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Richell USA 94136 Rubberwood Freestanding Pet Gate, Autumn Matte, Large
List Price: $149.00

Our Price: $94.99

You Save: $54.01 (36%)


Product Description

Freestanding indoor dog gates protect dogs and doors alike! Our wood dog gates keep your pets where you want without damaging walls or floors. Unlike some retractable dog gates that attach to framework, these classically styled pet gates are self-supporting structures that work in many different areas of your home. Order one of our 20" tall dog gates today for a more elegant solution to pet safety.Movable dog gates keep your pet safe and in place. Our extra-wide dog gates are ideal for confining your pet to a certain room. And when you decide to change the confinement area, simply pick up and reposition. No screwdrivers... no complicated hinges... working with our indoor dog gates is fast and easy.Brookstone wood dog gates stand the test of time. Hardwood construction complements any decor. Rubber feet keep movable dog gates in place. Extra-wide gates extend to fit most openings. 1.25-inch wire grating creates optimum security and good looks. Small: 26" - 40" w X 20" h. Large: 39" - 71" w X 20" h. With freestanding dog gates from Brookstone, there's no need to mark up or mar your walls, doors and floors to keep your dog in or out of any room in your house. Order yours today! A safe, effective way to keep pets away from areas where you don't want themFreestanding pet gate will keep pet out of a baby's room, bathroom or other area where they can easily cause problems. No construction or complicated installation neededSelf-supporting gate sets up easily and its rubber feet protect your floors. Available in two sizes to cover most doorwaysSmall pet gate extends from 26 1/2" to 40 1/4". Large extends from 39 " to 71 1/4".

  • Freestanding gate with side panels for safely confining pets
  • No installation necessary; adjustable width from 39-4/5 to 71-2/7 inches
  • Wide base prevents tipping; rubber feet protect floors; folds for storing
  • Low enough for people to stride over; beautiful hardwood finish
  • Measures 39-4/5 to 71-2/7 by 17-2/3 by 20 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Good looking gate!
    The gate is one of the nicer looking models with the wood finish. Easy to assemble....more info
  • Very attractive and functional
    Ordered this to keep my 3 dogs from library and dining room. The wood matches my hardwood floor perfectly. It is short and recommended for smaller dogs but my lab has not tried to go over. I like it because I can step over. Assembly was not difficult- just know that the length you set is bolted- you cannot slide sides back and forth once you set the opening width without undoing bolts. This actually makes for a more sturdy and attractive item. ...more info
  • Doggie Fence
    The stand alone gate looks great and does the job of keeping our new pups out of the living room - great product and well worth the cost...more info
  • Surprised.
    We have an older dog who used to have the run of the house but we want to keep her in the kitchen at night. I did not think this gate would hold her but my wife insisted we try it. Although a few years ago she would have jumped over it or moved it she seems content to stay put in the kitchen with this gate in place. I like being able to move it into place without connecting anything and to easily step over it. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    The assembly was very easy. The gate looks real nice and is good quality. It can be moved easily out of the way and is good for animals as well as small children. I am very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • classy dog gate
    we needed a dog gate, but required easy access for my 79 year old mother who could not step over or fumble with moving a gate. this worked perfect, as the swining part gave her easy access. we bought 2 units to reach accross a large area, and use them side by side. the classy look also made this a perfect fit for the home....more info
  • Very stylish and does the job!!
    This is my second Richell Freestanding Pet gate and I love them both. They look very nice in the home and are large enough to accomodate bigger openings. We have two Yorkshire Terriors and they can't jump over, yet we can walk over easily; even my 9 year old twins. My living room carpet thanks Richell!!...more info
  • Great price
    I shopped around the internet for this specific item and could not find it any cheaper. The item also arrived very quickly after I ordered it....more info
  • Excellent quality, attractive and does the job!!
    I ordered one of these gates to fit a large opening (68") between the foyer and living room. Prior to ordering this gate I was using ugly, plastic garden fencing to keep my little dogs out of the living area. This gate looks terrific. It was easy to put the pieces together. It's sturdy and I was so pleased I ordered 3 more to block the dogs from other areas of the house. It's very easy to step over, too.
    Probably wouldn't work for large dogs or hyper little dogs that jump. But my little dogs see the gate and walk off and ignore it....more info
  • Freestanding Pet Gate, Large
    This gate works out great, I have four little dogs and it keeps them off of the patio window and screen....more info
  • Great for small dogs and for small children to step over
  • Richell 94136 Freestanding Pet Gate, Large
    This product was easy to assemble, attractive and effective (I have 4 medium sized dogs). The gates are stable even when fully extended. The rubber pads on the bottom keep them from moving on the floor if a dog leans on them. Our Springer Spaniel likes to nap in the small place that is created by the gate. The only draw back to the gate is that I believe that they will be difficult to "fold up" when I want to entertian and remove the gates. All in all they were worth every penny....more info
  • Freestanding Pet Gate
    The decision to purchase this pet gate was based on much research online
    and in various pet supply catalogs to which I subscribe. There are very few pet gates available that are well finished and able to span a wide opening, and even less which are freestanding. This gate exceeded my expectations when I received it. Ease of assembly, sturdy construction, and appealing materials were expected from the description, the furniture quality finish was an added bonus. Set-up and adjustment were easily done and the result was a solid barrier which is easily stepped over or able to be swung out on the end for walk through access. The finish also complements the wood floors in the formal living room. I would definetly recommend this product to anyone in need of a barrier which is well made, attractive, fully adjustable and portable, and free from the door frame hardware that most require. The "Amazon" price and delivery further enhance the appeal of this unit. ...more info
  • Great Gate
    I am very pleased with this gate. Easy to assemble, easy to move and looks great. I have received several compliments on how nice the gate looks. The gate is low so it may not work for a large dog, but it's perfect for my dog and I love the fact that I can step over the top with out moving it. ...more info
  • Great Gate
    Wonderful gate! We use it for two small dogs and it is more than substantial....more info
  • Only for Very Small Dogs
    This gate is very easy to assemble and looks really good. Sadly for me, my Boston Terrier puppy- only 9lbs- is already able to climb over it. Only if you have a very, very small dog should you buy a 20 inch high gate. The photos of a full grown Collie relaxing by something of this height is very deceptive! My guess is that Collie casually stepped over the gate straight after the photo shoot....more info
  • Free Standing Gate
    This is my second purchase of the freestanding pet gate. I am very pleased with it. The gate stands securely and looks nice, too.
    ...more info
  • Attractive and functional
    These gates are much more attractive than most pet gates. I got them because I hoped they would look better than the "baby" style gates I had been using. They did not disappoint. They look good and are easy to move around.
    Not suitable for large dogs since they are not very tall and a larger dog would just step over them or make a small jump. Same problem if you have a very active small dog that jumps since I think they would likely clear these gates. For my dogs it is perfect (terriers) since they don't try to jump over the gates....more info
  • Doggie Gate
    The quality of this product is very nice. It's not as high as we thought it would be, but it will satisfy our needs for keeping our pet enclosed in our kitchen area, when we are gone. Our neighbor will be tending to our dog (while on vacation)and we needed a gate for a wide doorway....more info
  • Highly recommended
    We needed a gate to keep our chihuahuas contained in the kitchen during the day. I was thrilled to find a gate that was freestanding, good looking, expanded to the full length we needed and best of all was the perfect height! Too high for the dogs to get over but low enough that we could step over it when needed. Thanks for a great product and a great shopping experience....more info
  • Decorative Pet Gate
    Although a little pricey, I really like the pet gate. It looks nicer than any other pet gate, fits in with my decor and easy for humans to maneuver over it. In fact, I'm considering purchasing the smaller ones for other areas in my home.
    ...more info
  • Great Pet Gate
    We bought two of these to cut our dining room off from our cat, who had taken to using it as a litter box. Well made and attractive, these Richell Freestanding Pet Gates are sturdy quality items that will last a long time. I appreciate the rubber pads on the feet that protect our wooden floor....more info
  • Great gate!
    This is a low gate, so if your dog is large or a jumper, it may not be right for you. Otherwise this is a great product. It is asthetically pleasing and very sturdy, yet low enough to step over. It's defintiely my favorite gate and I've been through a few!...more info
  • Quality and function, exceptional
    We wanted a gate that was low enough to step over and that would not mark or damage cabinets or woodwork. We were extremely pleased with finish of product, ease of assemble and it's functionality. Wood is solid and appears to be cherry, nice metal spindles and rubber feet. ...more info
  • freestanding gate
    Very attractive for large spaces however our pet could get out of it easily. My husband attached it to the wall with hooks that close. That made it more functional. Without attaching it to the wall it would not have been worth the purchase due to our smart pet....more info
  • this is great
    what a wonderful accent to the house yet very functional. perfect for what we were trying to achieve....more info