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Honeywell TE219ELW Weathertime Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Atomic Clock
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Product Description

Monitor temperatures in up to three remote locations at once while also receiving the most accurate timekeeping available with the Honeywell TE219ELW wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. The system comes with a compact main display unit that measures 3.33 by 6.19 by 1.11 inches (W x H x D), along with a single water-resistant remote temperature sensor (model TS13C) with an effective transmission range of roughly 100 feet. You can install the remote sensor virtually anywhere in or near the house, including in the living room, on the back patio, or in the rear greenhouse. Should you want to know the temperature in all three locations, simply purchase a couple of additional remote sensors.

The TE219ELW displays the temperature (in either C or F) and time on its blue backlit LCD screen. Users will also delight in the unit's wide outdoor temperature range--which varies from -38 to 158 degrees F when powered by lithium batteries to -4 to 158 degrees F on alkaline batteries--and its programmable ice warning alarm, which lets you know when a frost is predicted so you can take precautions.

The built-in clock, meanwhile, receives radio signals from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado, which adjusts the clock to within one second of official U.S. government time. Whether you're loath to be late for work or you just prefer precision in your timekeeping, the TE219ELW's clock is a perfect fit. It even automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. Other clock features include 12- and 24-hour time formats, a dual-crescendo alarm with a snooze option, and a calendar with month and day readings.

The display unit, which mounts on the wall or sits on the desktop, requires two AA batteries (not included), as does each remote sensor. The system is also backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Display unit, one TS13C remote sensor, user's manual.


  • 3-channel indoor/outdoor thermometer displays temperatures in up to 3 remote locations
  • Includes single wireless sensor with 100-foot range; displays temperature in C or F
  • Built-in clock receives radio signals from U.S. Atomic Clock for consistent accuracy
  • Temperature range as wide as -38 to 158 degrees F; dual-crescendo alarm with snooze
  • Blue backlit LCD display measures 3.33 x 6.19 x 1.11 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Accurate even in the mountains!!
    We've used it at the house and in the mountains when camping. It's not only the accurate temperature, but it is the accurate time and day when you're out in the toolies with no cell phone connection!...more info
  • Does the job
    I am using this unit to monitor the outside temperature. I like it so well that I bought a second unit so I could see the outside temperature at too different locations. I mounted the remote unit outside and was able to see the remote unit from the other side of the house. I put two AA lithium batteries in the outside unit so it will continue to work in the frigid winter temperatures I am expecting (it worked). I do get some dropouts of the sensor from time to time. Simply pushing the down-arrow to have the base unit scan then finds it again.

    The atomic clock feature worked without problem. Having a reliable time source is rather nice. Setting the timezone is a little tricky (the only part that the atomic clock can't handle by itself) but only needs to be done once (maybe after each battery change?). With day of the week showing hold down the up-arrow button; every couple of seconds a new segment of the map icon will highlight.

    When the base unit batteries get weak it can cause it to start dropping the remote units so consider replacing those before deciding remote unit is defective.

    ...more info
  • great product
    This thermometer replaced a cheaper model made by another company which had stopped working after two years. This device ws easy to set up and has worked perfectly throuigh extremely cold and wet conditions while the outside thermometer is mounted on a tree. It is easy to read and looks good too!...more info
  • short lived junk
    The outdoor unit consistently reads .3-1 degree higher than the indoor, even when they're standing next to each other.

    My unit's outdoor sensor stopped transmitting less than 24 hours after I turned it on and it hasn't worked since. I live in northeast Texas--hardly an extreme climate.

    It's been a week and the atomic clock still hasn't successfully connected once--not even when I stand in the front yard to get a clear signal.
    Also, the backlight/snooze button whines like a dying mosquito for a few seconds when activated.

    Besides those things, the alarm seems to work fine and the temperature measured is fairly accurate and consistent. The ice alarm is a neat idea: you can set it to wake you up early if the temperature is below freezing. I just don't have much use for it, living in Texas....more info
  • Weather Station
    I bought one of these for myself and gave others as gifts. Works great no problems. Accurate and easy to use. The people who received these as gifts loved them. Even in extreme temps working fine. Use lithium batteries and follow directions and you should have a good experience....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    I had submitted a review earlier (as follows). However, I've become very disappointed with the operation of this unit. Specifically, it stops showing the remote temperature FREQUENTLY. Nothing wrong with the remote. I remedy the problem by removing one battery in the main unit, then replace it and wait for it to correct itself. ** end of edit ** Original review follows and still applies. RR
    I installed the unit just after the Denver Christmas 2006 blizzard. I used standard batteries in the remote but was still able to read -11 deg F. Later, the unit stopped transmitting (see other person's review). I replaced the remote batteries and it has worked fine since then. I might go with lithium batteries next time.
    The real drawback, in my view, is the smooth, curved display cover. It reflects light from all directions and makes it difficult to read unless you move around or move very close. The product would be better with a flat display cover and/or an etched cover (to reduce reflection)....more info
  • works great
    Works like a charm. No problems, easy to adjust. Easy to reset....more info
  • works on and off
    I like this item except it regularly stops transmitting the signal from the remote sensor for a period of time--usually several hours. Then it will start again. Perhaps it doesn't like to get cold!

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    I got this for my husband for his birthday he loves it.
    I think its really cool too....more info