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VTech Grade School Learning Nitro Web Notebook Pink
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Product Description

Master reading while having fun. With its sleek, laptop computer design, Nitro Notebook is the ultimate high-tech learning tool for today's emerging readers. Kids love having their own computer with an endless selection of fun games and activities that help them master reading in two languages. The computer reads aloud stories to teach phonics and improve fluency. Developing readers learn at their own speed as Artificial Intelligence technology tracks their performance and adjusts the skill levels as needed. Note: Image shown features a color screen; actual item features a black and white screen. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Measures 16" x 13".

Youngsters will love whipping out this very grownup-looking laptop for a little educational fun! With 80 activities in such skills as language, math, Spanish, social studies, reading, art, and music, the Nitro Notebook packs a true academic punch. The sleek blue computer looks like a standard laptop on the outside, complete with mouse and pad, but features developmentally appropriate games for kids six and older.

As players explore games in Science World (match the animal to its shadow), Word Zone (spell the word to help the puppy cross the river), Creative Studio (create a musical masterpiece), and more, an artificial intelligence tool tracks their progress, automatically upping the challenge quotient as their skills progress. Two bonus cartridges (Story Time and Sing-Along) take kids still deeper into their journey of knowledge. This is a terrific way to improve school skills at home. Three AA batteries or 9V 300mA adaptor required (not included). (Demo batteries included.) --Emilie Coulter

The Nitro Notebook is power packed with learning tools.

This fun and educational tool delivers many computer-like laptop features. View larger.

  • Portable notebook-style computer with gray-scale LCD screen, QWERTY keyboard and plug-in mouse
  • 80 engaging activities teach multi-curricular school skills in English and Spanish
  • Progress Report feature tracks what the child has learned
  • Artificial Intelligence technology guides children through activities with advanced memory system
  • Ages 5 - 8

Customer Reviews:

  • child lap top
    LOVE LOVE LOVE> bought this as a gift and she LOVES it. She feels so grown up and plays and learns. Teaches english, spanish, plus tons of creative activities....more info
  • This laptop is great!
    My daughter LOVES this laptop. She takes it EVERYWHERE! I also think it is very educational, and she has fun learning, so I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Good Buy
    I purchased this computer for my 6 year old. She was very excited to receive it for Christmas. With all of her other gifts, though, she has played with this computer only several times since she received it. But when she does play with it, she plays for a long time. She loves the Progress Report which lets her know how well she's done. It's an excellent educational tool and lots of fun. The only problem I have with this computer is that the screen does not have a backlight which makes it very difficult to use when there is not adequate lighting such as in the car. Vtech should work on that to improve the product. Overall, I think it's an excellent product for the money....more info
  • Great product.
    VTech Nitro Notebook Electronic Learning Device (Pink)Very cute. Loves the idea of having her own lap top. Great educational product for ages 5-8. Easy to understand and use. The downside is that the graphics are a bit dated & the monitor view does not fill up the entire screen. Other than that, great product!...more info
  • Educational & fun learning tool for budding learners
    I got this notebook as a gift for my daughter's 4th birthday. She likes it a lot and spends time with it for quite a long stretch. I find it as a very educational, fun learning tool for budding learners. Good one....more info
  • Very Pleased
    This electronic learning device is great...the color pink is bright & pleasing to the eye....the child can do numerous projects, music, art, math, science & games....makes learning granddaughters love it...the only feature that was disappointing was that the game screen is too would be easier if the game screen became "full size" when brought up....but I would definitely recommend it......more info
  • best toy!
    This toy is so fun!! My favorite Game on on it is mazemagic!! On mazemagic you will see the little person is you !!! You have to find lots of cool things.I Got it for christmas one year I loved it!!!...more info
  • Her First Computer
    Kids love toys that enable them to emulate you. Hunter-gatherer children learn to hunt and gather by playing games that simulate their parents' main activities. When I grew up, girls played with dolls and tea sets while boys played with guns. Our mothers raised children and entertained from their kitchens while our fathers made the world safe for democracy from the business end of weaponry.

    Today's kids grow up getting Latte's instead of ice cream cones as rewards and they watch their parents interact with digital intelligence. Can you wonder why giving one of them a toy computer keeps them busy and delighted for hours on end?

    The unit is sturdy and attractive, especially for the feminine side. It has just enough variety of application to keep the user fascinated. Think about that. You have a much more sophisticated notebook, but how many applications do you actually use over and over again?

    I made one mistake when I bought this for my granddaughter who is just beginning kindergarten. I should have bought two of them, because her three year old sister is way too left out when it's face to the screen time. This is a toy meant for personal interaction. It can't be shared like a television or a play station. The user will ignore all around them as she becomes engrossed (sound familiar?) So, if you have more than one preschooler, you're better off with more than one VTech Nitro....more info
  • V-Tech Nitro Electronic Learning Device
    Awesome! My 4 year old-g-daughter went nuts over this! She was given some incredible things this XMas and this captivated her above all. She now has something 'over' her big sister and Mom because she has 'her' own computer. I'd recommend this to anyone with a small child, it's a great educational tool and I stronly suggest getting the AC adapter vs batteries. You can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • the color
    i just got this computer and its great for my 4 year old she will have fun on it ! but i ordered a pink computer and they sent a pink computer but not the pink computer i ordered !!! the one i ordered is all pink . the one they sent had pink cover so people need to pay attention while doing there job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because its hard to spend money and when you do you want what you pay for !!!!!!!...more info
  • VTech
    My child loves this and uses it regularly. Definately recommend for a small, grade school (Primary) child....more info