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T-Fal TT7461002 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster, Black
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $49.04

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Product Description

Avante, Black, 4 Slice, Deluxe, Toaster, High Speed, Bagel, Reheat, Cancel, Brushed Stainless Steel Top.

  • 1800-watt 4-slice toaster with high-speed heating mechanism
  • Independent 2- or 4-slice operation; extra-wide, self-adjusting slots
  • 7 customized toasting levels; reheat and bagel functions; high-lift lever
  • Cancel button; cool-touch exterior for safety; removable crumb tray
  • Measures 13 by 14 by 12 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Gigantic toaster!
    This might be the best toaster ever but we'll never know! It is so big it fills up our whole counter top and barely fits under the cabinets in our 1950s house. We had to return it and buy something smaller....more info
  • Great toaster
    This is the best toaster. It is a little large but it has every feature you could imagine. Love it!!!!...more info
  • outstanding toaster
    If you don't mind the size, this is an outstanding toaster. Toasts evenly, has a convenient "stop" button, and best of all, an extraction lever that pushes the toast up for you. I highly recommend it....more info
  • This is a winner
    Don't have anything to complain about. Did alot of research. Had expensive but junky toasters in the past. This is a bargain at the price and well made. Great for waffles, bagels and any size bread for toasting....more info
  • Best toaster ever!
    I had previously purchased a Hamilton Beach toaster, but the toast didn't pop up high enough, even when you lifted the handle to give it that extra little bit. Well, I gave it away after a month, since it was new, and purchased one of these. This toaster is awesome! It even toasts faster and when you push the lever down in the center, it pops the toast up really high. No more burnt fingers for my kids! I love that in the center of the dial, there is a button if you wanna pop it up right away. The design is to today-like! Thanks!...more info
  • Awesome toaster!
    I love this toaster. It's not like me to spend this kind of money on a kitchen appliance, but it's worth every penny. The toast comes out perfect every time, and doesn't take long. While the toast is perfectly toasted, it's not dry. ...more info
  • Great toaster!
    Having ten children we have been through several toasters. When our last one died we tried two others before finding this one. It actually toasts the bread evenly. And the bagel setting is great! I only wish it had a bagel setting for all for slots instead of just two. It is a bit larger than other toasters but worth it. It's very unique in its design....more info
  • Great Buy
    I love the look and the features are very easy to use, even my children use them with easy. I would recommend this to anyone!!!!!!...more info
  • I love this toaster!
    This is not the toaster for someone with minimal counter space. It's a chunky fellow, but man oh man is it a great toaster! Not only is the degree of toasting easily adjustable and thereafter consistent on that setting, but the "lift" feature really eliminates the problem of bread that you just can't reach to lift out of the cooking slot. I bought it for my husband who wanted to replace our 2-slice toaster for a 4-slice, and he has been very pleased....more info
  • Tfal toaster superb
    We're both very happy with our new T-fal toaster. It is convenient, toasts evenly and is a nice looking appliance. Cleans up well too.
    Very toaster we've ever had!...more info
  • Love this toaster
    I did a lot of research before deciding on this one. It toasts great, Im very happy with it...and it looks cool in my kitchen....more info
  • Toaster Works Great
    After reading so many bad reviews of so many other toasters, I noticed this toaster had what I thought the most positive feedback. Only thing I was unsure about was whether it was worth the extra money. Well after using now for a few weeks, I must say I am happy with the choice. It toasts things fine - from bagels, to toast, to english muffins. I really like the extra lift provided by the middle controls - no longer do we need to use something to reach inside and grab the toasted items. My only complaint is that the bagel and reheat buttons only affect the left 2 slots. So if you want to use these features for all four slots, you can't do so. ...more info
  • Good, not great
    Described as a high-speed toaster, but takes just as long as any other. Takes up a lot of counter space. The dials on the front are cheap. It's a toaster....more info
  • Fine while it lasted
    When I first received this toaster, it worked just fine, although it is very large and takes up a lot of counter space. Within 6 weeks, though, 2 of the slots stopped working: the lever wouldn't stay down, so we couldn't use that side at all. When I contacted T-Fal about the problem, they said I could pay to ship the toaster to a little repair shop and it might be repaired. I chose not to do that because 1) shipping that giant toaster would cost about as much as buying a new toaster at Wal-Mart, and 2) I would have no toaster at all for an undetermined amount of time while they attempted to fix it. I kept it, and used it as the world's largest 2-slot toaster for 4 more months, until the remaining 2 slots also stopped working. Again T-Fal told me that I could pay to ship the toaster to a repair shop. Paying $60 for a toaster is not a good deal when it doesn't even last 6 months....more info
  • Toaster
    It is a little big but then again it is a 4 slice toaster. Toasts just fine, nothing extraordinary about the toaster in any way, good or bad. ...more info
  • toaster review
    I like this toaster ok- bought it to replace a previous model that just conked out. But this new model is a little to bulky and the dials are loose. I have a hard time setting the level of darkness- and the bottom burns while the top of the bread is normal. Seems to have uneven coils along the sides, or else the slant effect causes it. Sometimes the toasts flies out of the slots and onto the floor because of the slant. Kind of weird and probably will not buy another like it ever....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this toaster based on the good reviews. I was tired of the cheap toasters that wouldn't toast on BOTH sides of the bread and thought this more expensive toaster would be different. It's not. It only toasts thoroughly on one side. What a bummer. I was willing to overlook the fact that it's a huge toaster IF it would toast on both sides. I do like the fact that the front is curved so that you can see into it and that it has a lever to lift the bread out; however, I would gladly give up those bonuses to simply have a toaster that toasts both sides of the bread simultaneously....more info
  • Perfect Toaster
    I have had the toaster for about two months now and love it. It is both stylish and functional. This is our third toaster and the only one we have been happy with. Buy with confidence....more info
  • Im Luvin It!
    I ordered this product to replace a toaster oven we had been given for a housewarming gift. The toaster oven couldn't toast anything to save itself and got VERY HOT to the touch, and since we have a new little one in the house I didn't want any accidents.

    I agree with the previous review in the respect that it is a little larger than a standard toaster, but it is very well built. You'd hope so for a T-FAL right?!

    However, I think this little toaster does a remarkable job toasting. I made sure to read the instruction booklet before I used. In fact I read it 3 times just to make sure I wasn't going to blow the toaster or the house up. I definitely recommend doing the "warming up" cycles before actual use. It makes sure all the rubber smell from the parts being brand spanking new is baked off before you put food in it. It will smell horrible- but trust me, it doesn't explode!

    I tried a piece of wheat bread from Publix and found a 2 to be pretty decent (I don't like mine blackened like a charcoal briquette). I also put a Thomas Plain Bagel in it. I set it to 3 and used the bagel button. It came out perfect for a traditional bagel toasting- crispy inside and slightly soft on the outside. If you don't like your bagels this way you may just want to toast it and skip the bagel button all together. I haven't had the chance to use it for anything else yet.

    Overall it's a great toaster. It's more expensive than I would have liked- but since it actually does what it's supposed to I don't mind!! If you're thinking about this one go ahead and get it.
    ...more info
  • french toaster
    The T-Fal toaster is fine, except for three things: 1) doesn't toast both sides evenly; 2) push-up lever stays down until it is reset by toast lever; finally, 3) slots don't hold large country-style pieces of bread. Fine for bagels, etc. and we've had no problems there. Overall we like it, but......more info
  • Not so fast...
    I like many are still looking for the perfect toaster. I don't find this toaster to be any faster than any other toaster I've owned. The heating is uneven because the heating wire touches the mounting surface in some places and not in others so some parts glow red and others do not. The slot size is about a quarter inch shorter than some other units so full size, store bought sandwich bread doesn't really fit all that well. After several months one of the toast raise levers flew off and landed in the heating mechanism and partially melted. I'd have to send back the whole toaster to get it repaired... customer service was tedious. The angled forward slots are really no advantage in fact you just end up looking at crumbs. I'd look elseware for a quality toaster....more info
  • T-Fal TT7461002 Avante 4 slice toaster
    Did not function properly. Toasted more on one side than the other side. I returned the item....more info
  • A Disappointment
    We've had this toaster since May of 2008, and I've never felt that it met my expectations.

    To be fair, the dimensions are provided, but I still was picturing this toaster as just a bit bigger than a regular 4-slice toaster. It's not. It's oversized and bulky. So the fact that it didn't meet that particular expectation is my own fault. I just wanted people to be aware of how huge this thing is.

    However, I don't feel it met the following expectations either:

    -The Bagel and Defrost buttons are only active for the left side of the toaster. What a waste to only be able to use one side at a time if you're making more than one.

    -Getting bread to fit squarely into the toaster is often a royal pain. The slots are slanted and you have to place the bread in them just right or they end up crooked with some parts of the top not down all the way. So you can stick your finger in there to push them down or you can hit cancel and try again.

    -Add in the above trajectory problem to the fact that the slots aren't long enough to fit most non-square or non-round breads and you can imagine the frustration of trying to manuveur Italian or whole grain breads into the slots. It usually takes a few tries of lowering the bread then hitting the cancel button before you can determine if it's an improper loading angle or the bread shape/size that's causing the problem.

    -Lightweight breads tend to pop up and OUT of the toaster which can leave you picking your toast up off the floor.

    -Toasting is uneven. It wasn't too bad at first, but here we are less than a year later and already we're flipping the bread around so it will get evenly browned on all sides. It's not even been used every day, more like weekends and maybe a couple of mornings during the week.

    So, bottom line, would I buy this toaster again? Nope. Nice looking, unique design, but execution has problems....more info
    We have had the toaster about 3 weeks and so far, we love it. There is a mechanism on the toaster that allows the user to lift up toast or english muffins that are low in the toaster - saves burning one's fingers.

    It toasts evenly and consistently without burning. We like it a lot
    ...more info
  • juls
    This toaster toasts evenly, great for a large family. The only downfall to this toaster is the darkness selector knobs turn to freely. You need to double check the knobs each time you use the toaster or your toast may be under done or burnt....more info
  • Terrific Toaster
    Looked quite awhile for a toaster that was reasonably priced and of excellent quality. I have quit looking. This toaster is everything I wanted. I love the stainless steel with the black accent, and like the toast/bagel being placed in the front instead of the top of the toaster. Easy to use. Only minor complaint is that it is kind of bulky, takes up more counter space than I would like, but the advantages outweigh the size...more info
  • Tfal great
    Tfal has done it again. A great toaster, great lines, functions superbly. After 15 or so trials of different toasters over many years, this is the best....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    We've had this toaster for a few months and used it a lot! We love it!!

    The wide slots work fantastically on bagels and large hamburger buns. The sides don't touch burning the larger bread products like my old toaster did. I used to grill buns on a griddle for sandwiches, but this works so much better. The outside is toasted and the middle is still soft.
    I have toast or an english muffin for breakfast every morning and the toaster has been consistently perfect every time. The lever that lifts your contents out out of the toaster is such a nice feature. No more burning my fingers or attempting to pull out my toast with a plastic fork.
    The toaster looks sleek and modern too which is nice compared to my old college-style icky white plastic p.o.s.
    The only con I have is this thing is a behemoth! It takes up a whole corner of the counter. I love it so much however that I don't care.

    Great buy...definitely recommend it....more info
  • Had high hopes!
    I bought this toaster after reading the good reviews. It seemed to be one of the most liked toasters. As luck has it, I ended up with one that toasted unevenly --- the toast was very dark on one side and barely toasted on the other. I returned it for a refund. ...more info
  • T-Fal TT7461002 Avante Deluxe 4-Slice Toaster, Black
    Love my new toaster. It is a little on the big size but it is also very sleek....more info
  • Great toaster
    I was looking for a toaster that did not get hot on the outside, and would do bread and bagels. I got this toaster about a month ago, and it does all I need a toasted to do and does it very well. The whole family really likes it....more info
  • I suppose I got a good one...
    I love this toaster. Hubby loves this toaster. Son loves this toaster. Even the dogs have no complaints about the toaster, and they know their toast!
    The toast consistently comes out browned evenly, whether using either of the two slots or all four at once. It does make very dark toast if you turn it up high; I find that just over where 2.5 would be makes great toast. The bread, although browned on the outside, is not dried out inside. The defrost option works well, as do the lifting levers to raise the done toast.
    I haven't had any problems with the bread shooting out of the toaster, even with some smaller-cut loaves.
    The toaster is big, but if you have the counterspace to accommodate it, it looks great. I've actually had several people comment on the toaster when they come through the kitchen.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with the toaster. I would recommend it, and would purchase one again if necessary....more info