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SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Micro with U3 ( SDCZ6-4096-A11, Retail Package)
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $6.95

You Save: $33.04 (83%)


Product Description

Cruzer Micro is an incredibly small USB Flash Drive (UFD) that connects to a computer's USB port. Users can easily store their key documents, pictures, music and video clips on a Cruzer Micro and transfer them to another computer with a USB port.Cruzer Micro is small, portable, and smart. Small, compact size fits on any keychain. New retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. Cruzer Micro is a computer in your pocket.

  • 4 GB Capacity
  • 2 year Warranty
  • High speed USB 2.0 Certified
  • U3 Smart enabled
  • Brilliant Amber LED

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent storage device
    One of the best usb storage device out there, fast files transfers, U3 tecnology is just awesome, recommended A++....more info
  • ReadyBoost capable
    I bought this product specifically for use with a Windows Vista laptop. As advertised, it was ReadyBoost compatible. I haven't done any benchmarks on it but my Vista laptop is now considerably faster than before (only had 1GB RAM). It feels flimsier than my older Cruzer Mini and Cruzer Micro flash drives but only time will tell if it's as durable as older models.

    U3 is irritating and for once, UAC on Vista proved useful as it stopped the software from auto-installing. I downloaded a U3 Uninstaller from the Sandisk website and it now functions like normal flash drives. For U3 functionality without the hassle, there are portable versions of several programs (including OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird) from [...]. Best of all, they don't leave a footprint in the host PC.

    Overall, the new Cruzer Micro works great as a ReadyBoost drive. Minus one star for the flimsy plastic body. I decided not to deduct another star because of the pre-installed U3 software as it is easy enough to remove with the uninstaller....more info
  • Reliable And Useful
    4GB of memory is great. The U3 software is actually really cool and even if you don't like it you shouldn't have a problem removing it, provided you're not stupid enough to forget to check the manufacturer's website. Just to clear things up, U3 is not installed on your hard drive. I repeat: U3 IS NOT INSTALLED ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. Stop complaining about the flash drive installing software on your computer without permission. The program runs off the flash drive so you will not be able to remove it in the "Add/Remove Programs" tool of your PC. Go to if you want to have it removed. To wrap things up, this flash drive is cool, cheap, and is useful if you want to carry Firefox or other useful programs around without leaving a trace on the computer you're working from. ...more info
  • U3 not for me
    I am a loyal SanDisk user, but the U3 software that comes on this drive isn't for me and I sent it back. To cumbersome, and even though I found instructions and download, I couldn't remove or disable the software. I like things simple, and his item didn't meet my needs and I sent it back. It is a fast drive, and I could transfer files quickly, but there is no need to add 3-4 mouse additional clicks to install or remove a drive.
    SanDisk--please make a 2+ GB Flash drive without U3!

    BL...more info
  • OK product
    the flash memory itself seems to be OK, but than again there is no real way of telling in advance, since by definition flash memory is a very reliable product. the main differences between the manufacturers are the outer cover and/software. with this product, the plastic shell fills cheap, and retrospecting, I would have added the additional 7$ or so and get the titanium model. at least there is a 2 year warranty. the U3 software is really nice, and actually upgrades the unit from simple storage level to an almost portable PC. I only wish that there would be a free U3 anti virus. this is a basic tool on this kind of product (helping friends and family recovering their PC and so on). there is a free portable anti virus (clamshell), but it is not U3 compatible....more info
  • Use at the office or at home
    A good buy and holds all my documents and music. Mine came with a case so it's easy to carry....more info
  • -Readyboost Review-
    I can not comment on the storage features of this flash drive since I intend on only using its readyboost function with windows vista.

    -Noticeable performance improvement (Vista boot-time, and with video encoding, etc.)
    -Capless design (retractable slide button)

    -Formatted size actually only 3.7 gb
    -Orange light flashes when active (Novelty wears off quickly)
    -Cheap plastic (Cheap price, so not a big deal)

    I recommend picking one up, it provides a cheap boost to your vista pc, with little effort, and can be switched with multiple computers. By the way, I tested it with an Acer AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ desktop.

    ...more info
  • SanDisk
    Great product, and the transaction went down smoothly, got the product really quick

    Thanks!...more info
  • SanDisk U3 Cruzer
    It can be a bit confusing for the uninitiated as inserting a U3 Cruzer creates to devices. One device is a virtual CD drive that contains the auto-launch code and the other is a removable disk that contains the storage area. This is not a problem but can be confusing so be aware that you will get 2 drives rather than one and only one of them is usable for storage purposes.

    The only real issue with the device is that the U3 launcher won't start if you have turned off AutoStart. It can be started manually by double clicking the U3 launcher icon in the virtual CD folder that gets created by inserting the device....more info
  • Nice USB for transfering files between home and the office.
    This USB is a good choice for the capacity and the money for transfering files between home and the office. The plastic seems to be weak but so far it has been working well enough....more info
  • Still works great after a year
    I've had a couple of these for over a year. I'd read the reviews first so I didn't expect too much from the software and I simply deleted it (easy to do) and ended up with more space. The flash drive is great and never fails me. I use one constantly between work and home. I still give it 5 stars despite not liking the software because it does exactly what I wanted it to do - saves several Gigs of data reliably and quickly and is small and goes anywhere with me....more info
  • Great for international travel
    Sandisk updated their U3 since I first bought this and I find it is even better. Upgrade available at their website.

    I mainly bought this so I could have a secure data storage while traveling internationally. What the U3 software offers is password protection of information on the drive plus Firefox browser, skype, email, etc. independent of what is on computers in internet cafes.

    So I can save login information and passwords in Firefox, go to an internet cafe, and browse email or log into other websites without entering any passwords. No worry about key loggers or similar spyware. Also since Firefox is running off this drive and not the computer, it should be harder for other types of spyware to intercept information.

    I have also used Skype off of it and was able to make calls while just paying for internet time. If necessary, I have Open Office on it so I can even edit Excel spreadsheets or Word documents right at the cafe and send right back.

    One thing to note. Unless things have changed, the account on the computer was said to need administrator rights since it adds something to the registry like it would add for any new usb device.

    However, in actual experience, even cafes that have software restricting installation or altering of the setup have not caused problems. The worst I have seen was one computer locked me out. But the attendant logged it back in and then I plugged in the drive again and it came up just fine. After that I tried the same computer a different day and it was fine.

    The drive also works well for day to day syncing of computers although the built in syncing software is a little quirky. Best to just get a regular program for that....more info
  • Very good, but could be smaller
    Everything is fine with this item, but it is not the smallest USB drive out there....more info
  • Great value! Very handy
    Bought this for the U3 so I could run UltraEdit UE3 (not allowed to install it on work computer). Since then I've added PortableApps. They coexist quite nicely. There is still plenty of space left over to store my personal and work files - with 2GB to spare.

    Now to load it up with anti-spyware software to fix a friend's computer.

    A great deal for a 4GB drive!

    ...more info
  • Not for ReadyBoost
    I bought the SanDisk 4GB to boost my PC through ReadyBoost. The advertising indicated that it was good for ReadyBoost. However when I inserted it in my PC a message appeared that it was not fast enough to enable any improvement via ReadyBoost. I still use it for memory back up but I feel as though I was misled....more info
  • Great Product
    I only wanted to use it for storage, so I had to download something from the manufacturers website to remove the pre-loaded software. Other than that it's great. For the $10 or so I paid it was well worth it.
    ...more info
  • Very durable
    I dont normally write reviews but this thing deserves one. I washed and dryed it by accident, plugged it into the computer and it still works like a champ. Well worth the money ...more info