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SanDisk 2 GB Cruzer Micro with U3 ( SDCZ6-2048-A10, Retail Package)
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $5.99

You Save: $74.00 (93%)


Product Description

Cruzer Micro is an incredibly small USB Flash Drive that connects to a computer's USB port. You can easily store their key documents, pictures, music and video clips on a Cruzer Micro and transfer them to another computer with a USB port. Cruzer Micro is small, portable, and smart. Small, compact size fits on any keychain. New retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. Cruzer Micro provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capable flash drive. Cruzer Micro is a computer in your pocket. Loaded with the following U3 programs - CruzerSync synchronization tool, SignupShield password manager, SKYPE voice over IP software, AVAST virus scan Dimensions - Depth 7.94mm x Width 20.6mm x Length 57.15mm

  • High-speed, compact, USB flash drive for storing or transferring data, pictures, music, etc.
  • Large 2GB storage capacity holds nearly 3 CDs worth of data
  • Loaded with U3 software including CruzerSync synchronization software, SignupShield password manager, Skype VOIP client, and AVAST antivirus
  • Conveniently small -- just 7.94mm x 20.6mm x 57.15mm (D x W x L)
  • USB 2.0-certified for fast data transfer (compatible with USB 1.1)

Customer Reviews:

  • Fast, reliable
    I recently bought this drive and simply love it.
    I like the design; it's pleasing to the eyes. I love the slider mechanism, which protects your USB without using a cap (which you may very well lose).

    I've heard of problems about the slider not locking in, and that was a problem for me the first few times I used it. After awhile I managed to get it working.

    This USB has fast transfer rates; something you just have to love. The U3 application was very easy to take out (right click > uninstall), and its ReadyBoost compatibility improved my computer's performance when I tested it.

    The non-reflective finish scratches easily (not easily discernible, but there), but I "fixed" it by scratching the finish all in one direction, giving it a textured feel....more info
  • Don't panic! This is a great value!
    Stop panicking! If you don't want ANY removable media to run---not just flash drives, but CDs, DVDs, floppies, anything---just hold Shift after you've inserted it. The complainers here obviously didn't know about this standard Windows shortcut.

    Yes, I question SanDisk's decision to include auto-running "portable desktop" functionality by default. Obviously, though, they thought they were helping people, offering them something of value at no extra charge.

    If you don't EVER want the Cruzer's auto-run functionality, just download SanDisk's U3 Launchpad Removal Tool from their website and run it. Voila---you have a blank USB drive to use however you wish. (You can Google "U3 Launchpad Removal Tool" to quickly find the tool's webpage.)

    If you're really geeky, you can even use a repartitioning tool to reclaim the Cruzer's tiny (~5MB) system partition (which SanDisk adds to make Windows think it's CD and enable AutoPlay).

    I think the Cruzer's an outstanding value. When I was in L.A. this week, I couldn't pass up this name-brand, 2-GB flash drive, on sale at Staples for $25! I suspect the price has been driven down so low because so many people have complained about the built-in (and, as I've pointed out, optional) software. If so, the rest of us win. It's a terrific deal.

    By the way, AutoPlay is one of the first things I turn off after installing XP. If you're tired of holding Shift each time you insert removable media, get Microsoft's free TweakUI utility from their website---which, among many other things, lets you activate/deactivate AutoPlay on all of your removable drives. Why does it take extra software to do something so basic? No doubt Microsoft worried that people would turn off AutoPlay, then forget how to open a file window to run whatever they wanted to. But we're not that helpless, are we? (All together: "No!")
    ...more info
  • Another Great SanDisk UBS Drive
    Added another Excellent 2GB Sandisk USB flash drive to my growing collection. Out of all of the other branded drives I already own my Sandisks are my favorite for repeatedly transfering files back and forth from My PC's at Home and Work. There is no stupid cap that is only going to get lost anyway. The port tucks right into the case out of harms way. I give them the occasional reformat after several data transfers to keep them fresh. Have never had a single problem with them. I don't use the included various software so, look for a different review if that is a concern before purchase. Like all USB thumb drives they can get a little warm after several large data transfers in a row. Though they get warm I have never had a data error. Unlike some other ones I own. Cheap ones can be OK for long term storage of files or music or photos etc. But if you need a reliable thumb drive for daily data transfer, then Sandisk is the best way to go. And a Great price from Amazon as always. BOOOYAH!!...more info
  • Cheep & the U3 junk is easly removed
    26 bucks for a 2G thumb drive! It is a little on the flimsy side but not any worse then my PNY Attache that crumbled around the USB connector after 6 months. I'm still undecided about the lack of a dust cap, but the lock on the slide out USB connector is still working. The U3 software is VERY annoying & caused problems at work but I think its part of the reason for the low price & its easily removed just get the removal tool from scan disk [...]...more info
  • Storage device - fine; U3 software useless
    As a storage device for data, pictures etc. the product is fine. However, when I installed the U3 software, I could not transfer data to the device, and couldn't even get Windows (XP) to access it (write protect error message). Only after deleting U3 nonsense and formatting the drive could I use it for storage - that worked perfectly. Also, good luck getting info from Sandisk website - this was no help in resolving my problem, and there's no email customer support that I could find on Sandisk website. ...more info
  • Your mileage may vary.
    Other people have had much better success with this product than I have. I'm very dissatisfied
    with Sandisk's customer support.

    This drive failed on me about after about 6 months of use on both Windows XP and Mac OS.

    I contacted Sandisk customer support at who suggested a variety of things to try to
    resurrect the drive on both Windows XP and Macintosh OS X. Nothing worked.
    They then suggested I contact the RMA department to enact a return
    and from that point on the RMA department and support have been completely silent.
    They will not respond to email or support tickets.

    I won't be purchasing any further Sandisk products if they won't honor issues covered under what they claim
    is a two year warranty....more info
  • Love it
    At the time, I got this for a very good price for a 2GB drive. Others may complain about the U3 software; personally, I use it ALL THE TIME. Google search for U3 shortcut creator for links to an application that allows you to put shortcuts to various things in your launchpad and I think you'll see how this can be very useful :)...more info
  • Has worked great for me.
    I've had the two gig version of this device for over a year. It has worked perfectly. The sliding terminal has been very impressive. I can click it out, and then squeeze rather heavily on the drive by the ends, and it won't be forced back in. In fact, I absent-mindedly click it in and out all the time and it STILL hasn't worn down. I thought for sure that would break eventually, but it hasn't.

    I actually used the U3 software a few times, but since I use linux mostly, I rarely see it. If it is that big of a deal, you CAN remove it. My only complaint would be that the password encryption feature only works in Windows, but there is other third party software for that anyway. It is well worth the price, and I would never go back to flash drive that has a cap. If it doesn't work properly, maybe there are some lemons out there...or maybe some people just don't use it right. I've never had a problem with a SanDisk product, so I wouldn't figure that there are any quality control issues....more info
  • Great Drive with Useful Software
    I have not had any trouble with the U3 on my two XP machines and one Win2k machine, although one friend's old Win2k (or was it 98?) machine blue screened after the initial install, but after a reboot the drive worked great even on that old PC, including U3.

    Before you throw away the U3 software, as many have suggested, try out the backup utility. It is very handy for quick backups of frequently-changed high-value files. And everything is encrypted and password protected, which is very important when using a drive that could easily be left somewhere or could drop off your keychain if you are not careful. My only complaint about this backup utility is that it limits passwords to 16 characters.

    The retractable USB plug is very handy; I was always losing the plastic caps on my last drive.

    I suspect that one of the reasons for so many negative reviews is that people with very little PC experience are attracted to a general-purpose product like this, and the addition of anything beyond the most basic features tends to go beyond their limited experience.

    One more thing: consider upgrading to the 4GB version. I don't own this, but now rather wish that I did, as the 2GB gets used up quickly. And it is very reasonably priced....more info
  • U3 is enough of a reason to avoid.
    A USB drive should be just that, a drive. Instead of that simplicity SanDisk forces U3 upon you. It's a program built into a special partition of the drive which you can't remove without significant effort. Every time you put the drive in it runs, which cause the system to think, run, virus scan.... I just want a drive!!!

    The physical design is very nice, but with U3 it isn't worth the effort. I will buy a different brand next time.
    ...more info
  • Dont buy if your going to be using it on a mac
    Dont buy this if your plan on using it with a mac. The u3 software doesnt even works on a mac but it will pop up every time you plug the drive in. Their isnt any easy way of removing it from the drive either. Going to the u3 site is a waste of time. After asking you why you want to remove the u3 software (with an available answer of "im using a mac") you still have to run the uninstall software on a pc. A little annoying just to use a flash drive....more info
  • Great product
    I purchase a couple Kingston Data drives a while ago...but SanDisk is SO much better. The U3 technology is GREAT!...more info
  • U3 makes the drive a portable computer
    I bought this drive because I am going on a long vacation out of the country and wanted to take along my laptop. Someone advised me to get a flash drive instead and load portable apps on it.

    The U3 comes with portable apps already loaded and has the U3 Launchpad from which to launch any of these apps. And you can load more apps from the U3 web site.

    I have been testing the drive on different Windows (XP and Vista) computers. I loaded all 1.3 GB of my data on it. After I plug it in I can launch any of the portable apps and use them to manipulate my files. Also I use Skype which is already loaded.

    This arrangement allows me to carry all my data with me and access it anywhere I can find a Windows machine with an Internet connection. That is all I need. I have my own word processor, PDF reader, spreadsheet and web browser. I am thinking of keeping my data only on this drive and deleting the data and programs from my laptop and desktop....more info
  • Very very good for the price
    The only reason this product has such a low rating overall is primarily due to most consumers' lack of knowledge of the U3 function of this device. The U3 is easily taken off, and it is not actually automatically installed into your computer without your permission. For around 13-14 bucks, this device does the job with READYBOOST for VISTA Users, and transfer rates are really good.

    HOWEVER, NOTE TO IPOD VIDEO USERS. With Readyboost enabled and plugged in, you will not be able to put in mp4 files into your ipod with readyboost plugged in. The whole time I thought it was something wrong with my ipod, but it turns out once one puts in readyboost in usb 2.0, the transfer of mp4 files can not be done, you will get an error in itunes. Once taken out, the transfer files works again. Just a friendly reminder of some compatibility issues with readyboost and itunes here. ...more info
  • The best flash drive I have used!
    I first had a black one which I loved. I gave it to a family member, and bought the purple one a month ago. It will hold all your homework,etc. for class. If your are a high school or college student, this is the one you need....more info
  • Broke already right after warranty expired
    This is a cheap flimsy jump drive. I had Lexar 1 year before I bought this 2Gb Sandisk. I lost all my data. Lucky me, I have some old files that I can go back. The Ultra3 software is also annoying. ...more info
  • great item
    this is a handy little tool! I recommend it if you need a tiny jump drive to transfer files or whatever. Nothing wrong with this thing!...more info
  • Great Flash Drive but U3 is a PAIN
    The SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB Flash Drive is great for the student on the go. These drives will hold tons of important documents, files, and anything else you can imagine. The Cruzer Micro is made up of plastic and has a cool mechanism that hides the actual USB port. I felt this is a good engineering decision because the actual USB port, which is the most important, is hidden. Although the Cruzer Micro is made of plastic and they offer metal ones, I've put this thing through the wash, sat on it, stepped on it, and threw it on the ground and I have yet to have a problem. One thing I don't like about it is the key-ring; it is very small and cheap, and it ended up getting bent and falling off. Overall I'd highly recommend the Cruzer Micro to anyone looking to get a USB Flash Drive....more info
  • No cap to lose!
    With the slide function that self-contains the plug, this Cruzer is just perfect. I can carry it in my pocket and there are no caps to lose, no protruding edges to get damaged. Excellent design of form and function....more info
  • I will never allow a SanDisk CRUZER stick on my PC again.
    As a network manager, let me say outright that auto-install of software on a USB stick is fundamentally unacceptable. There's no need for it, it serves no useful purpose not already provided by Windows, and I honestly cannot imagine what they were thinking. I genuinely can't. And there's only so much you can do to educate users about not using various kinds of hardware and various models, so as an administrator, it's just a mind-numbingly bad idea.

    As a graphic designer, I personally will never let anyone hand me one of these sticks again. I was using a PC workstation at a remote event, and was provided necessary media on one of these drives. The software it auto-installed was apparently not entirely Windows 2000 compatible; it crashed the system's USB drivers, and I lost three hours of work on a six hour project seven hours before a 7am deadline. (The work has been stored on an external USB drive.) It took me half an hour to get USB functionality restored across multiple reboots. I had already expected I'd have to be up until 2 or 3am - it was the nature of the event, a convention - but thanks to this little monster, I was up until 6:30 in the morning.

    Never again....more info
  • This is a useful tool
    After reading the predominantly negative reviews from other customers, still did not sound that they were being fair with the utility of this product. After going ahead and purchasing and using this product it seems to me that it is very handy for the main purpose that differentiates it from any regular flash drive: allows access to pieces of software that may not be installed in public computers, with the additional features of security. The slowness of the load up is exaggerated by the reviewers, in my tests that was not an issue at all. Button line is that the U3 capability is optional, but a nice thing to have especially for oversees travelers like myself. I really liked this product....more info
  • Sandisk Cruzer
    I'm very happy with this product. The security software allows me to transport files with confidence....more info