Conair Infant Sound Machine - SU7
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Product Description

Conair SU7 Soothing Infant Sound Therapy & Relaxation with Clock Radio: 10 soothing sounds. Easy-to-Use Controls. Powered by Battery or AC adapter. UL Listed. Soothing sounds designed especially for infants.

  • Conair Infant Sound Machine- SU7

Customer Reviews:

  • Does The Job
    Overall this sound machine/alarm clock/radio combo does it's job for a good price........ however the sound quality leaves much to be desired. Also it is not very pleasant to the eye and the need for some many sound options is wasted given that most are poor quality. All that said the price and the fact it helps keep the noise from the street at bay makes it worth while. I am not in a rush however I plan to upgrade sound machines in the near future....more info
  • sound quality awful
    We purchased this machine for an upcoming trip to mask hotel noise. The quality of the various sounds is terrible. You can hear an loud clicking noise every few seconds as the sound loop starts over. It is very annoying, and definitely not conducive to sleep. I can't really judge how effective it is as an alarm clock, but as a sound spa it is awful....more info
  • Conair Infant sound machine
    Probably fine for a baby, but I got this for myself and gave the good one to my son to sleep with. You definitely get what you pay for. The light is really bright and kind of annoying at night, so I end up facing it towards the wall. The sounds that play are ok, but the white noise one has some weird sound recorded in with it so I end up focusing on that and not being able to sleep. And if I turn it up too loud, the speaker goes out completely. If I could do it over again, I probably would have paid more money for a better sound machine....more info
  • Great product at great price
    I bought this to replace an old white noise/nature sounds machine that we had bought to soothe our children as infants. Having a new infant, I just wanted something basic to provide white noise. I saw a lot of expensive white noise machines out there, but I was so happy to find this one. The price is very reasonable, and it doesn't just do white noise. It has lots of other soothing sounds that an adult might enjoy as well. And, the clock radio is great, because our child can grow into it, or we can go on to use it for that purpose and not just as a white noise machine. Also, it runs on batteries or AC adapter. That way, it can stay by our child's bedside at home, but we can also take it with us in the car and out and about - a lifesaver! It is a bit large for easy portability, but not too large as to not fit into a diaper bag. We have been very pleased with this product so far and have even bought one as a gift for a new parent friend....more info
  • Save your money - there must be a better product
    I liked the fact that this had a sound machine with a clock, which is why I bought it. Overall, I'd say this is a very mediocre product. The backlight on the clock is cool because it's blue, but the problem is that unless you're looking at it head on, you can't see the time....and it never seems to be at the right angle when I'm trying to read the time. Also, the sound machine works allright, but it sorta has a 'tin-can' sound to it. Not sure I would buy this product again, but when I was looking there didn't seem to be another product that had the same features. ...more info
  • Exactly what we needed for vacation
    Our young children are used to having the noise of either a humidifier/vaporizer in their room during the cold/dry 9 months of the year and a fan the other hot 3 months, so they have gotten very used to background noise while sleeping. When we had a vacation planned including a hotel room and a cruise cabin for all of us in tight quarters, I wasn't sure how it was going to go as far as sleeping. This machine was perfect. The cruise ship didn't have a clock either, so that was one less thing to need to pack. We used the "white noise" selection; it does sound like a static TV at first but it's not annoying when you're tired. We set it up right beside ur little one's pack and play on the cruise, and (along with the aid of the rocking boat and being exhausted from playing so hard every day), he has never slept better on dry land. It is not something that I will be using at home because we don't need to, but is going to be my number one item to pack on family vacations where we are sharing a room so we don't have to tip-toe around. It is much more convenient to pack than a bulky fan or a humidifier! ...more info
  • Not the best
    I just got this clock as a gift and the concept is great, but the clock is too bright and I have yet to be able to set either of the two alarms. The sounds are ok, but not all that natural sounding. I am considering exchanging for something else. Even if I do eventually get the alarm to set, I don't want to get frustrated everytime I need to change it. ...more info
  • Great product
    I really like this product. I needed a machine that would make enough background noise so I can fall asleep. I researched many different products and chose this one. I've been very happy.
    It makes 10 different "noises", I like the rainfall and river the best. Some people have said that the blue background light on the clock face is too intense, but it doesn't bother me at all. Besides, just cover it if it's a problem. The price was very reasonable and it seems well made.
    I give it my highest recommendation....more info
  • Heed Other Reviews
    I was very excited to get this little machine because I wanted one that was a sound machine and alarm clock combination so that there wasn't a lot of clutter on my nightstand. Unfortunately I found that other customer reviews were right on target in regards to the time display. It is quite bright, so if that bothers you then you will have to wear a sleep mask. Also you cannot read the time from more than 5 feet away. It also must be exactly at eye level in order to read the time. If your nightstand is slightly higher than the level of your bed as mine is, you will have issues. The sounds are excellent though and the radio works well. It was not difficult to set the alarm and there are three options (buzzer, radio or sounds) After using it for the first time last night and listening to sounds of ocean waves I was able to fall asleep quickly. However, I will be returning it and looking at the Homedics versions of this machine....more info
  • looping sounds drive me crazy
    This product is a combination alarm clock/radio/noise machine. The clock and radio work fine, but the noises (white noise and many nature sounds) are digital samples of a few seconds in length that are repeated over and over again. So the white noise sounds like a repeating 6-10s loop, and I can't recommend this product for that purpose. I have to turn down our baby monitor because the repeating noise drives me crazy!...more info
  • Sleeping like a baby.....
    I bought this item for myself to help drown out outside noise while I sleep. It works great, has lots of different sounds to choose from. I originally purchased this thinking I would be using the "white noise" selection to aid in sleep, but I actually have it set on rainfall most often.

    Overall it is a wonderful product, I don't find the display too bright or hard to read at all. It is a bit larger than I had hoped but aside from that it is a great buy!...more info
  • Good Price, Good Sound Machine
    We had this machine for about a year and a half. The noise options are all nice and relaxing with no obvious "loop" sound. (You know where you can hear the recording start over? It can be VERY irritating.) This was bought solely for use as a noise machine so I never used the alarm clock on it. In fact, I don't think I ever even set the time on it. The machine finally broke today. It just went out for no apparant reason and won't make any noise and kind of smells like something in it burnt up. But for only $20 and pretty much continual use (seriously, I mean almost 24 hrs a day!) for 18 months I'd say it was well worth the money....more info
  • Great Machine when it works!
    After six months this stopped working. It took awhile to figure out how to get the sound machine to work after using the radio. When it did work for the first six months and it helped my daughter sleep through the night. We always have a lot going on in the house and when it is too quiet she would wake up! I highly recommend a sound machine that works!...more info
  • Can not live without it!
    We purchased this sound machine for our newborn baby girl on the advice of other parents who used sound machines. We love this one! The time display glows at night so you can easily see it when you are giving those late night feedings. The battery back up is great so you can unplug it and take it with you when you travel and don't have to reset the clock! We like the "waterfall" sound the best and our daughter sleeps so peacefully now through any noise! We've had this machine for over 4 months now and have had no problems with it. Hight recommended!...more info
  • Good product
    I'm not sure if I got a defective product, as 3 of the sounds are identical (but each has a different label/name). Otherwise, its great to have this near the crib, with the clock and the 1-touch for sounds. So far, the white noise and heartbeat have been the biggest hits....more info
  • Decent sound machine - unreadable clock
    Pros: Nicely recorded sounds. Quick-set sleep timer feature is great (easily sets to 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes - fantastic for baby's naptime). Digital readout for radio makes it easier to tune in the station you want.

    Cons: Way too bright clock display - it doubles as a night light in my daughter's bedroom. I would never use it in my own bedroom. Despite it being bright, the clock is completely unreadable, but I knew this before I purchased from the other reviews.

    I would buy this product again if I just needed a white noise/sound machine. If you want to use it as your main alarm clock too, I'd keep looking. ...more info
  • Excellent sound machine, poor clock display
    I got Conair Sound Machine for my second baby and Wow! the white noise makers have gone a long way!!! It has all sorts of "noises". I noticed that my new baby likes the sound of running water and Conair has several variations: rainfall, waterfall, running stream, all very soothing (of course, in addition to all the other sounds it makes).
    The controls are very easy to use too.

    However, the clock is poorly designed. I had to angle the whole thing with props, so that I could see the time. Now I don't even bother with that and just use it for the sounds. I am using my good old alarm clock. So, I would recommend buying a cheaper version of this sound machine, the one that just does sounds, without the clock.

    Also, the clock display has a bright blue background which I actually like (works like nightlight) but some people might be bothered by it....more info
  • Infant Sound Machine
    I ordered this after seeing a friend that had one for her daughter. I love the product. I love that it plays all night long and helps to keep him asleep. Some people mentioned the light was too bright. My son and I like the light it gives him another night light. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This has been a must have! We originally were utilizing the "nature sound" feature on our baby's bassinet. However, those sounds automatically turned off after about 7 minutes, and the baby would start fussing until I turned them on again. After a few nights of waking up every 7 minutes, I purchased this product.

    There are quite a few choices of sounds.

    There is a volume adjustment. Some have said that the volume is not loud enough--that has not been a problem for me as I have found that the highest volume setting is too loud--espeically on white noise.

    There is the option of keeping the sounds constantly on or using a timer. The timer has 15 minute intervals with a maximum of 90 minutes.

    There is a battery option or electrical plug in option.

    Some have complained about the blue light time display. The brightness doesn't bother me, although its a bit hard to actually read the time--but I am able to see it--just not as clearly as I can see other alarm clock time displays. One negative is that the alarm clock is not intuitive. However, I threw out the directions by accident, so I can't comment on whether it is easy to use if one actually read the manual.

    An added bonus is that since we have been using this (its in our bedroom as the baby is still in her bassinet by our bed), our little dog has not awakened barking at every little noise like he used to--I attribute it to the noise machine drowning out a lot of external noises....more info
  • One hour wonder
    The sound therapy function stopped working after 1hr. the rest of the machine still works. We did not bother to return the item because the shipping would be almost as much as the item was anyhow. It was however a magical hr. Up to the point it broke we enjoyed it greatly. I guess we got a lemon, you get what you pay for. ...more info