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2.0 USB Data Sync Cable For iPhone iPod Nano Video Mini
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Product Description

This Retractable USB Cable offers high speed data transfer for quickly uploading music, pictures, or videos to your iPod or iPhone's library and also offers the convenience of charging. The innovative retractable design cuts down on travel bulk and ensures the portability of your MP3 iPod player without tangled cable mess.The cable can also be connected to the iPod USB car charger for charging on-the-go. Compatible with iPhone & iPod models with dock connector and supports either USB 1.1 or 2.0.

  • With this convenient retractable cable, you can connect your Ipod to your computer (USB 2.0) for easy charging and uploading music all at once!!!
  • Great for travellers and business people!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great item, awesome value.
    This cable works both for syncing (USB 1.1 and 2.0) and for charging your iPod. It can be used to connect the iPod directly to a computer or to any iPod peripherals (such as iPod power adapters/chargers) that use a USB connector. I have only used mine with a 5G (video) iPod, but I imagine it would work just as well with any iPod with a dock connector. Basically, this will work anywhere Apple's own $20.00 non-retractable dock connector cable would.

    The cable extends to a full length of approx. 3 feet. It "locks" at its full extension to prevent the retraction mechanism from constantly tugging on your iPod, putting strain on the connectors, pulling it off the table, etc. It has 4 additional "lock" points at shorter lengths (genius idea!) so you can take advantage of that lock mechanism without having the full 3 feet of cord drooping from the iPod.

    The build quality is pretty solid. The central housing and retraction mechanism are robust, the cords are flexible but hold their shape over time, and (importantly) the connectors are nicely built -- they fit well and connect smoothly, no forcing or wiggling required to insert them. I've had no problems with data integrity or transfer speeds using this cable, and I've had no trouble using it to charge the iPod either from a PC or from an iPod power adapter (I've read reviews of similar products where people have had trouble either syncing or charging -- not with this product).

    I have used mine daily for the last 6 months (extending/retracting it several times a day) and it's seen a fair amount of travel -- and it's still like new. The housing is sound; the cords are completely intact (no cracking or twisting of the plastic covering, no weakness where they join the connectors); the spring hasn't lost any tension (the cords still retract fully); the connectors still connect smoothly.

    This cable performs just as well as Apple's own dock connector cable (usually about $20.00) and just as well as any other retractable cables on the market (usually $25.00+ in stores). I'm not one to skimp on quality -- I wouldn't buy an ultra-cheap iPod charger for fear that cheap components might overload and fry the iPod. This is a solid, reliable product, just at an incredibly reasonable price! It's very convenient and cuts down the tangle for travel (or even at your desk). Even if you are worried about somehow breaking it from overuse, go ahead and buy a second -- after all, you can buy 12 or more of these for the price of any similar cable you would see in stores!...more info
  • It works and it only cost 1
    I paid about $6 to ship it and now I have an extra sync cable for the office.
    It has a cool auto-retract feature so you I don't have extra cable cluttering up the area.
    It may be a bit cheaply made but I'm delicate with my cords and cables and it only cost a penny!...more info
  • Great little cord
    This cord works perfectly with my 30G video ipod and I love that it winds up. I have limited desk space and I hate that all my cables get tangled and caught on stuff. For the price you absolutely can't beat it!...more info
  • USB Ipod Retractable Sync Cable
    Product was shipped quickly and works great. I love not having the cord taking up work area....more info
  • Awesome
    This charger is a great price, and works perfectly. With the retractable cord, it's very easy to carry around without hassle wherever you may want to charge your ipod (I use my charger with a first generation Ipod Nano)....more info
  • The Best offert
    I love buy in the amazon.con because is essay, low prices and security. This Item is advisable, safe and portable. ...more info
  • USB for dirt cheap.
    It's exactly what it sounds like. A USB that worked with a Second Gen Nano (and my GF's New 160gb Video).
    For one penny.
    Jump on it. If you pay more, you're an idiot....more info
  • Great space saver
    I have used this item to both sync and charge and have had no difficulties with it. It's great to travel with!

    Added-- Unfortunately after some use, the spring-powered mechanism and housing broke. The cord is still usable, but it no longer coils up into a case. ...more info