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Dharma & Greg - Season One
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/30/2008

Opposites most definitely attract, but the inevitable conflict and dawning sense of the immense challenges of co-existing with one's opposite generally doom such relationships to quick failure. In this 1997 Fox Television sitcom, Dharma Finkelstein (Jenna Elfman), a free-spirited yoga instructor, and Greg Montgomery (Thomas Gibson), a conservative lawyer from the U.S. Attorney's office, catch sight of one another on the subway, impulsively fly to Reno, and get married the very same day. There are bound to be some rough days ahead for the new couple and, indeed, their first fight follows quickly as Greg bemoans Dharma's propensity to say whatever is on her mind regardless of social proprieties. The first meeting between Dharma's hippie parents (Mimi Kennedy and Alan Rachins) and Greg's ultra-conservative parents (Susan Sullivan and Mitchel Ryan) is expectedly problematic and parental friction figures prominently throughout this first season. Whether it's personal routines, cherished celebrations, politics, relationships with friends, or philosophies on discipline, Dharma and Greg can be counted on to see just about everything from opposite perspectives and their conflicting views infallibly collide full force, generating an explosion of comedy on impact. Bonus features include audio commentary on selected episodes, a featurette on the creation and maturation of the show and its characters that features interviews with the executive producers and many of the actors, the original post-show vanity cards that aired briefly after some episodes, and an interactive "Reaching Your Inner Dharma" game that tests viewers trivia knowledge and ability to think like Dharma. --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD!
    How do you describe two people from two different worlds coming together and blending to create a beautiful life of love!!...more info
  • Great Show...Very Bad Packaging
    Okay...let me start by saying that both my wife and I love this show. It's funny and has good messages and everything that's been covered in the other reviews. Love the show.

    However, the packaging in the DVD set absolutely blows. I mean with the standards established in TV series being released on DVD it's inexcuseable that a series released today is this bad. My list of complaints:
    1. 3-4 episodes per disk (rather than the standard 8 or so)
    2. The disks are double sided. There are 8 or so episodes per disk but only 3-4 PER SIDE. This is like in the old days of laser disk where you had to flip the disk over to see the rest of the movie.
    3. No Play All feature. It was long established that people like this feature but it's not available.
    4. The main box contains two smaller boxes each containing 1 or 2 disks instead of the standard single fold out container that has all the disks commonly found now (i.e. Simpsons, Fraiser, etc.)

    Seriously, I love the show but come on...Get a packaging company that knows what they are doing. ...more info
  • Finally it has arrived!
    I love this show. Someone commented that it's a show much ahead of it's time and I agree! I can't get enough of it. Funny yet profound. I can't wait for the other 4 seasons to be released!...more info
  • Worthless
    This brainless, dumb sitcom ran for way too long. Actually, the first episode was more than enough. I'm surprised a show with such a flimsy premise ran so long. Skeet Shooters of the world - Here's your perfect target. Instead of this twaddle, bring out Season Three of "Once and Again"...more info
  • Season 2 gets much, much better
    Other than ep #21 (the ballroom dancing contest episode), season 1 wasn't that great, in my personal opinion, even though overall I believe this is one of the best sitcoms ever made; amazingly, shockingly underrated. It is no surprise why there are so many positive posts, grateful this show is FINALLY coming to DVD!

    Much like Sports Night, I think the biggest problem is that this show was just ahead of its time, but probably more than that both shows fell victim to ABC's insane management who were beyond obsessed with "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire", to the detriment of every other show on their schedule.

    Although, compared to today, when many new sitcoms don't even make it past half their first season (Jenna's "Courting Alex", for example), I guess one just has to be grateful Dharma & Greg made it to five seasons!...more info
    Finally!!! I can not wait to own this series!!! This show was perfection from the first episode to the last!!!!!...more info
  • A return to better days...
    1997 saw the arrival of a new sitcom that helped reinvigorate the romantic comedy on network television. Even though it wasn't particularly original, Dharma & Greg it was a very well-written and well-made show featuring two leads that had undeniable chemistry together. Since the show went off the air and entered syndication, fans have wondered when and if it would finally be released on DVD. Well, the wait is finally over.

    Some highlights from this season include "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father," which sees Larry going "underground" after he fears a routine background check will uncover his "radical" past. When Greg finds out that Larry doesn't actually have one, Dharma and Abby create a folder with a checkered past for Larry to "steal." This episode showcases just how funny Alan Rachins is - Larry isn't too bright (one too many acid trips back in the `60s perhaps?) and his cluelessness is the source for a lot of the episode's humour.

    Jenna Elfman brings a lot of bubbly charm to the role of Dharma. It's hard not to be taken in by her sexy, girl-next-door looks and her character's na?ve optimism and New Age ways. Thomas Gibson is perfect as the good-looking straight man to Elfman's loopy Dharma. He's full of inhibitions and being with her helps loosen him up some. They work so well together and make a very believable couple. They balance each other, she's a hopeless romantic and he's the practical one and it is a lot of fun to watch them play off each other. Despite their differences, Dharma and Greg make it work because they truly love each other.

    Dharma & Greg, like any successful sitcom, offers personalities that anybody can relate to whether it is the optimist, the realist, the hippies or the conservatives. What makes the show work is that because it is a sitcom, you know that ultimately everything is going to be okay and that's what people want to see. In fact, we are seeing the world predominantly through Dharma's rose-coloured glasses during the age of Bill Clinton when the economy was doing well. The show reflected that domestic, democratic bliss with Dharma as the Clinton-esque goddess who wins out. We need another show like that now in these dark and scary times. At least watching these episodes now they can act as a kind of security blanket, a gentle reminder of how good things were and how they can hopefully be again.

    The first disc features an audio commentary on "The Pilot" by cast members Jenna Elfman, Mimi Kennedy and Alan Rachins. They point out friends of cast and crew members, comment on the nuances in each other's performances and even spend a little time catching up with one another in this fun if not frivolous track.

    The second disc features a commentary on "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father" with the same participants. Everyone gushes about the set design of Dharma and Greg's apartment and how it changed over the series, pointing out where certain artifacts that decorate it come from.

    The third disc features a commentary on "The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics" by the same participants. Apparently, they all had a lot of fun making this episode, getting into the spirit of the Olympics and gently making fun of the excitement that always surrounds it.

    "When Worlds Collide: The Dharma & Greg Story" is a retrospective featurette. Most of the cast, with the notable exception of Thomas Gibson, are back for this featurette and talk about such things as how they were cast and recall their favourite moments on the show.

    "Vanity Cards." Lorre started writing vanity cards that would appear for two seconds at the end of several episodes. All the ones for this season are included. Most are incredibly funny and very witty as he espoused his "personal beliefs."

    Finally, there is "Reaching Your Inner Dharma," a trivia game where you have to answer ten questions to see how close you are to thinking like Dharma....more info
  • How can you not love this show??
    This show is the best! I love everything about it. Dharma & Greg are a great combination. I loved the wardrobe and hair that they came up with for Dharma!! Abby & Larry are hilarious, Stinky & Nunzio are too cute and the Mona Lisa Beaded curtain is too awesome. The whole show is just way too funny. If you're ever in a bad mood, watch Dharma & Greg and you'll cheer up right away. I even named my dog Dharma thats how much I love this show. Just too cool.
    ...more info
  • One of my favorite shows of all time!
    I've been waiting for this show to come on DVD.

    Finally!!...more info
  • i have not seen a show liek this but it looks like a show that is funny!!!
    when i read the descriptiion of the dharma and greg show i said THAT SOUNDS FUNNY somethimes when opposities attract it has results that are hilarious results if i get this for my birthday which is september the seventeenth i will right again and tell everyone how funny this show is!!! just thinking about a hippy family that is having to live with a nothippy family makes me laugh till my bellybutton comes untied!!! if my tv got the dharma and greg channel i would watch it but my brother broke the knob!!!! so now i have to get the dharma and greg dvd with the dharma and greg show on it so that i can see these funny things happen i can;t wait!!!...more info
  • WAY above average!!! Awesome series!!
    I loved this series and what the reruns everytime I come across them on cable. What's the hold up with the release of the other season??????...more info
  • Would Like To See Season Two Please
    Dharma & Greg is a great show. This is the first time I had seen the show and I loved it. The chemistry of the two makes for some hilarious comedy. They are total opposites but they make it work so well.

    Please bring out season 2!...more info
  • Worldwide Romanticism
    Ever since I watched an episode on NHK, Japan, the original English was definite requirement inside me. The flow Dharma and Greg create leaves intrinsic love affair ajar. Big fan!...more info
  • When will Season 2 be released?
    I waited and waited for Season 1 to be released and I hope I don't have to wait years and years for Season 2 to come out on DVD. Dharma and Greg is so creative and fun. The actors were perfect for their characters! Unlike other sitcoms where the married couple's main comedy fodder is making fun of the "loser" spouse, Dharma and Greg have their differences, but respect and love each other. In addition, they have a very magical relationship and are surrounded by a very diverse group of family and friends. NEVER A DULL MOMENT! ...more info
    This is one of my favorite sit-coms of all time. It is a story about how a, love at first sight marriage, between to people from COMPLETELY different backgrounds develops. How the families of the newlyweds cope with each other. And all the colorful characters they meet along the way. Dharma, a bit of a "Lucy type", is from a full blown hippie family upbringing. Complete with VW van, commune living, vegetarian mother, burn-out father, protester rally family vacations. Gregg on the other hand is from a conservative, Republican, affluent, country club family, that has aspirations of their son being a politician. Watching these two families muddle through their very polarized beliefs, to try to get along is hilarious! If you like the idea of cramming a bunch of hippies and yuppies in the same room and seeing who lives, you will like this series. I only hope they release the other seasons soon. ...more info
  • Dharma and Greg
    Excellent! Great characters and the humor is endless ... can't wait for Season Two to come out ......more info
  • Boy did I miss this!
    One of those rare comedies that is smartly written, funny, philosophical and pulls you in to really like the characters. Seven to eight wonderful actors, not just the one or two at the top. Lots of stories that ring true to a human family experience, even when brought to the "wacky edge." I always enjoyed these shows and am glad to see that I can recycle my old VHS-taped-off-the-tv episodes; at least for season 1. YAY!...more info
  • Dharma and Greg!
    Dharma and Greg has been one of the most anticipated for releases. The first release is only season 1 and we're all waiting for the rest....more info
  • I Love this Show
    This show is just hilarious. Chances are if you're purchasing the DVD you already know that though. If you're a fan of the show, you can't go wrong with this season....more info
  • Great show, poor DVDs
    I love this show and will buy it in whatever quality is available, but it would be really nice if someone could apply the same skill in transferring the show to DVD that was employed in the extraordinary Firefly set. Here's what irks me: Firefly has 180 min/side of ultra-high quality anamorphic widescreen, and D&G has 90 min/side of very low quality fullscreen. The video artifacts are the worst I've ever seen, even compared to DVDs obviously made from OTA TV images. But the bit rate should be more than double that of Firefly, and looks like much less than half. Both DVD sets come from Fox, BTW. Let's hope future D&G releases are treated with more respect (and the packaging does suck, as another reviewer pointed out). ...more info
  • Even better the second time around
    Dharma and Greg rocks. This show was funny, witty, and highly entertaining. Although it is available in syndication almost everywhere, it is worth purchasing, if for no other reason than to support good writing, talented acting, and sheer television pleasure.
    I have never understood why this show didn't last longer. In an age of really stupid "I don't deserve my wife" sitcoms, this program reminds us that it is possible to have a smart and engaging show about new marriage. Although the initial premise (a couple meet and marry on the same day despite wildly different lifestyles and beliefs) was a bit farcical, a superb ensemble cast held it together with finesse. This show handled serious, realistic situations with uncharacteristic grace and humor. Many times, it could have gone down the road with cheap gags and one-liners (and sometimes, to be honest, it does) but the situations are usually quite well-thought out.
    Totally worth the cost and then some. This is NOT your typical stupid sitcom. For people jaded with today's sub-par crop, pick this up and remember that there are actually comedy writers who are funny, or at least there were in the recent past!...more info
  • Dharma and Greg
    I bought this DVD because I loved the series and I don't get re-runs where I live. If you miss not seeing the series and wish you could this is a great way to do just that. If Dharma and Greg didn't float your boat then you probably won't be thrilled now either. I enjoyed it.

    ...more info
    There are a LARGE group out here awaiting the release of further seasons of Dharma & Greg. It has been issued in UK and Japan so PLEASE give it to us here.
    Thanks, Blessings,
    Carol...more info
  • hilarious
    It never fails to make me laugh. Despite their different mentalities, they're crazy about each other.Greg is a Harvard graduate (Law)and Dharma was homeschooled and is so into yoga & spiritual things.
    It is very different from shows that genre....more info
  • Dharma & Greg - Season One
    One of the zaniest couples to appear on television. ...more info
  • Just simple fun!
    We got lots of laughs from this series. Wish life were as simply resolved as Dharma handles it. She's sexy and Greg is handsome and they're both funny--what more can be said....more info
  • Classic
    I remember this show from my early years in college, and would always watch it if I did not have class or work. It was awesome to see this show, and see how two such different people fell in love with one another, and learned valuable lessons from eachother (and the same could be said about their parents!) I am wishing that a box set will be made of the whole series. That'd totally make our day, amirite?...more info