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Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader for OBDII Vehicles
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Product Description

Limited quantities available

This Equus compact hand-held OBD2 tool offers light do-it-yourselfers and consumers a quick & easy way to find out why the "CHECK ENGINE" light illuminated on 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, mini-vans and SUVs - foreign and domestic. This little tool packs a big punch with its patented single-screen display and system status LEDs for a quick check.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Works on all 1996 & newer OBD2 Compliant Vehicles.
  • "Plug & Play" Interface. Connects to the vehicle and shows all necessary data in 15 seconds or less - no set up required.
  • Patented Single-Screen Display. Patented all-in-one display shows 19 vital pieces of information, including diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), pending codes, emissions monitor status and more (U.S. Patent #6,687,584).
  • C.A.N. (Controller Area Network) Coverage. C.A.N. will be mandatory on all vehicles in 2008. It is the fastest way yet for OBD2 vehicles to speak with their computerized systems.
  • Erases Codes. Lets the user turn off the "Check Engine" light, clear codes and reset monitors.
  • Booklet and CD. Includes manual with DTC definitions in English, French & Spanish.
  • Support. Includes free Understanding OBD2 video and support by all ASE Certified Technicians via toll-free phone line or Internet.
  • System Status LEDs. Color-coded LEDs show quick emissions readiness status. This is great to use before getting an annual emissions "smog" check, buying a used car or taking a long road trip.

    Designed to empower vehicle owners when it comes to maintenance, the Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader offers the perfect entry-level tool for quickly revealing

    Read trouble codes in a snap. See product details.
    the cause of "Check Engine" light warnings on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, or SUV--foreign and domestic.

    The tool features a unique, patented all-in-one screen display and an LED display for quick emissions status checks. Meanwhile, the 3030's automatic refresh updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle, offering an easy way to verify repair completion. The tool communicates with all OBD II protocols, including CAN (Controller Area Network).

    Manufacturer Warranty
    One-year limited warranty.

    Tool Coverage
    1996 to Present (OBD2 Certified) Vehicle Coverage
    Protocol: Keyword 2000, ISO 9141, J-1850 (VPW & PWM)
    New ISO 15765 / C.A.N. Protocol
    Tool Features
    Patented All-In-One Display, 20+ Info. On One Screen
    All Hot Keys for Intuitive Navigation - Plug-n-Play
    Color-Coded LEDs Verify State OBD Emissions Test Readiness
    Internet Updateable
    Battery Backup for Off-Vehicle Review
    On Screen Definitions in English, Spanish & French
    Optional Online RepairSolutions at
    OBD2 Features (1996 to Present)
    Retrieves Generic & Manufacturer Specific Codes
    Erase Button Turns Off "Check Engine" Light
    Store & Display Freeze Frame Data
    OEM Enhanced & Transmission Codes
    Enhanced SAE Diagnostics (J1979 & J2190)
    View and Record Enhanced OBD2 (1996 and above) Live Data

    Diagnoses ABS faults on most 1996 and newer GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles
    OBD1 Features (1982 to 1995)
    OBD1 Domestic Coverage: Ford (+ Self Tests), GM, Chrysler (82-95)
    OBD1 Import Coverage: Toyota / Lexus (89-95)
    Color-Coded Cable Heads
    Bonus Features
    English, Spanish, French Software & Instructions
    Custom PC Software to Generate Reports & Update Tool
    Mode 6 - 02 Sensor Testing / Mode 9 - VIN Identification
    Backlit blue LCD display

  • Features:
    • Reads Check Engine light warnings on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, or SUV
    • Unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick emissions check
    • Easily retrieves OBD II DTCs from your vehicle's computer
    • Automatic refresh updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle
    • The perfect entry-level diagnostic tool

    Customer Reviews:

    • Does exactly what it says
      I recently purchased this item and it has already paid for it's self. For any do it yourself type person, this is a must have. The mechanics around here want to charge $80 just to read the code. With this, just plug it in, wait about 15 seconds, then look up the error. ...more info
    • paid for itself @ 1st use
      as stated, the scanner was cheaper than the service at the repair works on lots of models...good delivered it to my door the same day as ordered...more info
    • Equus 3030 review
      OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader

      I recommend this product. Easy to use and works as described in literature. I am a satisfied customer....more info
    • smart buy
      saves time and money . no more costly garage charges just to test OB2 read outs. saves when you have a VW passat . ...more info
    • It works, and it really save you money and time!!!
      Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader for OBDII Vehicles

      This device works as advertised. I used this code reader to perform a diagnosis for my brother's car due to the Check-Engine-Light came on problem. I researched the Error Code on Google, and found out it was because the coolant temperature sensor recorded a figure outside its range on a very cold winter day. I didn't considered the sensor was failed because the thermometer was working fine. I checked everything of the car it showed nothing unusual. I erased the error code on the car's computer system. It has been more than five months since then. The Check-Engine-Light never come on again. Just one diagnosis I already got the money back.

      This device is very easy to use and accurate. It is a necessary tool for all the D-I-Y guys. Best of all, it can help you save money and time in the long run. Here is my suggestion for using this device: Use this code reader to retrieve the error code, and use the Internet to find out any helpful information related to analyzing and fixing the problem. I highly recommend this tool to every handy man!!!...more info
      Excellent product, what I like most is that there are no batteries required for these devices they draw power from the vehicles electrical system.

      This quickly and easily retrieves diagnostic codes and erases them to get that dreaded check engine light off. However, for emissions testing, the vehicle will fail the ODB readiness portion of the test if the history on your vehicle's computer is too short. After erasing the codes the vehicle must go through a drive cycle. My tester reccommended driving 10 minutes at 55 mph WITHOUT GOING OVER 60mph, then turning around and driving another 10 minutes again at 55mph being sure not to exceed 60mph. If the check engine light remains off then your vehicle should pass emmissions....more info
    • Money Saver!
      The Aquus Innova OBDII reader just saved me hundreds of $$! My '99 MB E320 had a Check Engine light on and with code reader and a little bit of internet searching for user experience with the code, I was able to diagnose and clear the problem myself. Would you believe it was caused by the gas cap? Apparently I didn't tighten it fully after a fill up. ...more info
    • Good Diagnostic Tool
      A code reader is a must have item in your tool kit if you're going to do any automotive work. The Equus 3030 is an excellent low to mid-range OBDII code reader. I purchased this item for about $60 and I've used it to pull codes from Fords, GMs, and Saabs. The process is simple and straight-forward as outlined in the instruction booklet. It comes with a CD for Windows PCs. Mac users can use Bootcamp or some other emulator if they desire to peruse the CD. I myself didn't find the CD that useful. While the instruction booklet has explanations of the codes, I've found the best practice is to google the code(s) and you'll get a wealth of info as to meanings, causes, and how to fix the problem. Generally someone else has had the same problem and has posted a pretty good fix that can save you time and quite a bit of money....more info
    • works great
      Works great, definately worth the price. It's nothing fancy, but it reads the codes in my car just fine....more info
    • Code Reader for OBDII
      Performs the the OBD scan very well. Enables me to make informed car repair decisions. ...more info
    • Simple and Inexpensive
      It is easy to use and was fairly inexpensive. I tried it on a variety of cars. I used it to diagnose the Check Engine light on my Jeep and tested it on my BMW and a bunch of cars at work. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get a proper connection, but it did work in the end. For the price I can't complain....more info
    • The best tool for the hobbyist
      I purchased this code reader recently to find out why my check engine light was on in my Ford F-150. It was many dollars cheaper than taking my truck to the dealer and having the codes read. The nice advantage of this tool is that it can read CAN and OBDII systems for foreign and US domestic vehicles....more info
    • Excellent for the price
      I saved approx 40 dollars with this purchase and another 100 dollars at least by diagnosing my problem myself. Turned out to be a 50 cent piece of hose that was making my engine light come on, on my 2001 Chevy Blazer....more info
    • Equus 3030 saved me $$$$$
      1 week after my cars warrenty expired the check engine light comes on and stays on. After researching several code readers I picked the Equus 3030 mostly for price, there seemed to be little difference in function with most of the readers available. The 3030 worked perfectly, it read the code (which was nothing major) and let me reset the light. Saving me hundreds by going to the dealer. ...more info
    • Paid for itself instantly!
      Recently the "Check Engine" light illuminated on the dashboard of my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, and I used this as an excuse to purchase a code reader. I chose the Equus 3030 based on price, richness of user interface, and sophistication of the company's website (Innova).

      I was not looking for a high-end tool, with battery-backed up memory and an internal list of code descriptions. Ideally, I will seldom use this tool, and using the manual (or even better, the company's website) to look up codes works fine for me. So I have to write down the code on a piece of paper, and take that to my computer, rather than the unit remembering it for me. Plus, no batteries to go dead while the tool sits in my toolbox.

      I did appreciate the extra indicators on the LCD display, and the Green/Yellow/Red LEDs for quickly checking the status of the system. Other inexpensive code readers have a single line of text displayed, with very little else, and you need to scroll around to get information. With the Equus 3030, icons are displayed to indicate which tests have run, or have not returned good status. Also, a count of codes, pending status, and the status of the check engine light are all displayed along with the code itself.

      The CD included with the unit is designed for Windows users. However, it contains the manual in PDF form, plus an instructional video that played just fine on my Mac. I cannot comment on anything else on the CD, but it's certainly not required to use the tool. And as I mentioned, code lookup can easily be done on the Innova website, with the URL printed on the front of the tool. I have the hope that they will keep their database of trouble codes up-to-date, which is often better than software on a CD.

      I was able to plug the tool in to my car's OBDII connector, turn on the ignition switch (without starting the engine), press the "link" button, and in seconds had a code displayed. I noted the code, and looked through the user manual. Unfortunately, they only list common codes in the user manual, and didn't have my code. So I typed it in to the search box on their web page and found that I had a fault in my #2 cylinder glowplug. It was a simple test to verify that (check the resistance of each plug), and indeed that was the fault. I have glow plugs on order, and will replace them myself on the weekend.

      This device is cheaper than even having a mechanic look at my car these days. Even if I wasn't able to fix the problem myself, I feel more confident going to a mechanic if I have a good idea of what the problem is. The price I spent was well worth it to me, and now I have the tool in case similar issues come up in the future. With today's car electronics, there is no other reasonable way to diagnose trouble....more info
    • Does what it says
      The product does what it says. It has some issues with my 2001 Subaru Outback but I was able to get around it to address my needs. I did speak with their support and there is a chipset upgrade you would need to send the unit in for. After that it should work with anything I guess....more info
    • Excellent Purchase
      Excellent product...helped me immediately diagnose the problem....If only it could repair it as well :)!!!I highly rcommend this seller!...more info
    • auto tester review
      This product works well and was what was promised. the price was fair and it came quickly. Thanks alot....more info
    • Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader for OBDII (Post-1996) Vehicles
      This is a basic code reader thats easy to use, and it comes with good documentation....more info
    • Great Buy
      I bought this tool because I have a 2002 dodge stratus that has some electrical problems and the check engine light is always coming on. Since it costs about 60 dollars at the dealer just to reset the check engine light this tool has already paid for itself since I have reset the light 5 times since I bought it. It is also very easy to use and the codes are detailed enough even for the weekend mechanic. This tool has also helped me identify 2 problems with my car that i was able to repair immedietly. This really was a good buy....more info
    • OBD II Code Reader
      This unit has been working fine, doing as expected to do.

      I am hoping that it lasts longer than the Actron CP9135 reader that I had for 13-months before it fizzled and their repair costs were as much as a new unit. No help from them, so I am going with Eqqus this time....more info
    • Buy ACRON instead
      I bought this product thinking it will work on my 2005 SUZUKI, but i was wrong. It reads error. It works on my American made cars thou. I emailed the manufacturer, and send the registration card as well, but no response back from them whatsoever.
      Bad product, bad company..avoid buying this scanner....more info
    • Equus 3030 DTC reader worked for what I needed
      Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader for OBDII (Post-1996) Vehicles
      I got this to diagnose a 1998 Honda CR-V that was giving a 'Check Engine Soon' light, that I had just bought. It came with in a couple of days as advertized. The instructions did not work quite as described: with ignition off, it came up immediately with 'read' indication, then Err1. To get it to work on this car, plug it in, ignition off, and turn ignition on within a couple of seconds.

      It diagnosed a problem (misfire on cylinder 4), and enabled me to clear the DTC. Unfortunately, the problem is intermittent, and comes back every couple of days. The dealer says he can't do anything until it is a hard error and comes up every time in a test drive. At least the Equus allows me to clear the DTC (does not affect driveability) and check if it is a new code.
      It does everything I need!...more info
    • Knowledge is power
      I got sick and tired of paying anywhere from $25 to $75 to have someone tell me why my check engine light was on. With this device, I can plug it in and within 10 seconds have the exact reason displayed on screen (you do have to look up the code in the included manual). It has already saved my wife and I over $100 and it can even turn the check engine light off for you. This device exactly what it promises every time, is incredibly easy to use and very affordable. I can't think of any way it could be improved upon and recommend it without reservation....more info
    • This is all you need ! Don't buy the more expensive unit unless you have to
      If your car's yellow check engine light comes on, you have two choices:

      1. Take your car to a mechanical
      2. Try to fix the problem yourself

      If you belong to the first category, why are you reading this?

      If you belong to the second group, and you have a basic knowledge on car repair, read on.

      All the new cars now have many sensors, it is basically impossible to fix your own car unless you have a OBD2 code reader. The reader will tell you what the problem is, but it will not tell you how to fix it.

      The Equus 3030 is a good basic OBD2 code reader. I found it works perfectly on my 2002 Chrysler. I plug it in, it tells me the code, I look up the instruction manual, and I know what is the problem. In my case, it was code P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor. My next challenge is to figure out where the Camshaft Posistion Sensor is located. The company web site does not give instructions on how to fix the problem. After an hour of searching on the internet, I found a web page showing me a picture of where the sensor is located, what it looks like, and many other technical information about the system. The rest was easy, buying the sensor cost me $50 and took me an hour to install. Then I use the Equus 3030 to reset the OBD2 code and turn off my yellow check engine light.

      I found the Equus 3030 to be an excellent unit for occassional users like you and me. The other more expensive units does have some more features, but they are really not needed for the weekend car mechanics. The unit is compact (remember you have to store this unit for a couple of years before you use it again), well constructed, and does what it said.

      Some other users comments on incompatibility with Subaru and VW. I don't know if it is still a problem, but the comments are old, and I hope the company has fixed the problem.

      I do recommend this unit to all of you who are occassional car repairman. This unit will save you money in car repair. Start saving by buying this unit and not the more expensive ones....more info
    • Equus 3030 Innova Diagnostic Code Reader
      Works fine.. Does not reqiure a battery in the reader. it runs off the vehicles battery..
      Easy to use and has code in book and is a simpler verison then the more costly ones.
      ...more info
    • Inexpensive way to get rid of that check engine light
      I purchased this item from Wal-Mart last week, they had a "roll back" on their prices ... So it was $50.00. Hey, for 50 bucks, I plug the thing in, press link, and hit erase and the light is gone. Found out through a very handy video (CD included in package) why the light was coming on and fixed it. Innova's tech support was great. Knowledgeable, friendly people. ...more info
    • Easy to use and worth the price!
      I just got it w/ the 2 day shipping option since my garage wanted me to spend a ton of money to find out which O2 sensor went bad (I have 4 on my F150!). I got it in the mail Fri night & used it Sat am. so I could get the truck fixed up for my next emmissions test on Monday. The unit came up w/ the same code as the garage and it also tells you if any other systems are in need of repair- It will NOT fix it for you, you will still need to be mechanically inclined to be able to actually fix the problem. I also used it to turn off the my dash 'engine check' light and also used it on my ex's jetta to view the MAF sensor problem & turn off her dash light as well.
      It saved me a few hundred dollars... cause the troubleshooting time at the garage would have been $80 an hr or whatever it is! I'm happy w/ my purchase!...more info
    • Works Great!
      For trouble shooting a glowing MIL, this is a great choice. It's well made, performs perfectly and has well written instructions. For me it's the best value combining quality and performance at a very reasonable price....more info
    • Equus 3030
      This product has good bang for the buck. Very easy to use and did just what I needed. If you like to work on your own vehicles I don't see why you wouldn't have one of these in your tool box!...more info
    • Good Tool
      Useful for resetting engine light and revealing the code. It would be even better if there was a way to leave it plugged in and turn it off completely....more info
    • OBDII code reader
      Very simple to use. Worked first ime out of the box. The web site has all of the vehicle specific codes as well. ...more info