Ikea. This may be the only bed rail that works on platform bed. I am glad I found it on It is strong so my daughter can't break it. My daughter likes to shake it sometimes. Good product!...more info
  • Excellent Rail
    I ordered the bed rail for my 2.5 year old girl. Only one rail but that was great for me since we have a bed against the wall and only require one rail. Easy to assemble and works great....more info
  • This rail does not go 180 degrees down!!
    This rail does not go flush with the bed with you lower it! It is horrible my son cannot climb into bed because of the angle. I would not buy this bed again....more info
  • Excelente baranda
    compre dos de estas barandas para colocarlas en la cama tama?o Queen que tiene mi hijo y es tremenda baranda, funciona a la perfeccion, facil de ajustar al colchon, tiene una especie de ancla que va del lado opuesto de la baranda para evitar que la baranda se caiga al piso si el bebe se apoya, es excelente. Lo unico que me parecio en contra fue que no trae instrucciones de ensamblaje, aunque al final no es muy dificil, seria bueno que trajera instrucciones de ensamblaje.
    En una cama tama?o Queen, aunque sobra espacio, no es tan grande como para que el ni?o se caiga....a lo mejor en una cama tama?o Matrimonial el espacio se reduce un poquito...more info
  • very secure but not good for a crib/daybed/toddler bed
    We bought this on the recommendation of a major 'baby' store in our area. "Baby" is in their name...anyhow, they assured us it would be fine for our crib converted to daybed/toddler bed and that we wouldn't need to worry that there was no box spring to secure the rail to.

    That is true, it attaches well, it's secure, totally tight against the mattress. The are other problems though and we can't wait to get our daughter a regular twin bed so that we can use this rail and be happier with our purchase. Read on...

    1. The rail is very long, great to keep our baby in her bed, but our daughter only has a 10 inch opening to use to get in and out of her bed. I guess it's sufficient, but it's a little tight for her getting in and out.

    2. The rail is very tall. Again, great for keeping our little one in the bed, but bad design functionally. If we put the mattress/frame up high enough for it to fold down flat (it won't clear the floor because of the height of the rail) then there will be a 4 inch gap between the frame and the daybed rail which poses a risk for our daughter.
    We have to put up with not having the rail fold down. Bedtime routine is very hard now, and we have to get our daughter ready for bed elsewhere since her bed is too hard to stand over and kneeling at the side of it is a joke with the 10 inch opening, I can't even get my head and 1 arm through.

    3. We had to move the mattress up a level so that the frame was slightly above the daybed rail, so that the very thick hinge (which serves to purpose for us since we can't fold the rail down) didn't put stress on the frame of the bed itself by resting against the daybed rail. This defeats the purpose of the "toddler bed" setting and with only a 10 inch opening, it's an even more precarious a climb for our little one.

    Lastly, the directions are ambiguous (at best) and the lack photo's makes putting it together a little challenging, which is why the manufacturer tells the consumer to "take a deep breath" as step one.

    All in all, a great rail for a regular bed, a terrible one for crib to toddler bed/daybed. If you are looking to increase the life of your crib with a rail, look elsewhere, this product will likely either go back or make you move to a regular full twin or other larger bed.

    Note we have the durel crib/toddler bed/daybed. It was inexpensive, so maybe that contributes to some of our problems....more info
  • awesome - stays in place and does the job!!!
    These are the best bed rails out there. We have used them for three years, secured between a queen mattress and boxspring. It stays in place and never moves. It is not too difficult to put in place and there is no room for a child to fall between the mattress and rail, if installed correctly. When in place, it folds down more than 90 degrees to make it easy to change the sheets. We are buying two more for each side of a twin bed now!!!!!...more info
  • Directions amusing, safe gate
    I bought 2 of these with the intent of putting them on both sides of a full size bed.
    I am female. Because of that, I like to read the directions before starting a project. The first line of the directions state "take a deep breath" Now that should have made me put it all back in the box, but my son's crib was torn down/big boy bed up, so I pressed on.
    I have put together German tricycles, cribs, & various other semi-complex baby projects. This I rate a 5 on a 1-10 difficulty scale because I did not find the directions clear & no pictures were included. I initially put it together completely upside down. However, I had both rails complete in under 10 minutes, so it wasn't horrible.
    The fit:
    He has a standard, non pillow top full.
    I did not use the metal bars. I found them a potential head injury issue. I don't think they are needed. I was able to slide both rails under the mattress on my own & pull them secure. However, no matter how hard I pulled (you need to pull a cord through a metal plate) the finished result was a 2-3" gap between mattress & rail. This isn't a problem for my 3 year old. He is huge, but this would be a problem for a small toddler. I can see legs & arms getting wedged in there. I do not see it being a suffocation issue because these are not intended for a baby. The child should be able to roll, & arrange himself in bed before using these.
    My son loves them. He feels safe in his bed. I am happy. They hold him well. I have found him sleeping full against them. They look washable & sturdy. A good buy because I will hand them down to son #2...more info
  • Fantastic & Sturdy
    This bed rail is fantastic! We just purchased it to replace the Summer Infant Sure & Secure Mesh Double Bedrail which was flimsy and has not held up for even 6 mos. We are using it on our 2 and a half year old boys twin size captain's bed. It was very easy to assemble and it looks great. It is at least twice as sturdy as the other one we had. The stabilizer bar in the middle is a great addition. It folds down easily and makes it simple to make the bed. I highly recommed this product!...more info