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Equus 3145 Ford Digital Code Reader
List Price: $42.01

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Product Description

Digital Ford Code ReaderFor most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury from 1981 to 1995 domestic cars, trucks & vans. Easy-to-view digital display shows numeric trouble codes - eliminates the need to count flashes. Tests Ford EEC-IV / MCU systems. Safely accesses on-board computer to read engine codes and perform self test functions. Memory feature stores codes, even when the reader is unplugged. Instructions on OBD I operation and all Ford self tests. Click Below for Applications - ECM / PCM Codes 1987 - 1993 Passenger Cars 1994 - 1995 Passenger Cars 1995 Trucks & Vans Ford Code Reader Extension Cable

  • Easy-to-view digital display shows numeric trouble codes and eliminates the need to count flashes
  • Compatible only with MCU and the EEC-IV computer control systems
  • Accesses the on-board computer to read engine codes and perform self test functions memory
  • Stores codes even when the reader is unplugged
  • Instructions on OBD I operation and all Ford self tests

Customer Reviews:

  • Equus 3145 Code Reader
    Have used this three times so far, and it seems great, exposing codes that were unknown before. Good for the money!...more info
  • Money well spent
    For you 87-93 5.0L Mustang guys and gals who want to read the codes your Pony is kicking out without going through the hassle of counting flashing lights or listening to annoying beeps, get this code reader. You get a user's manual with easy to read directions as well as all of the codes with explanations of what they mean. The digital read out is easy to read and understand and you can run the diagnostic tests with this device as well. This is light-years ahead of the flashing, beeping scanners that cost the same!...more info
  • worked great
    My 92' Ford T-bird was in a no-start situation and fuel delivery suspected. This code reader hooked up easily and with a key-on test gave a code that pointed to fuel pump circuit fault. Saved me trouble shooting time and effort. Well worth the money and liked being able to read the stored codes when the reader was disconnected from the vehicle. ...more info
  • This product will save you time and money
    I own an '86 mustang with a 5.0 and it just wouldn't start and run. So being a decent mechanic myself, I began testing everything I knew how too. But everything was checking out just fine. So I started doing some research on reading codes from the computer, and found this product for an incredibly reasonable price. I was able to find one at the local Oreilly's. Picked it up and in a matter of ten minutes of using it, I found my problem, a bad MAP sensor. Very good buy!!!...more info
  • Difficult to hook up, but worked fine
    I got this reader for my 1994 Explorer. It was a bit difficult getting it hooked up to my truck. Finding the OBD1 code port in the first place was not easy. Once I did find it, figuring out how this unit plugged into the port correctly took a bit of experimentation.

    However, once it was plugged in, it read the codes out of my truck just fine.

    The unit is not exactly intuitive, but once you figure it all out, it does work fine. I wouldn't recommend it for the novice....more info
  • 100% Satisfied customer!!!
    I had multiple mysterious conditions accompanying my "Check Engine" light. The dealer wanted $100 just to read my codes! I thought I could find a reader at least for the same price and found most readers that would read OBD1 codes were over $150.00 until I found this Ford specific OBD1 reader at a fraction of the cost the dealer was going to charge me. My 1st thought was that this could'nt be a quality device for $25.00. I read up on the product, trusted the reviewers here on Amazon and gave it a go. I found 5 codes and was able to do several other self diagnosing tests and am 100% satisfied with this product. Highly recommended! It is rare to get more than you pay for... but this is indeed one of those times. Thanks Amazon for listing great product. Dennis - Oceanside, CA...more info
  • very good
    Very happy with product,beats the old count the beeps and flashes by a long shoot.Good price.Did have a problem with the first units display,went to Amazon web site, answered a few short questions,printed some return papers,(postage paid)got the replacement in about 3-4 days from when I contacted them. Excellent return policy!!!...more info
  • WORKS GREAT!!!!!!
    This product worked great! The digital readout was definitely better than trying to count the "flashes of the dash". I would also recommend purchasing the extension cable. That truly makes it a one man job....more info
  • Buy the Extension Cable
    Read the book. Not hard to use, but takes 30 min. I'm impatient....more info
  • Great Product
    This reader works exactly as described. It tells you whats wrong with your car via the diagnostics port. I found that it was very straight forward to use, and was amazed at the in depth explanations throughout the instructions. I feel that for only $25 it was an outstanding buy. I have already used it to fix my dads 94 F150 and my 93 crown victoria saving hundreds of dollars for diagnostics. I will say, make sure you have fully charged fresh batteries in it when using it, if not we got some strange codes....more info
  • Ford Diagnostic Code Reader
    Great product and worked very well. I got the recommendation from the web site doing a research to find out why my Explorer have the check engine light on. I could have taken the car to be diagnostic to a dealer or at any other shop and pay $100.00 and then pay the repair, which probably wold cost me $200 or more. Instead I got this little device, and it told me that I need to check the Oxy Sensor and some vacuum hoses as well as the PCV valve. I estimate $100 parts and 1 hr to do it...The company who sold me the device was fast and the device arrived promptly based on their estimated delivery....more info
  • completely worth my money and shipping couldnt be any faster
    I purchased this product after buyin a $25 flashing light one, which was horrible- counting flashes and lookin for pauses was too ridiculess* , This scanner worked perfect and directions were easy to understand, plus shipping was lightning fast, well worth it -Tony (1991 F150 5.0 4x4)...more info