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Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD Macro Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

Tamron offers a lightweight, compact, high-image-quality telephoto zoom lens with macro capability of 1:2 that can be used with digital cameras. This new lens is a Di type lens using an optical system with improved multi-coating designed to function with digital SLR cameras as well as film cameras. With this 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens, flipping a macro switch in the focal length range of 180mm to 300mm obtains a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2 at a minimum focus distance as short as 37.4 inch, enabling close-up shots of flowers, insects, and other objects that normally require the use of a specially designed macro lens. Moreover, this is a zoom lens that casually offers the distant capture and foreshortening effect pleasures of the 300mm ultra-telephoto world. 1 - 2 Macro Magnification Ratio at f=300mm MFD 0.95m Filter Diameter - 62 Weight - 435 gram (15.3 ounces) Diameter x Length - 3.0 x 4.6 inch (76.6mm x 116.5mm) Accessory Lens hood

  • 9 Groups, 13 Elements Lens Construction
  • Rotation Type of Zooming
  • 9 Diaphragm Blade Number
  • F/32 Minimum Aperture
  • 59 inch Minimum Focus Distance (1.5m) in normal setting, 37.4 inch (0.95m) in macro mode f=180mm-300mm range

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Lens Works Perfect with my XSi
    I'm brand new to the photography but I am hooked!
    After getting my XSi from my husband for Christmas the natural next step was to buy lens. It's hard to afford the lens's direct from Canon so after monitoring several forums I decided this was the next best step.
    The reviews on here finally sold me and I pulled the trigger.Boy am I glad I did! I use this lens all the time in my travel and it's especially come in handy at places like Zoos, Parks, and other outside venues.

    I would certainly recommend this lens to anyone. It makes my rookie photo skills look professional :) ...more info
  • Great Lenses; Get More than price tag!
    I absolutely love taking pictures with this lens. I have a Canon EOS Elan 7E (35mm), using this lens, takes absolutely spectacular images. I have read in previous reviews that AF was slow, well, on my model at least, it focuses generally very fast, and it has taken only about 1 second to focus at times. (at longest). The autofocus is a bit noisy, but not really annoying, and if you dont like that, you can solve by changing to manual focus (no noise). Previous reviews have claimed that the lens is soft at 300mm. I found it to be just as clear across the range of 70-300mm, and especially sharp in Macro mode. Macro mode (between 180-300mm) is absolutely superb. Images of flower heads, i can see the tulips and buds, in real life size almost (1:2), and the clarity is astonishing! This lens is WELL WORTH THE MONEY!...more info
  • Great Value
    This lens is not a pro lens its a beginner lens,it can take great pictures inside of its range which is about 70-200-beyond 200 and it becomes a Tripod lens at best but below 200 for a 1st telephoto lens it is a great lens,it will help those who are new to zoom telephoto lens learn the art and then they can sell it for what they paid for it and go on to a better lens....more info
  • Excellent buy for money you pay
    Bought it three weeks back and I am very glad that I made a very good decision. I have posted some of my photos the chipmunk and the number 24 parking lot photos. Everything came out very well.

    I have to accept with others here that it is bit slow on focusing and sometimes it hunts. But that is the only bad thing I noticed so far.

    I wouldn't complain about the noise.. I hardly noticed any.

    About the picture quality - at 70MM its came out really great and at 300MM it's still great.

    Now when you are at full zoom - 300mm it's highly impossible to take a snap without camera shake. You should have a rock solid hand.
    My solution was to use a tripod and shoot with self timer.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with this lens and I highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • Save Up. Buy Better.
    I bought this lens at the same time as my first DSLR, Canon XSi, before I really knew what I was looking at. For the price, the image quality is decent. Other than that, I would look elsewhere - and in fact I am at the moment.

    - Inexpensive
    - Cheap way to get into macro
    - Decent quality pics, more so on the macro side
    - Loooong zoom range

    - Cheap-feeling construction
    - Awkward controls for switching to/from macro mode
    - Noisy and SLOW
    - Not good in low light because of max aperatures
    - AI is not great, but usually manually focus when shooting macro

    Bottom Line:
    - If you only have $175 to spend on a zoom tele/macro, it's not a bad deal. If you're hoping to get great action shots or nice bokeh, you're probably gonna have to triple your budget and look at Sigma or Canon.

    For me, I'm selling it and getting the Sigma 70-200mm and a tele converter....more info
  • Great Lens!
    Great lens for the price! I have a Canon xti and it works great! We love the zoom on this thing and with a UV filter, it works perfectly! ...more info
  • Great lens and great seller!
    Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD Macro Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras
    Arrived quickly, and great quality!...more info
  • thank you, thank you, thank you.....
    Yes I got this lens and I love it I'm so happy with it and I love that how fast it came so thank you and I would buy from you again.......more info
  • cheap starter lens
    This is a fairly cheap but usable lens. Autofocus is slow but price is explaining everything. For digital SLR I would recommend Tamron's AF 28-300 f/3.5-6.3 XR Di VC. Twice as expensive but a very nice lens. To date I snapped around 1K pictures and I am very satisfied with it. VC stands for vibration compensation and it truly works....more info
  • Tamron AF70-300MM Di LD macro lens
    Good lens for the money. It is not stabilized but in good light it works well. The Macro setting is great for close up with out having to get close up, as some pictures are missed because the subjects fly or run away. I got some great shots of some of our cats and our dog using it. With a tripod or resting on something solid the lens can get you some great shots. When you win the lottery you could then maybe spring for a white Canon stabilized, but to start off this lens works very good....more info
  • Great Lens for the price
    This Tamron AF70-300 Lens is a perfect lens my Rebel XTi. Pictures are crisp and AF is fast in well lit situations. Not great in low light situations, but thats not what it is priced for....more info
  • Great lens and price!
    This lens is well constructed & takes really nice pictures. I would rate it better than the similiar Canon lens---but much less in price. I don't believe its made cheap at all. So, I have no idea what a previous reviewer was referring too when he said it was a cheap lens? What I want to know is what he was comparing it to? No reference to that in his review...I have Canon lens & really don't see much difference in the quality of the lens---actually I feel that the Tamron is slightly better quality & appearance. Plus you get 6 year Tamron warranty & Canon only offers 1 year warranty. I don't take many fast action shots, so I cannot speak to that. But, from my experience--if you want to take pictures such as fast moving sports; you need a higher quality lens! So, people that are trying to compare this lens to an L series Canon lens; need to get a life. This is a very nice consumer lens for those folks that just want really nice pictures without breaking the bank. I have another Tamron Lens SP AF 24-135 AD Aspherical w/ Macro & I can tell you this lens is awesome, awesome, awesome!!! So, if you want to step up in the Tamron line...this lens takes wonderful pictures and is a nice everyday lens!!! But, if you want the 70-300 mm at a reasonable price this one is for you!!! ...more info