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Chuck Berry - Hail! Hail! Rock N' Roll (4 Disc)
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The unforgettable life and music of pioneering legend Chuck Berry are celebrated in this landmark feature film capturing a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of rock and roll's finest! In 1986 Keith Richards invited a roster of musicians to honor Berry for an evening of music to commemorate his 60th birthday including performances by Eric Clapton Robert Cray Linda Rondstadt Etta James and Julian Lennon along with footage of an unforgettable duet by Chuck and John Lennon! Also featuring interviews with many of the original creators of rock and roll: Jerry Lee Lewis Little Richard Roy Orbison Bo Diddley The Everly Bros and Willy Dixon. This dynamite crowd pleaser from director Taylor Hackford (Ray) will keep your toes tapping and your soul rocking all night long!ROCKING EXTRAS! 54 minutes of never-before-seen Chuck Berry rehearsals in DTS and 5.1 audio featuring Keith Richards Eric Clapton Johnnie Johnson Chuck Lavell and Etta James! "Witness to History" featuring Little Richard Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry together for the first time; "The Burnt Scrapbook" with Chuck Berry and Robbie Robertson revealing the remains of Chuck's collection of musical memories; "Chuckisms" a collection of classic Chuck Berry remarks; "Witness to History 2" an amazing 3-and-a-half hour look at the birth of rock music with Jerry Lee Lewis Bo Diddley the Everly Brothers Roy Orbison and more!System Requirements:Running Time: 120 minutesFormat: DVD AUDIO Genre: MUSIC DVD/CONCERTS UPC: 014381315622 Manufacturer No: ID3156THDVD

Two distinct portraits of Chuck Berry emerge in this lavish four-disc set built around Hail! Hail! Rock n' Roll, director Taylor Hackford's 1986 documentary/concert film. On one side there's the Berry who wrote a catalogue's worth of genre-defining songs ("Maybellene," "Johnny B. Goode," "Roll Over Beethoven," and so many others), all of them filled with wit, delightful stories, and poetry. He's also the guitarist who virtually patented many of rock's seminal licks, and the showman who attracted some top musicians to celebrate his 60th birthday with a concert in St. Louis, his hometown. On the other hand, there's the Berry who, in the course of the film as well as the accompanying bonus material, emerges as a prickly cheapskate who drove the filmmakers and musicians nuts with his absurd demands and unpredictable behavior. Together they make a fascinating look at the guy who justifiably calls himself "the father of rock 'n' roll."

Hackford's original film, now issued with a crisp, anamorphic transfer and digital sound, occupies Disc One. A parade of classics are heard during the climactic concert, performed by Berry and a superb band (led by Keith Richards and featuring guitarist Robert Cray and Johnny Johnson, Berry's original pianist, among others), with guest shots by Eric Clapton (smoking on the slow blues "Wee Wee Hours"), Etta James, Linda Ronstadt, and Julian Lennon (whose dad was an unabashed Berry fan). There are revealing offstage glimpses, too, like Berry confessing that he only took up music full-time because there was more money in it than in housepainting, or a weary, wasted Richards admitting that "I was mad to take the gig" but gamely standing up to his idol at every turn (watch for a memorable moment during the very first song of the concert, when Chuck attempts to change key in mid-tune and Keith sternly shakes him off).

The three discs of bonus features add a lot more to the portrait. Much of it is terrific: A nostalgic Berry poring over his scrapbook with Robbie Robertson of the Band; some lengthy rehearsal jams with Clapton, Richards, and James; hours (literally) of convivial conversation with Little Richard, Bo Diddley, and other rock pioneers. But if you're the type who can't turn away from car wrecks, don't miss "The Reluctant Movie Star," an hour-long "making of" documentary, for it's here that Hackford and the others who worked on the film tell their war stories. The Chuck Berry they know demanded to be paid every day, in cash, or he'd refuse to be filmed. He showed up for a dinner meeting at L.A.'s posh Le Dome with a bag of McDonald's takeout. And two days before the St. Louis concert, he announced that he was leaving town for a gig in Ohio, where he proceeded to blow out his voice--so his vocals all had to be overdubbed after the fact (an extra payday, natch). Hail! Hail! Rock n' Roll was already an entertaining two hours. But the various extra material, none of it seen before and all of it introduced by Hackford, makes this "ultimate collector's addition" a must-have. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • An outing you will never forget!
    I saw the original film version together with my son ages ago in Oslo. This event, along with "A Rockabilly Session" (Perkins, Clapton, Ringo etc)on TV, started my son's guitar playing career! The very next day after the film I went and bought the video version of "Hail! Hail!"!! It simply got worn out, and the release of this 4 Disc DVD box came in the nick of time! This superb film, now digitally refurbished and with all the extra material - WOW! The way I see it, it surely ranks up there among the top 5 rock documentaies of all times! Chuck Berry himself, the interplay between him and Keith Richards, Johnnie Johnson, all the fantasic guest stars, the music, the band, the interviews with even more rock legends, the stories, the action and the history - if you do not buy this box, your brain is dead and your heart is even deader!!...more info
  • Chucks' "Hail Hail Rock and Roll"
    This DVD could only be improved by showing more of its priceless footage of rehearsal jamming, verbal arguments and exchange and musical, native animal brilliance. Not only do you have Keith Richards adding his smoking guitar but you get to watch Chuck boogy to and revel in the best backup band in the world thrilling him and us with his music. The interviews and insights are fascinating, sometimes ugly and embarrassing but paint a fuller picture of the folks involved. The jam session with Chuck, Keith, Eric Clapton, Johnny Johnson and the rest of the band is some of the best casual "lets get together and jam" music I have ever heard, which is not surprising as it has some of the worlds finest rockers getting togther informally and just seeing what happens. To have caught it on film must have been a thrill for the film makers. If theyhave more footage, put it out!! This will not disappoint you , phenomenal music and fascinating background, insights and history. Hank Collins Orinda Calif...more info
  • hail!hail!rock&roll outside the usa
    a treat for so little money: the actual movie, one of the best ever rock & roll movies ever, and i can only assume you're familiar with it's content, rehearsals, interviews and what not: close to a gift.
    unless you're a customer from outside the usa: you may have to pay for import taxes if you're unlucky and then you might find out your dvd-player is not compatible to american region code.
    if the buts don't bother you and with a little luck, you're in for a bang.
    what a bang, but i was lucky....more info
  • A Great Rock 'N' Roll Documentary
    Chuck Berry is one of the ultimate figures of rock 'n' roll music. You could say he's one of the genre's founding fathers, along with Little Richard, the self-described "architect."

    "Hail! Hail! Rock N' Roll" chronicles Berry's early musical career. He joined the Johnny Johnson Trio and asked Johnny if he could change the name of the band to the Chuck Berry Trio. The late Johnny Johnson, who is interviewed in the documentary, says he didn't mind changing the name because Chuck seemed to know the business better and he thought the group would have more success that way. The DVD explores the now closed-down St. Louis nightclub, The Cosmopolitan, where Berry got his start playing for guests.

    Perhaps the most unique aspect of this film is the way Berry carried out some of his tours across his career. He would travel from city to city alone, show up before the gig, meet with his backing band just before the show started, and put on a largely improvised and unrehearsed show.

    The second part of this DVD focuses on a 1980's Chuck Berry concert at the Fox Theater, a theatre in downtown St. Louis to which Berry had once been denied access due to segregation.

    At the time of this filming, Berry is now the headlining act at the Fox Theater. Keith Richards and a number of other musicians join him for this hallmark performance, among them Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Linda Rondstadt, Etta James, and Julian Lennon.

    The rehearsal footage is included in the documentary and is often entertaining. For example, there is a scene with Berry and Richards arguing over how to play the opening guitar lick to "Johnny B Goode". Richards describes Berry as having a "chip on his shouler." It seems that Berry is the authority figure and Richards is humbled, perhaps even threatened by Berry, once a role model for the younger Rolling Stones guitarist.

    "Hail, Hail Rock 'N' Roll" shows the historical significance of Chuck Berry and his place in rock history, and it is definitely worth the watch....more info
  • The Ultimate Rock Documentary Of The Ultimate Rock Icon
    Chuck Berry is without question one of if not the most important artists in music history, and Taylor Hackford's 1987 documentary is pure proof of this. This indepth concert film / biography / documentary focuses on what makes Chuck such a highly respected figure in music. The live material is amazing, as are the interviews with Chuck as well as Eric Clapton, Little Richards & Bo Didley and his biggest fan and driving force behind the film, Keith Richards, among others.

    The sound and picture quality are fantastic, and the amount of bonus features is stunning. This is a must have look at a true legend who is gladly still with us....more info
  • Chuck at his very best
    This 4 dvd set has it all from Chuck in his glory to his personal side to his friends and business associates describing the man
    If you want to really get close to Chuck Berry's world this dvd set is for you....more info
  • No doubt, this is the Chuck Berry for forever
    Keith Richards did a history as Music Director, in the organization of this great show at St. Louis, Missouri, it will preserve for the eternity the golden era of pure rock from Chuck Berry. Highlight to the four discs (two CDs and two DVDs) configuration in this edition. ...more info
  • Recommended for Rock'n'Roll Enthusiasts!
    We cannot get the 4 DVD-edition in Europe. I got it from (expedit shipping) in less than a week. Marvelous that is!
    There are so many reviews here. I just like to add that this is truly a great portrait of great musicians. For those who play or those who like guitars and the music of that era. Not necessarily for Stones-fans because they do not occur. It was Keith Richards' project. So he's the only one that appears in that movie. His interview though is not presented completely.
    Lay back and enjoy an evening of pure Rock'n'Roll music with lots of documentary and interviews!...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    This is of course a landmark movie that only gets better as time goes by. I hope you can find a copy on VHS somewhere. I purchased the 4 disc DVD version from Amazon and to my amazement the first disc, the one with the movie on it, would not load in my PC DVD drive. Thinking it was just a bad copy, I went to Best Buy on Christmas Eve and purchased the two disc version, so I could enjoy the film over the weekend without waiting for Amazon to refund or replace the bad copy. Well, surprise!... the movie disc in the second set wouldn't play either! This is extremely disappointing because I've wished for years that this film would be released in DVD format. This is the only disc out of more than 100 DVD movies that I own that will not play in my PC drive. How disgusting!...more info
  • Sorry. No liberal guilt here...
    There is NO question that Chuck Berry INVENTED Rock and Roll Guitar - PERIOD. But I tend to question the "integrity" of..."whoever" when I can't obtain just the concert iself without 3 other useless CD's of Chuck Berry whining. Is this available, just the concert and no..."memories?" I'll purchase THAT, but 45 bucks for an excellent concert and 3 useless CD's is totally out of the question. Sorry. There it is. And there IS a less expensive version of this available (from Starbucks Coffee????????????) with just the concert film and a CD of some Chuck Berry music probably not found in dillitantes collection of "Chuck Berry Music." Just look for it......more info
  • The Best of Times and the Worst of Times:
    To say that Chuck Berry is an institution would be damnation by faint praise. To say that Chuck Berry should (from time to time) BE in an institution (along with the rest of us musicians) may be equally as accurate.

    In this "I just can't stop watching it" documentary, one gets complete insight into the wonderful and sometimes frightful genius that is Chuck Berry.

    This (purest of all) account of Chuck's life history as told within the context of producing his 60th birthday extravaganza is thee most wonderful and (at once)shockingly complete telling of the Chuck Berry story that we will probably ever see or hear.

    Chuck himself walks us through his childhood in St. Louis, introduces us to many members of his family and escorts us on an imminently memorable journey through many of the places he has been in his life and music career.

    All in one neat package we see Chuck Berry the writer, the performer, the poet, the intellect, the businessman, the philosopher, the entrepreneur the pugilist and in the end, Chuck Berry's evil side as well.

    The copious interviews with his fellow music icons as well as those who followed after provide a perfect "picture in time" of the natural born gift of talent and intellect that God gave us in Chuck Berry. When Lil' Richard Penniman recalled Pat Boone's dismal operatic plagiarism of "Tutti Fruitti" I laughed so hard that I wet my pants.

    The anecdotes by Keith Richards (almost gleefully) telling about the time Chuck socked him in the mouth, along with Bruce Springsteen's memories of backing CB when he came to town are (by themselves) worth the price of admission. But when Jerry Lee (The Killer) Lewis admits that Chuck is the King of rock-n-roll and explains that Chuck also beat him up to prove it, I nearly fell off the floor.

    To watch Chuck practice with the band and then observe his "human train wreck" propensities onstage (telling Keith during a concert that they're gonna change keys in the middle of the song) is enough to give any performer infarctions. These things along with his willingness to play his Gibson 355 Stereo guitar so far out of tune all serve to complete this wonderfully unvarnished portrait of a legend.

    Unfortuantely, the end of disc 2 contains a very revealing (if not revolting) part of Chuck Berry that is extremely discouraging to me. Taylor Hackford's description of Chuck's antics and demeanor during the filming makes Chuck out as a virtual demon.... Frankly, it ruined the film for me...

    But, If you love Chuck Berry or respect his contribution to American music in any way, this set is a must buy.

    Timothy A. Di Pietro
    Certifed Django Junkie
    ...more info
  • Hail! Hail! Taylor Hackford & This DVD!!!
    This is why God invented DVDs: for discs like this! If there was NOTHING else on here but the jam session that opens the second disc, it would still be worth the price...and more. But there is more...a LOT more. If you love rock 'n' roll, and especially if you like knowing the stories behind the music, you're going to love this set. The music's great: how can it not be with Eric Clapton, Etta James, Keith Richards, Johnny Johnston and Robert Cray among the players? But more than that, you see how this concert evolved, the relationships between the musicians, the "insider's" take on how the original film was made and, of course, you get to know Chuck Berry about as well as any outsider can hope to. For Hackford and Richards, this was obviously a labor of love and it shows. Hail, hail to both of them and, more than ever, hail, hail to Chuck Berry! ...more info
  • Hail! Hail ! Rock N Roll
    I literally take my hat off to you for a superb remake of this classic
    film. New DTS and Dolby dig. audio are fantastic. I saw the original release in 1987 and to this day its still my favorite rock documentary. I was born in the late fourties and grew up listening to Chuck and others.
    His influence shows itself in my Guitar playing to this day and I'm now in
    my early sixties. Thanks for the memories,, Robert Gonzales....more info
  • Hail, Hail This Documentary! It is the Best!
    This documentary-concert-behind-the-scenes look at Rock and Roll's original lyrical master is back. I have been waiting for its release to DVD for ten years and here it is with a four disc set! How good is that! I had the original movie when it was released in 1987 on VHS and have been playing it ever since.

    There are many, many highlights and you will see them all over and over when you get this show. Some of them are:

    1) Chuck talking about his meeting with Leonard Chess and his reluctance to play in front of him.

    2) How Chuck shows up at a gig alone and always used local bands to back him up. Bruce Springsteen tells the delightful story of his band doing backup when he opened for Chuck and Jerry Lee Lewis early in his career. Chuck comes to the show late out of nowhere ignores the band goes out onstage and starts playing. The band was in a panic, "What song is it?" "What key?", "What arrangement?"...Chuck just comes over and says "Play for that money boys" and Bruce says he didn't know we were doing it for free!! The whole story about going to the bass player for the key was priceless! I know its true-I've seen him do it! 1-2-3 go--that's Chuck Berry!

    3) How Chuck got paid in cash (had lots of IRS problems). Here in Australia I saw Chuck in 1975 and he was caught at Sydney Airport with $50000 AUD in an attache case. We still have currency restrictions due to this famous incident!!

    4) His reluctance to talk publically about his time in jail (it ruined his career-he was going to be much bigger but that stopped him until the British rediscovered him in 1964!!).

    5) His playing steel guitar at the end- a nice country touch, and rare, by himself in his Clubhouse at Berry Park.
    You can hear more of this on the rare track "Deep Feeling" released on his "Blues" CD.

    6) My highlight is his rehearsal with Keith Richards and the band doing "Carol" or "Oh, Carol" and Chuck correcting him even though the Stones had sold millions of this tune on their first LP. It is priceless I have watched that (and Keith's lovely 1960's Stratocaster) hundreds and hundreds of times and it's so fantastic! And a previous reviewer is right: the arrangements were different. Keith also plays the same solo he did in 1964!

    7) Great footage of the late, great Johnnie Johnson. His piano playing made Chuck Berry's records (just imagine "Sweet Little Sixteen" without it!"). Check out his great solo in "Wee Wee Hours", he was a great Blues Pianist in the style of Roosevelt Sykes and in the Kansas City tradition of Jay "Hootie" McShann.

    He added so much to Chuck's music and never got any credit, in fact, Chuck took over HIS band in the beginning. It's also telling that, unlike all other Rockers who play in guitar keys of E,A and D, because of Johnson's influence, all of Chuck's tunes are in Jazz and Piano keys like Bb, F, Eb and so on. I remember trying to play "Johnny B. Goode" on my first electric guitar about 1965-I couldn't understand why it wasn't in A!! (It's in Bb! And we had no books, DVD's or Tabs!! just records and sheet music). This is a further insight into why Jimi Hendrix tuned down his guitar a half step--lots of explanations have been given (helped singing, fuller sound for a power trio and so on!), but this gave him guitar key access to a jazzier sound! I am glad Johnnie got to play with Chuck again and get some of the recognition he deserved.

    8) The Opening of the concert in St Louis for Chuck's 60th birthday (I'm 60 in 3 years yikes!!!). We see Chuck doing "Roll Over Beethoven" and going to Keith and saying "Let's change the key to Bb from C". Keith says "no" and what follows is classic. Chuck is the original "wing it" musician!

    9) Highlights of the actual concert are Eric Clapton's version of "Wee Wee Hours". It's just about his best Blues playing on film, his phrasing is great and he uses both upper and lower registers. Compare this with his "Concert in Hyde Park" (5 Long Years) and the "Cream Reunion Concert" (Stormy Monday). This playing on a ES-350T Gibson (this guitar had been given to Chuck by Keith Richards, but he didn't want it, he liked his ES-355 as it was more "modern"-Eric still plays this guitar today, watch him do "Reptile" on the "One More Road" DVD)in the style of early Rock and Chuck Berry is fantastic!

    10) Other great tunes are "Almost Grown", "Little Queenie" (best ever version of this classic!)and "Too Much Monkey Business" which have Keith Richard's best solos. "Memphis, Tennessee", a great version very delicate and Chuck's best solo on the night. Also really good is "No Particular Place To Go" Chuck's big come back hit when he was rediscovered and started to record again in the mid-sixties. The interplay between Chuck and Keith is very good on this tune with them exchanging leads. There is plenty of great music in this concert! Robert Cray's version of "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" is also very good!

    The four disc set is definately the way to go unless you have only a casual interest in this topic. The extra three discs have hours and hours of very interesting items:

    Disc 2 has the rehearsal and we wish there was a lot more than the 50 odd minutes. The "guitar jam" is really great, however, the actual best playing are the organ and piano solos.The whole segment on Etta James("I sang backup on 3 or 4 of Chuck's tunes at Chess with Minnie Riperton!!") is very interesting and is the best (albeit casual) performance I have ever heard from her. You hear Johnnie Johnson's piano the whole time on this section and he is great! On the blues "Mean Old World" (T-Bone Walker) we hear Eric Clapton and others, but disappointingly, no Keith Richards blues solo!

    The whole mini-documentary on the making of the film is also fascinating. Chuck comes across as a money hungry tax cheat, but you still have a soft spot for him, especially after what he went through growing up and then being ripped off so much (but so was Dylan). Actually I believe he was probably a lot worse than the producers made him out!!!

    The big insight in this "making of" film is that he did a gig in Ohio before the big 60th concert to make a few bucks, blew his voice out and had to do the concert we see twice (also charged the producers twice!) and then had to overdub the vocals in LA (which he also charged extra for--I always suspected that the concert was "Too Good" to be live Chuck Berry in 1987!!). Very interesting!

    Disc 3 has three parts; The interview with Chuck, Bo Diddley and Little Richard is very good. It opens one's eye's to the racism and discrimination these artists had to go through in the early days. Bo's story of the Georgia State Police is shocking! Little Richard's description of R&B as "Real Black" music has them all in stitches! We also see Chuck playing boogie woogie piano with Little Richard, another insight!

    The other two parts deal with Robbie Robertson from the Band going through an old scrapbook, which had been in a fire, and bascially interviewing him. He touches gently on Berry's prison experience (which he had done 3 different stints)and the final section "Chuckisms" is, as previous reviews have said-very interesting and moving with Robertson's gentle guitar backround.

    Disc 4 has three-and-a-half hours of historical interviews with the founders of Rock and Roll, modern pop music and the recording industry. All fascinating and compelling viewing. The sound on all these discs is superb, the editing great and the colour is magnificent.

    This film was made by Taylor Hackford, who introduces each section of each disc in an interesting way that makes you want to view it, is a great documentary filmmaker. He goes back to the 1960s and many documentary specials on US TV. His latest film "Ray" of course got him the recognition he deserves. Get this DVD and get the 4 discs pay the little extra money and get hours more enjoyment from a film about an American institution. This is probably the music release of 2006!
    ...more info
  • nature takes it's course
    While Keith Richards is probably a more precise player, it's the raw natural talent of Chuck Berry that gets your attention....more info
  • An Absolute Classic
    I obviously haven't received this DVD yet, cause it will not be issued till June. Nevertheless, I saw this movie about 50 times, both on theatres and VHS, and must have regretted a thousand times not having told the video rental store that I had lost it, payed the guy for a new one and kept a copy with me. I have been looking for this movie in VHS and, most recently, DVD for about 8 years. And now it is finally being released. This is one of the best movies I have ever watched - and trust me, I have watched a lot of movies of all imaginable sorts. You don't have to be Chuck Berry fan nor a rock'n'roll fan, not even a music fan to love it. It is perfect entertainement from a strictly cinematografic point of view (as well as an exceptional example of how to make a documentary).
    Basically, the movie covers the whole process of putting up an extraordinary band togheter for a show celebrating Chuck Berry's 60ht. birthday, a show that took place on his hometown, Saint Louis. The "S & M" (Social & Musical) director was none other than Keith Richards, who played guitar along whit Chuck Berry and that other insignificant guitarist, Robert Cray (not to mention Eric Clapton, who played one song on the show - Wee-Wee Hours, a great blues in which he blasts a marvellous solo, by the way). The drummer was Omar Hakim, who played with mostly everybody from Miles Davis to Sting. The pianist: great Johnny Jones, Chuck's original band leader on the Johnny Jones Trio (that would later be renamed Chuck Berry Trio when Chuck's songs became successful). The music is great, of course (I believe we can forgive Chuck for inviting Julian Lennon to sing Johnny B. Goode), and the reahearsal scenes are as good (if not better) as the show performaneces itsfel. There's a classic scene when Chuck looses his temper with Keith Richards when Keith fails to get a riff after several attempts wich is really historic (the great Keith Richards, bad boy of bad boys, beying yelled at and humbly accepting the punishment). There's also a very rare display of Keith Richard's jazz guitar talent, when Chuck, Johnny Jones, Keith and Cray jam, improvising, one of Chuck's most delicate ballads (I'm through With Loge). This scene by itself makes the movie worth watching, not only because you will probably have no other opportunity to watch Keith Ricards play so delicately, but also because he comes up with one of his priceless jokes when they finisy playing. The movie shows some very intresting interviews as well: Jerry Lee Lewis confessig his mother considered Chuck Berry (and not her son) the king of rock'n'roll; Eric Clapton explaining (and demonstrating on guitar) why Chuck layed down the basic rules of rock'n'roll guitar playing; and perhaps the best of all, Bruce Springsteen recalling the early days of the E-Street band, when they backed up Chuck Berry one night (one of the most hilarious music stories ever told). And the last scene, after the hole deal is over, everybody's gone from Chuck's ranch (where the rehearsals took place) and you see him all by himself, playing a slow, melancholic blues on a pedal steel guitar, is one of the most touching scenes I have ever seen on film. If you you like movies, buy it; if you like documentaries, buy it; if you like music, rock, love and life: buy this DVD. Trust me: YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
    ...more info
  • Incredible Moment In Rock and Roll History Captured On Film
    I had the pleasure of attending this birthday celebration concert in person and it was a night to remember. Living in St. Louis, Chuck Berry is still seen around town in the local Walmart, at parks, shopping centers and even fast food joints on a regular basis.

    This film biogragphical story of Chuck Berry is a masterpiece even though up to now, it was only available on VHS. Well, good news was announced this week!

    On Thursday, January 26th, 2006 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Image Entertainment has secured DVD rights to seminal music film Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, from Oscar-winning director Taylor Hackford and is preparing two-disc and four-disc editions with never-before-seen footage, documentaries, interviews and other bonus materials. The 1987 film, which captures the concert commemorating the 60th birthday of Chuck Berry, features such music superstars as Eric Clapton, Etta James, Robert Cray, Linda Ronstadt and the Everly Brothers. The film also incorporates interviews with the late Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, Little Richard and Bo Diddley. Also featured is footage of a performance by Berry and his backup band of the 1950s at the long-gone Cosmopolitan Club in East St. Louis, Ill.

    The musical celebration, held in 1986 at the ornate Fox Theater in St. Louis, was put together by the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards. Image will release the two NEW DVD editions of the film June 27, 2006.

    Highly recommended for any fan of Chuck Berry and the era when Rock-n-Roll began. HAIL HAIL ROCK-N-ROLL!
    ...more info