T-Fal BF6520004 Vitesse 1.7L Electric Kettle
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Product Description

Make a hot cup of just about anything quickly and easily with the T-FAL Vitesse compact kettle! Boil dry protection Replaceable lime scale filter for scale free beverages 2 Water level indicators - Perfect visibility for left-and right-handed users. On/Off switch integrated into handle for extra convenience.

  • 1750-watt high-speed kettle boils 7 cups of water in just 5 minutes
  • On/off button located on handle; boil-dry protection with automatic shut-off
  • Variable temperature control; lifts off corded power base for cordless pouring
  • Exterior water-level indicators; concealed heating element; anti-scale filter
  • Measures approximately 8 by 11 by 8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • No more burned teapots
    It wasn't cheap (about $70), but we use it everyday. I can't tell you how many teapots we thoughtlessly melted before this one. It doesn't whistle, but it kindly turns itself off when hot (three settings of hotness possible). Very nice design; pot holds enough water for a family of four, sits on an electric base, heats swiftly, is easy to fill, and has a see-through water indicator. ...more info
  • Great Kettle
    I never had an electric kettle, always a stovetop one. I was really under the impression that the water didn't quite boil hot enough in the electric kettles, not like a 'real' kettle on the stove burner. But I was visiting my sister out of state before Christmas and she had a T-Fal electric kettle (a slighly different model). I saw how easy it was to use and how fast it boiled the water, and also boiled it to a very hot bubbly level. I kept saying to her how nice it was and that I wanted to get something like it.

    When I got back home, my sister bought me this kettle (here at Amazon) for a Christmas present, and I have been using it ever since. I really like it. It is so fast and it is also very attractive on my kitchen counter. I use it just about every day.

    I highly recommend this kettle. it boils water very fast and very hot, and I am very satisfied with it....more info
  • Couldn't be happier!
    This is the best electric kettle ever. It's so fast and so easy to use. And it looks so nice on my countertop... I never put it away. Yep, this is another well-made, reliable T-fal product....more info
  • Died afer 2 months
    Died after 2 months. Amazon says since 30 days have past, they will not refund/exchange and my only option is to contact tefal. Not happy....more info
  • Good Quality
    I had to replace my old kettle and after some research I purchased this one. It has some great features, you can see the water level and you can set how hot you want it to get. The only drawback is that it is heavy. ...more info
  • good water heater
    Heat water very fast, no plastic smell, no complaint. a little bit big for 2 people though. ...more info
  • Great electric kettle design!
    I spent hours researching every electric kettle available (and looking at them in person, in stores) before settling on this one. I've owned it for about 6 months now, and it's been great. The concealed heating element and the simple one-piece plastic jug design make it very easy to clean (not that I've needed to) and leak resistant (I assume, from a design perspective, since mine has no leaks yet). The only way it could leak is if the grommet sealing the metal bottom piece to the plastic jug developed a leak, whereas most of the stainless steel kettles being sold have several parts, many seams, and thus many places a leak could develop. There is some mild browning of the plastic inside the jug, I suppose a reaction to the high heat. This same thing happened with my roommate's older plastic electric kettle, so it's to be expected. People complain about plastic vs. stainless steel, I settled on plastic for one primary reason: it is a better insulator, so not only will it keep the water hotter for longer, it will be safer to handle in general (ie. it won't burn you or a child if it is accidentally picked up by its sides while it contains hot water). People complain about plastic "leeching chemicals" into the water, I haven't noticed any difference in taste, personally, and I doubt stainless steel would be much "safer" than plastic in this respect. The switch works great, and mine has never spilled water or over-boiled it (as long as it contains the minimum recommended amount of water). The spout and handle shapes make it easy to pour, and the locking top makes it pretty tough to spill. Definitely recommended, I'm buying another one for my parents right now.

    PS - While researching electric kettles, I frequently saw complaints of how kettles designed for use in the USA don't heat water as fast as those in the UK. This is for a very simple reason: UK uses 240 volt power, USA uses 120 volts. Most electrical receptacles are rated for 15 amps (though the kitchen are often has at least two 20-amp circuits, per NEC recommendations). Watts = volts * amps, which means that UK kettles can get up to 240 volts * 15 amps = 3600 watts, while USA kettles can get up to 120 volts * 15 amps = 1800 watts. Manufacturers might sometimes avoid approaching this limit, perhaps due to safety or liability issues? Just note that this 1750 watt Tfal kettle is very close to the typical USA receptacle wattage rating. It's just about as high as you'll be able to get in the USA...most other USA electric kettles only go up to 1500 watts....more info
  • An excellent kettle
    A reasonably priced kettle that boils water quickly and is stylish. Makes an attractive addition to a counter top particularly for a white kitchen. ...more info
  • The main selling point is inaccurate, misleading
    I am a huge tea drinker and as you know, there are two key temperatures in the tea world: less than boiling (180F) and boiling (212). As far as I know, there are only two readily available variable temperature electric kettles on the market - the T-Fal Vitesse and one from Adagio Teas. I chose the former and have been using it for about 7 months.

    I assumed that since water can't get hotter than 212F, the highest (most right) setting would correspond to that. So the middle had to be roughly 180. I've brewed dozens of cups of tea, some for guests, some very expensive with this assumption.

    Today I brought in a thermometer and found the following:

    Low - 175 F
    Medium - 212 F
    High - 212 F

    This is outrageous! Why make a product that is not truly variable or accurate and sell it as such? ...more info
  • Excellent value for terrific electric kettle
    This is my fifth electric kettle and so far seems to be the best. It has every feature I want while looking good on the counter at the same time. It is FAST, easy to fill, and easy to clean. I thought the temperature dial was ridiculous and unnecessary, but I use it often; it is a surprisingly handy feature. ...more info
  • Works as I expected
    I spent six months in the UK and when I came back, I immediately had to get an electric kettle since I was so dependent on one when I was in the UK. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than I expected to find one that looked decent and felt well-constructed. I was sad to discover that the highly-rated Braun kettle was no longer sold in the US. I checked out a number of the other popular kettles at local stores and found some flaw with all of them.

    The T-Fal kettle was the one that looked most similar to the kettles they sell in the UK. I have used the kettle for a few days now and am extremely pleased with its performance. It boils a liter of water in about 4 minutes. The temperature knob is really useful since you're not supposed to use boiling water for more delicate teas....more info
  • Great value for the product
    I purchased the T-FAL Vitesse 1750 Watts after a lot of research. I wanted a product that heated water quickly (like the ones in Europe), large capacity, swivel based, cordless, and not-too-expensive. This product fit my requirements and so far it's been great. I agree that it's unfortunately Chinese made (that I usually don't buy since they don't last) but all electric kettles seem to be (like most household products). A couple of negatives.... it's a little noisy when it's heating up the water, and takes about 30-60 secs. after the water starts boiling to auto-shut. Since the water boils rather quickly, I would recommend that you stand around and manually shut the switch for safety reasons. All in all I strongly recommend this product....more info
  • Quick, quiet water for tea
    The T-Fal heats water quickly and quietly - a big improvement from our the kettle on our gas stove. Two cups of water heat to a boil in about three minutes. The lid design make filling and pouring simple as you use the spout, not the lid, to refill and pour. We are enjoying our T-Fall kettle....more info
  • easy to clean, works like a charm
    I researched many different brands and I am totally satisfied with this purchase, excellent product, I only wish that it came in black :)...more info
  • My favorite kettle yet
    I have used this kettle for well over a year now. I like everything about it. I like the automatic turn off feature, the variable temperature settings, the fact that it is cordless and how fast it heats water. I use it to heat water instead of my microwave,...more info
  • Great kettle
    Got this to replace two previous t-fal kettles that worked great but ended up getting burned on my stovetop thanks to my inlaws. This kettle is of similar quality to my previous versions, but it's much bigger which is good and not so good. When you want to make just one cup it's not easy to measure the water because it doesn't even reach the minimum indicator level. Of course the increased capacity is nice when we have guests.

    The thing that really makes this a great kettle for my purposes is that when set to the minimum temperature setting the water comes out perfect for brewing green tea, which is all I drink. Also it's done quicker and doesn't waste energy. I'd hate to go back to a kettle that brings water to a full boil all the time.

    The only downside is it's made of plastic, and I'm not crazy about eating or drinking anything that has been heated up in plastic due to any chemicals or toxins that may leach out of it. At first there was a burning plastic kind of smell but after the first few uses it went away completely, however I would recommend pouring the first few batches down the drain.

    All in all it's been a great kettle for the 6 months I've used it, and I'd recommend it highly....more info
  • T-Fal Electric Kettle. Beautiful design, both esthetically and functionally.
    We wore out our old, metal finish, dome-shaped T-Fal after any years. The new model, upright and graceful, is functionally even better than the old kettle, and is more handsome. The convenience of being able to take the kettle off its power base, leaving the short cord hooked up and out of the way, makes this kitchen appliance a gem. ...more info
  • Plastic Kettle
    The T-Fal BF6520004 Vitesse 7-Cup Electric Kettlepurchased a short time ago has provided good service.However the body of the kettle is plastic and I don't know if this will bleed chemicals into the water.The photos looked as if the inside of the device was lined with stainless steel.The last two T-Fal kettles I purchased were all stainless steel and are still in service after several years and are extremely resistent to scale....more info
  • Well designed, quick to boil.
    I bought this kettle to replace my old T-fal kettle of the same size which is now located at my office. This one seems a little quicker and has a few upgrades. The lid is now spring loaded for easier filling, the on/off switch has been redesigned to make it easier to determine the status, and they have also added a temperature dial. I personally find the temp dial superfluous and leave it set on max all the time.

    I considered giving this item 4 stars because they moved the visual level indicators closer to the handle and made them narrower, I find the old, larger, centered indicator to be easier to read. That being said, faced between buying the old discontinued model and this new one, I would pick the new one for the better switch and spring loaded lid. It also seems a little faster to boil than the old one.

    I also own a Braun kettle (just because the Braun came in stainless finish that matches in my kitchen.) I keep the T-fal down in my home office for making tea quickly with out having to march upstairs. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good electric kettle. My old kettle still functions like it's new....more info
  • Nice product
    Hmmm, nice kettle. you can actually change the mode in which it works, so you will have water ready for coffee or tea (not too hot, just the right temperature and so it doesn't have to actually boil. is very useful if you boiled it and just want to make it a little bit hotter after some time). It's relatively large, but i actually like it that way. My only problem is that there are no colors to choose from.
    I hope it will keep working. Nice and not expensive. ...more info
  • T-Fal Vitesse Electric Kettle
    Have been using this kettle daily, several times a day, for 2 months and I couldn't be more pleased. Contrary to another reviewer's opinion, the lid is very sturdily attached and is easy to use; it opens widely making the kettle easy to fill. I love the temperature control. This is by far a better value than the similar kettle by Braun. I plan to buy another as a gift. Just wish it came in other colors!...more info
  • Excellent!!
    I bought this to use at work for tea, soups, and hot cereal. It heats up SO fast! And it's great how you can remove it from the base, and not have to mess with the cord. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • It's the best tea kettle I've ever had
    I love this kettle. It heats up really fast and the 3 speeds gives it an added benefit. The automatic shut-off takes the worry away of forgetting to turn it off. I had one a year ago and it got stolen when I left it at a motel and I missed it so badly I had to get another....more info
  • Electic Kettle
    Vitesse 7-Cup Electric kettle this is the second one I have purched
    I bought this one for our Motor Home it is the best I have bought sice I left Europe 20 years ago!...more info
  • T-Fal Vitesse 1.7L Kettle is ideal for more than just tea
    T-Fal BF6520004 Vitesse 1.7L Electric Kettle

    Super fast boil, attractive design, well-balanced in hand are my additions to the kudos given by other reviewers.

    I do like the concept of variable temps, however, haven't noticed a significant difference. That said, I boil a full pot on the highest setting even if I'm having one mug of tea. The cooled remaining water goes into a jug for regular drinking and coffee prep. The tap water's chemical and chlorine taste is diminished and I'm saving money, and the environment, by not buying bottled water anymore. Win-Win for all!...more info