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Sit'n'Stroll 5-n-1 Combination Carseat/Stroller
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Product Description

Tripleplay 5-in-1 Sit N Stroll Travel becomes convenient with the Sit N Stroll from Tripleplay. It is FAA approved and is the perfect choice when searching for baby travel systems. Flying with a child is very difficult. With a stroller travel system like the Sit N Stroll there is no reason to haul a stroller and car seat through the airport. Use the stroller function and wheel the children the airport and into the automobile. The travel system then converts to an easy to use car seat by using the car's belts. Once the destination has been reached, take out the retractable wheels on the baby travel system and roll the child to its destination. The Tripleplay 5 in 1 is lightweight and simple making it a great choice. The top feature on the Sit N Stroll from Tripleplay is its convertibility. The wheels retract into what acts as a car seat base for easy storage. When the time comes to go from car seat to stroller, no real effort needs to be exerted. The stroller travel system is easy to use for all parents. The travel system also features a height adjustable handle. The 5-In-1 Sit N Stroll becomes one of the most perfect travel systems for any parent.

  • 6 Months
  • 4 Years

Customer Reviews:

  • Does not fit into airplane seats
    This combo-stroller works well as a stroller and is quite adequate as a car seat. It is quite easy to convert and fits through airport security scanners if positioned properly.
    My problems with it are-
    1. It is unusable in most Economy airline seats as it is too wide. I was made to check it in on 2 consecutive flights.
    2. It is overpriced for something that is basically only a car seat- stroller combo....more info
  • TriplePlay 5 in 1 Sit N Stroll does the job
    We bought this product to ship to Australia as it was not available here and we wanted to use something like this in several travels overseas this year.

    I was very cautious worrying that it might not be all that it was written-up to be, but I am pleased to say that it is as good as described.

    I haven't found much trouble at all opening and collapsing it while Baby is in it, which other users have found. It's very easy to put in and out of the car.

    I was also concerned about the way it rides very low and has small wheels. In using it, however, I found it quite smooth and just simply does the job.

    It's not intended as our primary car seat, but serves well as our secondary one, as intended.

    Finally, I'm pleased to say it receives very positive looks ; or perhaps that's just Baby in it (-;

    I'll give it 4 stars until I run it through its full paces overseas!...more info
  • Not wort it!! BIG NO
    We bought this stroller 8 months back. The idea was good we were happy still last month and all of sudden the plastic frame underneath got broke.
    The seller did not had the warranty information and manufacture said it only 6 months. I believe this product is not that sturdy and not worth it for our loved once. They should recall this product !!!! I can share the image if you need.......more info
  • Fantastic for Traveling!
    We purchased this stroller because we traveled a lot and needed something compact and easy for traveling. After DD turned 7 months old we haven't looked back and have used this everyday. She is now 19 months old, weighs 22 pounds, and it holds up fairly well. I've traveled alone with her and this stroller has made it a whole lot easier! I would definitely purchase this again we couldn't be more satisfied!

    Here are my pros and cons:
    1.Makes traveling easier.
    2.Durable the fabric is easy to clean
    3.Well padded
    4.Is easy to operate once you get the hang of opening and closing it.
    5.When you close it the wheels are covered by the plastic so if they are dirty it will not mess your car's seats.

    1.Can be a bit heavy once your child is over 20 lbs
    2.The wheels are small but are durable enough..difficult to tread in gravel and doesn't have much friction.
    3.The foam handles tend to slip off
    4.There isn't a sunshade (you would have to purchase this separately from the vendor)
    5.The small compartment in the back is not big enough to house a diaper bag
    6.No cup holder.

    ...more info
  • Ugly as sin
    This car seat is ugly, there is no doubt about it. We bought it as a second car seat/airplane stroller so that our nanny could take our daughter to the park in her own car without needing a car seat installed full time. It takes a little getting used to, especially since your kid will look really strapped down (pinned at the shoulders) Hannibal Lector style by the straps that attach to the car. The straps are necessary for the proper functioning of the seat but our daughter looks a little funny strapped down like that. But guess what, she doesn't care one bit. She likes to roll around in the seat when it is a stroller but it does look like a La-Z-Boy on wheels. It is one of the ONLY seats acceptable for the airlines (special writing in red on the seat). We'll be giving it a try over the x-mas holiday....more info
  • Absolutely Useful
    This amazing stroller is durable and very convinient to travel , It is a lightweigh car seat stroller . easy to manage everywhere you go ...more info